Thanks to Amanda A for editing

We were standing around on our morning break at work, talking about nothing in particular. The conversation turned to the company's recent hires. One of my co-workers blurted out, "What about that new hire in accounting? The short one. You should see the gazongas on that baby!"

Right behind him a soft but firm voice intoned, "They're breasts, and I'm not a baby."

Still not quite realizing what a jerk he had been, my colleague mumbled an ineffective apology and slinked away hoping not to be noticed any further. I was left standing in front of the new hire. Though he was rude and disrespectful, my colleague had noticed the obvious - the new hire did have enormous breasts, too big to hide under her professional navy blue skirt-suit, white blouse and jacket. Her naturally curly dark hair framed a cheery-looking round face with full lips and a turned-up nose. Trying my best not to stare at those non-gazongas, I also noted wide flaring hips and curves everywhere.

The new hire looked at me quizzically while I strained to focus on her eyes. Finally I managed to apologize for my colleague's rude remark. She responded, "Don't apologize - it wasn't your fault. That kind of thing happens to me more often than you might think. Oh, I'm Annie, the new actuarial assistant."

Annie extended her hand and we shook. Even that was an erotic experience, her hand soft and cool, enclosing mine just a little longer than what's customary. Her breasts wobbled a bit despite her professional outfit as she leaned forward. Again straining to keep my tongue from hanging out I responded "Hi, great to meet you. I'm Mike Higgins, I write most of our custom software. I think our offices are close together."

"I'm impressed already. You have some great user interfaces, and the macros are easy to link. I was up and running in less than an hour."

So Annie was intelligent as well as well-endowed. We exchanged a little small talk, and at the end of our break she invited me to lunch. "I'm new here so I don't know many people. You're the first person here to talk with me as a person, not an object or a cog in the machine. Most people are intimidated, they either avoid me or stare and let their tongues hang out like your colleague there. The women are mostly jealous and resentful."

Of course I accepted her invitation. I managed to avoid staring with my tongue hanging out, I think. She had found a small inexpensive restaurant a few blocks away that offered two-person booths with a bit of privacy. Her personality turned out to be as bouncy as her figure as she told me her story. Her husband John had died a year before, hit by a drunk driver. It happens thousands of times every year, she pointed out, but you still can't imagine such a thing can happen to you. She cried for three days, then cried herself to sleep every night for a month. With no children she was utterly alone, and at 36 she felt she was too old to start over. John had left some financial support, but she needed the social contact and sense of self-worth that a job provides. She sold their big house in the suburbs, with all its plans and memories, and found a nice but small apartment near the office.

I told her my somewhat simpler story, on my first real job after way too much education. I was only 25, single, unattached at the moment. Abruptly we realized that our lunch hour was over as we hurried back to the firm. Time flies when you're...

We went to lunch every day at that restaurant after that afternoon, the 'Foca Calda'. Eventually they would hold a booth for us even if the tables were full and people were waiting. Though nothing was said, I think the waiters enjoyed watching Annie's tits jiggle as we walked across to our booth. No matter what she wore, she couldn't prevent at least a little jiggle. Thinking back, I don't think she wanted to. We talked about everything - the weather, politics, even religion (both of us had gotten over it), but we avoided the obvious. We nearly convinced each other that we were just platonic friends who enjoyed each other's company. That was certainly part of it, but I knew that there was no guy with whom I would happily spend my lunch hour every day, chatting about whatever, and she knew it too.

After a few weeks Annie started sending subtle signs, leaning forward to make a point, touching my arm, tossing her head. I'm not even sure she was aware of it. No, wait, I'm sure she was, but she didn't want to make it obvious. It would have been too embarrassing if I hadn't been interested, especially with the difference in our ages.

Finally I gathered up the courage to take things a little further, in small steps of course so that Annie could bow out without things getting awkward. I invited her out to a movie on a Sunday night, emphasizing that it wasn't a big deal, just more fun to go to the movies with someone than to go alone. She hesitated before agreeing.

The theater was near Annie's apartment, so I rang her bell at the building entrance. A minute later she appeared in the lobby, dressed more informally than her invariably conservative outfits at work. A low-cut black dress nearly covered some kind of bra that let her breasts jiggle quite a bit more than they did at work. Her bare dŽcolletage reached about halfway to the nipples. Her hem came to mid-thigh, revealing but not inappropriate. The movie was a romantic comedy, light fluff but just right for the sort of first 'date' that we were experimenting with. In one scene of the movie the female romantic lead confronted her boyfriend topless, facing away from the camera, but it was clear that the boyfriend was excited to see her bare breasts. Staring intently at the screen, Annie reached over and gripped the inside of my thigh. That made my ever-enthusiastic cock jump; that thing is the eternal optimist, preparing itself for intercourse even in the most unlikely situations. I put my arm around her and gently held her shoulder for the rest of the movie.

We walked back to Annie's building hand in hand, not discussing this new turn in our relationship. In her lobby we found ourselves facing each other arm in arm as though dancing. Her body felt marvelous, soft and yielding, her breasts caressing my chest even when she leaned back, a sea of soft quivering flesh tantalizing me. She reached up on tiptoe to plant a kiss on my cheek, soft and warm, inviting yet reserved. Looking at me with her penetrating blue eyes, she breathed 'see you tomorrow' and disappeared into the elevator. Her intoxicating presence lingered for a few seconds afterward.

That night I thought about nothing but Annie, wondering how carefully she had selected her outfit, reliving each comment and jiggle. At our lunch on Monday we fell into a conversation about the topic we had avoided for a month, each of us not wanting to risk offending the other.

"I saw you checking out my breasts last night. I didn't mind, no, really it was ok, I wore that dress to give you a little treat. I've seen you eyeing me. It's not like that jerk the day we met, because now we know each other as people, and my breasts can be part of the relationship too. You're respectful, you don't leer, but I can tell what you're thinking."

"I'll admit it, Annie, I've been fascinated by your, um, physical presence ever since we met, but I didn't want to push you. I think we had a breakthrough last night. I'm not sure where it's going but I'm ready for the journey."

"Actually there's still a lot you don't know about me, a side of my past and my needs that I've kept hidden. I'm a bit apprehensive about confessing that side to you. But now you know me better. I think it's time."

"Go on, I'm on pins and needles!"

"Careful, you might get pricked. So Michael, here's my confession. John and I had an active sex life - we made love almost every day. It was wonderful, I miss that desperately. He would play with my tits before he stripped me naked and had his way with me - and I with him. He said that every minute that my tits weren't on display was a waste of natural resources."

"Well, I'll have to agree with him there," I chuckled, staring at those resources. She almost blushed.

"And Mike, it went further than that. He wanted to literally put my tits on display, but I didn't want to walk around half-naked in public. So he, really we, organized some little parties where I was the entertainment. He would find a couple of guys somewhere, polite young guys mostly, and invite them over to our house. I'd be dressed in something provocative - sometimes a really low-cut dress, sometimes something with a transparent front panel. Once he dressed me in a bikini top that was a joke - it barely covered my nipples, everything shook and jiggled dangerously. A few times I'd come in with normal clothes on, and John would unbutton my blouse, unclip my bra and fondle my bare tits right in front of them.

"Most times John would invite them to sit on our couch and I'd sit in a chair pulled up right in front of them. I'd ask them if they like my titties, which always embarrassed them and got a laugh from us, though of course we were too polite to actually laugh. They'd mumble something or other, which I would take as an invitation, and I'd slowly expose myself almost within reaching distance. By the time I was naked to the waist my nipples were like rocks, I was so turned on. John would come up behind me and fondle my tits. Sometimes he'd get rough, stretching and pulling, sometimes he'd scratch me right across the nipples, he'd pinch and twist and bounce them. The rougher he got, the more aroused I got. Then he'd ask me to sit down between the 2 guys, and he'd invite them to fondle me and kiss my nipples. It looked like he was demanding that I do those things, but I wanted it as much as he did. It was so hot, Mike, you can't imagine."

"Wow, I'm imagining already. I'd like to do more than imagine. Maybe we could practice some of those moves sometime?"

"Oh gosh! We're late getting back to work!"

Our sexual innuendo escalated for the rest of the week. On Thursday Annie gave me the invitation every man in the office had dreamed of since the day she started there. "Come over to my apartment tonight about 7, I'll feed you some lasagna and then I'll be the entertainment."

I thought of nothing else all afternoon. I even walked over to her cubicle and glimpsed her from behind, just to make sure she was real. I did it twice. I could see the fine hairs on the back of her neck.

That evening my hand was shaking as I rang her bell and she buzzed me in. As I had hoped, Annie's attire was as suggestive as what she had implied at her lunchtime confession. Her black strapless dress had a normal skirt, but she had pulled the elastic hem of the top down nearly to her nipples, which made points under the clingy material, stiff the whole evening. Obviously there was no bra. I could see all that bare skin, soft and inviting, quivering with her every move.

"I see by your eyes that you appreciate my top."

"Mostly I appreciate what's under it, and the person they belong to."

"Good answer. Let's eat before we get carried away. Then we can get carried away after dinner."

So I had to wait, but I enjoyed Annie's erotic presence through the meal, her sparkling eyes and visible excitement. Lasagna, salad, port wine for dessert, and we were ready. Annie sat me down on her couch and pulled up a chair in front of me, as I imagined she had done at her little parties with her husband. Without saying a word she slowly pulled her dress down. Broad alveoli appeared, pink and covered with little bumps. Her nipples followed, then the whole breast. She was shivering, I was agog with concentration. She lifted her boobs for me, soft and flexible, squeezing and stroking. I found myself leaning forward and staring.

"I shouldn't tease you like this. I'm only doing it because it reminds me of the awesome parties I had with John."

Annie got up and straddled my legs, then sat on my knees to push her tits into my face. I took her invitation, finally touching and kissing what I'd been admiring for weeks. She moaned and pulled my face between her tits. When she pushed on the outsides of them they reached all the way to my ears. I stroked and kissed and sucked and pinched while she pushed her chest forward, moaning and cooing. I was lost in breast heaven. That smooth skin was soft and a little cool, her nipples hard and warm.

Finally she swung over to sit beside me, flushed and sweating; I put an arm around her and held a boob in each hand. While I gently stroked her nipples she looked up at me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Mike, keep stroking, but I have to finish my confession. John and I went even further. He thought my pussy was getting neglected at our little parties. So I practiced doing a striptease for him and our guests.Three men would watch me take off my clothes and show them everything. John told me that the idea of a striptease is to seduce the audience, to show them what a good fucker you are. I learned to swivel my hips and open up my pussy lips for them. Does it shock you that I'm being so frank, that I did those things?"

"I guess, a little, but as long as I'm fondling these wonderful tits you can confess anything you want."

"Well, that's how I got to display my pussy and my whole naked body. At the end John would lie me on our dining room table - we had an open design house - and he'd spread my legs and push them up to my shoulders. My bare pussy was on display for the men to get a closer look. And then, Mike, he'd pull down his pants and fuck me, hard, right there in front of those other guys. It felt electric - having them there amplified the whole experience. He'd invite them to touch me and kiss me while he did it. Mike, I can't describe my feelings, having one guy sucking each tit and my man inside my pussy at the same time, guys stroking my thighs or kissing my mouth. I was respectable by day, a wanton slut by night. At first I was too nervous to really enjoy it, but by the second or third time I looked forward to our parties. I'd walk around all afternoon in the dress I have on now, flashing John my tits and my pussy, aching to get started. I'd be soaked long before our guests arrived."

I took Annie's confession as an invitation to investigate her pussy as well. I pulled up her skirt and found she wasn't wearing panties, although it wasn't that surprising after what she had said. "Oh, you naughty girl - no panties? I think you must have planned to show me your pussy tonight."

"Guilty as charged. Actually I've been looking forward to this for weeks. Touch me, please, it's been so long..."

I squeezed her smooth, fleshy thighs and slid a hand up to her pussy, my other hand still massaging a boob. She moaned and scooted forward to give me better access. I slipped a finger inside her and wiggled it around while she squirmed. Her pubic hair was already soaked; the intoxicating aroma of sex emanated from her.

"Mike, this is so wonderful. Would you please stay tonight and, um, fuck me? I know I'm older than you, it's an impossible relationship, but... I need it."

That's the kind of invitation that doesn't need repeating. Annie worked on my belt and fly. Finally she stood, grabbed my hand and led me to her bed. We were both naked by the time we got there. Lying on her back, monster tits flopped a bit to the sides, legs spread and pussy lips already retracted, she was the picture of erotic invitation. I laid down beside her, then on top of her, biting her tits and feeling that magical head-to-toe body contact. We embraced and rolled around together. Somehow my cock found her entrance without either of us making a conscious effort, I think, and I entered her slick tight tunnel. She gasped, ramming her hips forward, almost a convulsion. "Ah, Mike, that feels so wonderful, slide in and out, squeeze my boobs, send me to paradise."

Annie was a fantastic lover, gentle but intense, affectionate, skilled. I didn't last long in her erotic grip. The feeling welled up - at the last minute I grunted, "Annie, are you protected?"

"Uh, yes, I put my diaphragm in before you arrived. It's a little late, but thanks for asking."

That awkward exchange over, we slipped again into paradise. Her body had a softness that invited squeezing and stroking everywhere. I pulled out just in time - she understood why. I squeezed a giant boob between my hands and worked it around while Annie looked down, watching it jiggle and undulate. I kissed it and bit where it counts; she gasped and moved me to the other boob. She turned onto her knees and elbows. When I reached around her I found her boobs grazing the sheet. I entered her again, soft, warm, and quivering. "Fuck me hard, Mike, fuck me, push in all the way, go fast, don't stop. Come inside my cunt."

So she liked to talk dirty when the time came. I started with a savage thrust. She yelped and pushed back, pressing her head to the sheets to open herself up even more for me. I pumped, she moaned. Her broad ass jiggled and shook. Her hands grasped my thighs to pull me in harder. Still pushing, I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"You like fucking, don't you? We're going to do this a lot. You're so sexy, such a great fuck."

That did it. She stiffened, muffled a scream, her whole body vibrated. She fell prone on the bed, my cock still implanted, as I felt the rhythmic squeezes. They seemed to go on forever.

When it was over Annie pulled me down and gave me a long kiss on the mouth, expressing her gratitude with her tongue. We were totally lost in each other, oblivious to everything else. She rolled over onto her back, pulled me on top, and with one hand she somehow squeezed my half-hard cock back into her still-soaked pussy. We started a slow, easy series of deep penetrations, each a discovery of magical bliss, until I felt the upwelling again. I passed the point where the ejaculation can't be stopped, raised myself up on my arms, stared into her eyes and exploded inside her. She grabbed me by the ass with both hands to pull me in as far as possible, while I convulsed again and again and again...

We rested, naked in each other's arms. Annie looked different, with messy hair and an expression of peace on her face that I had never seen before. In a little-girl voice she thanked me, covered my face with kisses, and pressed her boobs again into my mouth. She was the best lover I could imagine, and she nearly cried when I told her so. We fell asleep, without even cleaning up.

A persistent buzzing penetrated my consciousness. After a while I realized it was my alarm, no, it was Annie's alarm. We jumped up with a start. "Quick," she said, suddenly all earnest and professional again. "We need to shower and get dressed. We have to be at work in 45 minutes."

We showered together 'to save time'. Annie said it would be too quick to really enjoy, but I enjoyed it anyway. A dash of orange juice and cold cereal, and we rushed to the office hand in hand. A block from the door Annie released my hand and reminded me that we had to act professional at the office, not revealing our new-found relationship. We'd meet for lunch as usual. With that she hurried in in front of me, not looking back, and jumped into an elevator without me.

You can imagine the discussion we had at lunchtime. Did we want to continue? Of course. When? Tonight - why delay when the pleasure is so intense? Then the tougher questions: Did we want to go further, to involve others as she and John had done? We decided to put that one off for a while.

After work I dropped in at my apartment to collect a few things - I had been wearing the same clothes for 2 days - and picked up some takeout before ringing Annie's bell. This time there was less tension, because we both knew what we wanted and we knew that the other one wanted it too. Annie greeted me at her door with what looked like her business attire, but as soon as the door closed she was all over me with kisses and hugs. She took off her business jacket and blouse to reveal that too-small, too-transparent bikini bra that she had talked about. "When I moved I had to throw away a lot, Mike, but I kept my erotic stuff."

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