tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnnie Rides the Sybian Ch. 02

Annie Rides the Sybian Ch. 02


About a week after Mark had gotten home, he called me and asked if I could come over. A little zing of apprehension went through me when he did so, but he sounded so normal that I figured he couldn't know how I'd found the key to his downstairs kink room, gotten in and spent all week taking illicit rides on his Sybian. Mark's a pretty nice older guy, not too bad looking, but a little creepy and he was always making remarks about how he'd like to see me ride the fucking machine. I'd always wanted to take a ride, just not with him watching, and I'd finally gotten to fulfill that fantasy while he'd been out of town and I'd been house-sitting.

I was sure that I'd put everything in that forbidden basement room back the way I'd found it and that there was no way he could know what I'd been up to while he was away. Even if he suspected, it's not like he could prove anything. I'd been meticulous about my cleaning and organizing.

Plus, seriously, he sounded SO NORMAL on the phone. Not like anything was wrong or he was mad or anything. So I figured it must have to do with something else. Had I accidentally killed a houseplant or something while I'd been lost in my Sybian-infused haze? I didn't think so, but then again, I'd been pretty obsessed with that machine while I was there, I could have forgotten to water some of the plants.

So imagine my surprise, when ten minutes after I arrived at Mark's house, I found myself sitting on his couch, watching my naked body bouncing up and down on his television.

"Oh my god... oh my god oh my godohmygodohmygodomigodomigod..."

"Now, now, calm down, Annie," Mark said smugly, patting my knee. I was so distressed that when he'd first put his hand there, I hadn't immediately made him remove it. Now I was just frozen. Horrified. Terrified.

And feeling like a complete idiot.

"Mark... I'm so sorry... I didn't... I mean..."

"Annie, Annie," Mark shook his head, hitting pause on the television. I was finally able to jerk my shocked gaze away from the screen and look at him. He didn't look mad. He looked... excited. Predatory. "No need to apologize. I can't count how many times I've told you that I'd love to see you take a ride on my Sybian. Of course, I did mean for me to be there when you did."

I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just kind of nodded jerkily. I could feel doom clouds gathering around me, piling up like a brick wall about to come tumbling down over my head.

"I don't think we need to tell anyone about this... not as long as you're willing to finally grant my request."

"Your request?" I croaked. My voice sounded gawd-awful, but who could blame me? I was more than overset, I was practically fucking falling apart all over his couch.

Mark grinned, his teeth looking whiter than usual. Like the untrustworthy smile of a used-car salesman. "To watch you ride my Sybian. In person." I recoiled. "Of course, if you'd rather I provide a copy of this to your parents so they know what their daughter has been doing while at my house... I could even put it up online..." Immediately I shook my head.

Trapped. I was trapped.

The worst part was, my pussy was kind of wet. I don't know if it was the mere mention of the Sybian, the fact that my dark fantasies had often revolved around forced seduction, or what, but part of me was aroused. Stupid body.

"Good." Mark squeezed my knee, his eyes wandering over me in a completely lascivious manner. "Come on then."

"Now?" My voice squeaked. He laughed and I blushed. Could I sound any more like a complete airhead?

"Why not now? Get it over with, as it were." His eyes challenged me. Later I would wonder if he was worried that I might renege on our deal if he didn't get me down in the basement right away, or maybe he was just too turned on to want to let me go. Who knows. "Come on Annie, come and ride the Sybian. You know you want to."

And I did. That was the truth. My pussy throbbed at the idea. Do you have any idea what it's like to go from mind-blowing multiple orgasms every day to nothing? Nada? My fingers and vibrators just couldn't do the same thing as that amazing machine.

Like a zombie, like I was in a dream, I followed Mark down the stairs to the basement. The door to his kinky room was already unlocked, the Sybian already set up with the same dildo I'd used before. There was only one difference - he'd also set up a very slim, short dildo that was obviously meant to go in my butt.

I shook my head, pointing at it. "I can't use that."

"Yes you can. I'll help you." His eyes seemed to gleam and I shivered.

Okay, so a lot of my forced fantasies had forced anal in them. At least the dildo looked small. It was less than half the size of the one that was obviously meant for my pussy. But that didn't mean I wanted it actually going into my virgin hole. But my stupid body got even wetter and hotter at the idea that I might not have a choice.

"Might as well start stripping," he said, as he grabbed a bottle of lube.

Trying to act nonchalant, knowing that I didn't have a choice, I pulled down my pants and my underwear. Covering my mound with my hands and crossed legs, I watched as he lubed up both of the dildos. I didn't know whether or not he'd really show the video to my parents – did they know he had a Sybian or any of the other kinky stuff down here? – I was more worried about him putting the video up on the internet. That kind of shit ruined lives. Plus, then my parents might see anyway.

Mark glanced over at me and laughed. "So modest now? Your top too, Annie."

"I don't need to take my top off to ride the Sybian," I argued.

"No, but I want to watch your tits bounce while the machine fucks you. Besides, I know you prefer riding totally buck ass naked, since that's the only way you've ridden it."

I blushed. Obviously he had more than one movie if he knew that. And it was true. I hadn't worn a stitch of clothing any of the times I rode the machine. Still, I hesitated until he looked up at me and gave me a threatening kind of look. Not a glare, exactly, but just a promise of retribution unless I did exactly what he said.

The worst part was that even though I still thought he was a creeper, even though this entire situation kind of frightened and disgusted me, I could still feel myself getting even more turned on by his demand. Stupid fucking body.

"Strip Annie. All the way."

In order to do so, I had to uncover my pussy, and I swear I could feel his eyes on my mound even though I squeezed my thighs together as tightly as I could. Unable to make eye contact with him, I looked away as I dropped my shirt on the floor and pulled off my bra. Immediately my nipples stiffened in the cool air of the basement and I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself. I probably looked so fucking cliche, one arm over my breasts, the other reaching down to cover my mound. But I didn't care, I just didn't want him looking at all my parts. Even if he'd seen them before on a video screen, it was different.

I looked over at the Sybian, which had the two dildos sticking up obscenely. Mark was standing right next to it, pure lust and hunger in his eyes. And just looking at the machine, I could feel my pussy gushing with anticipation. I was like one of Pavlov's dogs, and the Sybian was my bell. I'd conditioned myself with it all last week, riding it every day... and in the days since I'd returned to my own home, I'd missed it.

"Get on it."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," I muttered under my breath. I wanted to sound defiant, but I think mostly I just sounded kind of pathetic. I just hoped he couldn't hear the slight hint of eagerness in my voice.

Yeah, I'd never wanted Mark to watch, I was humiliated and horrified by the situation, but part of me couldn't wait to sink my pussy down on that wonderful machine and ride it into sexual glory again.

There was no help for it, I had to uncover all my private bits in order to balance as I straddled the machine and began to lower myself down onto it. The dildo going in my pussy touched me first, I was wet enough that it pushed in easily, making me moan a bit. I did my best to ignore Mark, who was standing slightly off to the side and far too close to me for comfort, watching my every move with hungry eyes.

The rubber cock slid deeper as I lowered myself, stretching my pussy enjoyably. Of course, as soon as I reached the height of the slimmer, second dildo, I stiffened.

"You look like you need some help," Mark said, lasciviously. I glared at him. His hand was on the front of his pants, over his obviously bulging cock.

"No, I don't," I snapped back.

"Well then get a move on."

It took a little bit more maneuvering, and my thighs burned as I reached back to separate my butt cheeks even further and to make sure the dildo was place correctly. The tip was cold and slick as it nudged against my virgin hole, and I winced as it pushed into me.

I even sent Mark a pleading little look, hoping for a reprieve. He just stepped forward, put his hands on my shoulders and, before I could stop him, pushed down. My thighs screamed with hot agony and the muscles gave out, I sat down heavily on top of the Sybian, my butt protesting as the (thankfully) thin dildo was shoved completely into it. Even though it was a lot smaller than the one in my pussy, I could still feel my sphincter stretching uncomfortably, the delicate walls of my inner tract burning as they were violated for the first time.

My pussy throbbed and clenched, feeling the pleasure all the more acutely. The dildo filling my cunt felt even bigger, as the one in my butt had given it less room to work with. I moaned and squirmed on top of them, and before I could really even get used to feeling them inside me, Mark had pushed the button on the Sybian.

It came to life immediately inside me, both of the dildos rubbing the walls of my tunnels as they circled. My head fell back and I gripped the hump of the Sybian for balance as I struggled to deal with the overwhelming mix of sensations.

My pussy was in heaven, clenching and juicing as it was fucked by the Sybian. My ass was more conflicted, cramping slightly as it tried to adjust to its new proportions and the movements of the Sybian, and yet it felt kinda good too. New nerve endings had come to life, ones that had never been simulated before, pleasurable ones.

I cried out, shuddering and instinctively moving up and down a bit, humping the machine. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mark's cock was now out, his hand wrapped around the thick length as he jerked off, watching me ride the Sybian. But my body didn't care anymore; it was finally getting what it craved.

"Oooooh fuck..." I gasped and shuddered as the vibrations on the hump started up, humming through my pussy lips and clit. My pussy and ass clenched spasmodically around the dildos inside of them, increasing the intensity of the sensations as they circled. It felt like every part of my groin was being massaged, rubbed, pleasured.

The pain and discomfort in my ass had almost completely faded and become part of the symphony of ecstasy that was building up inside me. Dammit... why hadn't I tried a dildo in my ass before? It felt amazing... but no, it had taken Mark forcing me to sit on it.

And with that thought I had my first orgasm, my young body rocking and jiggling up and down as I threw back my head and cried out with passion. The Sybian continued its relentless assault as I rode it, spinning and pumping and extending my orgasm.

Mark had shifted to stand right in front of me, his cock pointing straight at my tits as they bounced up and down, shaking with the force of the machine's fucking. The hot light in his eyes said this show was everything he had ever wanted. And I didn't care anymore. I didn't care that he had forced me or that he was watching; all I cared about was the hot warmth between my thighs, the fantastic rapture exploding inside of me.

When he reached out to cup one of my breasts with his free hand, I didn't even protest. It felt good. Remember, I'd tried to play with my own tits while riding and had trouble balancing; now he was doing it for me. At first his touch was tentative, but as I continued riding and moaning he became more bold, releasing his hold on his cock to take both of my boobs in his hands and squeezing them tightly. I cried out, the rough pressure of his hands making me shudder and contrasting with the pleasure that was building up again in my pussy and ass.

I arched my back, wanting - needing - more and he pinched my nipples.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck..."

Mark squeezed the little buds hard, rolling them between his fingers and I came again, arching and grinding down and squealing and cursing. It was the most intense orgasm I'd had yet on the machine, my pussy throbbing hotly, my clit feeling swollen enough to burst. In fact, if I'd been alone, I would have happily gotten off at this point, but when I tried to rise up, Mark seemed to intuit my intention and released my breasts to push me back down.

"Mark please, I can't do much more," I begged, but he was too strong and had much better leverage than me.

"One more Annie, cum one more time for me," he said.

Groaning, I sank back down. I wasn't at my absolute limit yet, but my body was already feeling super sensitive from the two orgasms. Whimpering, I forced my muscles to keep me upright. They felt watery and loose, but I could already feel sexual tension coiling in my belly again, my tender holes being expertly worked over by the incessant machine.

It was going to be the granddaddy of all orgasms when it came. My nipples were throbbing from the roughness of Mark's pinching, my breasts felt swollen, and my ass and pussy were full and clenching. This was the most satisfying ride I'd ever taken on the Sybian, even if I had to put up with Mark standing in front of me and jerking off.

Which he'd gone back to doing.

I moaned and ground myself down on the Sybian, eager to cum again, eager to get off - in both sense of the phrase.

"Fuck you're so hot, Annie... that machine is fucking you raw isn't it?"

Mark's voice distracted me and I closed my eyes, trying to shut him out as he continued to tell me how hot I was, how much he liked seeing me writhe for him, watching my tits bounce. Some of it was kind of hot, some of it was definitely creepy.

And then I felt it.

Hot liquid splashing on my breasts and stomach. I opened my eyes to see more cum jetting out from his cock, which was pointed right at me. Stick white cream decorated the front of my body as he sprayed me. I couldn't even lift my hands to stop it, I was holding onto the Sybian and needed my arms to stay balanced.

And maybe, deep down, some part of me was even turned on by it.

Then his hands were on my breasts again, rubbing that sticky cream into my skin, squeezing the tender mounds and tugging on my nipples. The added sensations had me winding up, tight like a spring, my insides coiling and my outsides curling as my orgasm wound up and then exploded out of me.

I screamed as Mark pinched my nipples hard, tears springing into my eyes from the intensity of the ecstasy boiling out from my pussy. My ass was squeezing down hard on the dildo inside of it, burning from the continued movement, just as my pussy was throbbing and clenching around its own intruder. I rubbed my pussy lips and clit against the machine, starting to sob as the incredible sensations overwhelmed me.

This time when I pushed up and off the Sybian, Mark didn't stop me. In fact he hit the button on the remote to stop the dildos. I practically fell off - in fact I would have if Mark hadn't helped lower me to the carpet beside the machine. I was glistening with sweat, traces of his cum still decorating my belly since he'd been more interested in rubbing the white jizz on my tits than on my stomach, and I felt like I'd been put through a wringer.

My muscles were more than watery, they were completely unresponsive. Which I quickly found out as Mark pushed my legs apart, kneeling between my thighs so that he could look at my pink pussy.

"Mark noooooo," I protested, but my legs could only kind of twitch weakly and my arms were the same. I couldn't even reach down to cover myself as he stared lustfully at my swollen bits.

The ride on the Sybian had left my delicate folds a bright pink, swollen and sloppy from all the juices it had leaked. My nipples were softening, but they were also darker than usual from Mark's rough treatment. Every inch of my body felt super sensitive, as if I was still cumming, even though he was just touching my thighs.

When I looked down at my swollen, puffy pussy, I realized that Mark was hard again and I moaned. Fortunately he mostly seemed interested in just looking at me, at my pussy, as he fisted his cock in his hand and started jerking off again.

Then his freehand stroked the tender folds of my pussy and I shuddered, partly with revulsion and partly with the intense pleasure that came from being touched at all.

"Nooooo, please Mark, stooooop!"

I hated my useless body, my unresponsive limbs, as he pushed two fingers into my wet, sloppy hole. There was no way to stop him as he ignored me and shoved them deep, causing me to convulse as the tips grazed over my g-spot. I gasped and clenched and he just laughed at me, jerking his cock harder while his fingers worked inside me. I could hear the sloshy wet noises as he frigged me, even over the small whimpers coming from my mouth.

I wanted him to stop touching me, and at the same time he was causing little bursts of pleasure, like mini-orgams or aftershocks to spark off in my body. My legs and arms twitched, my watery muscles shaking as I squirmed and moaned... but I couldn't even squirm away from him.

"Fuck yes..." He groaned as he wanked himself harder, I hoped that it would be over soon.

His fingers dug deep and made me gasp and then he pulled them out and slid them down, shoving them into my ass. I cried out, because it hurt... his two fingers were actually wider than the dildo that had been attached to the Sybian and my poor virgin asshole had already been given a thorough workout by the machine. It was tender and not at all ready for his rough invasion... and yet my pussy just spasmed emptily as he fingered my ass just as deeply and thoroughly as he had my wet hole.

Fortunately there was still plenty of lube up that tighter entrance, not to mention my pussy juices coating his fingers, or it would have probably hurt a lot more. And even so, pleasure still sparked through me, my body so sensitive and ready for more sensation.

Mark's breathing was getting faster, heavier, as he fucked my asshole with his fingers, muttering about how tight I was and how sexy I looked all spread out with his fingers up my ass.

I finally had my arms in some kind of working order and I managed to reach down and weakly grip his wrist with my hands, but I didn't have nearly the strength I needed to stop him - and that just seemed to turn him on more. He forced a third finger into my asshole as I cried out and begged him not to, and then suddenly hot cum was shooting out of his cock and onto my body for the second time that day.

It spattered onto my stomach, my arms, and the parts of my mound and pussy that weren't completely covered by my protesting hands. The fingers in my ass jabbed me deep one last time, forcing my body to arch, as if it was asking to be decorated in his jizz.

Panting heavily, Mark gave his cock a last few jerks and then sat back on his heels, withdrawing his finger from my ass.

I wanted to give him a dirty look, but I was too wrung out. I just lay there as he pulled his clothes back into some semblance of order and then picked me up. I didn't even protest as he wrapped me up in his arms and carried me out of there.

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