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Annie Dances Again


For new readers, let me explain that I am in my late thirties, very happy in a long-term relationship, of Chinese heritage, slender but strong from staying active. John and I have a great sex life and we also love to try all sorts of sexual adventures. Sometimes I play away from home and sometimes John likes to write up the stories for me. This is one of those occasions – I told him everything that happened and he insisted on sharing it with you all. Naturally it has a few of John's embellishments but I am sure you won't mind too much.

John and I have a great sex life and from time-to-time that includes other people. Actually, its more common for John to be fucking someone else. He has a 'regular' submissive he likes to play with on occasions when I am visiting my family or out having fun with my girl friends.

A few weeks back I realised I'd not had any 'excitement' of my own for some time. John immediately started planning something new for me. You'll be able to read about that in another story. But he also came up with a short-term plan for something that would tide me over till our next big play date could be organised.

The very next Saturday night I was scheduled to go out with the women from my martial arts class. It was a semi-regular event where we'd go out for dinner and a few drinks and then a long night of dancing. I am far and away the oldest in the group but when it comes to dancing into the small hours I can keep up with the lot of them.

John quickly told me of his other plan for me that night. It was a simple plan - he wanted me to end the night being fucked by some good looking stranger!

It wasn't quite that simple, of course. John's idea was that I would spot a sexy guy on the dance floor, preferably Chinese and young, and flirt with him just long enough to have him ask me to go back to his place. Then I'd show him a thing or two about fucking and sucking and make sure he serviced me properly.

It sounded like a fine plan except for two small details. My experience is that obtaining good sex from strangers is very hit and miss. Young guys even more so. The second problem was that I wasn't at all sure I wanted to do this on a 'girls night out'. I try very hard to keep my sex life a secret from my friends. John's plan carried the considerable risk that I'd be spotted. At the very least I'd need to have a convincing explanation for leaving the club early!

Still, John was insistent and its true I hardly needed much encouragement. And so it was that last Saturday night I got myself all dressed up and went out looking for a new dick to enjoy.

John helped me get ready. I selected one of favourite black skirts. He selected a pair of my lacy panties. A 'fuller' pair of knickers was in order because I was still really bushy down there at that point. John had insisted I keep all my pubes for the time being.

I selected a matching bra – padded to give the impression I have something in my shirt and also to help hide my long, chocolate nipples. Then John helped me select a sheer black shirt to top off the ensemble. All I needed was my favourite dancing shoes and I was ready!

As always happens when John helps to prepare me for a night out, I ended up feeling a little excited and naughty. There was a chance I'd come up empty-handed. But the idea of illicit sex, of slipping away from my friends with a strange dick, was making me feel very excited. I left the house already damp.

Dinner was great and two of my younger friends commented on how 'great' I looked. I'd dressed so as to attract attention. I was keenly aware of all the men around us, constantly expecting to spot one of them eyeing me off. I was eager and alive to any chance of spotting a new sexy man who would take me back to his place. I knew I needed to calm down because my plan, John's plan, was only going to succeed if I was able to sneak away in the dark later on. Everyone had a couple of drinks but I was careful to watch my intake. I'm not much of a drinker anyway and I knew I needed to keep my wits about me for later in the night. Then we hit our favourite club.

The night was fun, the music loud and the dancing very energetic. But I was a bit distracted. After all, I had a mission. In a place like that there was plenty of talent. Dancing is always a very sexual thing for me. I regret that John doesn't share my passion. Except that on this night his absence suddenly seemed like a huge bonus.

I was getting my fair share of looks from some of the men as they waited at the bar. I soon realised how easy this would be. Its been some years now since I picked up in a club – or, more accurately, allowed myself to be picked up. It has rarely been required since I met John and he's shown me better ways of getting great sex more reliably.

But after I'd had a few quite long looks from a couple of younger guys I began to think that John's plan might work. He'd been very insistent that I should find a younger man that night. I knew he had an agenda of his own. But I was excited by the idea that instead of waiting to be chosen I would be the one with the choice. Back at his place I would direct the action. I would insist on him fucking me properly. Thinking about it like that made my panties damp all over again.

I'd gone out to dance a few times already when I decided the time had come – I either made a choice or gave up and went home to have John fuck me into the small hours. I'd mingled a little with the crowd on the dance floor, trying to be discreet while I totted up my short list of 'possibles'. There was one guy that seemed happy to be watching me. I caught him looking and smiled. Later he caught me looking and he smiled at me. He had to be in his twenties. I decided that he was the one.

I waited for some space between him and his friends and managed to get close to him. I tried my best not to look nervous. The whole point was for me to be in control. I smiled my best smile and he smiled back, a nice soft smile that made me think he wasn't too cocky.

'Hi,' I said in his direction. 'You seem to have plenty of friends.' I nodded over at some of the group nearby.

'Do you want to come and dance with us?'

'No. I'm with my girl friends. But I might not stay much longer. How about you?'

There wasn't a lot of time for small talk. We danced a little and really couldn't find much else to say. After a few more looks and smiles I decided it was now or never. I took the plunge and tried to hook my quarry. 'I need someone to take me home.'

'Where do you live?' Did that mean he was interested?

'No, not to my place. I want to go somewhere else.' I felt incredibly awkward. I was sure this was the classic 'cougar' gambit and that's not how I felt at all.

'You're asking me to take you back to my place?' So he was interested!

Now I realised the real flaw in John's plan. He was a young guy. He probably had a girlfriend. Even more likely he lived with his parents. I wasn't about to climb in and out of a window to avoid someone's mother. I remembered what that was like!

'My husband is at my house,' I said to him, hoping he'd get the point without being scared off. I saw the look of surprise on his face. Then I saw him relax and break into a big smile. He was hooked! I was relieved and excited at the same time.

'My apartment is good,' he replied, still giving me that smile. He'd answered both concerns – no parents and no girlfriend to come screaming out of the darkness inside the club.

'Your car? Meet me outside in about twenty minutes.' I needed some time to make my excuses to the rest of my group.

A short while later I was standing outside in the cool air. I was also feeling a little shaky. I'd had to tell a lie to my friends and I was feeling bad about that. On top of that it was years since I'd put myself in this situation – not exactly like this, I reminded myself, but close enough to make me nervous.

Then I saw him and his lovely smile. He was Chinese just as John had wanted. He was a little shorter than John and smaller. But I could see he worked out, his tight shirt showed off his nice pecs and his biceps. And there was an intricate tattoo that wrapped around his left arm. I wondered whether he was a competent lover. I knew I was going to find out and suddenly I could feel my heart pumping in my chest.

We climbed into his new blue Subaru and drove away with my hand resting on his upper thigh. It turned out he'd only recently started work as an engineer and had moved into his own place as soon as he could. Its easier for boys, especially when the parents are Chinese. He told me his name was Tony and that he was 24! I almost gasped out loud. I knew he was young but I'd expected something closer to thirty. I felt wicked and thrilled at the same time. John was sure to be impressed. I just hoped that Tony wouldn't ask about my age. I kept my hand on his thigh to buy his silence. It was too late to back out now.

I made him stop on the way home for condoms. I felt deliciously naughty sitting in this strange car as a strange young man went inside the petrol station shop on a mission to secure my permission to fuck me. Is this part of the thrill for women who are 'cougars'? I was glad for the tinted windows, though.

As we drove off I put my hand back on his leg. He was loosening up and he threw me another smile, more of a confident grin. Maybe the side trip to get the condoms had given him some extra courage. I thought about slipping my hand down to his dick to see how much courage. But I decided it was better to let him concentrate on driving.

I didn't pay much attention to his building. We just went straight up in the lift to his apartment. He held my hand once the doors closed. It was a nice gesture. Clearly he wanted me and whatever I was offering. I knew what I wanted. My pussy was hot and my panties were soaked. The first order of business would be to get us both naked.

Once we were inside Tony moved closer, wanting to kiss me. Some real physical contact! It felt great. I gladly responded, getting even wetter as I felt his arms wrap around me. His body was taut and warm. He was a good kisser as well, better than you might expect for a young man. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Even better, I could feel the hardness of his dick through his jeans.

He was a lot younger, too young. I was going to have him anyway. I felt nothing like guilt. I didn't care. I was horny and knew I was going to go through with my plan.

We stayed there inside his door for several minutes, holding one another and rubbing our hands on the other's back. I felt a little sweaty from the dancing but there was no way I was going to break my spell by stopping to shower. Tony didn't seem to mind. He seemed to be taking things in his stride. He was nice and I knew I wanted to make the night as memorable for him as it would be for me.

'Would you like a drink or something,' he asked me softly. I think he was trying to be a good host, trying to work out his role now that he'd brought home this eager older woman.

'Not yet.' I whispered back. Actually, I was enjoying the way he was holding me – close but not too hard. The lump in his jeans was firm against my tummy. I imagine he felt as sure as I did that we were soon gong to be naked and fucking madly. After a few seconds he slipped one hand down to my bottom. Who needed romance? He kind of held one cheek rather than squeezing me. I hadn't noticed him checking out my bum but perhaps it was just his idea of foreplay. I knew my bum would match any of the young women he'd had before. Would I like a drink? 'Take me to bed,' I whispered to him.

The apartment obviously belonged to a young, single male. The bedroom was quite sparse. Tony was clued-up enough to turn on the bedside lamp rather than the main light. I'd enjoyed his first touch of me. I wanted to touch him some. I helped myself to a seat on the edge of his bed and before he could bend down to try kissing me again I was pulling at the belt on his jeans.

I couldn't recall the last time I had done that with a man other than my John. I knew for sure I'd never done it with the men I used to let take me home from the clubs. But this night was different. I was horny, I was confident, I was in control. I only had a few hours before I headed home to John so I was determined to make the most of my new, young lover.

His jeans were tight so I had a small struggle with the button. Tony looked surprised but quickly got the idea and began unbuttoning his shirt. After that minor fuss I was drawing the zipper on his jeans down. I heard Tony mutter something under his breath – now he knew what to expect. This older woman wanted some serious sex play.

As soon as his fly was fully open I grabbed the pockets of his jeans, made sure I got good handfuls of material and used my small weight to force his jeans and his underwear down past his hips. My reward was instant as his long, semi hard dick fell out in front of my face.

I am sure that I moaned aloud when that happened. A thrill ran through my entire body. Without waiting I took it into my hand. It was warm and felt nicely solid. He didn't look too thick but I wasn't going to complain. On this night, at least, the real test would be whether the young man knew how to use it.

Tony was uncut, like most Chinese men. I slowly stroked my hand along his length, working to the base so as to pull back the foreskin and reveal his little helmet to me. He actually groaned as I did that. I wondered about his stamina. It wouldn't do to have him cum too quickly.

His dick looked nice and felt good. It was getting harder as I held it. I knew I would enjoy taking it into my mouth. I used to resist doing that. But on this night it was my gift to give and my pleasure to take. His balls were tight underneath him, covered in a thin coat of wispy hairs. No matter – I had my own thick bush that he would discover soon enough.

Tony seemed to have similar ideas to me and didn't want to wait to get his hands on my body. He leaned over me and started tugging at my shirt. I knew where this was going and had no intention of resisting. So I released his lovely dick and let him pull me to my feet. There was another nice kiss and this time he put both hands on my bum. He was pulling at my skirt, trying to lift it up to give himself access.

'Undo me,' I whispered to him and we began to pull at one another's clothing. It wasn't frenzied but we each were determined to be fully naked. I was glad to lose my panties as they'd gotten all wet and sticky and uncomfortable. I was just as glad to get Tony's shirt off and take in his hard young chest. I noticed he had a bit of a six-pack as well. My John lost his long ago! Again the thrill ran all through my body. This was so naughty and wrong and I was going to enjoy every bit of it.

Suddenly we were both naked, standing close to one another. I braced myself for his reaction but the look on Tony's face told me that he liked what he saw. I moved closer to him and he obliged by wrapping his strong, young arms around me again. I could feel my long nipples poking into his young chest. Its always a thrill to be held by a man, especially when I can feel the hardness of his erection against my skin!

Tony kissed me again, briefly. His hands held my bottom, pulling me closer to him. I could smell a little of his sweat. He was pale compared to me and I liked the way his soft skin covered his nice muscles. Then I felt him slip one hand around to my pussy. I think he meant it to be foreplay. I opened my legs to give him access – just like that! I was breathing hard before he even got there. I knew I was soaking and I wanted him to find out for himself. His fingers quickly stroked my bush and he began to poke at me. Tony was trying to be sweet but it was clumsy and rough. The important thing was that he was horny and eager and my pussy was just aching to be touched.

His fingers parted my pussy lips and I groaned aloud. Something told me the sex wouldn't be great but at that point I was feeling fevered and wanted it all the same. John had built me up to this and I'd been horny for days just thinking about a strange young man. Now I leaned against Tony and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. Fuck, it felt good!

He rubbed and stroked a little. Was he shocked to find me so wet? Or did it boost his pride? I was glad that he felt comfortable rummaging around my sex. As clumsy as he was, my pussy was loving this sudden attention.

But my brain was on fire almost as much as my pussy. I wanted a turn. I was in control. I wanted his dick. And so, without a word, I felt myself slipping down to my knees. I couldn't believe I was doing this. 'Shit,' hissed my young lover as I rubbed my hands down his hard abs. I was just as surprised as him. Even now I rarely do this for any man but my John. But I was hot and horny and I was having such a great time that somehow it just happened.

And his dick was so hard! I could see his fluids leaking from the tip. How nice – the young man was excited and horny all because of me. I held the head of his dick and slowly licked down his length and then back again. Tony groaned – loudly. So I repeated my move, licking the underside of his shaft. There were none of the big purple veins I am used to at home. But I had to admit it was a very nice dick.

His silvery fluids were leaking more heavily. I reached out with my tongue and deftly licked his tiny slit. This, too, was something of a first for me with a new man. I so much wanted to do it though, secretly hoping that it might flip the boy out. His pre-cum was mild but I was thrilled to find it thick and sticky. I swallowed what I could get from him, feeling one tiny string hanging on my chin. 'Oh fuck,' growled Tony at me. Another small victory for me.

I took his sack in the fingertips of one hand. At his age this was probably a new experience for him as well. He was small and tight. Not much to boast about. That didn't matter either. I was enjoying being the older woman.

Softly I stroked Tony's sack, feeling his hard little eggs as I leaned closer. He knew what was coming. 'Oh fuck,' he hissed some more. My fingers kept right on stroking his delicate little rocks. I liked his thin covering of hair.

Then I did it – one easy move and I had the young guy's dick in my mouth. He was so hard, warm and a little salty. Tony swore again. I smiled to myself, feeling wicked and excited to have my first taste of him. I took my time as I filled my mouth. His shaft swelled nicely about a third of the way down. It made my lips stretch a little and I thought about how it would feel in my pussy. He was seemingly getting even harder as I slowly proceeded downwards. I love a new dick!

For several minutes I worked on him, enjoying the sensations of his meat in my mouth and the sounds he was making. I even moaned a little myself, totally in the moment with my young lover. My brain was on fire. I'd never performed oral on a man so eagerly on a 'first date'. And I was loving being naked on my knees in front of a man well below my years. I even tried to use my tongue at the same time, a technique I'd read about recently. Then I noticed he was getting louder. I didn't want Tony to cum too early. I wouldn't have minded him emptying his load into my mouth. But I needed him to stay hard so he could enter my pussy. So I released him and once more licked along the underside of his shaft. His long dick glistened and bounced at attention as I did that.

But quickly I wanted Tony back in my mouth. I was really enjoying the way he was so helpless with me. He might erupt at any time but it was a risk I wanted to take. Tony grunted as I once more enveloped him with my lips. 'Urghnnnn...' I knew I was behaving shamelessly. I am certain Tony appreciated it.

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