tagLoving WivesAnnie Gets Ganged

Annie Gets Ganged


The big night!...an amazing night!... the biggest challenge my Annie has yet taken on.

Yep -- her first ever gangbang!

For almost two years we'd discussed the idea of us both participating in a gangbang. It was just an idea for a while -- something we'd enjoy mulling over and getting one another aroused with. Then it began to become a little more like a possibility. In time Annie realised I wanted more than just to think about it...and shortly after she realised that she also was moving closer to being ready for a 'live' performance.

Carefully we selected our event. I did a little bit of research...fieldwork you might say. We settled on a nice couple that run regular events. They usually manage to bring several women into the fun and the whole show is always well managed and accessible for everyone -- a 'no dickheads' rule you might say.

Still, having picked our event and our night there was a lot of detail to sort out. Most of that was about making Annie feel comfortable and confident -- and safe.

'What if I...y'know...'


'If I can't...'

'Perform? You'll be fine. I know how horny you get! And besides, if it gets to the point you're not comfortable then we just leave.'

'What if all the men want me to suck them and...y'know...my jaw gets sore quickly?'

'You just do as much or as little as you want.'

'But people won't be happy.'

'They'll cope.'

'Or if I get sore from too many different men?'

'You don't have to fuck or suck anyone. We can just go along to watch.'

'I'm not going along to watch other women get fucked and not join in. I'd feel embarrassed.'

'Let's play it by ear and see what happens on the night.'

'I don't think I want them all to cum in my mouth.'

'Then we tell them that.'

'For the first time, is it OK if no-one goes in my bum?'

'You decide what happens and what you do.'

And on it went for days -- only getting worse the closer we got to the big night. Nerves, that's all it was. And I understood - Annie wanted it to be perfect for us both and of course this would be the most public sex she'd yet participated in. I knew I could take care of her on the night. More importantly, I knew I'd be thrilled and proud of her no matter what she did or didn't do.

To help her prepare I made sure Annie would be looking her best. I arranged a little nude sunbathing for a couple of weekends prior and made sure I organised things around the house so she could get in some extra workouts. Two days before I sent her off to get a wax job on her cunt. That was sure to have her feeling both sexy and horny.

On the big night she dressed simply -- tight jeans, plain T-shirt and a tiny black G-string to show off her great arse! Going bra-less was not an easy thing for her for the first time with a new group of people. Still, I convinced her she'd either be keeping her shirt on or taking everything off so either way it hardly mattered.

We planned to arrive fashionably late -- about 40 minutes into the party so that the action would have heated up and Annie wouldn't feel like she was the centre of attention. Though her first reaction at seeing all those naked or partly clothed bodies was to gasp 'Oh, all these people...'.

As it happened there'd been plenty of action already and, in fact, most people were taking a short break. Annie spent a few minutes chatting to our hosts who were fully clothed at this stage -- they'd been expecting their new player and went out of their way to reassure her and make her feel welcome.

Myself, I was feeling a bit like a fish out of water with most of the guys either totally or partially naked. So I stripped off more or less straight away as I still workout a lot and feel confident about how I look.

As a younger women headed off to a bedroom with several guys in close pursuit Annie started to feel that she, too, should get into the party mood. She moved to a corner and stripped off her jeans. There were a couple of approving glances from the men close to us but happily everyone was well behaved.

We sat for a few minutes on a loungechair in the furnished apartment rented for the party. Annie could see well enough I was getting turned on by the sight of all that flesh. That and the fact that something obviously was getting underway in the bedroom. I was keen to get going right there and then but I knew I had to let my Annie adjust to the whole scene. Cautiously, shyly she started to rub my cock and I knew she was starting to unwind. I kissed her, deeply, and told her I loved her. She smiled back at me and snuggled up close. It was her way of saying she felt confident and safe -- as long as I stayed with her

After a few minutes I suggested it was time we took a look at the action. How else would Annie know what really goes on at a gangbang? Once she'd had a good look she could decide whether she was ready to play or not. Both bedrooms were filling up with people now but I'd liked the look of the woman who'd headed for the first room so we slowly made our way through the group of men standing inside the doorway.

The younger woman was in the middle of the bed, legs already spread wide with one man eagerly eating her snatch while she, propped up on her elbows, slurped at the rigid cock of another fellow. Her full breasts sat up and bounced slightly as she tried to keep up with the thrusting in her mouth. Annie just stared, all her self-consciousness forgotten as she took in the sights and sounds of the wanton display. She's seen plenty of porn and even watched one other woman getting fucked 'live'. Still, it was a couple of minutes before she realised my stiff cock was nestled against her butt cheeks.

So Annie turned to me and took my cock firmly in her hand. Looking at me with a sly grin she asked 'Is this enough for you for now?' You bet it was - I was excited by her touch of course but, more importantly, I knew she was ready to play. My own beautiful Annie was going to be fully sucked and fucked this night as never before.

Of course she looked great with her taut, tanned arse cheeks on display and her slender hand pulling on my cock. Soon there were two other guys standing close to us and watching her little performance. I could see one of them was almost desperate to have Annie share her talents. And I wanted it too -- my Annie to just let go and enjoy as much sex as she could handle. 'I think you might have to share your hands around' I suggested to her quietly. Annie hesitated for a moment and then reached out to wrap her left hand around the stranger's shaft. I could see how thrilled she was to be into the action and his loud moan was rewarded with a big smile from her.

We were joined then by a third guy. On the bed the young woman had lain down flat to allow a new man to climb up and plunge his cock into her. The guy who'd had his cock in her mouth now was positioned so she could lap at his balls while he roughly grabbed at her lovely tits.

Annie wasn't quite ready for that but I was getting more turned on and wanted to lift her pace a little more. So I moved behind her and as she struggled to maintain her grip on my cock I whispered to her 'Its alright, I'll be right here.'

And then there was my Annie standing in front of me slowly stroking two strange cocks with her soft, strong hands! I put my arms around her and I could see she still had that big smile on her face. As she swapped hands around the cocks of her three admirers she gave out one of her trademark low moans -- 'Hmmmmmmm.' She's played with multiple cocks before but this was different. Being the object of so much desire...being in the middle of a room filled with sucking and fucking -- Annie felt like a porn star and she loved it! My Annie was hooked on the gangbang experience.

Slowly she worked her way around the three shafts and each got a nice long turn. I watched as she worked up and down their lengths. She wasn't wanking so much as gently rubbing. Each time her hand rose to the top of each cock she paid special attention to their knobs.

She also was careful to sample the ball sacks hanging underneath. Some people talk about cock envy but if anything its testicles that fascinate Annie the most. I figured later on she'd make sure she got a taste of some of those sacks. But once she'd sampled each of the guys I wanted to move things along a little more.

On the bed one guy was grunting his orgasm as his seed shot into the waiting, hungry cunt. From the other bedroom came the more shrill sounds of a female orgasm. I would check out that action later on. My next step was to slowly peel off Annie's T-shirt -- hoping she was turned on enough so that she wouldn't mind showing off her flat chest. Of course she got a round of appreciative comments as soon as her long, dark chocolate nipples were revealed.

But Annie was getting heated up and took the lead herself now. Without any signal from me, Annie sank to her knees where she started working one swollen tool into her sweet mouth. Again she was rewarded with moans of pleasure. This wasn't a face fuck, she didn't devour the flesh. Instead she savoured the feel and taste of these new cocks and slowly let her mouth slide up and down just as her hands had done. I was ready to cum myself just from watching her lips stretch around each shaft. And I knew just how wet her hot little cunt would be getting!

The two guys waiting their turn at that point looked at me as if needing permission for something. 'Yeah, she's with me but you can play until she says stop' I told them both. Immediately they took to Annie's teats. I'd known they would -- only Annie seems not to appreciate how much of a turn-on her large nipples really are.

The young woman with her firm tits was now riding on some other guy and rubbing her clit as she frantically pursued her own orgasm. Other men were softly mauling her tits and calling out the most obscene instructions in an effort to encourage her.

I took my place in the queue for Annie's mouth and happily waited my turn. 'Yeah' she whispered. 'this is my favourite.'

By now she'd worked out her rhythm and with her mouth and hands was managing to entertain three cocks at once. Those of us with shaved balls got a little extra attention and now and again she would drop her head to lap at our sacks. After a few minutes I realised a kind of tag-team was developing and different men were joining and leaving our tight little circle. Still my Annie carefully took each cock in turn and delivered long strokes with her lips and tongue. I reckon by the time Annie was ready to climb off her knees she'd sucked eight different cocks -- clearly a record for her!

I suggested to Annie it was time to get more comfortable. So she followed me to the bed where I lay down next to the other woman -- now on hands and knees and being shagged rather brutally from behind. From there I had a great view and the option of grabbing her tits for a nice feel of my own.

First, though, I guided Annie between my legs and over me. 'Suck me so everyone can watch' I murmured to her. This time there was no hesitation and Annie plunged my length into her mouth.

Several hands began to stroke her back, her flat tummy, some even kept after her nipples. Only gradually did one guy make his way to Annie's tight bum. I caught his eye and nodded enthusiastically. Annie gets so turned on at the thought that others take pleasure from her body. Having these men playing with her butt cheeks and her cunt was sure to push her past the point of no return.

'Take 'em off' I said to him. With a deft pull at the material and a little obliging wriggle from Annie her G-string was removed and lowered to her knees. Several fingers quickly found their way to her swollen cunt lips and wet hole. Annie let out one of her deep sighs and I knew this was it! I can't really describe the thrill I felt then but I knew we'd never love each other more than after sharing this experience.

Meantime the woman next to us was preparing herself for her next and flipped onto her back once again. Keen to observe the action better I shuffled myself away from Annie and invited an onlooker to take my place. He was a young guy who looked very awkward. Why not get the two first-timers together?

Her companion said a soft hello to Annie just before the new cock slid into her tunnel. Annie barely had time to the reply before Annie found a new cock presented to her lips. The two of them went straight to work licking and sucking eagerly.

'I see you keep her shaved' said one of Annie's admirers, two fingers of one hand buried in her hole. 'Waxed this week' I replied.

'Does she need a fuck?' asked another. 'Take your time and make sure you use a condom' I answered. This was the bottom line for us both - my Annie was to be kept safe. We don't have a firm rule about condoms but a gangbang is the perfect time to enforce it. I bent to Annie and whispered 'just let me know the moment you want to stop.' She looked at me from the corner of her eye, still sucking deep on the younger guy's tool. She was ready.

With a little effort Annie ended up with her knees on the bed, still sucking on the young cock, and her G-string was removed entirely and discarded. The first of her eager fuckers stepped forward and I was pleased to see he at least had an average size to him.

I stood beside her and placed my hands over her arse cheeks. That way I could pull them apart and give all the guys looking on a thrill. Annie generally prefers fucking face-to-face but she would feel a huge rush from being exposed like that in the doggy position.

Annie was producing plenty of her own lube, we all could see it glistening between her cunt lips as I spread them wide. Her first stud had no trouble at all in slowly pushing his entire length deep into her hole. I still don't know for sure whether it was just the pleasure of being penetrated or the excitement of her first ever gangbang fuck but Annie responded strongly. I saw her hips move back and from somewhere down deep came one of her trademark moans. I know she went to working extra hard on the young cock in her mouth. Whatever it was it proved too much for the young guy. His breathing quickened suddenly and his face went all red. Obviously inexperienced, he hadn't known whether or not to warn Annie. But my beautiful gang-banger was not bothered in the least. In fact, later she told me she'd decided she wanted this one to shoot his load down her throat. It was meant as a special treat to help calm his nerves but I know for sure she enjoyed it as much as he did.

So there was my Annie -- her beautiful body being used for its first ever gang fuck! The young man made way and, since she was happy on hands and knees, I once more took up position under her mouth. Her lips probably needed a rest by that stage. Besides, with the distraction she was suffering from the now steady thrusting in her cunt I figured her oral performance would have been bound to suffer. I made sure her mouth found my balls so she could lick me gently. Her counterpart next to us was getting hell by then and seemingly enjoying it as each slam of a cock into her pussy forced a loud grunt from her throat. Her tits were bouncing and swaying all over the place but I got a couple of good handfuls for myself.

Fortunately the guy working on Annie had remembered my advice to take it slowly -- still it took only a couple of minutes more before he too was cumming long and loud. The first of many for my wonderful Annie!

The young guy was looking a little disappointed and I guessed he'd been hoping for his share of cunt. He seemed especially interested in Annie's and why not? As Annie continued faithfully working on my balls I reassured him that as a young guy he'd be ready again in no time -- and that I was sure Annie would 'save some' for him.

Her second fucker was a little more vigorous but he must have cum previously that night cos he was finding it wasn't easy to keep himself hard for Annie and eventually he gave up. But Annie was open and available to be taken by cock after cock. So I motioned for a third man to present himself at her hot tunnel. This was what we'd wanted -- Annie being nothing but a sex toy, wallowing in her own lust and that of the entire room!

'I knew you'd look and feel so amazing, being fucked like this in a room full of people' I whispered to my Annie. She looked at me with a strange grin on her face -- this guy definitely was hard and seemingly on target. There was no doubt she was enjoying being fucked like this -- fucked firmly and fucked publicly. Though I didn't expect Annie to orgasm this night we'd both agreed that wasn't the point for her first gangbang.

At last the action beside us had slowed and the other woman now was lying on her back recovering from some brutal penetration. She slowly rubbed her clit, about milking the rest of her orgasm as she lay with her legs spread wide. I helped myself to her left tit once more and gently squeezed it and her soft, pink nipple. She looked over to Annie. 'Your first gangbang? I can see you're a natural.' But by now Annie was somewhere in her zone and there was no reply.

The third guy was a bit more vigorous but didn't seem to want to cum as quickly as his predecessor. I could see it was getting on time for another break. The group from the other bedroom had had similar ideas and were slowly moving back out into the lounge room. I didn't want things to break up just yet as I knew Annie had some more to give. But I wanted her to experience the gangbang in full swing -- not one lone ranger cumming in her when everyone was outside getting drinks.

So I suggested to Annie she take a rest -- being a newbie -- and promised the guy in her cunt that he would have another chance to finish her off later in the night.

I know I'd said I would stay with Annie to 'protect' her but with her new friend being an old hand at this kind of fun I figured I could leave them to start up some small talk. Now was a good time to chase down that young guy. Annie had enjoyed something about him and I decided to get his number in case we wanted to rope him in for a threesome in the future.

After I'd been settled outside with a drink for a few minutes the two sexy and somewhat sated women emerged. I was pleased and proud to see Annie now comfortable enough to stroll around the apartment wearing nothing but her T-shirt. Our hosts caught us both for some more small talk but all the while I took note of the glances and the outright stares from some of the men. She was the new talent among this group and they were enjoying her taut, tanned body. She sat very close to me while we talked but it was about lust and excitement now -- her earlier worries were completely gone.

'We can get going now if you like.'

'God I am so wet. All these people...I think I'll need to cum before we're finished.'

A long time of talking and nibbling passed before someone made a fresh move towards the bedroom. If you've been to a gangbang then you know that somehow people just make a decision when its time to start up the action again. As newcomers it made it easier for Annie to go with the flow.

I was holding her very close at this point but I made sure I spoke loudly enough for others to hear my suggestion that it was her turn to receive a suck. Several men sitting close to us turned immediately and offered their 'services'!

'Well Annie is ready if you are' I offered, not altogether sure that was the truth. 'She might taste nice on the table if you wanted to try that. Unless you wanted to get more comfortable in the bedroom'. And with that three men surrounded my woman and guided her to her feet. Whether Annie was horny or wanting to please me I can't say but she happily allowed herself to be taken in the direction of the vacant bedroom. I followed close behind -- to keep her feeling safe but mostly to watch her being eaten out in relay.

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