Annie & June Ch. 03


"Annie, go and stand in front of Maria and turn around for her!" June ordered.

As if in a trance, Annie walked slowly toward the maid, hardly believing she was obeying the request. Yet, a new spasm of arousal shot through her body. She liked June's assertiveness and wanted to obey her, regardless of how shameful she felt about her nudity and how embarrassing this made the poor hotel maid.

Standing in front of the smaller Latino, Annie looked into Maria's eyes. As Annie's hands fidgeted, Maria gazed up and down at Annie's naked body, drinking in the fat nipples, the flat stomach and shaved, moist pussy.

"Do you like her, Maria?" June asked naughtily.

Again, Maria shyly nodded yes.

"Turn, Annie!" Came June's next instruction.

Annie turned. She stood facing June, gazing steadily into her friend's eyes, as Maria admired her taut ass.

"Bend over," June instructed. Annie bent over. "Farther!" June shouted. Annie bent as far as her muscles allowed, knowing that her pussy was visible to the pretty maid from behind. Her face was red with shame. But, to her surprise, Annie suddenly felt something very different than ever before. It was pride. First, June admits to masturbating while thinking about her hot, little body and now, here she was showing her nakedness to a stranger. She hadn't thought of herself as being that attractive - until now.

"You are beautiful, senora," Maria finally whispered. "She is beautiful, everywhere," she added, beads of sweat having formed on her forehead, as she licked her lips. Yet, she never turned away, and this intrigued June. Maria seemed mesmerized by the beautiful tan marks that outlined Annie's ass, seemingly amazed by Annie's shaved pussy and wrinkled anus. It gave Annie a look of youth, the maid thought.

Bent over, Annie spied Maria's hosiery and suddenly wondered what the woman was thinking and feeling? Was she turned on? Was her pussy wet for Annie? Annie could hardly resist her own feelings of arousal, bewildered by her sudden desire to exhibit herself, to be submissive for June, and to gain the attraction of other women.

"I think so too, Maria. Thank you for your help," June answered.

"Gracias," the woman said, "perhaps you need towels?" Maria asked, smiling. She reached into her pocket for a hotel card with her name written on the back. She walked up to June clumsily and handed the card to her, unable to keep the large cock from glancing her apron. Even June squirmed from the small infraction.

Maria turned and walked quickly to the door, but not before glancing one more time to see June's long dildo hanging between her legs, as June stroked it. Annie straightened and gave the woman the large tip.

"Gracias, senora," Maria whispered, as she exited the room. Just before Annie closed the door, Maria looked back, their eyes meeting again, and they smiled at each other. Annie couldn't explain the spasm of arousal that burst through her body.

Annie closed the door, just as June came up behind her, slipping her hands under Annie's arms and grabbing her breasts. She bit Annie's ear lobe gently, whispering: "You're a hot little bitch, did you know that?"

Annie felt the long cock slide up against her ass cheeks and squirmed, liking June's compliment. She turned her head and kissed June hard.

"You want to collect now?" June asked when the kiss was over. Annie was too aroused and shocked by what had just transpired to think of anything. Sensations shot through her body and clouded her mind, as she simply stood feeling the dildo brushing against her ass.

Without saying a word, June pushed Annie forward so she was again touching her ankles and her ass fully exposed. The long black cock slid easily into Annie's vaginal canal, causing the mother to groan as the cock pressed into her, right to her cervix. At this angle, the cock brushed her swollen clit, sending spasms of pleasure to all parts of her body. June, to her surprise, quickly found the correct rhythm to her hips, as she rudely grabbed Annie's flanks and thrust the cock into her sucking pussy.

"Is Mommy's little girl a bitch in heat?" June said, breathing hard as the cock pounded Annie. "You like showing that pretty little cunt of yours off, don't you?"

"Oh, yes. Please, I'm so horny. Fuck me, Mommy. Fuck me, please," Annie cried out.

Annie came immediately, hardly understanding how she could come so fast. For June's part, she enjoyed the newfound sense of domination, as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror, fucking Annie from behind. She liked commanding the younger woman and watching her react. June pounded hard, harder than she imagined was possible; yet she thought of how her husband sometime took her and pounded her with the same gusto. June watched in the mirror as Annie's breasts flopped and wobbled with every thrust, her hair flashing over her head.

"Is my baby cumming?" June asked mockingly.

"Oh yes Mommy, I'm cum-ming!" Annie squealed as the orgasm spasmed her body; it was the best quick-fuck she'd enjoyed in years.

Even after Annie's orgasm mellowed, June thrust her hips hard into Annie's cunt, enjoying the grunts Annie made and the sensation the base of the dildo made against her own pussy.

Finished with fucking her, June had a panting Annie stand with her back against the wall. June began sucking the mother's milk from Annie's breasts, knowing the younger woman needed to letdown her milk before sleeping. June also wanted to taste the sweet warm fluid and quench her own need for sucking a woman's nipple. In her post-orgasmic bliss, Annie let the older woman expertly take each breast in hand and suck deeply and rudely until the tension was gone.

Satiated, June looked lovingly at Annie. "Let's get some sleep," June said before adding, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow." She winked as she watched Annie crawl into the crisp, clean sheets.

Looking up, Annie watched as June stripped off her blouse and slowly slid the dildo and the panties off. Naked again, she curled beside Annie

"Thank you for making me do that, June," Annie could hardly believe what she was saying.

"It felt good, didn't it?" June asked, somewhat rhetorically.

"Yes," Annie mumbled, hardly understanding what had happened. Again, June listened to Annie tell her about her fears and sadness, gently stroking her hair and face. And again like before, June let the younger woman suck her breast, letting mother's milk calm her. Once the talking stopped, June listened to the sucking sounds of Annie's mouth on her plump, glistening tit, shivers running through her body.

Shamelessly, she touched her own pussy, just letting a finger feel her moist slit. She thought about how much she enjoyed the dirty talk and hard sex, something she'd wanted to do for years. Her touching continued as Annie sucked, adding to the wonderful feelings of pleasure flowing in her motherly body. Slowly and sensually, June coaxed a mild orgasm from deep inside, as Annie sucked harder feeling June's body quake.

Moments later, before the two fell asleep, Annie asked about the plan for the next day.

"Oh, I was thinking we can get up in the morning and go to breakfast. There's a pancake house across the street, and then we can hit the shops."

"Sounds good," Annie whispered, which turned into a yawn.

"Goodnight, sweet Annie," June whispered.

"Goodnight," Annie replied before they kissed briefly. "June?"


"I..." Annie hesitated to tell June she was falling in love with her. So she gingerly whispered, "...uhm...I'm glad I came."

"Me too," June replied, realizing that their relationship had just gone to a different level, but choosing to say nothing nor push anything. "Goodnight," she repeated to Annie as she wrapped her arms around the young mother and pulled her close, her hand nicely cupping the woman's large breast.

"Goodnight," Annie whispered.

Emotionally and sexually satisfied, both bodies lay calmly together. Each woman having learned how enjoyable it had been to be free and play sexually with each other. Moments later the even breathing of two women asleep filled the room.

Outside, a half moon cast a dim blue light across the hotel parking lot, as flags rustled gently in the wind.

To Be Continued...

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