Annie's Yuletide Gamble


Annie was very pleased to get her job at Blockbuster, since she was a big film buff. She loved movies. Aunt Tarra had a camcorder on which they used to tape home videos, fostering Annie's fondness. TV was okay too, and she had her cadre of other interests as well. Being the adult she now was, she also derived major pleasure from, well, pleasuring herself. Especially with this college course dealing in women's sexuality, and inspiring her to get more in touch with her body. Literally. And speaking of what she said to Aunt Tarra, she suspected she might be a lesbi herself. At any rate, she seemed to be into other girls—like this course's professor, for instance, a brunette named Taryn. She was hot. Sitting in class watching her educate on the female physiology turned Annie on. Not so much that she promptly had to run into hiding and touch herself, but enough to make her look forward to it at home.

This year she'd begun keeping a secret from Aunt Tarra. What with her affinities for movies and now also sex, one day she got the opportunity to combine them. She happened upon a novelty shop. She was so shy to go in the first time, she almost didn't. She inched to the door, looked around to see if anyone was watching her, and entered. She started collecting porno tapes—films they did not rent at Blockbuster—and toys to enhance her masturbatory sessions. Her collection was kept in a box behind her bed. It was not shared or disclosed to her guardian, as she couldn't gauge how Tarra'd handle it. She'd always struck Annie as a little old-fashioned.

For now, their game session seemed to have been brought to a standstill. The duo went on listening to the radio and TV, throwing back nog, and carrying on their gradually edgier, more aggressive talk.

"And for your infomercial, young lady, I—*hic!*...I may be a middle-aged virgin, but I could kick my vi—...v—...'vinjirnity' to the curb, anytime I want. And why the bay, niecey...I know a helluva lot more about sex than you."

"Oh, 'zat a fact? Yeah, right. You're the shiznit."

"Hhhhhhhhhhaaaaa... I...I dunno why I'm laughing so hard, I have no idea what that means! You talk so fanny, Unnie."

"Hey...hey. You called me Unnie. That is mad dope."

"HAAAAAAA!... HAAA! HA! HAAAA! 'Dope'! W—...word a weird what."

"Anyways, Tare, I know more about sex than you think I do. 'Fact, I betcha I could teach you a lesson or two."

"OH-ho! Get real, little girl. Knowledge on everything comes with life ex—...exp-experiments. And I got twent——...uhhh...

"...I got a lotta years on you, kiddo."

"Yeah, may have life experience, adult-o, but I got..." Belch. "...I got life experience. And I go to college and stuff."

"Heh! What'cha studyin'? Orgasms one-oh-*hic!*"

"Bbbbbpppph...actually, it's Pussy Orgasms, ya big ol' pussy!"

"Heeeeeeeeyyyy, you...don't you make me go and wash your mouth out with dope!"

"Hee-hee-heeeeeee! Hey. Hey. Tare. C'mere. I got a secret. C'mere. Secret."


"...I'm drunk."

"HA! I know. I'm soooo skunk as a...drunk."

"Oh. Oh. Hey. Tare. C'mere. I got another secret. C'mere, c'mere."


"...Your breath stinks."

"...Yours too. HAAAAaaaa ha ha ha!"

"Oh. Oh, wait. Tare. Come back. I got another secret."


"I'm drunk! HEEE-hee-hee! Okay, no. No. Seriously. C'mere."


"...I'm so horny my pussy's on fire."


"Tare? Tare. Tare."

"What, what, what."

"...You're horny too. Admit it."

"What?? Ann-ie!"

"Don't deny it, Tare bears. Your-your boobies're burnin', and your...your coochie's wet too."

"Annie, you're my aunt! And I'm your niece!"

"...No, no, you're not, Tare. I'm your horny aunt, and you're my super-horny niece!"

"You are sooooo silly."

"Oh, what-everrrrr. Admit it, Tare: you wanna get some!"

"Annie, I do not wanna 'get some.' I am like totally trashed on, on...nog, but I am not super-horny like a...horn."

"Keeeee-hee-heeeee! You are the horniest horn that's ever horned. Horn, horn, horn-horn-horn!"

"Hey—don't you touch my boobs!"

"You are so damn horny, I bet I could make you cum!"

"HA! Okay, don't be ridicu—'t be ridic—...rid—...don't be dumb! That, so impossible."

"Not! Not, not, not!"

"You wanna bet?"

"I just said I wanna bet!"

"You wanna put money on it??"

"Yeah! Ac-actually, I do! Hundred bucks!"

"...How about two hundred, sh—...l—y—...ya little shot-hot?!"

"How 'bout three hundred?!"

"How 'bout five hundred?!"

"Oh yeah??...How 'bout FIVE hundred?!!"


Inside Auntie's Panties

Monday, December 23rd, 1996, 5:48 p.m.

Plastered to the proverbial wind, Annie and Tarra managed nonetheless to sober back a bit. But not enough to refrain from what they were about to do. Tarra stumbled off to the john, evacuated her bladder, returned and removed her clothes one by one. From the living room to the top of the stairs wound a railing of wooden posts, in front of which Annie instructed Tarra to stand. Though it was a bit hard to take her seriously, what with all the intoxicated guffaws.

"This is gonna be the easiest bet I ever won, ya little sucker," the nude aunt taunted. "You dunno what you're foolin' with."

"Omigod, I can't believe you're naked!" Annie marveled through belly laughs. "Wow, Tare, you actually got some hot stuff goin' on!"

"That's right, kiddo," slurred Tarra. "You wish you're gonna look this good when you're...uhhh...however old I am."

They laughed again. Annie next told her to wait here, that she'd be right back. She stumbled down the stairs to the basement, but with enough grip on the banister to stay afoot. She rummaged a bit till coming upon what she was looking for: a box of spare Christmas decorations. She toted it, equally clumsily, back up the steps, and set it down. The first thing she took out was a generous spool of ribbon. Trying to sound tough, she made her next announcement.

"Now I'm gonna tie your ass up."

This news seemed to sober Aunt Tarra another sheet back from the wind.

"What?? That's...friggin' crazy!"

"Oh, what'sa matter, Tare?" Annie teased. "Ya scared? Ya chicken? Too much of a pussy to let your silly little niecey tie ya up? You wanna just gimme the five hundred bucks now?"

Tarra pointed a finger, doing her best to sound authoritative.

"Hey. I'm not a pussy. You're the pussy...ya little pussy."

Annie grinned at her. "Then gimme your hands."

So Annie proceeded to take Tarra's mitts behind her back, and wrap her wrists one by one. She then double-knotted the ribbon around the railing—good and tight, nice and secure—knelt on the floor, and coaxed Tarra's first leg a few posts away. She tethered her ankle, and did the same on the other side. She now had a totally naked Aunt Tarra, immobilized, facing her spread-eagle.

"Hee-hee-hee-hee!" Annie chortled, reaching for Tarra's tits. "Look at your boobies! They're just all, like...hangin' out in the open, and...and I can just, like...grab 'em, and...jiggle 'em, and bat 'em around."

"Hey! Hey! Stoppit! Annie!" Tarra scolded, trying to decide if she should still be laughing or not.

Annie cackled, enjoying messing with her. "And you, like, can't even do anything about it 'cause I tied you up!"

Next she decided to humiliate auntie some more. The ongoing Christmas music and TV shows put her in something of a goofy mood. She dug into the box and dragged out a long, long snake of holly, wrapped in multicolored lights. This went to use next. Annie looped an end around Tarra's neck like a different sort of tie, and then around her back and front a few times—leaving her breasts and pussy exposed, of course. She enveloped Tarra's legs as well, left, then right, and dropped the rest on the floor. Then for good measure, she added some ornaments, balls and tinsel, took the plug, and fumbled with the outlet till she got it in. Aunt Tarra lit up.

"Awwwww!" the soused Annie gushed, looking up at her "tree." "You're so cute! I gotta get a picture of this!" She staggered away.

"Wh—Annie, I'm naked!"

"I'm just kiddin', biatch!" her niece hollered. She bounded on back a spell later, a couple more items in hand. She'd donned a Santa hat, and placed the other she'd brought on Tarra's head. Left in her grasp was a dish rag retrieved from a basket of towels, which Annie whipped into a roll.

"Now I'm gonna blindfold you," she demonstrated.

"W-what?" Tarra asked, feeling it tied behind her head, her sense of sight taken away. "Why? What for??"

"Du-u-uh, 'cause it's not gonna be so weird that way, dummy!" Annie replied, pecking her on the nose. And 'cause when I bring my sex toys out here to play with you, I don't want you to see 'em and wig the hell out on me.

Sigh. "Fine. Whatever."

"Now you just chill like a vill, and I'll be with ya in two secs!"

Tarra giggled, prompting a snort. "You said 'sex.'"

Annie laughed from the other room. "You said 'sex,' Butt-Head!"

"I beg your pardon!"

"You wanna be Beavis?"

"...I don't even know what the hell that's s'posed to mean," Tarra blindly stated, hearing Annie's footsteps reapproach.

"No sweat, b.; doesn't matter." She put down the second box beside the first, and then laid a full-size towel over the carpet, between Tarra's legs. Finally, she trotted off one last time for some final equipment. She especially didn't want Aunt Tarra to know about this, so she made sure to be extra silent, as she set up the tripod, and placed the camcorder atop it. Tarra wriggled, a bit uncomfortably.

"...We gonna get this over with any time soon?" she wanted to know.

"Yup!" The last piece of prep Annie made was planting her chair in front of Tarra, and pulling her sex toys closer.

"So just so you know, I'm sittin' eye-level with your cunt."


"Not today, Tare. Today I'm tellin' you what to do. Y'know what? I think we're gettin' But you're still tied up naked." She laughed hysterically, reaching to touch Aunt Tarra. "And I can do an-y-thing I want to you."

With that, she rubbed Tarra's pussy slit, with her index and middle fingertips. Tarra's faculties abruptly sharpened.

"AAAAAAHHHEYYYY!" shouted Tare. "Stop that! Annie Gwyn Sterlish, you stop that right now! Don't touch my vagina! I-I changed my mind! I don't wanna do this anymore! Un-untie me! Untie me right this second!"

Annie hopped up with a cluck of the tongue.

"Oooh!" she remarked. "I think someone needs s'more eggnog, 'cause someone's outta her cranky-pants, but she's still cranky!"

She pranced into the kitchen amid further protests, and poured another glass. She returned and placed a finger to Tarra's lips.

"You want me to dump this down your throat or not?"

Tarra lowered her head. The bobble on her Santa hat drooped with her. She let out a low growling sound. A contented Annie nodded.

"I'll take that as a no." She coastered the glass on the coffee table. "A'right, play time."

She perched in the chair and picked her toy box back up.

"Ooh, let's start with these."

The first apparatus Annie removed was a pair of nipple clips connected by a band. Letting the box rest on her lap, she reached up.

"Hold still."

"...W-wh-hey, wh—" Gasp. "OUCH! Annie, what the hell??! What is the matter w—OUCH!!"

"Ooh. Sensitive, huh? Well, don't sweat it, b.," Annie advised, gently tugging the band. "You'll get used to 'em. And after a while they might even start to feel good."

"Annie Sterlish, this is not cool, and not funny!"

Her niece contradictorily chortled, finger-whapping the band connecting Tarra's captive nipples.

"I disagree. It's awesome, it's baller, and it's hysterical."

"Ow! Ow! Dammit! Knock it off, young lady!"

"Fine, fine, I'll leave your titties alone for now. But if you harsh my buzz or don't behave yourself, I'm gonna hang some big ol' ornaments on this thing."

"...I hate you."

Annie only grinned. "I love you too, Tare bear."

Her aunt wordlessly snarled, unable to believe she'd gone along with this. Thus far, she felt very uncomfy. She was being sobered back up, and didn't like it. She was recovering brain cells, which were realizing what was happening, and demanding to know what in the world compelled her to let Annie do this. Annie, meanwhile, was retrieving another plaything: an electric toothbrush.

"Hmm, let's see what this baby can do." She activated it, touching its bristles to Aunt Tarra's labia.


Tarra began jumping and dancing all about, having a gigantic vowel movement. She tried to jerk away, but Annie leaned in closer to attain a better grip. She gave her pussy and its outer lips ten straight seconds of electric bristle action before cutting her a break.

"Whoo-whoo, that was fun!" Annie giggled up at her.

"OH my GOD!" screeched Tarra. "What the hell was that??"

"An electric toothbrush, silly-boobs! Ooooh-hoo-hoo, look at that! I gotcha a little red down there, you naughty lady!"

Tarra heaved a breath, feeling the lingering, stingy tingle in her pussy—not to mention the slight pinch on her nipples. She actually found it hard to decide if she hated this or was...intrigued by it. She felt like she might even be getting a little moist down there. She couldn't tell if she was excited, or peeing herself. And she couldn't look down to see either. This was humiliating.

But moreover, it made less than zero sense! She was Annie's aunt! Her own family, by blood! How on Earth could she possibly, logically, rationally become sexually aroused by a family member? A female family member—her own niece, no less? True, her life was virtually devoid of sexual activity, but...could she actually somehow be gay? And deranged?? Truly, the fact that she was being turned on by another young woman should be the lesser of the two insanities.


The glee in her niece's inflection was unmistakable.


"...This is humiliating."

"I know, I'm havin' a great time too."

"And...wrong! This is so wrong! Annie, you're my niece. We are not supposed to be doing this!"

"And yet we are!"

"Annie, I...I still really don't think I like this. An-and, this is my house. I...I insist you respect my feelings under my own roof. And, I want you to untie me now. Seriously, I'm not kidding. I'm asking you nicely. Now lemme go, dammit!"

Annie licked her right hand's fingertips, and rode them from the bottom of Tarra's pussy up, giving her nipple clamp band a tug with the left. Her digits burrowed in to massage both pussy lips and the slit interior. Aunt Tarra squealed, again yanking on the ribbon.

"You didn't say the magic word."

SIGH. "Fine...Annie Gwyn, this is your mother's sister and guardian speaking. The woman who supports you in her own home. This has gone way too far, and it is not fair to do this to me after plying me with a gallon of eggnog. Now please, lemme go!"


She heard Annie rummage about, presumably for another instrument to torture her with. Tarra saw red under her blindfold.

"'No'?? 'NO'??!"

Her growing incredulity amused Annie. She decided to be just more calm and peaceful in contrast.

"That's right, no. I don't wanna let you go. I'm havin' too much fun. And you can't do anything to stop me."

This reiteration and reminder started to infuriate Tarra. Especially as she felt Annie reach out and tickle her, on her armpits, her belly, her sides, her butt, her thighs, her calves. She rattled, wriggled and squirmed in place, stamping her feet.

"STOPPIT!!" she commanded between forced laughs.

"Have it your way," came her niece's aggravatingly tranquil voice. There were some more toys in here, but Annie wanted to go for the few that got the best reactions. The next device she chose was a small implement that resembled a shaving razor. Except instead of blades, this little terror sported a small spiked wheel on the end. Taking Tarra's vulva in her left hand, Annie let the tiny wheel walk its prickly way up and down. Predictably, her aunt lost it.

"YAAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" she hollered, making both of them glad they dwelled in a standalone house.

"Wow!" Annie chuckled, releasing Tarra to feel the wheel on her own finger. "I never tried this on myself before!"


The same rummaged into the other box—the one with the Christmas decorations—and found a weighty ceramic ornament on a hook.

"You're hurtin' my ears, Tare. Pipe down." She placed the ornament on the clamp band, making it tug harder on Aunt Tarra's nips, and returned to business below.

Tarra tried to catch some breath and think. Both were getting exceedingly difficult under the circumstances. She was being driven crazy. She began to sweat. And she guessed Annie did too, because her niece paused a moment to ask if it was getting hot in here. She heard Annie get up, adjust the thermostat a few degrees cooler, and come back. If only Tarra could see her own skin right now, how red multiple patches of her flesh flushed. Her Little Tarra, which did not think rationally and only recognized when she was being pleasured, sent pulses of passion through her owner's body and mind. Tarra's disbelief intensified. It would seem she'd underestimated her niece, that an 18-year-old girl had gained the upper hand on her. She was being gotten the best of, and she didn't like it one bit. She whipped her head in frustration, tossing the Santa hat astray.

"Ah!" Annie exclaimed, feigning indignance. "Well! See if I let you be one of Santa's helpers again!"

But now with her Santa cap shaken off, Annie came up with another fun idea.

"Okay, fine then. I'll make you a gift for me instead."

With that, she found a bright red bow, peeled off the adhesive, and pressed it to the top of Tarra's head till it stuck.

"There! Now you're a present. And you still look adorable."

Getting the picture that it was basically pointless to argue or bark orders, Tarra merely blew out her breath.

"So just what was that little monster?"

"Oh, this?" Annie spun the little spiked wheel, though Aunt Tarra of course couldn't see. "It's called an Odax wheel. I found it at the toy store, in the teasers and ticklers section. 'S fun, ain't it? It almost hurts, but it's really designed to drive someone crazy. See?"

She gingerly walked it down Tarra's puffy red cunt again.


Annie gasped. "Tarra!" she admonished, jovially shaking a finger. "Language!"

The next words flew out of Tarra's mouth before she could even stop them.

"Oh, FUCK you!"

Annie gasped again. Tarra came to her senses to realize what she'd just said.

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