tagLesbian SexAnnie's Story Ch. 01

Annie's Story Ch. 01


Annie's Story: The Road Trip

Annie waved as her mother drove away. They had transferred her bags into the other waiting car, hugged and kissed each other goodbye, and parted, just like that. At 18, this was Annie's first major trip away. She had answered an ad in the Melbourne paper: "Wanted: driving to Perth, female needed to share driving and costs, phone Beth on...." And here she was, getting into the front seat of a car belonging to someone she had met less than a week ago, and heading off across Australia for a 3000 klm journey to see her father.

Beth climbed in behind the wheel of the white late model Ford sedan that would be their home for the next 4 days. During Annie's "interview" she had found out that Beth was an electrician and was heading to Perth for work but couldn't figure out why someone would drive 3000 klms when perfectly good jobs were available in Melbourne. Annie also found out that Beth was very focussed and in control. She was shortish, about 5 years older than Annie, with a fuller figure than hers and large round breasts, but not fat at all. Beth's D cups made Annie self conscious about her large A's, or small Bs as Annie preferred to think of them as.

Beth settled herself behind the wheel, her old jeans and buttoned up tight-ribbed top looked comfortable for the long journey, if somewhat plunging in the neckline, showing off a large amount of cleavage. The good bra she wore showed off her ample charms, which were accentuated even further by dividing them with the seat belt. Annie herself had chosen her lose fitting pleated skirt and a blouse to look presentable, yet comfortable.

"Ready to go?" Beth asked, beaming a smile across the car.

Annie smiled and nodded.

"Ready when you are."

A young man around Annie's age bounded down the front steps of the house and ran to the curb shouting.

"Hey Lizard! You almost forgot your watch!"

Beth lowered the electric window and reached out for the watch. The young man handed it over and lightly punched Beth on the shoulder.

"See you Lizard" he spat playfully.

"See you Donkey Boy" she spat back, equally as playfully.

As the car pulled away from the curb, Beth saw Annie's quizzical look.

"That's my little brother, he couldn't handle 'Elizabeth' as a toddler and it came out something more like lizabet and as he got older and more of a little shit, he changed it to lizard-breath...Lizard for short!"

"And Donkey Boy?"

Beth smiled "I walked in on him in the shower when he was about 15. He was...er... 'washing' himself...down there...and it was as big as the donkey's that used to live in the field near our school...so I nicknamed him Donkey Boy"

Annie smiled in return, with a mental image of the young man with a donkey's genitals slapping around his calf muscles.

She relaxed a little more as the journey got underway, slowly leaving the traffic of the city behind them as they headed west. She was still a little apprehensive about the journey; after all, she had never been this far from home and there was still that awkwardness of being thrust into a long journey with someone you didn't know. What if she didn't like Beth after today? What if Beth didn't get on with her? What if she had a lot of flatulence? Annie had worried over these things in the preceding days but also thought she was being a bit silly. Beth had come across as a sensible, likable woman, fairly self assured, and with a strong personality, so Annie dismissed the thoughts and went ahead with the trip, but now they came flooding back to her...now that it was too late to change things. "Ah well" she thought, "It's only 4 days, not much can happen in 4 days...can it?"

It took them an hour to get out of the city and as the highway stretch before them; they were fairly quiet with only the crackle of the UHF radio installed for the trip as noise: truck drivers chatting to each other as they passed, giving road reports, a crash here, a police radar there. Beth looked across at this quite young woman next to her who sat with her chin on her hand, gazing at the fields and fence posts that whizzed past. There had been a couple of takers to her ad, and the choice had been an easy one. While Beth thought herself a bit of a tear-away, the other girl seemed a little...off the planet, she thought, but that didn't do it justice. Besides, she thought that Annie while a little reserved, was certainly more intelligent and would be able to hold a half decent conversation, although conversation had been a little sparse so far.

"You ok?" Beth enquired.

Annie turned slowly away from the window.

"Ah...yeah...sure... just a bit sad and bit excited...all at the same time" she replied, looking into the deep brown eyes of the older woman. Beth returned the look, trying to figure out what was going through the mind of this young woman. "Young woman?" She thought, she was only 5 years older than this 'young woman'. She decided it was time to get to know her; otherwise it would be a long, long journey if Annie was going to be this quiet for the next 4 days. Besides, she had always wanted to do a road trip having seen it on the TV and was hoping to have a good break before seeking work in the West.

"So why did you answer my ad? Why are you heading west?" Beth asked.

Being a little shy, Annie actually welcomed the break in the silence.

"My Dad left for Western Australia when I was about 7, to get a job, what with the mining boom and all. He was going to get settled and send for Mum and me, but, time went on, and in the end he...." Her voice trailed off.

"...found someone else?"

Annie looked up from her lap and smiled, but not a happy smile.

"Yes. They say 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' but in his case it was 'Absence makes the heart go wander'...he traded Mum in for a younger model"

"Funny how that happens eh?"

"He keeps in contact, we talk on the phone a few times a year, there is always a birthday card and a Christmas card, and he always sent Mum money every fortnight, but I wanted to get to know him. I have a year off between school and university and he was keen to have me come over and meet the 'younger' model" Annie smiled at the thought.

"And what about you?" Annie asked "Don't they need electricians in Melbourne as much as Perth?"

"I suppose" Beth said wistfully "...but in the West they pay the big bucks, cars, housing, top dollar. I can earn 3-4 times more over there than I can here...and there isn't anything here for me" she replied, a sombre expression falling over her face.

"Too depressing!" Beth exclaimed "Let's change the subject..." She reached into the back to her handbag and brought out a piece of paper. Across the top, Annie could see the words 'Ice Breakers' written, and she smiled. Beth consulted the list and read out the top line. "What's in your handbag?"

Annie laughed. "Oh gawd...you're not serious" she said reaching for her own handbag.

They both laughed and giggled while Annie went through the contents. While it only contained her purse, some makeup, and some ancillary bits like, tampon container, keys, and other small bits, it was enough to kept them talking and laughing about things. The biggest laugh was when Beth pulled out an empty condom wrapper! Both Beth and Annie enjoyed the discussions and after a couple of driver changes, before they knew it, the sun was lower in the sky and they were approaching Port Augusta north of Adelaide for their first nights stop.

They found a motel and booked in. It was a small room with a queen sized bed and a single. They tossed a coin for the big bed and Annie won. They went out to fill the car with petrol and decided they would get some takeaway fish and chips and eat in their unit, they were after all, very tired from their first days travelling and the excited build up in the days leading up to it. They ate their food and collapsed into bed and, with the aid of a couple of premixed cans of scotch and coke, were soon asleep. Beth's bed was close to the window and as in many motels, the lights outside and the noise conspired to wake her in the night and keep her on that edge of sleep that was sleepy enough to make her stay in bed and try for deeper sleep, and awake enough to prevent a good night's rest.

When Annie awoke the next morning, she looked blearily over to Beth's bed to find it empty. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock, it was 7.45 am. The door to the small bathroom was open as Annie walked over to it, smoothing down the fabric of her pink satin pyjamas with cute little Snoopys on them. Rubbing her eyes as she walked into the bathroom, she was surprised to see Beth sitting on the toilet with toilet paper in her hands. Annie spluttered an apology and went to leave, but Beth stopped her.

"Hey, just finished, no problems" as she stood and wiped herself. "There you go" she said, indicating the now vacant throne.

Annie looked around, quite unsure what to do as Beth stood before the mirror, inspecting her face and tying up her shoulder length brown hair into a pony tail.

"Don't mind me" Beth said "I'm not proud." and scraped at some unseen mark on her oversized knee length T-shirt that she had slept in. Annie didn't know where to look. She didn't want to appear like a prude, and they had got on very well yesterday, and she was going to have to share small spaces with this woman. Still, she was very unsure, never having pee'd in front of anyone before. She shrugged and slowly pulled down her pyjama pants making sure not to reveal anything by keeping the pyjama top pulled low.

Before Annie could worry too much about things, Beth slipped her t-shirt over her head in one swift movement, leaving her completely naked, not 2 feet from Annie. Beth turned on the shower and stepped in, without revealing anything other than her back to Annie. Annie looked on in shock. She instinctively turned away from Beth, but not having seen another woman naked before, couldn't help but sneak a few peeks at the round lose flesh of Beth's bottom as it jiggled as she washed.

While Beth washed her shoulder, her peripheral vision caught Annie furtively sneaking a peak at her while she washed. She smiled. Annie finished, washed her hands and left the room very quickly. When Beth came out drying herself, Annie was already dressed in jeans and frilly white blouse and took the opportunity to leave the room and pack things in the car. When Annie returned, Beth was dressed in the same top she had had on yesterday, but in a knee length skirt.

Not having slept too well, Beth had Annie start the driving for the day, and they headed off for day two, both somewhat quiet after the morning's events. They drove north, then turned west again at the intersection, where a large sign proclaimed 'Northern Territory' to the right and 'Western Australia' to the left. They turned left.

After twenty minutes of near silence, the scenery changed to more desert like surroundings. Apart from a couple of trucks travelling in convoy chatting on the UHF radio, it had gone very quiet, so Beth reached for the 'Ice Breakers' in her bag. Annie saw her get the list and laughed. Beth read the next one on the list.

"Your first kiss"

Annie laughed again.

"Easy" she said laughing. "It was the boy next door and I was about 9. After Dad left, Mum became friendly with the couple next door and we were over there or they were over at our place all the time. He was pretending to be my husband in a game of 'house' and kissed me hello and goodbye each time he was pretending to go off to work"

Beth's was a furtive kiss in a toilet at school after a "You show me yours and I'll show you mine' episode at about the same age.

"Your first REAL Kiss" Beth read from the list.

"You first this time" Annie cut in quickly.

Beth blushed a little.

"It was outside the school dance. I was about sixteen and the guy I had a crush on, took me outside. We kissed, and it was deep and passionate. His tongue was a bit of a shock at first, but it made my tongue tingle and funnily enough, made a few other things tingle as well. Before I knew it, we were locked in this passionate lip lock. It was a wonderful feeling and his hands were doing a tour of duty around my bare shoulders and down to my breasts. My nipples went hard and I could feel the bulge in his trousers pressing against me... I was tingling, breathing hard and feeling very aroused...it was wonderful...phew" she laughed.

It was Annie's turn to blush.

"Sorry" Beth offered "but thought we could talk plainly, I didn't mean to embarrass you" she smiled.

Annie smiled back. "No...it's ok...it's good"

"...and yours?" Beth enquired.

"Well... I was...er"

"Hey...if us girls can't talk about these things who can?" Beth asked airily.

"I was a bit worried about telling you, but after that revelation I suppose it's ok" she cleared her throat more through nervousness rather than the need. She gripped the steering wheel then checked the mirrors to give herself chance to find the best way to tell the story.

"I was a late bloomer" Annie said "I had no idea about sex. My mother never really told me much about it, and my boyfriend wasn't that interested either at the time, football! Sure we kissed but never really...well...like you described. It was just after my 14th birthday party and the 16 year old girl from across the road and I were discussing boys and kissing and stuff and she was talking about...you know... tongue kissing and I told her I didn't know how to do it...so... she showed me" Annie said, concentrating more intently on the road than she needed to.

"That's nothing to be embarrassed about" Beth offered "Those sorts of things happen all the time"

Beth passed Annie the list and asked her to read the next one.

"Have you ever caught your parents doing it? ...Who thought up these questions?" Annie added laughing.

"Never you mind" said Beth "Just answer the question"

Annie looked down at her lap then out of the window, and back at Beth.


"Ok" said Annie "...but you have to remember that my parents split up when I was, like, 7, so I never really caught them doing it...but....."

"But what?" urged Beth.

"Well... I suppose I was about 12-13, and I woke up one night and heard some music and people laughing. That wasn't unusual, Mum and the couple next door were good friends. I went out to get a drink and quietly opened the hall door into the family room and... well... I didn't see anything, coz the back of the couch was towards me, but there was a lot of fuss and noise and stuff when they saw me. My Mum came around the side of the couch in her bra and pants, which seemed a little strange and she was carrying some playing cards..."

"Strip Poker!" Beth said, laughing

"Yes...I didn't know it at the time of course, and it was a hot night. She ushered me out of the room pretty quick and there was always a cup for me to get a drink from in bathroom after that night" Annie added, smiling at Beth's wide eyed reaction.

"So she was playing strip poker with the neighbours...do you think they were...you know...doing stuff together?" Beth asked with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

"I don't know...although one night when I heard someone leaving, I sneaked up to the hall door and peeked through the crack. I saw Mum at the front door kissing the guy next door on the lips saying goodbye. It wasn't just a peck either it was a long pash. I thought 'No... Mums having an affair with the guy next door' but I was wrong" Annie paused for effect.

"Well go on then" urged Beth.

"Well...when they stopped kissing...he stepped back out of the way...and his wife stepped up and kissed Mum the same way!"

"Oh my God" Beth replied "So they were getting it on... great!"

"I did say we were always over at there house or they were at ours" Annie laughed.

"Wow" said Beth laughing

"Now what about yours?" Annie asked"

"I was coming home from the club a bit early, I wasn't feeling too well...this was only a couple of years ago...and as I came in the gate I heard music from around the back and walked down the side of the house. When I got down there, the pool lights were on but no others, which was a bit strange. Mum and Dad were in the water kissing and cuddling, but there was 'that' look on Mum's face. They stopped when they saw me, and I didn't even twig what they were up to until I walked closer to the pool and saw their swimming costumes out on the deck at the side. I pretended not to see them and made my excuses and left. I heard Mum giggling as I walked away. She tried to apologise the next morning but I just stuck my fingers in my ears and went 'lalalalalala' so I didn't hear any of it. She just laughed and got the message. Mum and I were actually a bit closer after that."

"That's sweet" said Annie

They fell quiet for a time. Beth started to get tiered and climbed into the back seat and laid down to try and catch up on a bit of the sleep she had missed the night before. In the foot wells were her tool boxes covered by a couple of blankets, one of which she fashioned into a pillow for her head, then smoothed down the material of her skirt and drifted off to sleep. Annie drove on, not tired at all, just lost in her own thoughts.

The thrum of the engine and the vibration of the tyres on the road soon had Beth sleeping, but it wasn't easy sleep. It was filled with dreams: dreams of kissing, and tongues and furtive gropes, and searching hands, searching for things that wanted to be found. She partially woke and found herself quite excited, aroused from the dreams. She peeked through half closed lids and all she could see was the back of the driver's seat. The warmth, the pressure in her groin was making itself known in its familiar fashion and calling to her hand to help relieve it. Beth looked at the gap between the seats and realised that she was below the line of sight of the mirror and if she was careful she could carefully help things along. She slowly covered herself with the other blanket and under its cover, slid her hand down and pulled up the hem of her skirt so she could get her hand inside the top of her panties.

She dreamily let her fingers slide down over the smooth skin on her mound until they found the top of her folds. She paused, with expectation, then let her fingers lightly travel further down, feeling the moist heat along the lips. One finger gently slid inside as she bit off an involuntary gasp. Then one finger very slowly slid upwards drawing wetness with it, finding the button, the goal, and she gently circulated it, sending lovely feelings emanating out from that point. She held her jaw tight, to not let any of the noises she usually made from escaping. She caressed herself for what seemed like a long time yet the sleepy sexiness of her dreams, the motion of her finger, the movement of the car, the naughtiness of the act and the thrill of the danger in getting caught all had Beth fast approaching climax. She tried to breathe silently as it approached, her finger moving quickly yet silently sending her on until she cascaded over the edge. The first spasm was intense, and the second more so. An involuntary moan escaped her lips despite her trying to be quiet. She quickly turned to her side and drew up her legs as the last throws of pleasure were washing over her, helped by the pressure of her wrist against herself.

A faltering "Are you ok?" came to her from the front seat.

"Uh...bad dream...sorry" Beth said finally sitting up somewhat flushed from her orgasm.

A minute or two earlier, Annie had leaned forward to check her face in the mirror and had seen the other blanket being drawn up over Beth in the back seat and had thought nothing of it, despite it being warmish in the car. When she had heard a stifled gasp from the back seat, she adjusted the rear vision mirror wondering if Beth was having a dream. If she was, that didn't explain the moving lump under the blanket that she had seen at Beth's groin. It took her a few seconds to realise what was going on. Her brain was fighting to process what was going on until she heard further clipped moans and the lump under the blanket doing familiar circles in a familiar area. Annie didn't know what to do. She blushed and looked away, straightening the mirror back to where it should be but her curiosity grew. She drove on straining her ears to listen for any more sounds. Her own heart was beating faster. This woman was masturbating in the back seat! Annie didn't know whether she should say something, cough, or just pretend it wasn't happening! She decided on the latter, but her curiosity was too much, she had to reposition the mirror again to see. And see she did!

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