tagErotic CouplingsAnnie's Vacation Cabin Ch. 03

Annie's Vacation Cabin Ch. 03

bySatin and Lace©

Colby walked into the kitchen to survey the delicious cuts of steak. Annie opened the white wrappers giving him the pick of the steak. He picked two prime ribs. A eighteen ounce Kansas City strip. Then picked me out a beautiful rib eye.

I knew Colby was angry, Randy was dense so I would have to get the conversation about Michele out in the open.

"Colby it will be nice to meet your friend. Perhaps placing a steak out for her. What does she like steak wise?" Annie shivered. She was enjoying Colby. Colby was youthful. A sensual exotic man. When Michele showed up Colby wouldn't be around Annie much.

The steaks were sizzling, the makings of twice baked potato's, The mushroom caps filled with crab meat salad. Annie made a rich Robust red wine selection.

The Lincoln Navigator came up the drive. Annie ran into and got one more steak. Randy was fixing the wine. Behind the Navigator was a small two seater sports car. It stopped also. Annie watched Michele with her well developed legs stand up looking for Colby. Annie seemed to shrink back she felt a little older all of a sudden.

"Randy, Randy where are you?" Michele she saw him at the pit. Walking towards him she locked eyes on Annie. She was pretty. She also was an older woman.

Annie walked past Michele as she saw William. Will gave her a big bear hug, Annie laughed out loud from the tightness.

"I was at the store and this lovely lady was asking directions to your place. I told her to follow me. How are you Annie?" William asked.

Annie looked towards Colby and seen Michele giving him a light kiss. She felt a moment of jealousy rise up. Colby looked uncomfortable which made Annie smile inside.

"I'm fine William. You will stay for dinner, Colby is grilling steaks?" Annie asked smiling into William's eye.

"Sure I will stay. Anything I can do?" William asked excitedly.

William wasn't aware of the situation between Colby and Annie. He looked over at Randy seen him looking at Colby and Michele smiling broadly. William placed his arm around Annie's waist pulling her closer to him. Something was going on but he couldn't figure it out. He would stay close to Annie and let the evening play out. It seemed to him Randy was more happier than Colby to see Michele.

Michelle walking over towards Colby gave a fast glance over to Annie. She didn't like what she saw.

Annie was beautiful, Colby loved older women. She figured her and Annie were close to the same age. Looking around the place she knew Annie was from money. Probably a spoiled rich kid. As she came to Colby he didn't put down the tongs and hug her she leaned into him and kissed him on the cheek. Colby would hear about this. He knew she expected him to show her how much he missed her by hugging her when they saw one another.

Perhaps Colby had forgotten. Well, after their talk he won't humiliate her again. She took the glass of wine Randy offered her and sat down at the picnic table. She knew her face was red, she realized this might just be a bumpy night.

Colby was angry seeing Michele here without his invitation. They had argued the last three dates he wasn't happy to know they would be sharing a bed. Even though Randy made the invitation she should have spoken to him before committing herself to come flying down here. He knew she was mad when he didn't make nice for the other people and hug her. Annie would never done this. She was classy His anger was just below the surface. He kept his back to her not wanting to face her yet.

"Well Michele did your trip go well?" Randy asked.

"Yes. Thank you for asking. It's a nice area I can see where the book store would be a hit. Have you got a building yet?" Michelle asked while staring at Annie and William. 'Is that your sisters boy friend?" She added.

"Actually we have a spot but we haven't gotten it down in writing. William is building a strip mall not far from here. Him and Annie haven't known each other long enough to be boyfriend, girlfriend. I'm glad you came down." Randy said smiling at her.

Colby turned around and stated dinner was done. Annie had already placed everything on the table she and William did this while Michele and Randy were speaking. Everybody sat down Colby sat next to Michele and Randy at the head of the table. Annie sat to William's right. Annie looked around seeing Colby looking quite strained.

"Well everybody dig in." Annie said excited. 'Would care for some salad Michele?" Annie asked as she picked up the bowl.

"No. Thank you the proper way to serve salad is with dressing on the side. You placed it on the salad already." Michele said without noticing everybody's discomfort by her statement.

Annie offered the salad to William he took a double portion. The dinner conversation was stalled when all of a sudden William remembered the news.

"Oh Annie I almost forgot but they are having a dance Saturday night at Miller's place. Would you like to be my dancing partner?" William asked looking at Annie.

"Yes, I would love to be your dancing partner." Annie answered quietly.

Colby's body tensed when Michele insulted Annie. He tried to contain the angry words. How dare Michele say anything to Annie that was out right said to hurt her. Annie was such a lovely person he couldn't understand Michele.

"Michele you please leave, now! You aren't wanted here anymore. I never wanted you here. How dare you speak to Annie like that. I have sat and listened to you berate waiters and waitresses. I have had to be humiliated by your words. I want you to leave before I say something you might regret. I can't believe your asinine attitude when you came down here uninvited. Randy shouldn't have invited you. I am damn mad he did. Now get out of my eye sight!" Colby unleashed all of his anger in a loud outburst.

If Michele was shocked she didn't show it. Not until Colby stood up and stomped off into the house.

She looked around the table to see what the others thought. Randy was the only one looking at her. She couldn't believe Colby spoke to her like that. Maybe she did get out of line mentioning the mistake about the salad. Michele slowly stood up walking towards her car she didn't look back. As she drove off she already made her mind up. Colby would pay for this embarrassing moment. It never crossed her mind that Colby would leave her.


Randy was taken aback by Colby's anger, he thought Michele coming down here would be good for him. William ate his dinner trying to keep conversation flowing. Annie's mind went with Colby slamming the front door. Awkward as it was they finished the dinner. Randy took William off to one side and started talking about getting one of the new buildings. Annie cleaned the table taking the dishes into the house she was a little timid in what she would see.

"Annie, William and I are going to the strip mall I want to see the buildings. If you see Colby tell him to come up and we can make the deal tonight." Hollered Randy.

Night Annie, will see you tomorrow." William added.


Annie opened the screen door quietly not to startle Colby. She was both relieved and concerned when she didn't see him in the living room. She went into the kitchen cleaning was always good therapy for her. Almost done she heard the bedroom door open looking up she saw Colby he looked like a wreck. She went about finishing the kitchen. He walked over to the bar and sat down.

"I'm very sorry for what Michele said. I'm also sorry you saw me get so mad." Colby's voice whispered.

"Oh Colby, Michele's opinion didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I'm just concerned about you right now. You okay sweetheart?" Annie whispered back.

Colby shook his head then he started to cry. Annie flew around the counter wrapping him tightly in her arms. She hated seeing a man cry. It was so hard to watch. He just collapsed in her embrace she ran her fingers through his hair. Kissing his head soothing him. His head turned without thought Annie kissed his lips, he returned the kiss passionately. Annie responded in kind. Colby's arms surrounded her they were kissing as lovers. Neither one wanted to stop.

Colby kissed Annie's neck to the base of her throat. Annie threw her head back so he could go further without hindrance. She realized then she wanted him. Colby drew her closer to him when he stood up. She felt his wanting her she felt flushed by that one moment when she felt his hard on. Her mind knew this was something they both wanted and needed. Then Randy came to mind.

"Oh Colby, Randy we can't be here like this." Annie said.

"Where can we go?" Colby said between kissing her perfectly shaped full lips.

Annie's mind started racing where could they go not to be found. Then she knew the water fall they wouldn't be seen. They got their suits and started to run towards the water.

"Annie where are you taking us? I need you!" Colby said his words filled with passion and doubt.

"I'm taking you somewhere nobody knows of but me. Now you will know." Annie said diving into the water swimming towards the water fall.

Colby swam along side of her. At the base she motioned for him to dive and swim. They dove and she felt him close to her. As they came to the back of the falls she came up for air as he did. He was amazed at what he saw. A beautiful place, with the running water fall it felt so intimate. This had to be where she was when they called for her earlier, Colby thought. Annie walked over the stones to something he wasn't sure what it was. Suddenly there was a glow in the cave. She had lit two candles that cast a romantic glow upon them.

"Annie is there anything you can't do? You are amazing now come to me let me show you how much I care for you." Colby said with a deep emotional voice.

Annie walked towards Colby without shame she knew what he was going to do. She wanted him as she had never wanted another man. He was everything she wanted in a man. She wanted him sexually without a doubt. Colby pulled her close as he did he framed her face with his large hands tilting her face up he kissed her with a determined passion. Slipping his tongue into her mouth fully. He took her tongue into his mouth and suckled it with tenderness. Annie swayed but leaned against him for support. His lips parted from hers just as his hands slipped down to her tiny straps of her suit. His masculine hands seemed out of place with such delicate straps. Slipping them down her beautiful shoulders he helped her bend her elbows so he could release her from her top of the suit.

Stepping back he watched with eager anticipation the sight of her full breasts and her silver dollar size nipples. He moaned out loud with appreciation she felt weak with passions for him. His body came back to her so he could cup each breast in his hands. They were heavy with bounce to them he was so excited to be given this chance. Looking into Annie's eyes he took the right breast and slipped the nipple into his hot mouth. Annie moaned and started to press forward so as to afford him the whole breast. He teased her with his tongue, pressing his lips tight pulling the breast taut. Annie was pressing her left breast for him to kiss and lick it also.

Colby loved the immediate responses her body gave away the secrets of her desires. She kissed his longing lips with a breathless kiss. Colby was shaking from the impact of that passion filled kiss she gave so freely away. She took his lower lip and tugged it as she ran her fingers through his hair and down his shoulders. Colby closed his eyes to take in the senses. He felt so wanted, his nipples were erect she circled them with her tongue before sucking them in her moist mouth. He adored her with his whole being.

Lowering his hands they rested upon her hips taking his finger tips he slipped them into her leg holes and he teased her with the feeling of his fingers rubbing around the outline where the suit kissed her body. Annie was shy enough to allow him to take her to the moon. He took her suit and slipped it into the slit allowing her outer lips escape her suit. Taking his hands he pressed her back into his body. Then their arms reached out. Hands touching first, they explored the other, fingertips touching ever so softly. They played sensually touching, licking, arousing the other senses. Biting, nibbling they were like first time lovers everything was so erotic for them both.

Exploring each other's desires, willing to give and take. Nothing was out of bounds. Colby slowly lowered himself down to Annie's waist on his knee's he was eye level to her lips outside her suit. He licked them with erotic lapping. Placing his nose into the satin material he wanted her scent to take over his olfactory senses. Smelling her wetness, seeing her lips with the silken material in the crease of her lips. Slowly turning her around Colby saw her suit was needing to pulled off.

Slowly he pulled her suit down her thighs enjoying the wafting of her pure raw sensual smell of her cumming wetness, in her suit. He helped Annie to come down to her knee's. His arms embraced her tenderly. He had her suit in his hand bringing it to his nose Annie was first embarrassed then she saw his hard noble cock tried to break through the material. She slipped her fingers in his suit pulling it down freeing his hardness. She stopped everything but taking him in her hand, weighty it was very thick. She fixed it where she could taste his copious amount of pre-cum. It seemed to startle him she would take her tongue and wrap his hard cock inside of her tongue. Drawing him into her wet open mouth made him lose control. He laid onto his back in awe he had never had an oral done on him.

His mind wouldn't stay focused with any given thought. His body had chills, heat radiating from his groin. His thighs and calves were tight. His eyes kept closing each time she licked the shaft he would try to open them to see her radiant face. His spine was as though it had become like a jelly fish. He laid there the prisoner of her mouth and hands. His mind was tripping on the sensuality of being took so erotically. He could feel each hair follicle stand on its nerve ending, Luxuriating in being devoured by such a sensual woman it was whole new world for him.

Caressing her hair as she played with his love muscle he was falling head over heels in love with her. Or at the very least a deep seeded case of lust. He started to want to taste her wetness but incapable of movement. She took him to the precipice brought him back. He felt insanity of the best kind enveloping him. So much sheer pleasure by a wanton woman. A woman that knew how a man wanted to be treated. He managed to lift his head even though it was heavy to see her full breasts one on each side of his rod. She was pressing them tighter the moment was to much for him.

"Annie slow down I'm going to cum." He whispered without much conviction.

"And who says you will only have the one chance?" Annie said smiling like a Cheshire cat. She bent her head down taking his exposed cock into her hot mouth.

"Awwwww...Fuckkk.." Was all Colby managed to scream as he released his load of white hot seed into her willing mouth. He could feel her swallowing to keep from losing a drop. He just went with the ecstasy every emotion visited his body. Finally he felt his body sail above them.

Annie stayed with his cock in her mouth as she stroked his stomach and thighs. Willing him into a flight of fantastic heights. Now they were two lives shared as one. Colby was starting to stroke her hair. Trying to pull her up towards his face. She crawled up into his arms. They laid there spent his eyes were focusing. He softly kissed her face he was so weak with passions spent. He drew her close.

She cuddled into him. He fell back still in sensual overload.

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