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Annie Performs


To a dear friend...thanks for the inspiration and more.

Annie was not very experienced sexually when we started seeing one another...odd for someone in their early 30s. In the time we've been together she has been a very willing student and now is a full-fledged sex pot. We started with the pleasures of oral sex (both ways) and of course her swallowing and tasting man cum. She found early on how much she loves it. Next came a range of sex toys and a gentle introduction to the delicious taboo of anal sex. Soon she was as keen as me to try the thrill of threesomes and even outdoors and semi-public sex. I've even sent her out a couple of times to have sex in car parks and hotel rooms with men that were strangers to her. Gradually I've been introducing her to spankings and the beginnings of BDSM play but I'll write some more about that another time.

For now the journey she is on is group sex and gang bangs. Annie enjoys sex with women but we both take a special thrill from the idea of her being the centre of attention for a group of men and their hard swollen cocks. That's one of the reasons I've been finding strangers for her to fuck, though we both know its easier and more enjoyable for her when I am present.

In case you're wondering, I am not into being cuckolded. I fuck Annie as regularly as I like and she accepts I am fucking other woman as well (provided its safe sex and not so frequent as to ignore her needs). Annie has asked me why I enjoy turning her into a slut like this. She knows how much I love her But we discovered early on that this highly educated and strong minded woman enjoys being submissive to me. She also does have a very high sex drive of her own. So the opportunity to control and shape her sexuality was there almost from the start.

Annie knows I'll always keep her safe and our love is only deeper when she gives me this power over her.

Still, we are taking things in stages. Before a full-on, no-holes-barred fuck fest we wanted to start with a small groups of men cumming on her body (and she just loves seeing cocks explode and spurt!). Then we'll work up to a bukkake party and finally if all goes well she'll be a genuine gang bang whore.

So what man wouldn't want to be a part of that plan? The fact Annie is of full Chinese heritage works in well with most images people see of bukkake play. She's slender but quite strong. Almost no tits to speak of but the largest nipples I have ever seen and boy do they stretch out to incredible lengths! And she has a great arse – firm and nicely rounded and I encourage her to do a bit of working-out to keep it that way.

The first stage, the multiple cocks and cum party, happened just last weekend at our place. Four guys plus me and Annie knew two of the invitees already. We had planned the whole thing out, Annie and I, and we knew that putting on a good show would see her well rewarded with a nice shower of cum. So once the men were all present and relaxed in the lounge room I fetched Annie from the bedroom and the show began.

She came out wearing a tight T-shirt to show off her nipples and an almost invisible G-string. I love her cunt all nicely shaved and waxed...but at the moment she's wearing a full growth of thick, black bushy cunt hair. The guys were very interested in the mass of thick hair almost obscuring the strip of red material at the front. But none of them could take their eyes from her shapely arse.

Everyone was encouraged to drop their pants and pull their cocks out. They were all hard already and this was the signal for Annie to begin her performance.

The audience knew the rule would be no touching of Annie or being touched by her – unless she got carried away. The idea was solely about them getting their rocks off and spraying their loads over her naked body. Like I say, what man wouldn't want to be a part of that, knowing it was a downpayment on more fun in the future. So I was a little surprised when almost straight away Annie got on her knees and went to each cock to give it a little kiss before wrapping her lips around the shaft. It was only a few times up and down each cock but the eyes of all these guys were glassing over. I didn't know at that point what had gotten into her but Annie and I exchanged a quick glance – me to reassure her she should go ahead as planned and her to tell me she was excited and ready to perform.

Annie moved to the large cushion in the middle of the room. She turned her back and bent forward giving an even better view of her tight, firm arse cheeks. She teased us all by stroking and rubbing her arse and even pulled the G-string to one side to allow us all to see not only her moistened cunt hairs but her delicious little brown hole.

It was just like a strip show and Annie hooked her thumbs into her G-string and dragged it down to her ankles before stepping out and spreading her legs as wide as she could. Now her hand were between her thighs, fingers working along the outside of her slit. All the guys were wanking their cocks...well, except for me because I knew what I was in for later that night!

Annie was following the plan exactly – of course. She was really performing. Still I wanted to reassure myself that she wasn't overwhelmed. 'Are you enjoying having all these men watch you do this' I asked her. 'I'm really enjoying doing it' she replied as her hands pulled her arse cheeks wide exposing even more of her holes. Not exactly the answer I was after but more than enough to know Annie was going brilliantly.

She turned now and sat on the cushion with her knees bent and legs apart. Quickly her fingers went to her slit. We all could see just how wet she was with her juices glistening in her pubic bush. Working just like a porn star my Annie used both hands to part her flesh and show this group of men her small delicate cunt lips. Fingers moved up and down her slit and she spread her moisture over her clit and down to her bung hole.

All the guys moved forward in their seats as Annie next licked two fingers and slowly inserted one into her hole, slowly stroking deep into her cunt before adding the second. With the right preparation and the right atmosphere I knew she would be able to cum like this in front of an audience. But that was for another time since I was more than ready to reward her with plenty of orgasms once we were alone again.

Now Annie reached behind her to a small bag. With her free hand she drew out her favourite vibrator. Someone else in the room gave an audible groan at that sight. Annie, however, was now focussing totally on her task.

She lay down as we'd discussed with her hips on the cushion. This ensured we all had a great view of her cunt. Though I did wonder at this point whether I'd have her shaved and waxed before the next performance.

Like I say, she has a delicate, petite cunt and that includes her clit. It's a very responsive little button but Annie knew she needed to be precise in pulling back her hood to display it. So out came her fingers and she did just that, meanwhile sucking on the vibe to make sure it was ready to slide easily into her hot hole.

As she left her clit fully exposed Annie rubbed the vibe up and down her slit. By this stage her cunt hairs were pretty much soaked and matted. Her Chinese heritage has given her fairly wiry pubes but they're still lovely and soft. With all the moisture she was putting out, obviously as turned on by the whole show as her audience, they'd parted nicely. Her beautiful flesh glistened below the small, hard clit.

We hadn't really discussed how long this part of the performance should last. And Annie was happy enough to give herself just a few rubs of the vibe before turning it on and sliding it right up inside herself. A couple of the guys were going to need to be careful they didn't ruin the show by cumming too early. At that stage I knew Annie really had no idea exactly the effect she was having on her audience though, like I say, we all could see the effect it was having on her!

Annie climbed up now to her knees and sat down low enough that the vibe was held in place by the cushion. With her hands free she stripped her T-shirt over her head. This was the first time two of the men had seen her nipples and I knew even more surprises were in store for them. Annie now made herself a little more comfortable, sinking herself down lower onto the toy wedged up into her body and slowly allowing her cunt to swallow it up.

Next she started to play with her nips. Gently she flicked at them with her fingers. Annie's nipples are not very sensitive but she's learned how much I enjoy playing with them. I don't think her previous lovers had paid much attention to them either but I am making sure that's changing now. So soon she was gently tugging on them, cautiously starting to stretch them out to their fully erect state.

To assist this process and the fervour of her very appreciative audience I had instructed Annie to take one extra step. Which was why she now reached behind her to the little bag, this time taking out two nipple clamps. They were a cinch to fasten to her swollen teats and now Annie could pull on her tits more easily while beginning to ride up and down on her plastic cock. As she slid up and down the length of the buzzing toy Annie played with the clamps just the way I like it – pulling on each in turn, stretching her nipples to their full length, simultaneously showing me how well she's learnt the lessons I've given her and displaying to the other men how much of a hungry slut she is.

This part of the show sure got the response we'd wanted. One of the guys, a friend of ours, got up and moved towards her for a better look. Though my Annie was making sure we all could see everything anyways. He was followed by another. I wondered briefly whether I should encourage her to suck their cocks. But I decided to stick with the plan. She was doing brilliantly and there'd be an opportunity for her to become a cock whore at the next party.

Besides, Annie seemed to be focussed on other matters at that point. Her right hand dropped once more to her slit. While keeping up the work on her nipples, pulling firmly on the rings attached to the clamps, she caressed her cunt lips and began slowly to work towards her clit. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed. I couldn't quite believe it but I know the telltale signs of her sexual peak and right now it was obvious how excited she was by the entire show. The other guys didn't know but they were about to be treated to something very special.

Soon Annie was riding up and down on the toy. She was now surrounded by guys with their pants down and cocks in hand. All of them were murmuring appreciative comments and gentle encouragement. And then it happened.

When my Annie is about to cum she suddenly puts out a very deep sound, like a soft grunt but so deep its coming up from the bottom of her boots. At the exact moment of orgasm very often her whole body shakes. There was no shaking now – but there was no mistaking that sound and the stiffening of her body and the more insistent strumming of clit. It was a small orgasm only but there it was - my Annie had actually cum in front of an audience. More to the point perhaps she was so turned on that she'd seemed not even to care.

But it was at this point I figured the guys couldn't last a lot longer. And besides, Annie more than deserved the very special reward I had planned for. So after allowing her a minute or so to have her orgasm subside I gently touched her so she knew it was time for the finale to her fantastic show. Annie had the presence of mind still to remember what to do and she lifted herself off the vibrator, deftly removed the clamps and lay on her back on an old towel I'd placed there for this purpose.

'OK' I told the others. 'Its time now'. And we all stepped forward to stand in a tight little group around Annie, now lying on her back with her arms and legs stretched out wide. She kind of looked like a giant X – to give the guys a proper target of course! Everyone had their cock in their hand except me as I'd now grabbed my camera to make sure all this was recorded properly.

Her eyes were wide open now. I still remember the first time Annie ever saw a guy cum...me spurting onto her stomach and chest. She was wide-eyed and thrilled. A lot of women do seem to enjoy it. Since then I've given her that little treat many times. But there she was now about to receive cum from four cocks at once!

They didn't all cum precisely together but maybe that was better. Anyway, the guys all knew the idea was to get all their cum onto her body. The first one spewed a thick load that gushed four large pools of white onto her stomach and chest. The second one was more of a spray, sending smaller drops of cum flying across her leg, cunt hairs and one that dripped down the side of her ribs. The last two came almost simultaneously and this time there were jets of sticky seed shooting over her tits, her neck, her right arm and then some last droplets onto her tummy and leg again. I just kept the camera running the whole time and made sure I got as much of the action as I could.

By the time it was all over Annie was moaning her pleasure and appreciation and grinning like an idiot. She'd not only succeeded in the plan but she'd totally enjoyed herself experiencing all that lust directed at her. Myself I was ready to burst with pride. All the men were complementing my Annie on how sexy she was and what a great show she'd given us. And there was no question she looked so gorgeous and slutty lying there with four loads of man juice cooling on her skin.

As the guys' cocks started to soften I gently helped Annie to her feet. She gave me a look that was priceless – I knew she was proud of what she'd achieved and proud of me for taking her on this journey. Still, she had an eye for the four cocks as well. I think she rather was thinking of sucking them all clean – Annie being very big on displaying good manners with guests. But, men being men they very soon were pulling their pants back on and putting their cocks away. The show was over – till next time! It suited us anyway because Annie and I did have some plans for ourselves for the rest of the night.

So while the guys got themselves organised she gave each one a small tongue kiss, being careful not to smudge her warpaint. Then, still naked and with cum slowly streaming down her body, she padded off to the bedroom to wait for me. The rule was no washing till I got there to take some more pics so I left the guys to see themselves out.

Then it was time for me to get naked with Annie...and give us both a reward for such an amazing experience.

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