Annie's Yuletide Gamble


"Oh, god, Annie, I...I-I didn't mean it. I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have said that. just made me lose control."

To her surprise, Annie just guffawed.

" I makin' life rough for you right now, Tare? Am I givin' you a hard time?"

Her aunt did her best to wryly chuckle. "Kinda, yeah..."

"Aw, how mean of me. And at Christmastime too. Oh well. Hey, I wonder how this thing'd feel on your taint!"

"On my wha—" Gasp. "YEEEEEOOOOWWWW!"

"Ooooh!" Annie remarked approvingly. "I'm gonna have to try that on me later! But anyway, yeah: in case you dunno that one either, that's called your taint. 'Cause i-'taint' your pussy and i-'taint' your ass."

"Nnnnrrrggh...well, isn't that fascinating."

Annie fingered the tiny dents the wheel left in her aunt's coochie. She laughed out loud once more.

"Holy crap, Tare, you are wet!" she joyfully declared. "I did actually make you wet! You know what that means, don'tcha? I may be a twisted, incestuous little pervert, but so're you! I'd'a never believed it before, but you really are turned on by me!"

Aunt Tarra's belly ached and churned at the thought, but like it or not, there was no credible denial. Annie was right. Tarra Jacobs was 46 years old, still technically a legitimate virgin, restrained for domination...and unignorably hot. Lust laced her ripe, perspiring, curvy and sleek physique. It was a frigid 21° outside, and Tarra was positively burning up, blazing with pleasure. And Annie wasn't that far behind her. The TV and radio were still going, playing Christmas music and festive broadcasting. It filled Annie with a different sort of warmth. Truth be told, she was having even more fun than let on. If Christmas wasn't her favorite time of year, it was certainly top three. And the surplus of nog made it yet better. She knew Aunt Tarra would love it. She didn't know it would give her access into Tarra's pants and bra, but hey, she thought, a bonus was a bonus. Tarra exhaled.

"Okay, okay, Annie—Annie? Look, if...if I conceded and told you you could have the $500 now, would you let me go?"

Annie batted the ornaments tugging on Tarra's nip clips as she pretended to think about it.



"Hey, I've never seen you horny before! Especially courtesy of me! I wanna see how far I can make this go! I wanna make you cum!"

"Annie, please! This sick!"

Annie decided to divert her mind with her next toy: a medium-sized vibrator, whose most nameworthy feature even actually looked like a clit. She'd wanted a Hitachi, but the store was sold out at the time. She looked forward to when she'd be able to shop online. She knew that day was coming. And, speaking of which...she activated the viber, and placed it on Tarra's pussy.

The inevitable next gasp came. Tarra ceased the current series of protests, and threw her head back, in a blast of sizzle. It felt so amazing and unbelievable. Tarra found herself now pleased Annie had tied the rag over her eyes. This way, she didn't have to focus on the facts that this was happening in her house, or being done to her by her niece. It appeared Annie was smarter than Tarra'd given her credit for. Annie massaged her cunt up and down, as she went into the decoration box for another weighty ornament. She marveled at the way Tarra's crimson blush and dampness continued to spread. She'd made the bet she could bring Aunt Tarra to orgasm, but remained astounded at the spectacle.

Left paw vibing Aunt Tarra, Annie fingered her slit and taint with the right. She turned attention upwards to Tarra's face, feeling her young ego inflated. Tarra moaned and groaned, steamed and screamed, howled and growled, winced and wailed. She flexed her muscles as hard as possible until she almost severed the holly. Her fists clenched so hard, her knuckles turned as white as the crystals falling outside. Her curling toes balled in the carpet, into which she made two deep foot impressions. Her teeth gnashed as her limbs quaked and trembled. Annie took a little more initiative and another step forward. She slid the viber to midway down Tarra's cunny, leaned in closer, and shouted up to be heard over her aunt's outbursts.

"Ready for your Christmas present, Tare??"


"Been a good girl this year??!"


Annie obliged. She spread Tarra's cunt ajar at the anterior, located her clit, quickly asked herself if she was really about to do this, answered as rapidly, closed her teeth around that hard scarlet doorbell, sucked and slicked.

Wow... And she thought Aunt Tarra'd gone ballistic before. Her voice rocketed through the rafters, as she arched at the back, the ribbon all that kept her from falling backwards over the railing. That and Annie's manual and dental grip. Tarra could almost swear she'd been struck by lightning. She never imagined an impending orgasm could feel this astonishing. She never imagined anything could. She'd honestly never placed sex extremely high on her list of priorities...and this must've been why even a blood relative had capacity to force her to climax. What a ride...what a high...what a...

She couldn't think straight anymore. Her mind was gone. She was still dressed like the Christmas tree, blinking and glowing, now also glistening with sweat and ripe, roaring lust. Wild stars crashed in her eyes. Forbidden, taboo passion crackled and tore through her. Even the clamps on her nipples felt pleasurable, weighed down by however many extra trinkets Annie'd hung from them. Her extremities violently quivered and shook. Her body blotched with more and more redness as sweat rained off her. Her drenched, swollen pussy clenched and burned, trying to devour the vibrator, desperately longing for release. And she dropped so many 'f'-bombs, Annie could swear—no pun intended—her ears too were on fire.

Sobering back up as well, part of Annie couldn't believe she was doing this. Sloshed or not, the reality of their situation remained insane. When Annie took stock, and a metaphorical step back to reexamine, she could tell she was losing the buzz. Because things were coming clear. She was fucking her aunt. And it was working. The woman was about to squirt a veritable waterfall all over Annie's vibrator, her hand and the floor—which was why Annie'd put the towel down beforehand. Not that she expected to need it, but she did intend to win her bet. And her win...was imminent. Which was good, because she was getting weirded out.

Almost as if on cue, the radio began playing a '40s rendition of "O Come, All Ye Faithful." It was difficult to hear over Tarra's orgasmic caterwauls, but her pussy at last obeyed. Aunt Tarra remained bent backwards, at a 60° angle over the railing, letting her dam shatter. She indeed came, beyond explosively. It was indescribable. Annie'd never seen anything like it. And if Tarra'd been allowed to see, she'd have agreed. Not that sight would've been the sense she'd be focused on.

The climax went on rocking her world, till about three fourths through the song. And until Annie's dear auntie contracted, spurted, gushed, and spraaaaaaayed her cum loose. And...WOW, thought Annie. That's...a lot.

"DU-u-u-ude!" she laughed with delight.

"O come, all ye faithful/Joyful and triumphant!/O come ye/O come ye to Bethlehem," said the radio.

"OHHHHHHH! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh...ohhh, my g—...oh, god...oh, fuck," said Aunt Tarra.

Annie slapped her thigh with the hand not holding a cum-caked vibrator, and popped to her fishnet-clad feet. She reoriented Aunt Tarra to a straight-standing position, took the clips off her nips, untied the rag from her moist eyes, and waited for them to refocus. When she blinked her niece back into clear vision, Tarra saw a benevolently grinning Annie, waving the drenched vibrator.

"...I win."

Tarra panted until she got her breath back.


"Our bet, Tare. I bet I could make you cum, and I did."

"B—...e—...Annie...w—...we were bombed on eggnog when we made that bet."

"Yeah? So? Still counts, b. That'll be five hundred simoleons, please."

Aunt Tarra's eyes widened, arching her brows.

"'re not gonna...actually hold me to that...are you?"

"Uh, YE-ah!"

"Annie, we were drunk!"

"And you lost the bet. And you were so damn positive makin' you cum was impossible. And not to rub it in or nothin', but, uh..."

Annie proceeded to do her best impression of Aunt Tarra's insufferable victory giggle, hopping excitedly on her toes.

"Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! BOO-ya! I beat you! I beat you! I finally friggin' beat you!"

"Hrmph," Tarra grunted. "Well, I'm not giving you five hundred bucks. Especially if you're gonna be obnoxious about it."

"Tare, may I remind you that drunk or not, you're still tied up, and that I can still do anything I want to you?"


"...A'right, I'll split the diff and meet ya halfway. Two-fifty."

Annie thought it over.

"A'right, two-fifty; I'm down with that. Next time we get drunk, maybe you can tie me up and see if you can win it back. And in the meantime, I'm sure I'll find a way to weasel the other two-fifty outta ya...maybe through...oh, I dunno, a little juicy..."

She backed away to reveal the camcorder on the tripod, pointed right at Aunt Tarra.

"...Blackmail footage, perhaps?"

Tarra saw the video camera, and processed what Annie was saying. She slowly returned her gaze to the sweet young 18-year-old girl before her. Annie innocently held her hands behind her back, gliding to and fro on her heels.

"I love this debut as a filmmaker, Tare. Y'know, I think I'll call it 'Inside Auntie's Panties.'"

"Annie...Gwyn...Sterlish... So help me, if you even thi—"

Annie waved a paw. "Oh, relax, Tare. I'm just messin' with ya. I didn't actually record it."

Tarra exhaled in relief. "Oh. Good. Thank god."

Annie suddenly changed her demeanor, with an ominous smirk.

"...Or did I?"

Tarra stared a few silent seconds.

"...Did you??"

Annie giggled, collecting the cam and tripod to ferry them away.

"You'll never know!" She returned to begin untying her. "I gotta say, though, Tare, I love how tight I made you look like this. Like a living—but naked—Christmas tree."

"Hm," said Aunt Tarra, giving a dry chuckle. "Yes, well, if it's all the same to you, Annie, let's stick with our actual tree."

"It'll do, I guess." Annie finished setting her free, letting her go clean up and get dressed. A few minutes later, things returned to relatively—pun intended—normal.

"Whew!" Tarra exclaimed, making way back to the living room, borrowing some support from the wall. Her footing remained wobbly, while waiting for her legs' blood to reroute. Her niece sat in the middle of the couch, just as when she'd arrived home. Except that now, her eyes were shut, a silly dreamy half-smile on her kisser. Aunt Tarra perched beside her.

"Well, eh...whaddaya wanna do n—"

Annie abruptly hugged her, extra tight, a long, loving embrace, dotted with a kiss on her cheek. Tarra had not been expecting this.

"Wh—...o-oh my gosh! Annie! What...what's this all about?"

"What, I can't just show a little affection for my aunt on the day before the day before Christmas?"

Tarra hugged and kissed her back. Annie continued.

"Some of my friends feel like it's 'cooler' to not be all sweet and love-y, but...well, maybe it's a little corny, but once I'm in the Christmas spirit, my heart kinda gets sappy. And my emotions get the best of me. Besides, Tare, after what we just did together, I, uh..." She chuckled through awkward giddiness. "...I don't think I've ever felt closer to ya."

Tarra laughed. "Excellent point. Hey, I've gotta ask, though, Annie: where'd you get all those sex toys?"

Annie blushed. "Oh, uh...a little novelty shop in Commons County."

"Huh. Well.

"...Annie, I have to ask you something else."


"...How...did you do that?"

Annie slumped back on the sofa again.

"I've, uh...I've been takin' a course in college on women's sex. That helped a lot. 'Member when we were sittin' at the table drunk, and you asked if I was studyin' Orgasms one-oh-one, and I said, mm..." She covered her giggling mouth.

"...Pussy Orgasms, actually?...That's what I meant."

"I seeeeee. So that's how you knew you'd win that bet, you little scamp!"

"Well, that, and the fact that you're kinda the cheapest drunk I've ever seen."

"Ah!...I would be so offended by that...if it wasn't dead-on accurate."

Tarra felt Annie link their fingers and hold her hand.

"Merry Christmas, Tare bear."

Tarra next felt her heart melt.

"Merry Christmas, sweetie."

They sat in silence just a moment. Tarra lovingly brushed a strand of Annie's hair behind her ear.

"Y'know what? I think you're right about something, actually, hon. I dunno if that...what we just did, if it loosened or shook something up in me, but...I think I'd like you to help me surf the Internet, and teach me to play your video games."

"For real??"

"Well, yeah. Um...I guess our little romp made me realize maybe there's more to life than cards and checkers."

Annie gasped in elation.

"Omigod, that is so awesome! Tare, I'm tellin' ya, you are gonna love this. It's like a whole other virtual world. And it's just gonna get better the more time goes by. When do you wanna start?"

Her aunt shrugged. "I'm ready anytime you are."

Annie smacked her thighs and popped up from the couch again.

"Sa-weet! And, eh, while we're doin' that..."

She turned to face Aunt Tarra, and flashed an ear-to-ear grin.

"Why don't I whip us up a little eggnog?"

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by Anonymous

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by stroudle08/14/18

Enjoyable Christmas fun

Love the Eggnog Family fun.
Well that was a different verse of Oh come all ye faithful. Heee heee
Could that be a new Christmas tradition? OOhh I would pay good money to see that video .
Well I understoodmore...

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by Anonymous12/03/17


That was horrible grammar. Had to stop reading early on bc just annoying.

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by Anonymous11/14/17


Incredibly erotic

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by Anonymous11/14/17


I'm not usually one to criticize style, but this was almost unreadable. Too many apostrophes, ellipses, unnecessary emphasis, stuck key exclamations. We know what a drunk person with an accent sounds like,more...

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by Anonymous11/14/17

I thought the story wzs

I thought the story was great, although it did take some reading to get to the juicy (pun intended) parts. Erotic for sure.

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