tagIncest/TabooAnnie Adultery (The ABC's)

Annie Adultery (The ABC's)


Annie awoke from her slumber feeling as though she never slept at all. She stretched her arms up high and stepped out of the bed through a yawn. Before her shower, she walked out into the front room to put on a brand new pot of coffee for her father.

Annie washed her hands and began to fix him a light breakfast. He wasn't a big eater in the morning. All he liked was a cup of coffee, a couple slices of toast, and some eggs. When she was done, she placed his coffee on warm and his food in the microwave where he'd expect it to be.

After her shower, Annie found her father sitting down reading the Saturday morning paper. She sighed, she should have picked that up for him.

Her father was a fit man. He kept in shape unlike her obese mother who could barely get out of bed by herself. Though, she could hardly be blamed either.

She had some sort of thyroid disease that led to her obesity which caused her this problem or that and now she can't even bathe herself without help.

Annie knew ever since she turned eighteen that she was attracted to her father. She finally allowed herself to admit it. He was around six feet, clean shaven, sandy brown hair and the bluest eyes she's ever seen.

Annie did not favor either of her parents. She was short, a whole foot smaller than her father. The only thing going for her was her breast big enough for her father's large hand. Annie was an avid exercise junkie with yoga being her drug. She kept in shape.

In class she always had on yoga pants, but around the house and especially around her father, she liked the small yoga shorts that barely covered her ass. She had on black shorts and white sport top that looked more like a comfortable bra. Her cleavage definitely pressed at the middle edges being as voluptuous as she was.

Annie had taken a break from college to help out at home. She was expected to head back out in a few weeks for the Fall Semester. "Morning daddy, did you eat?"

He glanced up at her over his paper. "Yes, thank you baby."

Annie walked over to him in glee. She wrapped her arms around his back and leaned against him. His position in the chair made her breast press up against his naked. "I miss you even when you're asleep."

He laughed seemingly disbelieving her. She watched him turn the paper.

Annie was a bit frustrated. She wanted more attention from her father. She walked around and moved his left arm and sat right in his lap. "I'm so glad you have the day off."

She watched his eyes linger on her exposed cleavage before he said anything. "I think you're too big for that."

Annie giggled. "No. You'll always be my daddy and I'll always be your baby girl. I worry about you."

She'd successfully distracted his mind from her position on his lap. Annie wiggled a bit as she turned slightly to face him, verging on straddling his waist. She had one leg crossed over his lap.

"Why are you worried?" He asked her.

Annie faked losing her balance. As expected, her father caught her back and held her still. She wasn't sure if he knew or not that she was now completely straddling him.

"Daddy, I don't want you to be alone anymore. Mom is too weak to take care of you."

He smiled. "You're my baby girl, you know. I love you. I'm not alone. I have you and your mom."

Annie frowned and lied her head on his shoulder while she scooted closer to him. She could feel her pussy clenching being this close to her father, closer than she'd ever been with him. She wanted to slide her walls down his shaft.

"I love you, daddy. Let me take care of you."

"You already do," he told her slowly. His words arriving in staggered breaths.

Annie slowly moved her hips on top of him. "I want to take care of you the way mom should. She can't. I know what you need, daddy." Annie whispered into his ears. "I deserve you. Everything I do is for you."

Annie's manipulation of his body began to work. She could feel her father's cock hardening under the jeans he wore. He was much longer than she could have imagined. Juice dripped into her panties thinking of his size in her mouth.

Annie faced her father. Their eyes locked both of them waiting for the other to make that one. Annie had waited too damn long for this to give up now. She used her left hand to touch his dick through his pants, allowing her fingers to trail his semi harden length.

At once, he lifted her off of his waist. "I'm sorry, Annie." Her father told her and he walked back to the room he shared with her mother.

Annie's eyes burned. She wouldn't let him see her cry. She grabbed her purse and keys and took off to her boyfriends house. She and Dillon had been dating since she was a freshman in college so only around a year and a half.

In the parking lot, she finished crying and wiped her eyes. She redid her makeup and prepared to knock on his door.

"Fuck that pussy, baby." She heard a woman's voice from inside. "Harder," the woman screamed.

Annie pressed her ear against the door while she listened to them fuck. Her boyfriend had a roommate so she couldn't be sure who was really fucking. The woman answered her unspoken question.

"OHHH God, I'm coming. Dillon, make me cum."

Annie bit her lip, her own pussy soaked from listening to her boyfriend fuck some other girl. She wasn't in love with him and he wasn't in love with her. She had no delusions. It could explain while at the moment, she wasn't upset over this news.

"Yes, cum in my ass, Dillon."

"You ready, here I come."


Holy crap, Annie thought. She stepped back and headed straight for her car. Now, she was not only rejected, but sexually fucking frustrated. She didn't know where she was going until she got a call from her father.

Fearing his anger, she let the call go to voice-mail. A second later, a text beeped.

-Come home, baby girl.-

-Are you mad?- Annie text back to him.

-No. We need to talk.-

Annie drove back to her house. She walked through the front door to find her parents sitting in the front room. She sulked knowing her father had told her mother what she tried to do to him. Annie stared at her mother. She took up the entire pastel covered love-seat. She had dark hair and plain dark eyes with pale skin. Annie didn't favor her at all. She had breast length blonde hair and green eyes. She looked more like her father's side of the family than her mothers.

She didn't bother to sit as she walked over to them and stood. "Sit down," her father asked.

"I'm okay," Annie replied.

"Please, sit." He requested. Annie came over and sat down next to her father. "I discussed what you wanted this morning with your mother."

Annie cringed. "You didn't have to. I was stupid."

"Let me finish," her father said. "We both decided that you were right."

Annie looked over at her mother, surprised. "I love you, sweetie. I want you to be happy. You are right. I can no longer please your father. I love him enough to want him to be happy. You both have my permission." She gazed between the two. "Help me back to my room, honey. You two need some privacy. Don't worry, I have my headphones."

Annie blushed. Heat raced through her body as her father rose from his position. He lifted her fat mother onto her chair that no longer ran because she was too huge to be on it. Her father got the motor to run around the house enough so he could push her back to the room.

By the time he returned, Annie hadn't moved a muscle. She looked over to see he had brought the chair from the dining table. The one she'd straddled him on. He sat down and beckoned her over with the wave of his hand.

"Sit down," he told her.

Annie obeyed. She straddled her father once more looking directly into his eyes.

"You know I love you. I love your mother too. I couldn't betray her. I made vows."

Annie nodded. She was still horny after leaving Dillon's and now sitting on her father's lap she couldn't control rocking her lips on top of him. "You smell so good."

He placed his hands on the small part of her back. "I do."

"Yes, daddy." She leaned forward and embraced him holding his body as close to her as possible. She slightly turned her head and licked the edge of his neck to his jawline up to his earlobe. He moaned softly. "You taste good too."

She twisted her tongue around his earlobe before letting it travel in the crevice of his ear. She was glad he washed his ear. He groaned, she felt his cock hardening under his jeans straining for release

Annie leaned back and faced him once more. She could still see that he was guarded, but there was a part of him staring back at her that yearned for this moment. She pulled off her yoga top and let her breast bounce free.

Her father groaned out loud and his cock immediately hardened some more. She leaned forward and pulled his shirt over his head. His hands were still holding onto her waist. She removed them and placed them onto her breast.

"It's okay, daddy. I love you."

He squeezed her breast as her lips captured his. Lost in a daze of this passionate make out, she moaned while he played with her nipples. He broke the kiss as his mouth seized her right nipple. His left hand held her close to him while she arched her back to give him full access.

He licked, blew, and nibbled on her breast making her moan harder. Annie was a virgin by no means. But no man has ever blown her mind simply by teasing her tits. She knew she was going to cum.

"Fuck," she cursed as those aphrodisiac signals slammed into her core.

Her father let up off her breast and smacked it with his hand. Annie cried out from the pleasure. She had never been into that before. Her breathing sped up. "What did I tell you about cursing?" He yelled.

"Fuck, hit me again. I'm going to fucking come."

He moved over to her other breast sending her eyes rolling back from the sensations over there. And then he slapped the wet cool breast, once, twice, three times fast.

"Ahhhhhh, yes. Yes. Yes." She called out and held onto his arms as the waves overpowered any thought she might've had. She laughed, overly thrilled at what had transpired.

Annie pulled away from his grasp. She got down onto her knees. "Your turn, daddy." She said, and began to unbutton his pants which he pulled down.

His huge cock stood up. He was much bigger than any man she had been with and Dillon has a cock that's eight and a half inches. Her father had to be at least nine or ten. Not to mention that while Dillon dick was slim, he was thick.

Her pussy ached, begging to be filled. First, Annie had to have her daddy in her mouth. She needed him inside her lips. She wanted to taste his cum.

"Daddy, it's so big."

"Can you handle it baby?"

"Hell yes," she said looking up at him as she leaned forward and opened her mouth wide.

He stood up on his feet while she took him in her mouth in one big swallow. He marveled at the lack of gag reflex on his daughter who sucked on him. His cock was rock hard in there, but she was lathering his sucker up real quick.

She pulled out and took a deep breath. She licked down his shaft and on his balls causing him to groan.

"You like that, baby? You like licking daddy's balls?"

"Yes, daddy." She replied before slipping his fat monster back in her mouth. She stroked him and then deep throated that cock a few times. She was torturing him with the licking, twisting, pulling, suctioning with her mouth.

"Yeah," her father roared. "Yeah, baby, like that."

Annie's mother sat in her bedroom listening to her husband and daughter. By the sounds of it the two were just getting started. She smiled knowing that the two of them were going to be okay. All they needed was each other.

"You want to fuck my mouth," she asked him.

One look at those big green eyes staring up at him and he was hopeless. His hands fisted her long gold locks and roughly pushed her mouth over his cock. Her suction immediately latched onto him.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh, shit." He held her head close to him as he shot down her throat. He came in his own daughters mouth. The second the thought hit him. His deflating cock stiffened.

He pulled her head back and took a few breaths. She gazed up at him smiling without a lick of cum dribbling down her chin. "Not bad, daddy. We may need to get you eating a few fruits though."

He gasped. She wanted him to come in her mouth once more. He grabbed her by the arm and walked her back over to the sofa. He sat her down and position her legs at opposite ends. Fuck, that yoga was working. She was flexible. Then he realized she still had on her shorts. He grabbed her up and pulled them down ripping one side in the process.

A clean shaven pussy awaited him. "Are you?" He asked.

She knew what he was going to say. "No. I've been fucking for awhile. But I'll only go bareback for you daddy. How do you want me?"

Annie turned slightly and he watched the ass he knew he had to take her that way.

He reached forward and grabbed a cheek as she moaned from his rough handling. They were so firm. She was so tight. Her whole little body so fucking tight and sexy. He held onto her waist and pushed her forward onto the sofa.

For a moment, he played with Annie's ass moving them together while he massaged her. She squirmed and moaned against the back of the couch.

"Oh, daddy please fuck me. Please."

He wanted to tease her some more. Instead, he got up behind her and bent her knees so he could be above her. He slammed home. Annie screamed against the intrusion, but he knew she was okay. His dick was practically swimming in her juices.

Her pussy fit snug around his cock and clenched him as her cervix stopped his movement. "What did I tell you about the cursing?"

Thank goodness, the couch was against the wall. Annie had run from his dick. Her hands were pressed against the beige wall while her back arched to position her pussy to meet her fathers thrust.

He began to pump in earnest inside of her. She moaned and screamed from his push inside her walls. He reached for her arms and made her completely at his mercy. He began pummeling her little pussy.

"Ohhhhh...Yes...Yes...Oh God....Yes. Yes. Ohhhhh"

"Take that...take it...you wanted this dick, take it," her father demanded of her.

"Oh yes," Annie claimed. "I'm coming."

Her pussy clenched and pulled so hard there was no way he could fight that amazing feeling. It had been so long since he'd been inside of a woman feeling that climax erupt. "Me too," he barely got out as he came inside her spilling his seed into her womb.

His cock softened in her soaked pussy. He could see the sweat glistening on her back as he leaned forward and took her mouth with his. He kissed her like there was no tomorrow. That had literally been the best sex of his life.

The next morning, Annie slept soundly in her bed after the goodnight sex from her father. She was satisfied and very happy at the turn of events. She now felt justified in helping to take care of things around the house.

She awoke and started her normal routine; coffee, and breakfast before her shower.

The water rained down on her naked body when she heard the door open and shut. A smile came to her face. She made no move to peek out or even stop her shower. A moment later, her father stepped in behind her.

"I'm going to wash your back," he told her.

"Thanks, daddy."

He did and afterward, he pulled her away from the shower head and dropped to his knees. "I wanted to taste you without all of me inside of you."

Annie smiled. "You're still inside me, daddy."

He grinned as his mouth took a hold of her cunt. She slipped a leg on the edge of the tub to give him more room. Immediately, she felt herself dripping onto his tongue. Her eyes rolled back and subconsciously her hand dropped to the tip of his head. Her fingers floating through his short brown strands.

Her father was licking her pussy. The thought, the sight was enough to bring her to the edge."Yes, right there, daddy."

He listened and held onto the clit in his mouth. Annie began to squirm. She gasped and pulled at his head holding him in place. She was close. He knew by the fact that he heard several things fall from her being unable to stay still.

"I'm coming," she shouted.

He held on as her pussy quivered in his mouth. Her whole body shaking from the orgasm. He pushed her backward under the shower and grabbed one leg to hold it up while he stuck his hard cock into her pussy.

"You're...not...going...back...to...college...in...Michigan," he told her thrusting as hard as he could with each word.

"Never," she screamed. "I'm staying with you, daddy. Oh, fuck."

She would never learn. He slapped her breast a few times and felt her come all over his cock. Her pussy clenched at his dick, but he held on. This was only the beginning.


Epilogue. Annie and daddy continued fucking for a year or so before she got pregnant at age 20. Unfortunately, they lost the baby at ten weeks. Annie and her father moved out and found someone else to care for her mother. The two visit her often. After ten years, Annie and her father tried for a baby. Somehow against the odds, the baby only has asthma and is otherwise a healthy baby girl.

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