Annie & June Ch. 03


When the movie was over, Annie rolled on top of June, her tits mashing into her friend's, their nipples grazing as June's thigh wedged itself between Annie's legs. June could feel Annie's bare, raw and humid pussy rubbing against her thigh as Annie kissed her.

The kiss grew hotter as smacking sounds filled the room. Breaking the kiss, Annie gasped, "God, that movie got me so horny!" They kissed again before Annie added, "I'm so wet right now! I wish you had a cock to fuck me with!" She kissed June hotly again.

June moaned into Annie's mouth before breaking the kiss and whispering, "Maybe that can be arranged?"

With her brow furrowing, Annie stared at June before replying, "Oh?"

June kissed her friend briefly before sliding from underneath her. "Close your eyes for a minute," she asked standing at the side of the bed.

"Oh, oh," Annie said with a smirk, rising to her knees on the bed and adding, "okay," as she closed her eyes.

June walked to her suitcase and rummaged for a second before pulling out a large, ten-inch strap on dildo. Sliding into the harness, she adjusted herself and slapped the dildo playfully with her hand before walking over to the side of the bed and whispering hoarsely, "Okay, open your eyes."

Annie opened her eyes and immediately zeroed in on the huge, fake cock that June was stroking. "!" she gasped laughing.

"Your wish is my command," June said with a smile.

"Oh my god!" Annie repeated, "I can't fuckin' believe it!"

"You like?" June asked still stroking the dildo with one hand while her other hand massaged a breast.

"Yes!" Annie replied excitedly. "But, where? How? When?" she asked staring at the huge cock.

"I made a discrete trip to the seedy side of town one night and bought a bunch of 'assorted' toys, especially for this weekend!" June answered, still stroking the dildo.

Annie stared up at June in amazement and shook her head in disbelief. Her stare returned to the dildo before she whispered, "It's fucking huge"! Glancing back at Annie she added excitedly, "you look so fucking hot!" Her excitement overwhelming her as she begged, "stroke it, June! Stroke your big, fat cock!" Annie slid back onto the bed and spread her legs. Her bare, soaked pussy came into view as her fingers slid between her labia, a finger dipping into its hole.

June smiled wickedly as she stood there stroking her fake cock and squeezing a breast. She'd seen men stroke their cock but now she knew how it must feel with the large phallus sticking out between her loins. She stared down at her breast and squeezed firmly on a nipple. She repeated the gesture a second and third time before her milk letdown and trickled out of her nipple.

"Oh!!!!" Annie moaned, as she watched June's actions. Her fingers strummed her clit and rubbed her cunt as her eyes closed momentarily. She opened them when she felt drops of liquid hit her calf.

June's mouth hung open as her arousal increased. She fought to keep focused as she continued squeezing her breast and stroking her fake cock. She loved her new sense of power and the way it may her body feel. The milk now streamed in spurts each time her hand squeezed the breast. Once June was satisfied that the milk letdown was sufficient, she leaned down and sucked on her own nipple.

"Oh!! Fuck!!!" Annie moaned again. "That is sooo fucking hot, June!!" She hissed as she alternated slipping a long, slender finger into her hole and strumming her clit. June liked Annie's ability to openly play with herself, exposing her cunt without shame.

June sucked on her own breast for a good, long minute as she stroked her cock and stared at Annie playing with herself. The unnatural position of her breast, however, caused her milk flow to stop. Releasing her breast, she looked down at Annie through the strands of hair hanging over her eyes. "You like that, Annie? You like me sucking my tit and stroking my cock?"

"Mmmm!" Annie moaned before replying, "Yes! Oh, yes!! I want you to fuck me, Mommy! I want you to fuck me with your big cock! I want to suck your big tit!! I want to drink your milk, Mommy! Come fuck me!!"

June smiled wickedly, loving the dirty talk, something she could never do with her husband. She loved to hear the dirty words and use them, working Annie into a sexual frenzy.

"You need to get it nice and wet first before I fuck you, baby! So suck it!" June demanded sternly, jabbing the dong against Annie's waiting mouth.

Annie responded to the rude gesture, immediately shifting into a seated position over the edge of the bed with June standing in front of her. The ten-inch cock dangled inches from Annie's mouth as she stared at it before grasping it firmly.

"It's bigger than Jack's!" Annie said giggling before taking the tip of the cock into her mouth. The fake dildo felt very realistic, complete with rippling veins and bulbous head. The life-like, latex material felt remarkably close to human skin as Annie's mouth moved over its length. Her head began to bob back-and-forth as her hand found the fake testicles and cupped them. What she liked best was June's feminine hips and her female smell that was somewhere between pee, sweat and the natural lubricant her vagina excreted, as she sucked her "cock".

Annie could feel June's pussy just behind the testicles and was able to continue cupping them while slipping her middle finger into June's soaked pussy.

Upon feeling Annie's long, slender finger slide inside her, June threw her head back as she held Annie's head gently and moaned, "Ah!!! Yeah, suck my cock! That's it!! Suck it!!" June could feel a little of what it was like for a man to stand and have his cock sucked, looking down at the woman's cheeks, sucking in his member.

Annie began to suck the fake cock feverishly as her finger pistoned in and out of June's pussy. Her other hand gripped the base of the fake cock and instead of stroking it, as she normally would for her husband, she pressed it into June's pussy and rubbed it around as she continued sucking.

"Ah!!! Oh!!!! Fuck!!! That's it, you slut! You little cock-sucking slut!!! Suck my cock!!!!!" June gasped grabbing Annie's head with both hands and moving her hips back and forth, helping to drive the cock in and out of Annie's mouth. June loved the feeling of power and control the dildo gave her and she liked seeing Annie's mouth fill and deflate with every thrust of the dong in her friend's mouth. She held Annie's head for a long time, wanting to make Annie understand who was in control.

"Mmmph!!" Annie gagged and moaned into the cock, her eyes watering. After a few minutes of heated passion between the two women, June released the dildo from Annie's mouth and slapped her cheeks, like her husband sometimes did with her.

"Do you like Mommy's cock, Annie," June asked rudely.

Annie just nodded as the black dildo bounced against her lips and face.

Finally, Annie looked lustfully into June's eyes, whispering, "Please fuck me Mommy!"

June leaned down and kissed Annie passionately while pushing her back onto the bed. Instinctually, Annie eased herself back onto the bed. She spread her legs and lifted her knees as a hand petted her wet slit.

"That's good, show Mommy how you play with yourself!" June said. It was the first time she'd ever seen a woman openly play with her pussy, and she enjoyed looking at the younger woman quickly flick her fingers over her clit. Every woman masturbates differently, June thought, fascinated by Annie's rapid finger movement.

June moved over her lover as she gripped the base of the cock and held it menacingly at the entrance of Annie's pussy. She rubbed the tip over Annie's slit momentarily as Annie groaned. The dildo slipped easily into Annie's bare, soaked pussy.

"Ah!!!! Yes!!! Mmmm! That feels so good, Juney! Fuck me!! Fuck me with your big cock!!!" Annie moaned as June settled herself atop Annie, her hips moving back and forth slowly as the fake cock fucked Annie.

June knew that Annie was craving for good sex and wanted to fuck her good. Annie loved the feel of the large dildo driving deep inside her to the hilt. The dong was longer than her husband's cock and much more rigid. Her cunt never felt so full.

June's large breasts presented themselves just above Annie, so Annie did what came naturally. She lifted her head slightly and took June's stiff, candy-colored nipple between her lips and flicked it with her tongue.

June moaned upon feeling Annie's lips wrap around her stiff, turgid nipple. While continuing to move her fake cock in and out of Annie, June shifted slightly higher to allow more of her breast into Annie's mouth. With June's movement, Annie was able to wrap her mouth around June's entire areole and suck voraciously until she felt the letdown of June's milk. Annie closed her eyes and moaned as the sweet, white nectar splashed her tongue and trickled down her throat, as she gulped.

June never felt so womanly, her breast was feeding Annie and her hips found a movement that easily drove the dildo into the younger mother.

The back of the dildo was textured with tiny little nubs designed to pleasure the woman wearing it. This, combined with Annie's sucking, began to have an effect on June as she closed her eyes and moaned.

"Ugh!!!" she groaned as all of her senses seemed to zero in on her cunt. "Fuck, that feels good, Annie! Suck my tits, you little bitch!! Drink my milk!!!"

"Ah!!!! Fuck me, Mommy!! Fuck me with your big cock!!!! Oh!!!!" Annie responded as she latched back onto June's breast and sucked, as the milk flowed again. Annie reached up and massaged June's other breast, squeezing the tip of the breast forcibly and pinching the nipple.

"Ah!!!!" June moaned, the sensations were too much for her as milk began to seep out of the breast that Annie was massaging.

Noticing the leaking milk from the breast she was massaging with her hand, Annie stopped sucking and released June's other breast from her mouth. The act was too immediate and milk continued to stream out of the turgid nipple, spraying Annie's nose, lips and chin before she latched on to the other leaking breast. "Mmmmph!" she moaned into June's breast as she resumed squeezing the breast she had just sucked. Again, milk began to flow from both of June's breast – one into Annie's sucking mouth and the other spraying Annie's hands, shoulder and pillow.

"Ah!!! Oh!!!! Fuck!!!!" June moaned as she felt the initial stirrings of an orgasm building. She loved the way her breasts were spewing milk on Annie, making the mother look wet and wild. June was also admiring herself for being able to produce so much fluid.

Annie released June's breast from her mouth and again was rewarded with a splash of milk to the neck and chin. "Ah!!!" she wailed, sticking her tongue out and capturing a few droplets before the stream stopped. "Yeah, Mommy, fuck me! I'm getting close! Cum all over me! Milk all over me!!" Annie hissed as she reached up with both hands and grasped each of June's breasts squeezing them together. The stiff, raw, milk-soaked nipples stood proudly as Annie alternated sucking one then the other for a minute or two, each time, getting covered with a spray of milk as the respective breast's milk streamed to an end. "Yeah, baby, cum! Cum for me!! Cover me with your cum! I want you to cum all over my face!!!" Annie hissed again, sucking voraciously on the breasts and intentionally aiming the milk across her face. Her entire face was now doused with June's sweet milk. Her forehead glistened as her hair matted to her cheeks. White droplets of milk ran down Annie's face as she lost control and went over the edge with her climax! "Ah!!!! Fuck me, Fuck me!!!!"

The sight of Annie's face covered in her milk, and Annie obviously taking great pleasure in it; combined with the sensation of the ribbed dildo sent June over the edge too. "Ah!!! I'm cumming baby!!! Here it comes! I'm cumming all over your face!!!" as she pistoned in and out of Annie, her orgasm tearing through her as the textured dildo rubbed frantically across her clit. "Ugh!!!!!!" she screamed as her orgasm peaked.

"Me too!!!" Annie yelled. "I'm cumming too! Cum all over my face!!!" she added continuing to suck and spray milk all over her face. Her face was now completely soaked from June's milk, as white streaks dribbled across her lips and cheek, just as if it was cum covering her face. "Oh!!!! Fuck!!!!!" Annie screamed as her body convulsed and shook. The fake cock filling her inside and rubbing her clit along with the erotic sensation of her friend's breast milk splashing her face and trickling down her throat were too much.

Annie blacked out.

Moments later, she came to. June was still on top of her gasping, as both women relished in post orgasmic bliss. June's head had been laying face down next to Annie's head. She raised it and stared down at her friend covered with milk. She kissed Annie lovingly at first, but then drove her tongue into Annie's waiting mouth. She could taste her milk on Annie's tongue, as Annie moaned.

When the kiss broke, they gazed lustfully into one another's eyes. "Wow!" Annie simply said.

"Yeah! Wow!" June responded, as they kissed again. This time, it was a slow, tender kiss to reflect the love and respect they had for each other.

When this kiss broke, they continued staring at each other, as June lay atop Annie, their wet, milk-covered breasts slipping against one another. June smiled as she wiped a milk droplet from Annie's cheek. Annie smiled in return. Neither said anything. Shadows danced across the ceiling and walls from the almost burnt out candles. Slowly, June pulled out of Annie and rolled over next to her on the bed. The dildo stood erect, pointing toward the air, causing Annie to remark, "It's got staying power," as she flicked the rubbery cock.

June laughed as Annie stood and ran to the bathroom. June remained in the bed, stroking the strap-on dildo as she heard Annie peeing. In the deepest, darkest recess of her mind, she had a passing vision of Annie peeing on her, and a moan escaped June's lips. Watching Annie piss earlier was the first time someone was aware of her watching, and the thought had almost made her cum on the spot. June thought about heading into the bathroom for a repeat performance, but she was exhausted and a glance at the clock showed that it was nearly midnight. June crawled onto the bed and immediately realized that the sheets and pillows were soaked.

"Ugh!" she said, staring at her hands in disgust.

"What?" Annie asked strolling back into the room.

"The bed is soaked!" June replied staring at the bed.

"Oops!" Annie said shrugging. "Sorry!"

"No, no, it's not your fault," June replied, "but we need to change the bed!" She stood and perused the list of telephone codes for the front desk.

Annie came up behind June, who was still wearing the dildo, and embraced her, making sure to rub her bare pussy against June's ass.

June turned her head and the two women kissed again.

"I dare you to answer the door naked," June whispered the challenge in Annie's ear.

Annie stared at June for a moment before replying, "Okay. What do I get if I do it?"

"Anything you want," June answered without hesitation, trusting her friend, her lover, completely and giving in to whatever wishes Annie desired.



Annie looked back at the telephone as she returned to the bed and sat on a dry spot, listening to June complete the dare.

"Uh, hello, this is room 307. We need new sheets and pillows as soon as possible. accident," June said into the phone and glancing at Annie, "just new sheets and pillows, please." A moment passed before June added, "Thank you," and hung up. Staring at Annie, she said, "Let's strip the bed," and both women quickly and efficiently stripped the bed down.

Ten minutes later there was a soft knock at the door. June glanced at Annie and pointed her toward the door. Annie's face turned to dread, realizing this wasn't a joke.

"I'm going into the bathroom, Annie," she said in her strong executive voice, as she stroked her "cock". "I will watch you through the door. Ask her to help you put the sheets on."

Annie stood there, dumbfounded. Perhaps this was too much of a dare. June disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar. The younger woman went to her purse and fished out a ten-dollar bill. A second knock came as she moved to the door. She threw June one last glance. She could hear her heart pounding in her chest as she peaked through the peep-hole and saw a pretty Latino woman in a blue uniform dress and white apron holding folded sheets and four pillows. Taking a deep breath, Annie unlocked the door and opened it halfway. She stood naked in the doorway as the look on the housekeeper's face went from one of complacency to one of surprise.

"Ah..." the housekeeper muttered as her eyes zeroed in on Annie's milky-white tits.

Annie stood for a second without saying a word, allowing the housekeeper to drink in her nudity. She noticed the housekeeper's eyes move from her tits to her shaved, glistening cunt. Annie's skin tingled as she watched the housekeeper gaze intently at her pussy and lick her lips subconsciously. Annie's arousal grew, as she noticed the Latino woman's features; this was a reaction she hadn't anticipated. The maid was quite pretty, perhaps in her early thirties, with brown hair and dark smoky eyes. She was short but well built, with long brown hair tied back away from her face. She might have had a size-able bust, but it was well hidden in her bra and uniform. Their eyes met and they gazed at each other for a brief second, neither saying a word before Annie asked the Latino woman in and closed the door.

"The bed needs sheets," Annie said, forcing a smile.

"Si, Senora," the maid said and took her eyes off of Annie as she marched quickly to the bed and began to spread the sheets.

The naked woman helped the maid, hoping to move things along quicker.

"You have child, Senora?" The maid asked, seeing the mother's breasts on Annie.

"Oh yes, I do. And you, do you have children?" Annie asked nervously.

"Si, three," the dark woman responded politely, trying to put Annie at ease. "Child accident?" The maid asked.

"What?," Annie responded, in reference to the maid's mistaken assumption that one of Annie's children had spilled something.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and June appeared wearing her pink blouse, black panties and the strap-on dildo. She looked fabulous as she sauntered out, confident and serious with the large cock flopping between the tails of her blouse.

"Actually, it's breast milk," she said matter-of-factly, walking right up to the olive skinned woman and shaking her hand. "Hello, I'm June. This is Annie, my lover."

" Maria," the woman said in a pleasant accent, staring at the dildo and the two wet dots on the blouse that hid June's leaking tits

The maid returned to making the bed, making fleeting glances at the two women. June put her arm around Annie, watching the maid finish. Annie's face was red with embarrassment, as she let her hand fall to cover her sex.

"Take your hand away, Annie!" June commanded. Annie complied.

"You must see a lot, working in the hotel, Maria?" June asked

"Oh, most people come for the stores," she responded with a smile. Then boldly added, "But some times... people come" She smiled briefly, her pearly whites shone against her dark skin, as she turned her attention to the bed.

"Have you ever seen a more beautiful lover then my Annie here?" June asked, boldly.

"No, she is very nice," the woman answered finishing the bed, smiling.

"Would you like her to turn around,"

The maid stopped, looked seriously at the two women and shyly nodded affirmatively.

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