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Annie Goes Dancing


Now its true my darling John is writing this story -- but the fun was all mine. He's determined to share it with you all so I've (again) told him all the details I can remember... I've also read this twice to 'fact check' and both times ended up very wet and being fucked.

So this is the story of one incredible night recently when John sent me out with a married couple...

For the previous few months I'd been content to enjoy myself with John and no-one else. We had plenty of sex and good sex -- as always. Happily for me my wonderful man is normally as horny as me and he always keeps the sex varied and very satisfying.

All the same, every once in a while one or the other of us (usually him) starts to get a special itch -- an itch that can only be scratched by some serious fucking with another lover.

Which usually means I am the one who gets to experience someone new. Because he has a regular play partner 'on the side' - someone who lets him dabble in his darker side.

I was excited from the very first time John ever suggested that I fuck other people. I really look forward to new people and new experiences. Plus it feels great knowing other people get turned-on by me. A big part of the love we share is that he encourages me to be as sexual as I can be -- and makes sure I get opportunities for play with other men, women and couples. I know full well that John enjoys taking advantage of my sexuality. He just loves knowing other people want to have sex with me and he doesn't at all mind knowing I am always eager to give them plenty of pleasure in return.

This one was John's idea as well. He was getting ready for a big party where he was going to put on a sort of show with his other woman (CC is her name). There wasn't any reason for him to feel guilty about it. Still, he insisted that he'd been feeling extra excited about the upcoming night and was determined that I should have as much fun as him.

So we started looking for a suitable couple. Since we don't have any friends who are couples that we can trust to learn the details of our sex life we turned, where else, to the internet.

It took a couple of weeks until John felt he had the right couple. I had one read of their profile and I agreed! These two were into clubbing -- perfect for me, just the right way to start a hot night!

John has many admirable qualities. However, they do not include a desire to go out clubbing and dancing all night every Saturday night. I get to indulge my passion every once in a while with friends. But I was extremely happy that we'd found a married couple who said they enjoyed nothing more than a big night of fun on the dancefloor before inviting a woman home to their bed. I've allowed myself to be picked up in a nightclub several times - before I met John. But this would be something else again.

So emails were swapped, a couple of nice pictures as well, and then plans were made.

Cath and Graham were a little younger than us. He didn't seem much to look at. Average height, slim but a nice smile. They insisted he had a very nice dick. Cath was short and just looked like someone who knew how to have fun. She was rather pretty with big lips and nice sized breasts. Her hair was dark and cut short. They told us they were both into a lot of different things sexually -- nothing that could shock John or I. But so long as they weren't monks or nuns I knew that after a big night of dancing I'd be happy with whatever we'd get up to.

I dressed for the night wanting to look irresistible to Cath and Graham -- or anyone else who wanted to take a look at me. I was determined to have the best night I could manage.

I chose a short black skirt and semi-comfortable shoes. My top was black as well and tight. For once I decided to go with out a bra. Why not? The club would be dark and my dates for the night had been warned about my flat chest. John smiled and said they'd get a nice surprise when they discovered my long nipples later that night. He should have looked closer and seen them poking out through the material of my shirt.

John went off to his party early. So I got a taxi to a bar where I was to meet Cath and Graham face-to-face for the first time. They were both really lovely and we quickly settled in to having a quiet drink before launching ourselves onto the nearby clubs. From the start I noticed Cath seemed especially interested in me. She'd said she was very bi-sexual and I'd been looking forward to more female experiences. Though I also was rather keen to experience Graham's dick after she'd told me how good it was.

Soon after we hit the first club. Cath was drinking heavily and she sure was the wild one of the two. Graham seemed to pace himself. They were both very good dancers. Cath took turns dancing with each of us. She didn't seem to mind when Graham let his hands wander all over me on the dancefloor. I didn't mind when she pulled me down to kiss me on my mouth and briefly pushed her tongue inside.

Later we found our way to the club next door. It was busy but we eventually fought our way into a booth in one of the corners. Graham went off to find us more drinks. While he was gone Cath tried to talk to me but the place was so noisy we had to shout. Soon Cath leaned in close and I realised what she was really after as her hand slid up under my skirt. She only stopped when Graham returned so she could take hold of her drink.

This time it was Graham who kissed me while Cath devoured her drink. We were still kissing when Cath put her arm around me and snuggled up. She was obviously more than comfortable with how things were going. I was anything but! Yes, I've been picked up in nightclubs and even kissed a boy or two on the dancefloor. But here I was in public kissing a man while his wife was putting her moves on me! It might have been dark in there but I worried that one of my friends might see me.

All the same, it was obvious what was waiting for me later in the night. My nipples were swollen and my pussy was damp.

It was close to midnight when we fought our way out of the second club. Cath had been keen to keep on dancing. But we took one look at the line for the next club and decided we had better things to do than wait around.

We grabbed the first taxi we could and all three of us climbed into the back seat. Cath was looking a bit unsteady so she went in the middle where Graham and I could support her.

Before we'd gone two hundred metres Cath had one hand on Graham's crotch and was using the other to pull me close to her. I guess we all were a little tipsy. But even with the driver able to look on and hear what we were doing I was comfortable and ready for Cath. Slowly I eased myself into her and this time we kissed long and slow. It was very, very nice and I knew then the night would finish with a bang.

It took about thirty minutes to make it to their place. I was surprised Cath didn't burst on the way. She was so obviously needing a sexual release.

As soon as we were inside Cath dragged me off to the bathroom (to freshen up, she said) while Graham went off to 'prepare' the bedroom.

Almost instantly Cath was out of her dress and giving me a good look at her rather fit body and her soft breasts under her lacy underwear.

She kissed me again -- hard this time and I let her tongue push deep into my mouth. I liked it. John would have been happy to see it but these two were strictly limited to women-only.

'Graham really is great in bed,' Cath blurted out. 'I am so glad you're with us tonight. We'll have a great time, don't worry.'

She bent over the tap to take a big drink of water. I guessed that's what she meant by 'freshening up'. I took my turn after her. As I was bent forward Cath shoved her hands up my skirt and began fondling my bum. I hadn't expected that and wondered whether we'd even make it to Graham in the bedroom.

'Here, take your clothes off,' she panted. But I didn't need to bother since Cath was already doing the work for me. She pulled my shirt up past my breasts and all I had to do was lift my arms so she could pull it over my head.

'Oh,' she gasped, looking into the mirror. 'I love your nipples. They're chocolate. I've never been with an Asian woman before.' I couldn't tell whether that was a kind of confession. I had no time to ask.

Cath was already pulling at my skirt and I had to be quick to undo the zip before she broke it. I turned to face her as I stepped out of the material. 'Nice G,' she commented before dropping to her knees so she could yank that down as well.

So there I was in the bathroom of a woman I'd only just met, naked and with her at eye-level with my freshly waxed pussy. I felt a little embarrassed and nervous. But then I decided it was like a little challenge. Sex clearly was on offer and it was sex I'd set my mind on! So I slipped my legs apart and leaned back on the basin to make sure Cath got a proper eyeful of me. It felt delicious, not least because I think I managed to surprise even the over-sexed Cath!

'Oh my. Do all Asian women look like that?' She touched me softly, on finger running along the flesh where my labia touch. I thought, hoped, she might lick me right there and then. But instead Cath climbed to her feet and led me by my hand into their bedroom.

Graham had been preparing indeed. There were numerous lit candles distributed around the room casting a soft light on their king-sized bed. A small burner was going on the dresser with some gentle musk oil. It was delightful -- even my John couldn't have matched it.

And there was one more, important detail -- Graham had carefully arranged their collection of sex toys on the dresser in plain view and easy reach of the bed!

He was still wearing his pants at this stage. I was the only one naked. He smiled at Cath but openly ogled me. It was strange and also nice at the same time. Then Cath dropped my hand and moved to her husband. I watched them embrace -- a show of love as much as lust. I wasn't jealous, it was great to watch them share the moment.

They undressed one another with me watching. Graham's pale body was much larger than Cath's but his cock was already bobbing at half mast as he hugged her tight. I took a good look at her full, rounded bottom and the way her boobs squished against her husband. It was then that I wondered whether I might be surplus to requirements. I needn't have worried. In just a few moments the naked Cath gave me an invite to join them on the bed.

'See Annie,' she said. 'He does have a lovely cock just like I told you. Lets get on the bed now. Graham you make Annie feel comfy while I get you ready for us.' Our night of passionate fucking was beginning.

Its hard to describe how incredibly turned-on I was right then. Naked with two new people, two new lovers and with the air filled with lust. Cath clearly was very excited and I could see that both of us were going to be well and truly fucked and sucked.

Graham gently positioned me on the bed and lay next to me. We embraced and he began giving me a long soft kiss. He was more gentle than Cath who seemed dominated by her own needs. She was quickly on hands and knees, leaning across Graham and sucking at his dick. And it was true -- from what I could see of it in the candlelight it was a very nice looking dick. It was long, just the right thickness with a good sized head and some nice dark veins running along it.

He wasn't too interested in my nipples but that was OK. I assumed Cath would give them lots of attention later on. So I happily moved into position close to him. What Graham did do, what I needed, was work one hand down to my pussy. I moaned as soon as he got there. In fact I think I even shuddered slightly. I'd been building up to this for days. To have those strange fingers on my wet slit was beyond being delightful!

I was so charged up myself I decided not to wait for more. Instead I moved myself further up Graham's body but with my hips to the side. That way he had easy access to my pussy and there could be no mistake that I wanted his fingers inside me.

Then Cath was next to me, wanting to share Graham's kisses. 'Oh yes, darling,' she murmured. 'Make us hot and ready.' I didn't know how much more ready either of us could be. I watched as Cath swung herself into a new position with her bottom pointed at Graham. It was time for me to do some ogling of my own, at her nice C-cup breasts hanging under her. In seconds Graham had the fingers of both hands buried deep inside our pussies. I thought of saying something to Cath about her sharing her husband like this -- but I was too caught up in my own needs to do anything about it.

With his dick free I remembered my manners and slid my own hand down to rub and squeeze him. Cath's saliva coated him thickly and it was great to feel him so nice and hard. I'd seen the half dozen vibrators Graham had positioned on the dresser but I sure hoped the night wouldn't finish without me having his dick in me somewhere. I matched the movement of my hand to the rhythm of his fingers as they slid in and out of me.

'Graham, our first ever Chinese lover. And she is so hot. Oh Annie, can I lie down now and you can lick my pussy? I am so incredibly horny.'

I was rather stoked by the fact that Cath appreciated my body so much. I'm naturally slender, especially next to Cath who had meat in all the right places. But I also work to keep looking that way and to stay fit and hard. After Cath's attack on me in the bathroom I'd been expecting she'd go down on me first. But there was no way I was going to refuse her request.

We all changed positions and Cath set herself at the head of the bed, on her back with her shoulders on a couple of pillows. From there she got a very good view between her splayed legs of me taking up position next to her pussy.

Her skin was soft and lightly tanned. Her body was toned but more full than mine. Her C-cups sat nicely on top of her chest with her pink nipples pointing straight up. The entire length of her slit was hairless. But I had to smile inwardly at the little tuft of hair she'd left above her pussy -- a 'front lawn' as John calls it. She had a rather large pussy and her inner labia looked enormous as they poked out from between her folds.

I was keen to sample her but I wanted to make sure everything was done right. So I slowly parted her labia to expose her hole. I was delighted to see her wetness already pooling there and I was sure my pussy was in exactly the same state. Then I just leaned in and pushed my tongue into her waiting hole.

I loved the sensation and the taste of her. Cath loved it too and she pushed her hips up and toward me, trying to force more of my tongue inside her. I was happy to give her what she wanted and pressed my face hard against her wetness. Even after a number of female sex experiences I still find it a little strange to be licking a pussy. But I always enjoy it -- even more when I get a response like Cath's!

'Oh fuck,' she gasped. 'Oh fuck.'

Graham kissed her for a few seconds and their eyes were locked on one another. I moved up to her clit and prodded it with the tip of my tongue. Cath hissed in her breath and I heard Graham chuckle -- he knew all about her reactions. And to help things along a bit he dropped his head onto her breasts and began suckling on her little nipples. My nipples are very long - much longer than Cath's. If Graham was into nipples he'd be sure to get his fill with mine.

But then Graham was moving down behind me. I began to suck Cath's clit as it poked out from under its fleshy hood. She cupped her breasts in her hands. Again she arched her back and shoved her pussy at me. Her hands gripped her breasts tightly and she used each forefinger to rub and flick over her nipples. I almost could not believe that I was in the middle of this performance.

And it got even better when Graham's fingers were pressed into my opening again. I think he was using three fingers, but gently. I wanted what Cath was getting. I wanted his tongue and I wanted his cock inside me. John had fucked me plenty that week so I wasn't especially needy -- just very turned-on by the thought of someone new touching the inside of my pussy. I could feel my own juices all over his fingers and it felt like they were about to start running down my legs.

Suddenly Cath exploded into orgasm. Her back arched so hard I thought she would break. Her hands dropped to her side and she gripped the sheets like a madwoman. Her breathing stopped and I watched her face turn a very dark shade of red. Her entire body went rigid and I felt the telltale rush of her juices over my tongue. It was very special to be a part of an orgasm like that.

Graham seemed to take his cue from her -- it was time to heat things up some more. His tongue went to my anus. Now I was starting to get the kind of attention I needed. Cath had said they liked to do anal 'sometimes' and now I was hoping tonight it would be my bottom they wanted to use.

'More, more.' Cath was panting. Graham moved behind me and passed forward a thick blue vibrator. 'Use this in her,' he whispered to me.

I did as I was asked while he took up a new position. From there he was able to lick both my holes -- a definite improvement! He had a nice wet tongue and he knew how to make it good and flat to get the maximum effect on the delicate skin of my back hole. Who can resist a nice rimming?

I held Cath's big labia apart and the vibrator slipped easily into her. Immediately she started slowly bucking her hips. I saw her back hole start to wink. Her pussy was soaking wet so there was enough lubricant for me to play -- I just couldn't balance myself properly to get a finger free to penetrate her.

Cath didn't need it anyway. She was cumming again.

At the moment she let go Graham started playing with my clit -- and that was all I needed to set me off as well! I began to moan and shudder in my usual way. Thank goodness because I'd been waiting for that orgasm for hours!!! Cath realised instantly what was happening and she pulled me up and close to her. Graham kept working on my pussy as my climax tore through me and my new female lover held me tight and just kept saying 'yes,..oh yes...'

I'd never cum like that before, being cuddled by another woman -- and certainly not while her husband was poking around in my privates!

My first climax of the night lasted a good while. Cath kept hold of me the whole time.

Before my breathing had returned to normal she was saying 'now let Graham do you too.'

I wasn't sure what she meant. His cock?...was he going to fuck me? My pussy was still needing relief. He could 'do' me all he liked.

But it wasn't a cock I felt next. It was a vibrator, a smaller one. Not a real dick but it felt great all the same. He eased it into me, buzzing nice and low and as he thrust in and out he twisted it back and forth. So yummy!

As my pussy was being stroked Cath wriggled around to get underneath me and put her mouth to my nipples. 'You have the best nipples I have ever seen,' she said. 'I wish mine were half as good as yours.'

She pulled and sucked at my nipples with her lips. For once I was actually enjoying having my nipples played with. Obviously the fact that I had a husband and wife working on me had something to do with it. I had to stop myself thrusting back onto the rubber toy Graham was using or else Cath would lose hold of my nipples.

Suddenly everyone was moving and changing. I was turned around, still on hands and knees. Graham took up position beneath me as if for a 69. Cath took station between his legs. Everyone was going to have some fun now.

Graham eased my legs wider and my hips lower until my labia and my clit were in easy reach of this mouth. At last! -- some serious sucking. He was a master at it too. I know not to be greedy and shove my pussy onto someone's face when I am sitting over them. But it was so very hard to behave myself right at that particular point. Graham knew his way around a woman's pussy and he was very clever with his tongue, running it between all my little folds before concentrating on my hardened clit.

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