tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnnie's Family Vacation Ch. 02

Annie's Family Vacation Ch. 02

byrock man 51©

Annie awoke the next day lying on her bed naked as the day she was born. Her cunt and asshole ached from the constant fuck sessions the night before. Her clothes had been removed from the room and the bed had no sheets. She hoped that her degradation was over but realized that that was probably not the case based upon her nakedness.

The door opened and the officer walked in. Her hands went to cover her cunt and her tits.

“Too late, lady. I’ve fucked and sucked them both. I know exactly how you taste and feel. The judge wanted me to let you know that prisoners don’t just get to lie around here and do nothing. You’ve got to earn your keep. Follow me!”

“I not have clothes. I not go out there. Please give me clothes!” Annie pleaded.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. We have a special outfit for you to wear today. Now, follow me!”

Annie followed the officer with her hands attempting to cover her pussy and her jiggling tits. The officer led her down the secluded hallway to a small room. He opened the door and signaled for Annie to enter. As Annie passed through the doorway, the officer slapped her on the ass. The shock of the smack made her hands move to the offended buttock. The officer pushed in behind her. She felt his rock hard cock straining against his pants as he rubbed his groin into her ass.

“You know, I’d fuck that tight little ass of yours but I don’t think either one of us has the time right now. “

The officer reached over to the table and picked up a pair of black, latex pants. “Put these on. Now!”

Annie took the pants and placed her right leg in first, then her left leg. As she pulled the pants up she felt the latex molding to each curve of her legs. As she pulled the pants up her thighs and over her ass, she felt a strange hardness against her pussy and her asshole.

The officer looked at Annie and said, “Fit the plastic retainers against your cunt walls and your asshole.”

Annie looked confused. The officer reached out and moved the retainer against her asshole. It spread her ass cheeks apart and exposed her tight puckered asshole. He then turned her around and adjusted the front retainer so that her pussy lips were spread wide open. He then reached out and grabbed the black latex blouse from the dresser.

“Now, put this on.” Annie took the blouse and pulled it over her head, she slipped both of her arms through and began to slide it down her chest. The first thing she noticed was the two holes cut out in the front. Her tits slipped through each of the holes and were firm enough that they did not need any support. She felt the remainder of the blouse conform snugly to each of her curves, until it reached the pants. The officer then handed her a black latex mask. She slipped it over her head. As she rolled the mask down, she realized that there were no holes for her eyes. She stopped momentarily, scared that she would not know what was happening once that mask was on.

“Don’t stop. Put the mask on! ”

Annie’s heart stopped for a moment and then she continued to pull the mask on. Soon, she was engulfed in darkness. She felt openings for her mouth and her nose. The latex mask stretched down to the top of her blouse.

The officer stood there leering at her. His hands reached out and caressed her naked breasts. He tweaked her nipples until they grew hard. He felt his cock straining against his pants. He decided that he had to fuck her one more time before taking her to her “job”.

Annie could not see a thing but she heard a belt being unbuckled, a zipper opening and a rustle of clothing being removed. She knew what was coming next and knew she was again powerless to stop it. If she did not struggle, she hoped he would finish quickly and it would be over. The officer grabbed Annie and forced her up against the dresser. He spread her legs apart. Annie felt the officer’s rock hard cock pressing against her waiting pussy. He pushed hard and the head of his cock disappeared into her cunt. Annie was not ready and her cunt was dry. The invading cock caused her to moan in pain. As his hands lifted each of her tits, his hungry mouth found her nipples. His licking and sucking began to cause her body to respond. She began to feel her pussy juices lubricating her cunt. The officer pushed his cock in deeper until he had buried his cock deep in Annie’s cunt. He began to slowly slip his cock in and out of her tight cunt. Soon, she felt her body responding to the friction of the man’s cock in her pussy. Her juices began to flow allowing him to increase both the number of strokes and the depth of each stroke. The dresser began to shake from the force of the officer’s strokes. Annie felt an orgasm begin in her deepest recesses of her love hole. She began to moan, softly at first, then louder and louder. Suddenly she let out a scream as she felt her body orgasm. As her body began to shake from her orgasm she felt the officer stiffen and ram his cock in to her pussy as deep as he could. She felt her insides being coated with the man’s warm cum. He stroked his cock slowly in and out of her glistening pussy until it slowly slid out. She felt his cum drip from her freshly fucked cunt, as she heard him silently dress.

“Okay, lady. Let’s go. You’ve got work to do.”

Annie felt herself being guided out of the room and down the hall. She heard another door open and was being led into another room. Annie heard the judge’s voice resound through the room. “Gentlemen, this lovely woman can be yours for 15 minutes of heavenly fucking and sucking for only $100. Of course you need to catch her and hold her down in order to

have her. And look, we have made it easy for you. Her lovely tits are hanging there ready for one of you lucky bastards to suck on. She can’t see a thing and all of her holes are open and ready to be filled.”

She heard several men laughing and whispering. Suddenly, one voice yelled out, “It looks like she’s got a good little body there but how can we be sure?”

“Well, I’ll let you tell the others whether or not she’s worth the price of a ticket. Since it looks like the officer here already got to fuck that cunt before bringing her in, I’ll let you test her out.”

Annie soon felt the head of a massive cock being placed between her legs and two large arms pulling her closer. Within a second, the man’s cock was half buried into her cum-soaked cunt. She felt his hips pull back and then push hard as the cock buried itself deeper inside her warm wet cunt. Her cunt was being stretched wide as the man’s massive cock entered her pussy. Annie let out a loud sigh as the man buried his cock in her cunt. He slowly slid it in and out of her pussy. She was still tight but he knew that if he got her, she would not be tight for long.

“Okay, Pete. Pull it out now or lose it! If you want more, then pay the officer.”

Annie felt the man’s massive cock slipping out of her stretched pussy. As the head started to slip out, it made a loud popping sound and the room filled with laughter. She began to hear men say, “Here’s my money.”

“Now, the rule is three men at a time. Your 15 minutes start when I say, “Go”. It continues for the one who gets her first. The clock stops for the other two until the first one is done and she’s back on her feet again.”

“Okay, judge. We three will go first. So just say go.”

“Now, boys, don’t be so anxious. You’ll cum all over yourselves.”

Suddenly Annie felt her whole body being bathed in some kind of liquid. She also began to slip on the floor and had a hard time remaining on her feet.

“Did I forget to tell you boys that she would be coated in oil?” “Go!”

Annie felt the men’s hands grab her and they all fell to the floor. The men were having a hard time holding her, as their hands would just slip off her glistening latex bodysuit. Time began to pass slowly, as hands grabbed her tits, ass and pussy and slipped off. Annie’s body began to respond to the feel of the men’s hands sliding over her encased body. Her nipples grew hard and her cunt lips became engorged as her body responded to the hands slipping over her most intimate places. She silently prayed in the darkness that enveloped her senses that none of these men would violate her already used pussy. Suddenly, she felt two pairs of hands grab at both of her legs in an attempt to hold her down. But, as the hands began to slide off her latex covered legs, she felt another man fall on top of her, placing his arms behind her head and slamming his cock into her glistening pussy hole.

The judge’s voice boomed loudly through the air, “Time out. Bob is first. You have five minutes left, Bob. So be fast and for the lady’s sake, be good.”

The men roared in laughter. Annie felt her nipples being licked by the man’s tongue and then being slowly sucked into his hungry mouth. She knew that she would be unable to stop him, so she let her mind wander back to her first experience with Chun. She remembered how her parents had chosen Chun to be the one she would marry and how they had arranged for Chun to take her out on her first date. He had taken her to the top of a small hill overlooking the green fertile valley that she called home. They were to have a picnic and then return home. She set out the blanket and opened the food basket. They sat quietly looking out over the valley and eating their lunch. Annie had thought how handsome he looked and how quiet he was. He slowly put down his lunch and moved closer to her. Soon, he was kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. Annie began to feel uncomfortable.

“If we are to marry, I must see what it is that I get. I will have you here and no one will see.”

“No, I must be virgin for marry!”

“No one will see us. Do you not think your parents know why I brought you here? They agree that the bee must first taste the nectar of the flower.”

Annie was confused and offered no resistance as Chun undid the clasp at the back of her dress and slowly lowered it down her shoulders until it bunched around her waist. His eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts encased in her white cotton bra. He reached behind her back and undid the clasp holding the bra in place. He slipped the straps from her shoulders, allowing the bra to fall from her body. Her young, firm breasts hung before his lusting eyes. His mouth descended hungrily upon the nipples standing erect like little stone monuments on the top of her mountains. He pushed her down on her back and kneeling between her legs reached out to her waist and peeled off her remaining clothes. He stood there for a second admiring the beauty of the naked woman lying before him. His cock grew hard at the prospect of being the first to fuck her. He reached down to his belt and unclasped it. He pushed his pants down until they were bunched around his ankles. His rock hard cock pointed straight out and Annie gasped as she saw it. She had never before seen a man’s naked cock and wondered what it would feel like to have it in her body. Chun knelt between her splayed legs and guided the head of his cock to her waiting pussy.

“My little rose petal, I will make you a woman first and then a wife as my cock slides into your waiting cunt.”

Annie felt the head of his cock pushing against the secret door to her joy. After three strokes the head of his cock disappeared between the folds of her pussy. Her cunt was still dry so it was painful to have this cock stretch her pussy. As his mouth and fingers began pulling on her nipples, her body began to respond. She could feel dampness between her legs. Chun knew it was time to push his cock deeper into her waiting cunt. He soon met with the resistance of her virginity. She felt his invading cock pull back until the head almost slipped from her cunt. Then with a mighty shove the cock slid into her cunt and broke through her last resistance. He immediately began to increase the rate of his strokes and his hungry mouth descended first on one nipple and then on the other. Annie instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. After a short time she saw Chun’s body stiffen and he rammed his cock as deep as he could into her sore cunt. His body spasmed and she felt her insides being bathed in his cum. He slowly slid his cock out of her newly fucked cunt. Annie looked between her legs and saw a mixture of blood and Chun’s cum drip out of her cunt and down her ass cheeks.

“You will be good wife. You will be ready for me whenever I desire.”

Annie wondered if this was all there was to fucking. Lying in front of your husband with your legs spread so that he could squirt his cock into your body. It wasn’t what her married friends had told her. But, maybe they exaggerated.

Chun and Annie had not noticed the three men watching intently from the bushes. Their eyes filled with lust for the woman who lay invitingly before them. As they tried to think of how they would have this woman, they saw the man who had just fucked her, start walking toward their hiding place as the woman cleaned her dripping cunt. As he walked behind the bush, he was surprised to see the three men. Before he could react, one of the men smashed a wood stick over his head. Chun’s mind was soon engulfed in blackness as he fell to the ground.

Annie, hearing the noise, called out, “Chun?” Her question was first answered by silence and then by the sight of the three men rushing out of the bushes at her prone body. She had no time to react before the first one had pounced on her. His hand went to cover her mouth before she could scream.

“If you scream, my friend in the bushes will kill your man. Do you understand?”

Annie nodded. The man removed his hand and gazed at her naked body.

“Do what we say or he dies. You will live and he will never know what you have done. Fight us and he dies and we still have our way with you. Except everyone in your village will know that you are not virgin. It will bring shame to your father.”

Annie decided to do as they said. The first man removed his pants and lay on the blanket. His rock hard cock standing tall before Annie. His cock made Chun’s look small. She wondered if all men were built like him or like Chun. She also feared that he would rip her apart with such a massive tool.

“Place your cunt over it and put it in you!” he ordered. Annie straddled over the man’s waist and taking his cock in her hands guided the head to her freshly fucked pussy. As she lowered her pussy down onto the man’s throbbing cock, she felt the cock fill her hole. As she looked up, she saw another cock. One of the other men had removed his pants and was now bringing his cock into line with Annie’s mouth. She was confused and had no idea what the man wanted her to do.

“Put my cock in your mouth! Lick it like candy stick!”

Annie opened her mouth wide and the man placed his cock between her lips. As her mouth closed around the shaft of his cock, her tongue slowly began to lick the intruding cock head. She felt the man grab her hair on both sides of her head as he shoved his cock deeper into her mouth. She felt the cock head slam against the back of her mouth and then begin to slide down her throat. As one cock was slamming into her throat another was sliding in and out of her cunt. Annie could not wait for this humiliation to come to an end.

If her mouth had not been full of the man’s cock, Annie would have screamed. The position that the men had placed her in had exposed Annie’s puckered asshole. She now felt the third man’s cock against the tight ring of her ass. Grabbing her around her waist, he pulled Annie back impaling her ass on his rock hard cock. She felt his dry cock ripping its way past her tight anal ring, stretching and tearing her flesh as it penetrated deeper into her asshole. He slammed harder and harder into her puckered asshole until Annie felt the man’s balls banging against her thighs. Annie had never experienced pain as she now felt his cock practically ripping up her insides. She heard the man scream out, “This the tightest ass I ever fuck.”

She had three cocks invading every hole in her body. The man fucking Annie in the ass could feel his friends cock buried in her pussy. Her body began responding to the fucking and soon pussy juice was dripping out of her cunt. The man fucking Annie’s ass reached down and wiped some of her pussy juice on his invading cock to lessen the pain Annie was feeling from the dry fuck. After several minutes of continually stroking in and out of her body, each one of the cocks stiffened and slammed deep into her body before bathing her insides with their cum. She tasted the salty cum as it passed her throat and made its way into her belly. The man removed his cock from her mouth and feel to the ground exhausted. The next man who came was the one who had invaded her tight asshole. He slammed hard into her ass and she felt her bowels being bathed in his warm cum. He pulled his cock from her ass. It was covered in blood and feces. The final one to shoot his load was the first man. She felt him dump load after load of cum deep into her womb. He pushed Annie off his body and rose to look at what they had done. Annie lay on the blanket in the fetal position. There were droplets of cum dripping from the corners of her mouth, a stream of cum dripping out of her gaping pussy and droplets of blood stained cum dripping out of her asshole. The man smiled and told his friends to get dressed.

He looked down on Annie and said, “You good fuck. We fuck you more but boyfriend wake up soon. Then we must kill him. You dress now and he never know.”

The man turned and left, as Annie reached out for her clothes and quickly dressed. She went over to Chun and woke him up.

“What happened? Who those men? They touch you?”

“No. They want money. I say we have none. They take food and go away.”

“But they see you naked and not try fuck you?”

“No. I beg them look but not touch. They make me touch myself but they not touch me. I say you important man in village and whole village look for them. If find them, they kill them.”

“Okay. We go home.”

Annie suddenly came back to her senses. The man lying on her body had slammed his cock as deep as he could into her cunt and was now bathing her insides with his cum. His cock slid out of her pussy and she heard the judge call out. “Go.”

The other two men tried to follow the example of the first and tried to grab Annie around the neck. Their arms kept sliding off her oil slicked latex outfit. Finally, the judge called out, “Game over! Who’s next?”

“Me, your honor.” It was Pete’s voice. She had heard it earlier when he had shoved his massive cock into her cunt. She remembered how the cock had stretched her cunt lips wide open and how she had felt the head of his cock bang into her womb.

“Okay, Pete. When I say go, go after her.”

Suddenly she felt her body being doused again in the oil. Pete laughed. “That should help me get my cock up her tight little ass when I get her.”

Annie shuddered at the thought of that massive cock ripping her asshole to shreds.


As Annie heard the judge yell, she felt her legs being taken out from under her. She guessed that Pete had tripped her up. Suddenly she felt his massive frame climbing onto her prone body.

“Now that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen one of you boys take down a heifer like that. She’s all yours Pete.”

Annie felt Pete’s hands encircling her chest and spinning her over so that her tits were mashed into the floor. She felt his massive cock lying on her ass. She knew what was next. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists in anticipation of the pain. Pete reached down between his legs and guided the massive head of his cock to the tight puckered little asshole that was held open by the plastic retainer. The head glistened from the oil that covered his entire shaft. He placed the head against her puckered hole and he shoved as hard as he could, while holding her in place with his other hand. Annie felt her sphincter start to spread as the tip of his head entered. She clenched her fingers tighter knowing that the next shove would give her even greater pain. Pete shoved even harder and this time the entire head of his cock disappeared into her stretched asshole. Annie whimpered. She heard men cheering and knew that he was about to bury even more of his cock into her ass. She felt the cockhead draw back slightly and then slam farther in.

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