tagToys & MasturbationAnnie Rides the Sybian Ch. 01

Annie Rides the Sybian Ch. 01


A big thank you to LoAnnie for the story idea! I named the main character after her in honor of getting the story suggestion from her... any other similarities are pure coincidence.

This chapter is in the Toys/Masturbation category, following chapters will be in the Non-Consent category, although the vast majority of them will include use of the Sybian.


The summer after my first year at college, I did something remarkably stupid.

I have my excuses. I was eighteen years old, still just a kid, what did I know? Not much. My first time was with a guy that I'd only been on a couple of dates with during my third semester. He was hot and I was tired of being the only virgin I knew. It was okay.

But I knew it could be better. I read a lot of dirty stories online and that's pretty much what my Kindle was devoted to. And I don't mean 'erotic romances,' I mean down and dark dirty, perverted, kinky nasty shit. I had started off innocently enough, reading the romantic stuff and the erotic stuff, and then I'd somehow swiftly devolved into all sorts of darker fantasies - forced seduction, ropes, whips, anal, and the big one: the Sybian.

Now, if I'd been almost anyone else, maybe the Sybian wouldn't have been my biggest fantasy. But see, my parents have this neighbor, Marcus Chase, and I would always house sit for him whenever he had to go away on business. Mark was a decently nice guy who gave off a slightly creepy vibe - any time a guy in his forties is blatantly checking out a woman more than two decades younger then him it's kind of creepy - and he happened to have a room in his basement that I wasn't allowed into. After my eighteenth birthday he upped his creepy factor by telling me why.

He had a Sybian down there.

When he told me, he said it in that way that indicated he thought it was a BIG DEAL. At the time, I had no idea what it was but I didn't want to look like an idiot and so I just nodded my head. When I got home, curiosity got the better of me and I looked it up - enter a whole new vault of stories and fantasies for my fucked up little head.

Sex had been okay, but after reading the stories, I was dying to ride a Sybian. A fucking machine that wouldn't stop? Yeah, that sounded pretty awesome. Even hotter if I was tied to it and forced to ride until I passed out from orgasms.

I told you the stuff I was reading was getting kinda dark.

If Mark had been slightly younger, more attractive, and a lot less creepy, I would have tried to ride his. He started hinting around that he would love to watch me ride. But the creep factor was just waaaaaay too high. The idea of him watching gave me the ickies all over - and while some of them turned me on just a tiny bit in that 'forced fantasy' kind of way, I definitely wasn't going to choose to ride it in front of him. But man did I want to ride it alone.

So when I got home for the summer, all de-virginized, horny and full of fantasies, and Mark asked me to house sit while he went away on business, it seemed like a sign from the heavens. Mark was going to be gone for a week.

He gave me the key and a slightly lingering hug that was more than a bit uncomfortable on my end, and then he was gone leaving me alone in his house. I told myself that I wasn't just here to ride the Sybian. I didn't even know if I could get into the room. So I wandered around the house a bit, re-familiarizing myself with it, taking my stuff up to the guest room. He hadn't changed anything in the months since I'd been away.

Even though my parents were right next door, it was always a nice feeling of freedom to be at Mark's. I could eat what I wanted, watch whatever I wanted on tv, look at whatever I wanted on my laptop without worrying that one of them was going to pop up behind me and see what was on my screen, and just do whatever I felt like. The good life. Almost like being a real adult.

After making myself a sandwich for lunch, I wandered down to his basement. It was a smaller space, with an entertainment center and a dartboard, the main portion of the basement was sectioned off. I assumed it was all the room for the Sybian, which made me wonder how big the damn thing was. I tried the door. Just to check.


Not a shocker, it always had been. I guess some part of me had just hoped. Sighing, I finished off my sandwich and went to watch TV.

The next day I found myself back at that door, examining the lock. And by examining, I mean the inside of it with a paper clip that I had unbent. When you're a kid, you experiment with trying to open doors that you're not supposed to, and sometimes you managed it and sometimes you didn't. Unfortunately this time my search for a spring in the lock mechanism was unsuccessful. After about an hour I gave up.

Okay, so it was probably half that amount of time, but it felt like longer. The point is, I knew pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be able to pick the lock but I kept trying for a little bit longer anyway and ultimately I failed.

The old saying is that third time's the charm, and I guess that goes for days too. I'll admit, I'd kind of given up by the third day. I mean, yeah, I still wanted to get into that room and see the Sybian and maybe even ride it, but I just didn't really think it was going to happen. And, of course, when I'd given up, that's when I found it. I was looking through the drawers in Mark's computer desk for some scrap paper that I could write down the name of a website that I'd just found and wanted to remember when I came across a little box.

I can't explain why I opened it. Curiosity. Boredom.

Or maybe it was just fate, pushing me forward to my doom.

But as soon as I opened that little, innocuous box and saw the key inside, I immediately knew where I was going to try it. I rushed downstairs, key in hand, not even bothering to close down the browser on the computer. Details! Breathless and almost dizzy with anticipation, I pushed the key into the locked door.

And found myself in Narnia.

A fucked up, kinky, dark Narnia. No lamppost, but there was a stripper pole in the center of the room, which was much larger than I had realized it would be. It was obvious that Mark had decided to devote the majority of his basement to his kink. There were all sorts of things I'd never seen in real life before, although I definitely recognized them from the internet: a spanking bench, a sex swing, one of those foldable sex chaises, paddles and whips on the walls, and several shelves adorned with all sorts of goodies.

But the main thing was at the back center of the room, next to the wall socket. The Sybian.

Almost reverently, I walked over to it. It was at the perfect height for straddling and riding, currently set up with two gigantic cocks. Could a woman really get something like that in her pussy? Much less her ass... much less both. I've never had anything in my ass before although I like reading stories about it. I wanted to ride it, but there was no way I was going to use those huge dildos for my first ride.

Fortunately, there was a shelf to the right of the Sybian that looked like it was holding various options for attachments.

After all my research online about the thing, it didn't take me long to pick out a decent sized cock - maybe seven inches long and an inch around - and replace the two massive fuckers that were currently on it. Feeling deliciously wicked as I stared at that fake cock sticking straight up, ready and waiting for me, I stripped off all my clothes.

I know that wasn't necessary, but who wants to ride a Sybian wearing clothes?

I felt horribly naughty being naked in Mark's basement, about to use his dirty sexy toys, but at the same time incredibly excited. Part of me was turned on by the fantasy that he might come home from his trip early and catch me down here, watching me ride the Sybian and then doing all sorts of nasty things to me. Yeah, I know... I said I wasn't into him and I'm NOT... but there's definitely something about the forced fantasy that gets me going, and at that moment it seemed like the most likely possibility.

Holding onto the remote that I'd found on the shelf, I experimented a bit with the buttons, watching the movements of the cock so that I'd know what to do. It did all sorts of cool things, pump up and down a bit, vibrate, spin, and circle like a cock blender. I couldn't wait to get it inside me.

Finally I stopped its motion and straddled the big machine, using both of my hands on the large hump part to balance me as I lowered myself onto the fake cock. It wasn't hard, my pussy was dripping wet just from standing naked in Mark's basement, fantasizing and watching what that dick was going to be doing to the insides of my pussy once I started it up. I moaned as it filled me up, stretching me just enough to be pleasurable.

Ignoring the remote for now, I took a few minutes to bounce up and down on the shaft, enjoying the way it filled me. Even just in this position, this was way better than my regular masturbating - for one, no strain on my arm, wrist or fingers. Hell I could probably get off just like this.

But that wasn't the point.

So I pushed the button.


Immediately my pussy clenched as the dildo inside me began to move in circles, vibrations assaulting my clit where it was pressed against the mounded top of the Sybian. It felt amazing. Throwing my head back, I moaned as I began to move my hips on top of it, bouncing very slightly and adding an entirely new sensation to compete with the others.

My pussy was getting the massage of its life while the vibrations shuddered through me at high speed; it was the most intensely erotic moment of my life and it was just going to get better. My breasts bounced as I gyrated on top of the fucking machine, my butt humping up and down, and my pussy lips and clit were mashed and rubbed against the vibrating seat. It hummed and buzzed against my vulva and swollen clit, and then the humming stopped and it started an intense pulsing.

The sensations were randomized, working over my young body; I could feel it throughout my entire lower body. Moaning and gasping, I rode that fucker, and it didn't take very long before I was crying out in orgasm, grinding down hard on that fat cock as it swirled inside me. It rubbed over my g-spot again and again, giving me the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced. My clit throbbed and hummed, getting into the action until the tiny nub became too sensitive and I had to lean back to take the pressure off.

But the fucking of the dildo continued, up and down, whirling in circles, spinning inside of me and continuing to pleasure my hot pussy. My cream was dripping down onto the machine, as I came again, this time keening high and shrill as my body trembled on top of the Sybian. I hadn't even needed the clit stimulation, my g-spot was getting worked over so well. My breasts bobbled as my head fell back and I jerked and sobbed with extreme ecstasy.

It was almost too intense, but I couldn't stop... not yet... I began working my tired thighs again, bouncing slightly, leaning forward to press my clit against the pulsing vibrations again.

A third, giant orgasm, the big daddy orgasm of them all, was looming on the horizon. I could feel its approach like a summer thunderstorm. My body was becoming shiny and slick with sweat, my pussy was going to be sore as fuck, and I didn't care. I was lost in erotic need, wild from my first ride...

The Sybian fucked me, mindless and relentless, created to do one thing and one thing only. Make women cum.

I screamed as my climax plowed into me, curling my toes, curling my fingers, curling my entire body in on itself. My clit was throbbing as it was mashed against the vibrating machine, my g-spot screaming for surcease, and the pleasure was so intense, so overwhelming that I found myself jerking upwards and off the machine. The dildo whirred obscenely for a moment before I hit the correct button on the remote, and I stumbled a foot to where there was a small bit of carpet and a couch, and I collapsed on the floor.


Body humming.

Legs spread, arms akimbo, completely wrung out from the incredible machine. My pussy felt sore and battered, and oh so replete. Completely satisfied. Satiated.

My ride had been beyond my wildest dreams. And I knew it wouldn't be my last.


I'm not ashamed to say that I spent some time every single day down in Mark's basement. I didn't always go immediately to the Sybian, I also checked out some of the other toys he had. Tried a few of the whips of my thighs, just out of curiosity. I even tried to put some nipple clamps on myself, but they hurt too much. I'd thought they might be cool for while I was riding the Sybian, giving me some extra stimulation on a part of me that the machine didn't touch. But I just couldn't handle the strength of the pinch - I mean, seriously, OUCH.

But that was okay because after a couple of days I was good enough at balancing on the machine to play with my own breasts, at least for a little bit. I can't say I really got used to the sensations, but I did get better at handling them. I could stay on the machine for longer and longer, taking more of its fucking and racking up orgasms like they were carnival prizes.

By the end of the week I was using a larger dildo, but I still hadn't put anything in my butt. Like the nipple clamps, I did start to try to put one of the slimmer dildos into my own ass, but it just felt too wrong and kind of painful so I gave up. Not worth it.

My last day there, I rode the Sybian for my longest time yet - a good fifteen minutes - and had about six orgasms. The last one was actually kind of really painful, but I didn't care. Mark was coming back and it was my last chance to ride.

Once my watery muscles had recovered, I had meticulously cleaned every single toy and put it back exactly where I had found it. The Sybian was set back up with the two giant dildos it had originally held, and looked completely untouched. I was proud of myself, putting the key back in the box I'd found it, sure that Mark would never know I'd been taking illicit rides on his toy. I'd indulged my fantasies, without being watched by my creepy neighbor.

He came home, thanked me for taking care of the house, and sent me on my way. Same as always. Except that I was smugly satisfied and smiling to myself about how I'd gotten away with riding the Sybian. Anticipating the next time he went out of town and I'd have his house and that delightful downstairs room to myself.

To this day, for the life of me, I will never understand how I went that entire week and never noticed the cameras.

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Good read

Sybians have always fascinated me. Loved the Sybian-riding parts of the story, but agree with others on the characterization of the neighbor. Seems like she'd be creeped out by a guy like that and wouldn'tmore...

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