tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnnie Rides the Sybian Ch. 03

Annie Rides the Sybian Ch. 03


After Mark watched me ride the Sybian, I spent a lot of time sneaking out of my own house. I just didn't want to run into him, which isn't always easy when you're next door neighbors. But I managed it, mostly by watching out for when he was leaving. Since he worked a regular schedule that made things a bit easier.

I'd started having dreams about him watching me while I rode the Sybian. Sometimes he touched me. Sometimes he didn't. Either way, I woke up wet. Talk about humiliating.

Of course I didn't want him touching me again... but my body was still craving the Sybian. It had been over two weeks since my last ride and I was masturbating at least once a day just to hold my cravings in check. Since I didn't have a boyfriend, or even a fuck buddy, and I wasn't really into one night stands, I didn't exactly have a lot of choice for outlets when it came to my overwhelming sexual energy. It was like the Sybian had unleashed some kind of powerful force inside of me, a needy, demanding force.

One that didn't care that my creepy neighbor wanted to watch me and touch me in order for me to ride.

I'd started inserting things into my ass when I played with myself too. Nothing bigger than the dildo that had been attached to the Sybian when Mark had forced me to ride for him, but that little virgin hole was getting a heck of a workout. I loved the extra feeling of fullness, now that I was used to it, and I even liked the slight burn and discomfort of being stretched when something was first inserted. But it still wasn't the same.

Maybe it was just the amount of time since my last ride, but my stupid head was starting to wonder if I would be willing to pay Mark's price to ride again.

And then he took my choice away from me.

Looking back, I think I actually felt a bit grateful for that at the time. I mean, I REALLY wanted to ride the Sybian again, but admit that it was worth Mark's voyeurism and touching in order to do so? Yeah, I couldn't do that. But when he forced the situation, I meant that I didn't have to... and I still got to take another ride. And, at the time, I didn't know that the price would be higher.

It was about two weeks after I'd ridden the Sybian in front of him that he called my cell phone again. Just seeing his name pop up made my stomach churn with anxiety even as other parts of me fluttered with excitement. At this point it was halfway through the summer, halfway to being far enough away from him that I could forget the damned machine and not have to worry about his sordid demands.

"Hello Annie," he purred when he answered the phone. The second I heard his voice it was like I was back in that basement, his hands on my breasts, his fingers sliding into my cunt... and I shivered.

"What do you want, Mark?" I asked shortly. I was so not in the mood for social niceties.

He just chuckled. Creepily. "I want you to come over and entertain me again, Annie. I was hoping you would call, but since you hadn't I decided to call you."

"I guess I just didn't want to ride again as badly as you thought I would."

"Maybe." He didn't sound convinced. "But the point is moot. Come over tonight."

"I can't, I have plans."

"Then come tomorrow. Unless, of course, you want the entire world to see you riding it." The silky tone in his voice made it clear that his threat wasn't idle. Which, I'd never thought it was in the first place.

"Fine," I grated out. Not like I had a choice.

"I'll see you then."

He hung up and I cursed. Not just him, but also my traitorous body which was already humming with excitement. It wanted back on that machine. No matter how much I'd masturbated, how much I'd played with my own ass, it hadn't quite been enough. My pussy was practically singing with happiness at the thought of being back on the Sybian.


This time when I showed up at Mark's, I was both nervous and wary. When he opened the door, I found that I couldn't look him in the eye. It had been different before, when I hadn't known what I was there for. Now I knew and I was ashamed of myself for getting caught and being put in this position, and even more ashamed that my nipples were already hard and my pussy was already wet - even though I'd wiped it dry before coming over.

"Come on in, Annie," he said. I could practically feel his eyes sliding over me, anticipating when I was going to be stripped down for his viewing pleasure. Or maybe that was just my imagination, but that's what it felt like.

I followed him down to the basement without saying a word to him. It's not like we needed to chit-chat, I knew what I was there for.

As usual, my gaze went straight to the Sybian as my pussy lips plumped even further, swelling with arousal. My eyes widened as we approached.

"Those... look bigger than last time," I said, pointing at the cocks. I couldn't be sure though, because they weren't hugely bigger, but I was pretty sure that the ones I'd ridden the last time had been smaller.

Giving me a pleased look, Mark grinned. "Why yes... yes they are. Don't worry, I'm sure you can handle it."

I bit my lip, knowing it would do no good to protest, and also because I was kind of excited by the idea. Last time I wouldn't have been, but like I said, I've been frigging my asshole on a regular basis at this point. Getting plugged by bigger toys didn't sound as frightening as it could have.

"Come on Annie, strip down. Let me see that gorgeous body."

Shuddering, I started to pull of my clothes, giving Mark a little glare as he watched me strip. "No touching me while I'm on the Sybian this time," I said.

He gave me a look, considering. And then smiled. "I'll tell you what, I'll make you a deal. Let me put these on you," he reached out and picked up a pair of nipple clamps from the shelf next to the Sybian, "and once they're on, I'll have no reason to touch your tits again."

Looking at the wicked little things, I licked my lips, remembering how much they had hurt. But wouldn't that be a small price to pay for him to keep his hands off me? And I really did like having some kind of pressure on my nipples... maybe it wouldn't hurt so badly if I was riding the Sybian when he put them on.

"Fine," I said. "But you have to wait till I'm on the Sybian to put them on me."

Mark nodded his agreement and waved his hand at the machine now that I was completely naked, obviously eager to watch me ride it.

I was torn between my conflicting emotions as I spread my legs over the machine and began to sit down. Like last time, he'd obviously prepped the dildos with a bit of lube, more on the one going in my ass. Truthfully, the one going in my cunt didn't need it, but it's not like I was going to admit that to him.

Biting my lip against a moan, I pressed down on the thick shaft that nudged against my pussy. It was cool and slick against my heated flesh, making me shudder as I bounced gently and worked myself down on it. Doing my best to ignore Mark's avid stare and the way he was rubbing the front of his pants as I did so. There was only about an inch or so of rubber cock in my pussy when I felt the other dildo nudging against my asshole. I shifted slightly to get the target perfectly lined up and then let gravity continue to do its work.

The tight ring of my sphincter burned as it opened wider than ever before, making me gasp and close my eyes as I began to work myself up and down on it. I felt so tight inside, the dildos so much bigger than anything I'd been playing with by myself. Both my pussy and my ass burned uncomfortably and wonderfully as they were filled. I had to concentrate to keep from groaning with pleasure as I forced myself further down on those upright shafts, my legs beginning to tremble with the strain.

Finally my thighs gave out and I sank down completely, my asshole protesting a bit at the rude intrusion, my pussy clenching with glee around the thick rubber. When I opened my eyes, Mark had his cock out and was already rubbing it, his eyes hot with lust and hunger.

"Push the button," I demanded.

Not because I wanted to get this over with... because I wanted to get it started.

The machine whirred to life inside of me, vibrating so deep in me that I could feel it all the way in my throat, and this time I couldn't stop the moan. I shuddered and my thighs clenched tightly around the Sybian.

Mark's hand closed around my breast and I opened my eyes to glare up at him. He just grinned evilly back at me.

"Hold still."

It was harder that it sounded. I wanted to wriggle and move on the machine; the humming vibrations against my pussy lips and clit were almost too intense to bear for very long. Mark pinched my nipple harshly, making the little bud stand up even further and I whimpered as the flash of pain mingled with the pleasure that was already coiling in my belly. My groin felt warm and full and tingly with need.

When he put the clamp on my poor little nipple I let out a loud cry and tried to reach up to take it off, but he grabbed my hands and force them away from my body. Whimpering, I jiggled and moaned.

"Let me go, take it off, let me go, take it off!"

"Shhh, just breathe through it," he said. "It'll hurt a bit less in a minute."

I wanted to demand to know how he knew, but he was right. Maybe it was being on the Sybian, but the biting, sharp pain was slowly fading. Reluctantly I stopped struggling against his hold and lowered my hands. As he cupped my other breast and pinched that nipple, prepping it, I bit my lip against begging him not to.

His hands on my chest were warm and entirely unwelcome. I'd rather have the clamps, even if they did hurt. The one already attached to my nipple was making that tender bud throb, but it was bearable now. I could do this.

I hissed through my teeth as he attached the other clamp. Knowing what to expect made it a little easier, because I also knew that the sharp pinch would lessen, but it also made it worse because I knew exactly how bad it was going to hurt until my poor nipple got used to it. At least the pulsing cocks inside of me helped to distract me from the painful throbbing of my nipples.

Part of me really understood why Mark might like watching me, as he stepped back. I kind of wished I could watch myself, with my young body stuffed with cock, bouncing up and down, dripping pussy juices, breasts jiggling, hard nipples clamped with silver... I wished there was a mirror that I could watch myself in. Not that I'd ever admit that to Mark.

The tight pressure on my nipples was starting to feel really good in contrast to the complete pleasure that the whirling cocks were stirring in my lower body. Mark watched me, pushing another button on the remote, and the cocks started to thrust, alternating which was pushing in as the other pulled out. Both of them rubbed over sensitive spots inside of me, causing flashes of incredible pleasure.

I cried out, my back arching and thrusting my breasts forward, as if offering up my clamped, red nipples for his enjoyment.

But he kept his word and didn't touch me. He just watched as I cried out in orgasm, rubbing my pussy lips and clit against the vibrations. My breasts bounced, my tormented nipples throbbing in time with the pulsing of my ecstasy, and the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction ran over me. I moaned and gyrated, my body loving every second of the ride even if Mark was watching.

In fact, I think that some secret part of me was starting to like him watching. Starting to enjoy the desire, the hunger in his eyes. It made me feel even sexier, made the right even more fraught with forbidden desires and taboo fantasies. He was masturbating again, jerking his cock furiously as he watched me bounce and writhe on the machine.

"Ooooooh fuuuuuck...." I shuddered and my thighs clamped down around the vibrating base as another wave of incredible pleasure rolled through me. The constant pressure on my nipples had become indescribably exciting, only the tiniest sparks of pain complementing my pleasure as the little nubs were jolted about on my jerking body.

Like before, Mark stepped closer to me as I panted and pulled myself slightly upwards, whimpering as I gave myself some much needed space between the seat and my sensitive pussy lips. My clit was swollen, throbbing, and too sensitive to touch much less be pressed against the vibrating hump. And because I was using my hands to keep my body off of the hump, I couldn't bring them up to stop the spray of his cum across my stomach.

The warm jizz left white lines across my belly, trickling down and leaving sticky tracks on my skin. Part of me wanted to screech EEEEEEEEEEW like a little girl faced with a bug, but I was already too wrapped up in the next orgasm that was coming at me. The warm liquid trickled down and I could feel it gliding over my pussy lips and clit, so dirty and wrong and yet that just made my stupid body even more turned on.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the pleasurable thrusting.... which suddenly turned to whirling, circling around inside my vagina and anus, making them feel as though they were being stretched even further. I moaned and pushed myself back down fully onto them, feeling the wet juices of my cream and Mark's jizz sloppily smushing between my pussy lips and the seat of the Sybian.

The orgasm that had been building inside of me came spiraling up, sizzling over all my nerve endings, sending me flying high on a cloud of rapture that seemed to encompass my entire being. I'm pretty sure I screamed as the explosive heat went through me, rocking my center of gravity. I could feel Mark's hands on my shoulders, but I knew that he was just trying to keep me from falling off the Sybian. I was lost in the rolling waves of a multiple orgasm that just kept cumming and cumming and cumming...

I reached out to grab at Mark's arms, needing to lift myself off of the machine, needing to get away from the climax that had become so intense it was painful instead of pleasurable. My body was spasming uncontrollably, my insides clenching around the relentless massaging of the machine, but there was no stopping its effect on me and I couldn't get away unless Mark released me. Tears rolled down my face as I gripped his arms, trying to use them to leverage myself up.

"Mark pleeeeeeeeeeeease..." I begged, my back arching again as painful fireworks assaulted my clit.

"Say I can touch you Annie. Say I can do whatever I want."

I screamed, my body rocking as a huge explosion went through me. I was sure the pleasure was killing me, it felt like my brain was underwater and like my body was a battleground of sensation. He was holding me pressed down so tightly to the machine that there was no part of my sensitive genitals that had any relief from the non-stop stimulation.

"Say it, Annie, and I'll let you up." Mark's voice was rough, needy, but I didn't hear that. All I knew was that I needed to get off of the machine before it fucked me into oblivion.

"You can do whatever you want!" My body tightened and exploded again. I wasn't gripping Mark's arms anymore, I was hanging on for dear life, my muscles far too weak to do anything else. He left me there, being fucked by the Sybian, for just a moment longer, cumming hard, before he lifted me off.

My body was still spasming, my muscles completely useless as he lay me down on the carpet and turned off the machine. In the back of my mind, I knew he was going to touch me again, but I didn't care. I was pleasure-fogged, riding high on endorphins and orgasms, and his hands seemed so very far away even as they squeezed my breasts.

Then he pulled off the first nipple clamp and THAT I felt. Blood rushed back into the tiny, sensitive nubbin and I screamed. He was already leaning over and sucking it into his mouth. I might have begged him to stop, but it actually soothed the tortured bud to be suckled, his tongue laving gently over it, so I just whimpered and let him have at it. Anything to stop the feeling of prickling needles stabbing my poor nipple.

He took off the other one, ignoring my screech as he moved his mouth over. I looked down to see him at my breast, his sucking creating a sympathetic throbbing deep in my overstimulated pussy, and I wondered if I might cum again just from him sucking my nipples. The surface of my skin was so sensitive that it felt like a real possibility. I shuddered and moaned, feeling the back of his hand moving against my inner leg, knowing that he was hard and jerking off again.

I should have expected it, but I think I was too lost in my body for my mind to be working coherently. The next thing I knew he was draping my legs over his elbows and lining his cock up with my pussy.

"Mark noooooOOOOOO!" My voice got higher and louder as he shoved in.

My pussy was wet, stretched from the Sybian, and my muscles too weak to stop him. It was just like the last time, but so much worse. Groaning with pleasure, Mark leaned over me, his body hair abrading my sensitive nipples and I gasped and squirmed. My hands came up to press against his chest, but I couldn't even find the strength to shove him as his cock buried itself fully inside of me.

He was just as big as the Sybian cock, but with more give, a steelier core, and a much hotter temperature.

"You said whatever I want," he whispered in my ear.

And then he started fucking me. Hard. I winced and shuddered and clenched beneath him as his thrusting cock brought back all the sensations that I'd begged to be taken off the Sybian to get away from. Even if his cock couldn't do all the things that machine could, I was so sensitive, so attuned to pleasure, that it didn't matter. I could already feel another orgasm building inside of me, even though he was raping me... or had I consented?

My mind was so confused, I felt like I was being sucked down a dark tunnel and the only lights were the little white explosions going off behind my eyes.

"Are you on the pill, Annie?" he asked, his voice rough in my ear. He was so turned on my ravaging my young body after watching me on the Sybian that I could tell he was getting near cumming again.

So was I.

I shook my head.

He pulled out. Disappointment that my building orgasm was going to go unsatisfied was tempered by relief that he wasn't going to cum in me and relief that I wasn't going to be forced through another painfully ecstatic orgasm. I thought he was just going to cum on me.

Instead, he shoved his cock into my ass.

I screamed as he took my anal virginity, more out of shock than pain.

My ass was already well stretched from the Sybian, and even though he was bigger the discomfort of the further stretching wasn't overwhelming. But I hadn't been expecting that. And he felt strange inside my ass, even stranger than the Sybian did... so hot and throbbing and... and...

Oh fuck... I was going to cum again while he raped my ass.

I'd had so many forced anal fantasies, but I never really thought someone could come from anal sex. Not JUST anal sex. But his body was banging against my sore pussy lips and swollen clit, the slick glide of his cock in and out of my ass was burning in an incredible way, and the head of his cock was sliding over some spot deep inside of me that I hadn't known existed. Like a g-spot, but in my asshole. Or maybe my body was just so sensitive at this point that anything would have made me cum, I don't know.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck Annie... oh fuck your ass is so hot... Fuck... Fuck... FUCK..."

Mark panted and drove into my ass like a jackhammer, using the same rough thrusts that he had when he'd been raping my pussy. That tunnel just pulled me in deeper and I screamed, arching involuntarily, grinding my ass down harder on his cock as the waiting orgasm swelled and burst over me like a tidal wave.

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