Annie & June Ch. 03


Annie felt spasms of pleasure spark in her body as she watched June undress. The formal executive of only moments ago was now a naked, porcelain-like doll, ready to be played and pleasured.

With June standing still and apprehensive, Annie found herself staring at June's panties on the floor. On impulse, Annie bent and retrieved them. She stared at them for a second before glancing at June, cracking a wicked grin and bringing the panties to her nose and inhaling June's musky scent as her eyes closed. June could tell Annie was seeking evidence that June's admission was true, that she had masturbated earlier that day. Bringing the panties close again, Annie's eyes fluttered as her nostrils flared; smelling the unmistakable scent of a woman's cum. Annie shivered again, imagining June in the stall of her work restroom, her pants and underwear around her ankles, sitting on the toilet, as she strummed her exposed nub. All the while, thinking of Annie.

"Thanks, baby, for telling me," Annie whispered to June as she hugged the older woman, panties still in her hand.

"I'd love to see you do it sometime, June, just for me,"

"I'd like that," June replied, kissing the young mother before her. The two stood silent for a moment, acknowledging the growing bond between them.

June turned and entered the shower.

Annie began to undress, carefully removing her skirt and blouse. She had slipped off her shoes upon entering the hotel room. Standing in her thigh highs and black bra, she slipped off her thong and ran June's panties through her pussy. She closed her eyes momentarily, stifling a moan. She knew already she wanted to keep the panties, something she'd never done before. Annie removed her bra and slipped off her hosiery. Quietly, but ready to surprise June, she moved the curtain aside. June had her back to Annie; her eyes closed as she shampooed her hair. Annie slipped into the tub behind her and embraced her from behind.

June yelped in surprise before relaxing as Annie ran her hands around June's stomach and up to her tits; cupping the large, fleshy orbs. "Mmmm...that feels good," June remarked rinsing the soap from her hair and face as Annie's hands massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples. With her hair rinsed, June opened her eyes and turned into Annie to face her. Annie wasted no time to kiss her friend. Her tongue forced June's mouth open and sucked it, as June moaned again into Annie's mouth. Annie's hands moved to June's backside, the tips of her fingers slipping into the crack of June's ass, gently squeezing it. Their large, wet tits crushed together as their respective nipples contracted upon contact. Their pussies grazed against each other as they both moaned simultaneously. The kiss grew hotter as June likewise ran her hands over Annie's ass; both women pulling the other into her as their tongues dueled in delight. The fleshy folds of their cunts rubbed together, bringing their nipples to stiff peaks as they poked into the other.

"Mmmm," June moaned before breaking the kiss and gasping, "My little girl can't wait, can she?" She resumed their kiss.

Annie kissed June feverishly before breaking the kiss and moving her lips to June's breasts. Taking a nipple between her lips, Annie flicked the rubbery flesh with her tongue before sucking voraciously. June threw her head back and into the path of the cascading water as she felt her breast milk rush out of her breast and into Annie's mouth.

"Mmmm," Annie moaned at the taste, again, of her friend's milk, the sweet nectar splashing her tongue before trickling down her throat.

"Fuck!" June gasped raising a hand to her other breast and squeezing it roughly. "Oh, it's been so long, baby!! Suck my nipple, Annie!! Drink mommy's milk!!"

"Mmmm!!!" Annie moaned into June's tits as her hands continued to massage June's heart-shaped ass, her hands gently spreading the cheeks and grazing her nether hole with her fingers.

"Mmmm!! You like my ass?" June asked, moaning.

"Mmmm-hmmm," Annie moaned into June's breast as she continued sucking and drinking while staring into June's eyes. Detaching herself from June, she hissed, "I love your ass. I've wanted it ever since I saw it that first night," she said, kissing June hard, before shifting her attention to June's other breast. She latched onto it and sucked. Within seconds, the sweet milk flowed again down her throat. June was grateful for the relief from the build-up of pressure in her full breasts.

"Come on baby, empty Mommy's jugs for her!" June groaned. "Harder Annie, harder," she encouraged the younger woman. June felt momentarily ashamed for saying such things, especially considering that recently, she had begun to get turned on when nursing. As an expert in nursing, June knew that it was only natural for a woman to feel sensations of pleasure when nursing a child. But, those sensations had been more frequent, lately, and more intense, as June's mind would recall her encounters with Annie.

"Let's take this to the bed!" June said finally, feeling her breasts less tight.

Annie released her hold on June's nipple as a stream of milk hit her in the face. June liked the milked-smeared face of her friend, and smiled wickedly before she stopped for a moment.

"Wait!" June cried as she took hold of her two breasts, squirting the last drops of her milk onto the younger woman's face. Annie stood there and felt the milk splash over her face, licking what came close to her mouth. June never felt so proud of her womanhood, her breasts big and bold in front of her, squirting her milk like two small fountains. Annie sneaked a hand to her bald mound and rubbed it, as milk ran down her face. She moaned as June smiled again and then finally turned and switched the shower off. June stepped out and grabbed a towel. Both women dried off quickly before moving to the bed

As both women knelt on the bed facing each other, Annie smelled the rose while gazing into June's eyes, smiled and tossed it over her shoulder before moving into her friend for a kiss. June pushed Annie down into the soft pillow top mattress and continued kissing as she massaged Annie's grapefruit size tits. Breaking the kiss, she moved to Annie's breasts, all the while staring at Annie and whispering, "my turn," before taking the tip of Annie's breasts into her mouth and sucking on the nipple. A few seconds later, Annie's own milk trickled into June's mouth, as she swallowed, savoring the sweet taste.

"Ah, yeessss!!!!" Annie hissed, arching her back and closing her eyes. "Suck my tits, Juney!!! That's it baby!!!" She added running a hand through June's wet hair and gazing down at her. Annie was excited all over again at the idea that an adult would suckle her tits. Annie liked the mature body against her and the feeling of her tits being sucked and pulled by her friend.

"Mmm-hmmm," June moaned into Annie's breast, as milk leaked from the corners of her mouth, running down her chin and neck. June sucked in the milk, feeling the warm liquid slide down her throat. Not your wildest fantasy could have prepared her for the pleasure Annie's tit was giving her. Annie's nipple grew to the size of the tip of June's pinky, as she flicked it with her tongue and urged the milk out with her sucking. The sweet, white, nectar splashed her tongue and trickled down her throat as Annie continued running her hand through her wet hair. June let the breast milk collect in her mouth before swallowing gulps of it. Over the intervening weeks since they last met sexually, June had craved the taste of Annie's milk, wanting to feel the texture of her nipple and the warm taste of the fluid.

"Yeah, that's it, June, suck it. Oh!!! Feels sooo good!! Pinch my nipple, June!! Pinch it, hard, you bitch!!" Annie screamed, her ecstasy rising and her inhibitions disappearing.

"Mmmm!!" June moaned, accepting the idea that she was indeed a bitch in heat as she squeezed Annie's breast hard, twisting the fat nipple slightly, forcing more white milk to spurt out!

"Ah!!!" Annie moaned, partly from pleasure and partly from pain. "Yes!! Yes!!! Suck it, bitch! Hurt me!!!" Annie screamed, her hand running through her slit and rubbing her clit.

June released her hold on Annie's breast and replaced it with her other hand, whispering, "Mmmm...sooo good!" With both hands massaging Annie's breasts and squeezing her nipples hard, June began to kiss Annie's stomach, pausing briefly to dip her tongue into Annie's navel. Continuing her way southward toward Annie's pussy, June gazed into Annie's eyes and added, "but I'm hungry for something else!"

Instinctually, Annie spread her legs and smiled, maintaining her fingers in her friend's hair. June gazed at Annie's pussy and her mouth watered. The smooth, bare mound showed no sign of stubble, indicating Annie had shaved earlier that day. Its small, tender pink lips flared open, as its moist interior beckoned June's tongue. June glanced into Annie's eyes one last time before shifting her focus on the nether lips and gently dipping her tongue into its recess. Annie closed her eyes and tightened her grip on June's hair as June's tongue licked Annie's pussy.

"Oh!!!! Juney, baby, you suck my cunt sooo good!" Annie moaned squirming and pulling June's head into her pussy as she spread her legs further and replaced June's hands on her breast with her own. June continued licking Annie's pussy, placing her hands under Annie's ass and starting each lick by dipping her tongue into her moist interior and running it up to her clit, flicking the tender nub before repeating the act. "Ah!!! Oh!! Fuck, June. Eat my pussy!! Make me come, baby!!" Annie squirmed more urgently, her eyes closed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Mmmm!" June moaned into Annie's pussy before latching on to her friend's clit and driving two fingers violently into her pussy.

"Ugh!!!" Annie groaned deeply raising her head momentarily at the rough intrusion and staring at June. Holding herself up on her elbows, Annie gasped, "Yeah, that's it! Oh! Oh! Ah!!!" She wailed dropping her head back onto the pillow and squealing. Her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning as she grabbed June's head and pulled it forcibly into her pussy, as she tightened her thighs. "I'm cumming!!!! I'm cumming, Juney!!!! Fuck!!!!!" She screamed as her body convulsed, while June mercilessly continued her attack on Annie's swollen clit, fingering her through her orgasm.

After a few minutes, Annie's orgasm mellowed, as June licked Annie's drenched pussy, her body twitching one final time before June stopped. Annie lay panting, her cheeks flushed as the back of one hand rested on her forehead. She watched June make her way back up. Once June reached Annie, she kissed her tenderly as she relaxed atop of her. Their milk-stained tits coming together as Annie tasted her own juices on June's tongue.

"Mmmm," Annie moaned when the kiss ended, "I needed that sooo badly. Thanks!"

June smiled and said, "Your welcome," as they kissed again. June reveled in her newfound power to make the younger woman cum so violently. Not even sex with her husband made her feel so good about her sexual ability. Perhaps being lesbian had hidden benefits that she had failed to realize before.

"I have to pee, now, of course!" Annie remarked.

"Of course!" June replied rolling to the side and watching Annie's toned body flex, as she made her way to the bathroom.

After half a minute, June rose and walked over to the bathroom. Standing in the doorway, she watched as Annie sat on the commode, her legs spread slightly as a golden stream of urine rushed out of her. Noticing June leaning against the doorjamb and watching her, Annie whispered, "What?" The golden stream came to a trickle and her pussy spasmed from the moment.

"You are so sexy," June whispered, her pussy lips swollen with desire.

Butterflies danced in Annie's stomach at the thought that June might be as perverse as her. Annie stared at June for a long second, one eyebrow rising, before replying; "You think I'm sexy while peeing?"

"You're sexy period. But, yes...while peeing too!

Staring at her friend, Annie marveled at June's beauty, standing naked in the doorway with her hanging breasts and the hairy, feminine triangle between her legs. Annie had an overwhelming desire to taste her. "Come here," she whispered hoarsely, unfamiliar with the voice that was speaking.

June swayed over to Annie, who was still seated on the toilet. Glancing up into June's eyes, Annie wrapped her arms around June's hips and pulled her pussy onto her mouth. Annie massaged June's ass as she ate her pussy.

"Ugh!!!" June groaned as she raised a leg and placed a foot on the edge of the sink counter, giving Annie better access to her opened lips. "Yeah! Eat my pussy you dirty little slut!!!" She grabbed Annie's head and held it against her pussy, as she continued, "Yeah, that's it! That's a good girl! Eat Mommy's pussy, while you pee!!" Her desire overwhelming her at the thought of Annie eating her pussy while she sat on the toilet, her bare pussy hanging on to the last few droplets of golden urine.

Annie held June steady as her mouth covered her friend's pussy, her tongue driving into her pussy and scooping out her sweet nectar, some of it running down her neck.

"Ah!! Yeah, Annie!!! That's it!! That's it!!! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!!!"

Annie moved her fingers deeper into June's crack, an index finger grazing the rosebud opening of her asshole.

"Oh!!! Here it comes, Annie!! I'm cumming!!!" June screamed, and just then, Annie slipped the tip of her index finger into June's asshole to the first knuckle!

June had never let anyone penetrate her ass, and the new sensation shook her to her core, as her orgasm ripped through her. Her asshole spasming around Annie's finger with every jolt of her orgasm!

"Ugh!!!! Fuck!!!!!" June groaned deeply and loudly. The bathroom echoed as her orgasm ripped through her. "Oh!!!! I'm cum....ming!!!! Fuck!!! Fuck yeah!!! That feels good!! Ugh!!!" She cried as her body convulsed, forcing Annie's finger deeper into her rectum. "Ugh!!!!" She groaned one last time as she held on to Annie's head for dear life.

Finally, with her orgasm passing, Annie slowly slipped her finger from June's ass. June released her hold on Annie, only to see her face covered in her juices. "Kiss me," Annie whispered hoarsely and adding, "taste yourself."

June removed her foot from the counter and straddling Annie, sat gently on her knees facing her. They shared an open, wet kiss. June tasted her own tangy juices in her friend's mouth and tongue. She broke the kiss and licked Annie's face momentarily before resuming her kiss. Their lips caressing as smacking sounds echoed around the room.

"Wow," June moaned. "I didn't think an orgasm like that was possible," she added kissing Annie one last time before straightening.

"I hope you didn't mind my finger? I sort of... lost control?" Annie asked, a coy expression on her face.

"No baby, I want to share everything with you. If you liked it, it was ok," June replied, still feeling the tingle of having had a finger up her asshole; still amazed at the intensity it added to her climax. She thought of doing it herself next time she masturbated alone.

Both women returned to the bed and ordered room service. After a satisfying meal of surf and turf for June and pasta primavera for Annie, they broke into the champagne and turned on some music. Naked, they danced wildly around the room doing an occasional bump n grind and sharing a hot kiss or two, as the sun settled. Feeling giddy and happy, they played like teenagers, just happy to be away from everyone and together. With eyes glazing over, they fed each other chocolates, their lips smudging from the sweet confection, as they kissed hungrily.

Satiated, they lay in bed curled into one another. Annie's head rested on June's chest as she gently played with June's nipple. It was then that Annie opened up, and revealed how her relationship with her husband was not going well and that the sex had basically dried up. June listened intently and after a while, felt the need to comfort her friend. She asked Annie to nurse, again. Annie smiled as she latched on to the dangling breast above her. Annie sucked deeply, wanting to be held by the older woman and sucking in the warm milk that calmed her fears. Drinking the milk made her feel secure and safe but also sensuous and aroused.

Annie sucked for a long time as June relaxed and stroked Annie's hair, humming. Annie changed breasts, emptying each one. June's nipples never felt so engorged and large. Satiating Annie gave June a sense of pride, not to mention control. Alas, she felt the guilt return momentarily but blocked out of her mind as she continued humming.

"Beautiful! Simply beautiful!!" Annie whispered, when she was finished nursing, as she lay her head back on June's chest and stared at June's breast, her fingertips caressing a milky white orb.

With her eyes now closed and her head resting back on the pillow, June smiled. Her forearm covered her eyes as she whispered, "Thanks, but they're not that great!"

"Are you kidding? They're marvelous!"

"No...they're not!" June said insistently but not moving.

"Yes...they are!!" Annie remarked louder and more insistently, raising her head briefly and glancing at June, who still lay with her eyes closed.

Annie laid her head back onto June's chest and resumed caressing her breast. "Perfect." She whispered tenderly.

"No...Theresa's are perfect...not mine!" June replied in an even tone.

"Who?" Annie asked knowing she should know to whom June was referring but momentarily drawing a blank.

"Theresa... from our breastfeeding support group," June added.

"Oh...Oh!" Annie replied, emphasizing the second 'oh'. "Yeah, Theresa's got an incredible body! And she's beautiful too!"

"God, she's got that classic look! The kind that makes you just stare at her in awe!"

"She reminds me of Jenny McCarthy"

"Yes!" June replied emphatically, suddenly realizing, and agreeing to, the resemblance.

"God, how I'd love to dip my tongue between her pussy lips," Annie said dreamily.

"Mmmm" June moaned in response. "I bet her pussy taste just like honey!"

"And those tits! My god, those tits! Can you imagine nursing from those! God, I think I'm gonna cum just from the thought!"

"Who else from the gang do you think is hot?" June asked, now staring at the ceiling, her mind running through the members of their breastfeeding support group.

Without hesitating, Annie replied, "Joan!"

"Yeah, Joan's got a certain...adunno...'innocence' about her," June responded.

"Submissive," Annie said, adding her two cents worth.

"'re right!" June said smiling at the ceiling. "I wonder if that's partly because she's Asian?" she added.

"She's from Taiwan, right?" Annie asked, unsure.

"No, Japan," June corrected.

"Mmmm...I think Asian women are so exotic! She reminds me of Lucy Liu with nice, plump, milk-filled tits!"

"Yeah, she does have very nice, pert, grapefruit-sized tits. And they seem even bigger and nicer on that tiny frame of hers," June remarked.

"Mmmm," Annie moaned thinking of nursing off of their Asian friend's breasts.

This was the first time both women had discussed other women sexually, and both were amazed and shocked at how sexually arousing it had been.

"Hey, let's watch a porno!" Annie asked, wanting to break the serious atmosphere. She noticed the cardboard tri-fold sitting atop the television advertising the hotel's pay-per-view service.

June glanced at her incredulously for a moment and then said, "Okay! Let's light some candles, too!" She rose and made her way toward her bag, as Annie reviewed the instructions for the Pay-Per-View.

After setting up some well-placed candles and dimming the lights, the girls settled into each other on the bed to watch an all-girl video. The movie was your basic, shot-on-video porno with little plot, but the women were simply gorgeous, all with large, silicone orbs for tits. Sex scenes were abundant coming about every five minutes and included a love scene between two lovers that included some pussy-to-pussy grinding; a neighborly seduction between two housewives; a threesome among best friends that included shaving and anal rimming; and the finale of an all-girl night out that ended in an orgy using dildos, vibrators and other assorted toys. Throughout the video, Annie and June caressed each other with their fingers and tongues, kissing, nursing, and gently fingering each other's pussy. The ministrations kept both women highly aroused and just on the brink of orgasm as they watched the hot action.

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