tagLoving WivesAnnie Wants a Party Ch. 01

Annie Wants a Party Ch. 01


We were watching TV one night recently. Snuggled under a doona as we lay together on the loungechair. I'd managed to strip Annie down to a T-shirt and nothing else as she lay across my lap. This was appropriate enough as we were watching porn -- something we often enjoy together. I was rubbing Annie's gorgeous little butt as she watched a blonde woman on her knees sucking two large black cocks.

Suddenly the two men started to shoot their cum into the blonde's open mouth and across her face. Most of it was going on her face, in fact. Clearly the two men were having a great time but the blonde was making an effort to enjoy herself. Then Annie spoke up.

'I should try that,' she said softly.

I was all ears. My mind started racing. Annie and I have had many adventures together and several times she has had the pleasure of multiple cocks. One time she even entertained a small group of men who ended by giving her a small cum bath. We both loved the experience but Annie has always protested that she lacks the stamina for marathon cock sucking.

She lifted herself up and turned her head. 'You would enjoy it if I did it?'

'Maybe.' I kept right on playing with her arse cheeks. 'I know how much you love even a single hard cock. And I know you enjoy them cumming in your mouth.'

'Hmmmm. But its never been like the movies. Lots of men all at once.'

'So that's what you want?' I asked her.

'I think so. It looks so good.'

The blonde on the TV was wearing a lot of cum but I was sure Annie wasn't thinking about letting strangers cum on her face. Only a few men have been permitted that delight. No problem - Annie has always enjoyed swallowing cum.

'You want a group of men all at once. Their cocks all hard and eager for you. And they all cum in your mouth? Cum in your mouth so you can swallow it all down?'

'Yes. If I can manage it. Some hard cocks. Taste them and swallow them.'

I was very excited and my hand had slipped down between Annie's thighs so I could rub along the length of her slit. 'You know that we can make it happen. If that's what you want.'

'Hmmmmm.' She was enjoying my touch, but she was still staring at the TV as the blonde cleaned up the two black monsters. I was keen to explore this idea of Annie's a little further. I slipped one finger inside her folds.

'You want to suck them off first? Play with them and suck on them and then have them shoot their cum into your mouth?' Annie was wet and I used my finger to spread her juices along her slit.

'Ooh.... Hmmmmm.'

I know Annie gets a thrill from being the centre of attention, whether it comes from me or a small group of lovers. The question was how much attention was she thinking of. 'A lot of men? Five or six men?'

'Hmmm. I don't know. Not too many perhaps. Hmmmm. I think it should be a lot of cum though,' and I could see her grinning at the thought of it.

'Maybe four of us will do.' I was certainly going to be one of the lucky males. 'Four nice men with hard cocks for you to suck and drink their cum.'

'Maybe that would be good. Ooh!' I'd thrust two fingers straight into her hole. I wanted to really heat up my Annie. A plan was forming in my mind. But I had a more immediate idea to pursue. With Annie so horny thinking about a new adventure, I decided to take advantage. So I pulled back the doona and did something I'd not done in a very long time.

I spanked Annie's butt, firmly. She gave a little grunt but it was not a protest. Annie has always liked to be submissive towards me when it comes to sex play. I shoved two fingers back into her hot hole. 'You're going to have four naked men,' I told her. 'Their cocks will all be hard and they'll want you to pleasure them before you swallow their cum.'

There was no response but I knew that this meant Annie was on board. I spanked her once more.

'You haven't been spanked in a long time.' Still silence. 'I am going to spank you now. You're going to let me spank you. Because you really want this new adventure and you are willing to earn it. Aren't you?'

There was a slight murmur of agreement as I once more stroked her hole. Annie hadn't just hit on this fantasy. I was sure that she had been thinking about it for a long time. I slapped her arse again, both sides in quick succession.

'I am going to spank you while you think about those men and those cocks. Then I'll fuck you. And while we're doing that we can plan a few details of your big cock sucking night.' I kept my monologue going. I was thrilled by the idea of Annie f being surrounded by four horny men with their cocks ready for her to work her magic.

I went on with her spanking, taking my time so as to savour it all. I alternated between slapping her pert bum and playing in her slit. Soon I was focussing on her small, hard clit and I was rewarded with a gush of cunt juice.

Again and again I spanked her, letting my blows get more and more firm. She has a gorgeous arse that I never get tired of seeing, or having shown off to others. Many times I have wanted to beat her tight buns till they glowed red and usually had to settle for nothing more than some playful slaps. On this night, so eager to experience her new adventure, Annie wasn't going to stop me.

I kept fondling her cunt while spanking her arse with my free hand. The only other sound was her breathing. 'Four men. Will I choose for you?' She softly moaned her reply. 'No fucking I think. Not till after. Maybe. Just your hands to get them hard and your mouth to bring them off. Four cocks and lots of cum.'

After a few minutes her golden skin was warming up and had turned a nice pink. I had her pull off her shirt. Annie was warm enough without it. Then she was straight back in position for me to resume her beating.

'We will all want to touch you though,' I said to her. 'To help us get ready for a big finale. You won't mind that too much.' I knew how her cunt would react.


Annie can be a little self-conscious of her body -- until she gets aroused that is! I thanked the stars once again for the fortune of having found a woman like Annie. She just loves for us to explore sex in so many of its forms. Often people think of my Annie as quiet and even shy but that's only until the action turns to some version of fucking or sucking.

That thought made me realise it was time for a change. So I leaned back on the loungechair. 'You should start getting ready for the big night. You can warm up with me for starters.'

Quickly Annie was around on her hands and knees as I pulled down my pants. My cock sprang straight up and there was no need for another word to be spoken before she hungrily swallowed half my stiff shaft. Annie loves to oblige whenever I pull out my cock for her to stroke or suck it. And I never get tired of my wonderful Annie slowly bobbing her head up and down my length. She always gives her best when sucking my cock. It seems to be a point of pride for Annie and who am I to complain?

All the same, I was happy to provide some extra encouragement. 'A cock in your mouth and one for each hand. You know what that feels like. This time there will be more. More than you can hold in your hands. This time they are going to cum in your mouth. Spurt their loads across your tongue so you can taste and swallow them all down.' Annie just 'hummed' her agreement around my hard shaft.

I soaked up all Annie had to give me as she worked her lips and her tongue all over my shaft. She didn't touch my balls. I guessed she was happy to wait for instructions from me. But my mind was running wild and I wanted to direct my energy at Annie. She'd gotten me fired up and I needed another outlet.

'Turn around for me now,' I murmured. 'On all fours but facing the other way.' Silently she obeyed and was soon in the middle of the lounge with her gorgeous arse sticking out at me. Oh yes, I knew what I wanted to do next.

Gently I spread her arse cheeks and pressed my face into her. Annie has a tight, dark little anus that never seems to smell bad. I wanted that hole -- on this night I was going to get it. As always, though, I wanted to build up to it. So I stuck my tongue through her thick cunt hairs and right in between Annie's cunt lips. I heard her little sigh so I pressed further and found the wetness at her opening.

She even tried to move back a little, excited and eager. So I slid two fingers straight into Annie's cunt and felt her entire body react at the sudden pleasure. Annie can be a totally sexual being. Its always a thrill to feel her taut, slender body being overtaken with desire. I am so proud to have a woman who is so open and responsive.

Sounds of fucking were still coming from the TV. On the screen the blonde and a friend were on the beach, on all fours and being serviced by four men. 'I bet they'll both drink down lots of cum,' I murmured. 'But not as much as you will with your four men just for you.' All I got was the softest of moans -- perfect!

I worked my two fingers deeper into Annie's hole. As I did that I shuffled myself into a new position. Then I placed my tongue directly onto her anus and softly, ever so softly, I brushed across the rim of her little hole. Annie held very still for me. She was happy to let me have my way. She was ready for whatever pleasure I wanted to give her.

I made sure I was stroking her cunt in just the right spot and once more pressed my tongue against Annie's backdoor. I could feel how wet her cunt was and how hot. It could have been the porn or the fantasy -- I wasn't waiting to ask.

'I am sure the men will want to see your delicious body. I want to make sure you show them everything.'

I jammed my two fingers fully into her hole and licked softly at her chute. Something had come over me and tonight I was going to take Annie and use her. She was going to be my personal plaything. Luckily it's a role Annie enjoys.

I kept licking at her arse, letting the warmth spread through her body. There's almost nothing more intimate than licking a woman's butthole. It's a hugely erotic thing I share with Annie -- a kind of love mixed with debauchery, especially when it leads to me filling her bowels with my cock.

On the TV the two women were lying together and playing with one another's cunts. They were watching as the four men stood over them furiously wanking themselves. It was the big finale to this scene. I've watched it many times with Annie. We both love the extra wantonness it displays. I wanted to use this to stoke Annie's desire even higher.

So I left her holes momentarily to shuffle around till I was lying under her. 'Move back,' I instructed her softly. 'Wriggle back down so you can put your cunt right on my mouth.' Annie knew the position and obeyed without a sound. Quickly she knelt over me, upright and holding the back of the loungechair and with her wet hairs and her glistening cunt lips pressed against my face.

I grasped her hips and guided her to my mouth as the sounds from the TV began to hot up. The two women probably simulated their shared orgasms but there was never any mistaking the grunts and groans of the men as they showered their seed down over the two grinning wenches.

The sound I concentrated on most was the deep, guttural sigh from Annie as I slipped my tongue against her clitoris. I was sure she was watching the action closely. Was she thinking about herself in a scene like that? I pierced her hole with my tongue and felt her settle down even further onto me. And to think she once was embarrassed to be in this position!

Now I could hear the sounds of six orgasms on the TV. I stayed focussed on only one climax -- Annie's. I thrust my tongue as deep as I could into her hot, soft cunt. Her juices were thick and smooth. Annie always tastes delicious. Some times I like to take things slowly so as to savour the taste and texture of her juices. But this time I was too excited and to eager to make Annie hot for the wicked pleasure I had in mind.

So I dragged my tongue up through her slit to her hard little button, quickly encircling her with my lips, holding her tight so I could flick back and forth over her clit. I could feel Annie trying to press down a little more.

I went back to her hole, scooping some of her wetness with my tongue, hoping to draw a little stream of her juices straight into my mouth. I held her firmly in position so I had the best access to her treasures. Her inner thighs are so wonderfully soft. It's a lovely place to stick my head. But I kept a careful ear out, listening for the gentle sighs and moans of Annie's arousal.

Back and forth I went, from hole to clit and back again. I was enjoying her full and thick bush. Several times I sucked her clit into my mouth, wrapping my lips around her. Then I gently pressed down with my teeth, still flicking with my tongue so Annie got the mixture of soft and hard. I worked the length of her slit but I couldn't reach up to her butthole from where I was. No matter.

Annie's cunt was gushing now, my face wet with her juices. I could still hear the movie in the background. I had no idea whether Annie was paying any attention. But I was sure it was the scene with a plump young Asian woman lying on a beach, a long cock probing her bowels as the waves splashed around her.

I kept my focus on Annie's clit. She had no idea what I had in store for her that night and she was in a state where she didn't care. I just wanted to taste her first orgasm for the night. Carefully I increased the pressure of my lapping at her bud. It took mere seconds for Annie to respond. From deep inside her body came the telltale shudders and groans of her approaching climax. She was hot and ready to let go.

I suckled a little harder on her clit, swirling my tongue around her stiff little flesh. This time Annie came for me -- hard. She moaned loudly, way down deep inside. Her body began to shake and I felt her weight starting to collapse onto me. She lost control of her body and her mind as her cunt gushed freely into my mouth. On she moaned, trembling in time with the shudders of her release. Oh, how perfect it was! I just had to keep the right pressure on the right places and allow Annie to ride her long climax all the way to the end.

Only when Annie could no longer hold herself up did I relent and allow her to slide down, prone on the loungechair. I left her there briefly, with her legs still twitching slightly, so I could swap DVDs. I chose one that featured two impossibly large-breasted women with a well-built guy and a strap-on.

We cuddled briefly but I was still horny as hell. So I had her roll over and take up a position on her hands and knees. My gorgeous woman was only too happy to oblige me. I was sure she could guess what was coming.

Once more I put my face between her pert little butt cheeks and worked my tongue from the edge of her cunt up past her anus. I repeated the move and then settled down to softly working the tip of my tongue around her tight little hole. I didn't wait long before I started to penetrate that little space, pushing my tongue into her. Neither of us needed any more warm-up and I knew the best way to lube her chute.

So as one of the huge-titted women positioned herself for a double penetration fuck, I moved up and placed my cock against Annie's cunt. She was more than ready for me. Annie always loves being filled with meat after being eaten. This time, though, it wasn't her cunt that I wanted to fill.

I slowly slipped past her opening, taking my time inserting my cock to make sure it got well covered by her cunt juices. I edged further and further into her, sensing her reaction as she took my rock hard length into her body. Her body relaxed around me and I knew she'd be disappointed when I withdrew. In fact, I was sorely tempted to stay right there. But I wanted that to wait for later when we were in bed because I knew that Annie was feeling the need for a long session.

After only a few gentle strokes I pulled out and repositioned myself with the head of my cock between those gorgeous buns. Not a word was said -- none was needed. Annie was ready and available.

On the screen one of the women was sitting down hard on the single cock while a rubber tool was pounding her arsehole. A little more vigorous than Annie prefers it, though we've enjoyed a few DPs of our own using a vibrator to help us along. Annie was watching those big tits bounce around. I made a mental note to enjoy her extra long nipples when we were in bed.

Then I took hold of Annie's waist and pressed forward to work the glistening head of my shaft into the first ring of Annie's sphincters. I was sure I was wet enough but still it always pays to start slowly. Besides, its an exquisite experience to pierce her bum.

I paused briefly so I could sense when she was ready for more. Then I slid forward another small distance, enough to watch my cock head disappear inside her butthole. The next inch or so was crucial as my cock forced her muscles to stretch and make way for me. Annie tells me she always enjoys that stretching, the sensation of being truly filled in that special place. So with a gentle rocking motion I worked my cock bit by bit into her arsehole. She doesn't need to do any tricks like 'pushing out' -- Annie loves to just relax and feel her bum being fucked.

Once I was half in I pulled back and added some saliva to her juices -- just to be sure. Then, taking a firmer grip this time, I rocked forward a few more times and watched my full length slide into my woman's backdoor. She even moved her hips back a little to make sure she had all of me. And I noticed her arse cheeks were still pink from the spanking.

I couldn't wait so I slowly began to slide back and forth. I began with only an inch or two so Annie could finish adjusting to me. She was watching the action on the screen, a close up of big tits number one having both holes jammed full. I made anther mental note to propose he first ever sandwich fuck to my beautiful Annie.

Slowly I began to slide back further, fully fucking her arsehole. I kept it slow. Annie finds anal not only arousing but also kind of relaxing. Plus, taking it slowly enhances the pleasure for me of feeling her arse muscles squeezing my cock.

The DVD action changed again and it was the turn of big tits number two. She was on her back with the guy holding her legs high and wide. Soon number one was in position and starting to force a very large dildo deep into the anus of number two. I wasn't sure whether Annie was concentrating on them or the sensation of her own rectum being filled. I thought briefly of the later scene when one of the women is on hands and knees and her giant tits bounce as she receives a brutal butt-fucking. But Annie and I enjoy anal face-to-face.

Using only my hands I encouraged Annie to roll over. It took only a second for her to spin her slender, athletic body around for me. I slid a pillow under her hips. Annie didn't miss a beat and nor did she take her eyes from the TV. I had no doubt she enjoyed the porn even more with my cock in her own bottom. So I held her knees up high and quickly slid back inside her delightful dark hole.

I shuffled on my knees and went as deep as I could. I felt the heat of her inner reaches around my shaft. The grip of her muscles around the base of my cock was something else. I thought briefly of that wonderful afternoon, years before, when Annie had consented to take a cock into her arse for the very first time.

Again I felt the urge to fuck her little passage so I renewed my slow rhythm of sliding back and forth, giving her my entire length. It was only when the women paused to swap the strap-on that Annie turned her full attention back to me.

Not a word was said. Instead she gave me a gentle smile and a very small moan of pleasure. I was enjoying our slow fuck but I was captured by the idea of fulfilling my sweet Annie's fantasy.

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