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Annie Tries Bi


I'd said I would relate some of the other adventures my Annie has experienced. As you'll recall Annie was an inexperienced but eager student when we first became lovers. I know part of the reason for her being so willing to take up my suggestions was just that she was pretty keen on me and eager to please. The other part was that she actually is a very horny individual who suddenly had found out that there were all these new ways of satisfying her sexual urges.

The upshot of it all was that my Annie was totally unfazed by my raising the idea of a threesome - with either another man or a woman. She had no idea what to expect of course, but then we'd already established a lot of trust between us as we'd gradually expanded her horizons and her repertoire.

All of which led to May visiting our house one night. Annie and I had discussed our preferences and how to make it all happen. I was pretty sure we'd find someone easily enough on the web. But something attracted me to May - well OK, I was turned on just looking at her and, her being European, I was prepared to gamble she was open minded and up for the idea of a discreet threesome. She's a kind of work acquaintance but we work in different offices. She has a beautiful soft, pixie face and although shorter than Annie May has these great looking size C tits I was keen to get my hands and mouth on.

I set up a quiet dinner using a pretty weak excuse for our interest in her. Annie and I managed to steer the conversation to sex eventually and it was then we mentioned to May that we were looking to invite someone to share Annie's first threesome. Straight away May laughed that she knew where this was heading and that she was 'not really bi-sexual' but was very happy to have the occasional experience with another sexy woman. Yes she'd love to join us!

Which led to us all sitting at our place a few nights later having a small drink and trying to decide how to get the action started. After a little while I decided the best thing was just to go for it. May was keen but with her not being full-on into women I thought the easiest way to break the ice was for me to stick to what worked for Annie and I, allowing May to join in at her pace.

So I went off to the kitchen for a few minutes and left these two beautiful and sexy women to continue their conversation. Once they were starting to concentrate on one another I suddenly popped back into the loungeroom. Along the way I undid my jeans and pulled out my hard cock, ending up standing to the side of Annie relaxing on the armchair. I just stuck my cock into the side of her face. Annie by now is more than accustomed to me doing this. Actually she rather enjoys the idea of me just demanding a head job in that way, always being desired by me and allowing her to feel like a slut who is available as I require.

'Hmmmm...that looks good' she murmured and quickly slipped her lips over my shaft. So far so good - Annie was ready and seeming not the least bothered about having company at this intimate moment. I glanced over at May to see how she was doing but there was no shock or concern. Instead her eyes were glued on Annie, happily watching my cock being devoured.

I slipped my jeans a bit lower and of course Annie knew she was meant to gently fondle my balls while she bobbed up and down on my length. May was ready now to do more than watch. 'I hope you are going to share with me' she said sweetly. I wasn't sure who the question was directed at. As it happened Annie wasn't quite ready yet, rather greedily taking a long turn for herself. So May slid across and put her hands to work on my arse cheeks and thighs. I work out a lot and pride myself on my well muscled body. Its always pleasing when a woman appreciates all that effort.

It was even more pleasing when May slipped her hand between my legs and began to stroke my balls. Her small fingers were warm and soft and I must have groaned out loud because Annie now decided it was time to share. 'Would you like a taste?' she asked confidently and guided my wet cock towards May as she knelt on the floor in front of me. Amazing! - I'd known Annie was keen to have May join our play but to have her taking control like that (not least of my cock!) was hugely thrilling.

I watched closely now as Annie held my cock for May who opened her small mouth and tentatively began to taste my meat. As our new lover slowly took in more of my length I noticed how wet her lips were. It seemed like she was drooling for my cock! Just as well that Annie was content for the next few minutes just to play with my arse. But she also took time to check out May's technique. As far as that goes I wasn't complaining! - May had to stretch her lips to fit me in but she also made sure to give me a few lollipop licks along the underside of my shaft. After a short while Annie took up station kneeling beside May and the two of them seemed to co-ordinate their efforts. I think (but was too damned happy to notice) that they took turns either sucking my cock or caressing my balls and my arse. Its hard to say what was better...those two sets of lips working on my shaft or two hands gently massaging my ball sack.

But there was no way I was going to be satisfied with that. So after what seemed like a respectable time for the ice to be broken I got my cock free and more or less instructed these two to head to the bedroom.

Both stripped off quickly and you know I wasn't far behind! - all the while perving at May while trying not to make it too obvious. Annie and May got together on the queen sized bed. I knew Annie was feeling horny and confident but there's always room for someone with a little experience to be the guide. May did know what to do and softly she held Annie's face and pressed their lips together. Annie responded in kind and I wondered at the thrill she was experiencing with her first ever woman-to-woman kiss. I noticed her hands went straight to May's more ample bosom. How would Annie deal with the difference in size between them? There would be some jealousy as she still feels self-conscious about being flat-chested. But I knew she mostly just wanted to get her hands on a bigger pair and discover for herself how enjoyable they can be.

I was ready now and joined them on the bed. First I gave my Annie a passionate, deep tongue kiss. I lingered for a moment, wanting her to know how excited I was and, more importantly, how much I love her. Then May moved in and I turned to share Annie with her. Now these two really were warming up and again their mouths met but this time they held together and their tongues wrestled.

It was obvious how excited my Annie was. She's a quiet one but I know her body language well enough. Still there's nothing like a proper inspection so I slid my hand between her thighs and she, well trained despite the powerful distraction, parted her long brown legs to allow me access. Her smooth shaven cunt was gushing and already her labia were unfurling. I looked over to May and could see that she had left some of her fur in place - maybe a little trimmed but I'd find out later on! For now I wanted to try to move things along so I took one of Annie's hands and guided it towards May's cunt. I thought my suggestion that they 'get to know each other a little more' was a good one. Unfortunately, for me they didn't take it in the way I'd meant. Instead of them plunging their fingers into one another's cunts May snuggled up beside Annie and they proceeded to run their hands all over one another. The two women clearly were excited to be naked and stoking their shared arousal. The room was filled with their moans and sighs of discovery. I watched as the more experienced May revelled in the sexiness that is Annie's body - slender, smooth, muscled and responsive. My Annie, in turn, was a little more cautious but eager to check out every inch of another woman's body for the first time.

It wasn't so hard for me to sit back and watch. May was as gorgeous as I'd expected. Nicely curvy but firm and seemingly lithe. Small, perky pink nipples and a well rounded arse. My cock swelled even more as I contemplated ramming into her doggy style while she snacked on Annie's delicious cunt. And here was my sexy Annie having her first ever sexual encounter with another woman. I'd long known what a horny creature she is and had been confident she'd jump right in. All the same I was very proud of her right now and so thankful she'd been ready and willing to share this experience with me.

While I was thinking of all this I reached over to the beside table and unfolded the towel placed on top. Thus I revealed a few of the sex toys Annie and I had chosen for tonight's activities. Not that we'd necessarily need them but I like to be prepared. Apart from the KY and the condoms there were a few insertables...couple of vibes, two dildos of different sizes and Annie's favourite butt plug. No need to show May our entire collection as we didn't want to scare her off!

Equally there seemed no need for me to be discreet now so I rejoined the two women. Annie was playing with May's smaller nipples, gently tugging on them and lapping at them occasionally. So I took this opportunity to explore May for myself. There was no chance of getting to suckle on her tits but I made sure I got nice big handfuls of her soft arse cheeks and slowly worked my hand between her thighs. Already I had planned to have her all to myself some other time but I couldn't resist checking out her cunt lips right there and then. Maybe she was a little shy still or perhaps just more reserved than Annie but May seemed reluctant to part her legs to improve my access. So instead I 'invited' Annie to pleasure May's waiting hot cunt. Her hand slid down between their two bodies and this time May slowly moved her legs apart. I manoeuvred May on top of Annie and watched her slender fingers feel their way through May's soft undergrowth and then gently stroke her labia.

It was easy enough to see that May was extremely aroused. Her flaps also were glistening with juices and her scent began to fill my nostrils. A woman's cunt is a most beautiful sight, something my Annie was about to find out for herself. But not wanting to confuse or deter Annie just as things were getting really interesting I returned to caressing May's bum. After a few moments I saw Annie's finger begin to move around May's clit, finding its way straight to that hardened bud and applying what I guessed was just the right amount of pressure. I took that as a cue and gently parted May's cheeks before, ever so gently, starting to tongue her back hole.

At this point we got a nice audible response from May. I am guessing it had something to do with the fact Annie was paying such careful attention to her clit But I definitely was enjoying myself at her backdoor and was just preparing myself to move down and lap up some of May's cunt juices when she gently eased herself forward on top of Annie. I stopped to look and saw May now shoving her tits into Annie's face. My little slut responded properly by suckling on one fleshy mound and making all the right sounds of appreciation. Despite being self-conscious about her own flat chest Annie wasn't slow in savouring for herself the joy of a fulsome pair of tits shoved in her face. I was feeling a little jealous of Annie and it only got worse when she reached around May's flank and confidently slipped not one but two fingers straight into her new lover's fuck hole.

The noise level and the heat in the room went up now. I leaned in as Annie kept swapping between tits and gave her another deep tongue kiss. The earthy taste of another woman's butt didn't faze her a bit. As I withdrew she just gave THAT smile - the one that tells me she is ready to let go totally.

I needed a bit more action than that for myself. I was ready to burst by that point! Taking May seemed the obvious course to take but instead I moved to position myself between Annie's legs and aim my tongue at her delicious cunt. Oh I sure wanted to taste May but equally I knew just how much of her delicious nectar my Annie would be producing. Immediately we discovered that May obviously had more experience at this than she'd let on. 'Let me' she called out and wriggled down Annie's body.

Well, who was I to argue? - here we were with Annie about to receive her first ever tongue lashing at the hands of a woman and I had a front row seat! I watched rapt as May reached forward with her lips to circle Annie's little bud. Not much to see but Annie's reaction was immediate. Happily for me May knew I was watching so after a few seconds she pulled back and, making sure she spread Annie's flaps wide, took to using her tongue to stroke and rub the hardened clit. Again my Annie responded with a guttural groan and so did I - the first time I'd really gotten to see a woman eat another's cunt.

I could have stayed there for quite a while listening to the wet sounds and watching that soft tongue work its way around the cunt flesh I know so well. I had had men service Annie in this way but having May doing it was an amazing thrill for all three of us. And when May moved in and shoved her tongue straight into that steaming tunnel Annie moaned loudly and arched her back to give the best access she could.

But now I needed a place to shove my cock. Annie was reaching out to me, needing some physical closeness with me to complete the thrill of the whole experience. Well I was happy to get close but I was after more than a hug. So I climbed up now and pretty much shoved my cock into her mouth. Annie was so hungry and so far gone she greedily accepted it. She couldn't take much of my shaft I that position so one hand began to work feverishly up and down my length as if she wanted me to race her to our first orgasm for the night. It was a close thing too as I knelt there with my cock pumping into my woman's mouth and twisting my head to watch the gorgeous May at work, her face coated with Annie's cunt juice.

Luckily it didn't take long from there and Annie was cumming loud and hard. I had to withdraw to allow her to breath freely. Her whole body almost lifted off the bed as she stiffened and shuddered. From somewhere way inside came those long, deep sounds of Annie's orgasm. It sounded like one of her best and she seemed to go on and on with it. If I'd doubted it before I knew then Annie was turned on. So excited there'd be no holes barred for her tonight - anything and everything would excite and thrill her.

I saw May smiling now too as she continued to lap gently at the entrance to Annie's sex. She was pleased with the results as well.

But as I have said before Annie is a good host and was anxious to return the favour. That put paid to my immediate plans to plunge my shaft between May's puffy cunt lips. It was pretty clear just how desperate she was getting, however, as she flipped onto her back and with her hands spread her cunt as wide as she could! Hell I wanted to taste her badly but, after all, this was Annie's big night more than it was mine. And I still had something up my sleeve.

After an orgasm Annie loves having her cunt filled up. Sometimes she is none too fussy but she loves a cock best of all. Its something to do with the continued spasming of her cunt muscles. Her clit is too sensitive to play with at that point. But after a good session of mouth music she always wants something in her hole to keep up the stimulation.

I struggled to take my eyes from May's tits sitting so pert and firm on her heaving chest. I don't think she would have minded me feeding my cock to her either at that point. I also could have just gotten down close to Annie giving her first ever cunt licking, watching as she began to lap at the hot cunt before her and for the first time got her face covered with the moisture of a woman's desire. Best not to crowd Annie though, I figured, as she savoured this new experience. And, like I said, my cock really needed to be buried somewhere.

So, with Annie kneeling just as she'd seen May kneel between her legs, I took up position near the foot of the bed. Annie knew what was coming and lifted her hips up high for me, pointing her lovely firm arse at just the right angle. May was getting right into it as well and she lifted her head up to watch Annie get pierced. With saliva and cunt juice all over her labia Annie was perfectly lubricated for me and it took only one slow thrust to bury my cock right up to the hilt. As her hot, engorged cunt flesh swallowed my cock Annie threw her head back and murmured 'yes...that's it'. She's almost never noisy or talkative during sex so to hear her urging me on like that just confirmed how far gone she was. May joined in with her own little whimpers of delight and anticipation.

I was just about beside myself as well and I gently pushed Annie's head down onto May's cunt. There was no resistance - too far gone as I said. The effect was almost immediate and our new lover found her voice as well - 'oh, oh' ...'that's it, yesssss'....'mmmmmmm'. One hand left her cunt now and gently May began to toy with her nipples. How turned on do you think I was by now?

This was early days for Annie with spanking and the like but even then I knew all about her enormous capacity for receiving sexual stimulation. Sometimes I wonder if it will burn out her brain but, as I say, she eventually can get into a zone where anything goes and too much is never enough. So as I slowly pumped my rock hard cock in and out of her still spasming cunt I began a slow series of slaps on her outstretched arse cheeks. At any other time they might have been too hard - but I was excited myself and Annie was beyond caring. As noisy as May was getting it seemed to me then the room resounded with the delightful sounds of my hand slapping against Annie's skin. My cock swelled even further in response - and at the notion that despite all that was going on I remained in control of Annie as she learns and grows as a sexual being.

Annie wasn't thinking about that I am sure. Her efforts as a first-time cunt licker must have proven pretty successful because May soon was thrashing about on the bed. Several times she lifted her head to drink in the scene in front of her before seemingly collapsing under the power of her approaching orgasm. I slowed my thrusts so as to allow Annie to concentrate on her task. It was only moments later that May left pulling at her nipples and took to squeezing both her luscious tits...and then cried out the news of her climax with a stream of 'oh shit...oh fuck' utterances. Personally the sight and sound of a woman reaching orgasm is incredibly erotic but its also a very beautiful moment. I had the hugest hard-on right now and it was hard to tell which of these two women was more responsible for that. Whatever the answer, I was contented I'd made the right choice in May as I watched her orgasm course through her body and her brain.

But I knew what I wanted now. So before anyone got too settled I pulled out of Annie and lay down beside May. Everyone was getting their breath back but my mind was racing with the possibilities. So I suggested May, too, might feel better with a hard pole inside her hungry cunt. May signalled 'no' to a condom and slowly climbed up on top of me from were she could lower herself down over my shaft. How fucking good was that?!! I wouldn't say there was a great difference between them though May's cunt did seem a little roomier if you know what I mean - those post-orgasmic muscle contractions opening her up nice and wide and hungry for more.

I stole a quick glance at Annie - just wanting to make sure she was OK with how things were developing. She, however, was quite happily rubbing May's back and reaching around to fondle her hanging breasts. My idea was finally to get a good look at May's clit and so I reached down and gently began to rub along the inside of her cunt lips. Seemingly less shy now May reached in herself and pulled her flaps wide for me so I went straight to her clit with my thumb and started to rub gently. It was no longer than Annie's but sure felt wider, fatter - or maybe just more engorged with blood.

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