bySean Matthews©

It's hard to believe we have been together for a year. The pleasure I have felt as a result of our relationship has made the last year seem to last forever, yet pass so quickly. Thinking of what you have meant to me has inspired me to make today special.

As you come home from work, you notice the smell of lavender permeating the house. "I thought you might like to relax before we go to dinner." I say. Seizing the opportunity to soak in a fragrant tub, you begin to strip, leaving a trail of your business suit, silky blouse, stockings, bra and finally those pink French cut silk panties I bought you. Leaving the panties by the side of the tub, you slip into the hot water and sigh. I allow you to soak in the smells surrounding the tub. The lavender capturing your body and taking you to another place, away from the job you have learned to tolerate.

Once you begin to open your eyes, you notice I haven't left your side. I have a soft washcloth in my hand, but toss it to the side in lieu of using my hands to rub lather into your body. I concentrate on your neck, the part of your shoulders where your large breasts have caused your bra strap to create indentations and the bottom of your breasts for the same reason. After taking care of your immediate relaxation needs, I move to your feet and massage the soreness from them. Moving to your calves, your thighs, your hips, I repeat the soft but firm caresses that bring a sense of peace to your lower body.

It's time to go back to your upper body. I foam up your favorite luffa and ask you to lean forward. I begin cleaning your back in soft strokes at first, but soon begin to scrub harder at your request. When I am done, your skin glows pink. I then allow you to compose yourself as I go to dress. I wear your favorite suit. The olive green double breasted with a white shirt and black and green tie.

When you get to the bedroom, I notice you selected the towel that really didn't cover your incredible body. You dress seductively in the outfit I have laid out on the bed for you. Black fishnet stockings and garter, black silk panties and a dress you have never seen before. It's black and white, which would suggest being conservative. This dress was anything but. Low cut in both front and back, wearing this dress precluded wearing a bra. The bottom part of the dress was long, but had long slits along each side. The slits were long enough to give a glimpse of the tops of your stockings under the right circumstances. You pour yourself into the dress as you watch me put the final touches on my chosen evening attire. As you do, you wonder how I was able to guess your dress size so precisely without having you try it on first.

After you complete your preparations, I take you to the porch. "But the car is in the garage...?", you question. Just as you complete your question, you notice a limo pull up. You look at me and beam. You have never been in a limo before. Just the look I was hoping for

The ride to the restaurant was cozy. I laughed to myself. We had all this room in the back, but we stayed cuddled up like two kittens sleeping. Not that I was complaining, mind you. You picked out my favorite fragrance to wear and it's scent mixed with your rising passion intoxicated me. We pulled up to the restaurant and I held my elbow out to you. Taking the hint, you take my elbow and I escort you in.

The maitre-d quickly takes us to our tables and seats us near the balcony, overlooking the ocean. You see the small lights of far away boats shimmering on the surface of the water. Breathtaking. I hope you didn't think I was going to take you Red Lobster or something like that. I only want the best for this night.

I tried to concentrate on my steak, but the juicy pink middle distracted me. You didn't help matters with your smoldering looks of passion. It's been a year, but I feel myself responding much the same way I did the first time we kissed. The look on your face tells me you feel the same. You excuse yourself from the table and I watch you sashay to the ladies room. Fighting the temptation to follow you, I sit and drink in the sight. When you finally return, you put what I think is a scarf into my suit jacket pocket. Upon further inspection, I notice a slight fragrance and wonder where you got the scarf. My question is answered when I recognize the scent. It's unmistakably you. You placed your panties in my pocket to entice me even more.

Somehow I manage to get through dinner without taking you right on top of the table. Barely. We decide to pass on dessert, waiting for the delicious treats waiting at home.

If we were close in the limo before, we were even closer on the way home. I had planned to take you dancing, but I don't think I could take the excitement. Instead, I carry you over the threshold and into the bedroom. You notice I managed to put the silk sheets onto the bed and even turned down the spread and put a mint on the pillow. Those little extra touches seem to make the difference.

I slowly pull your clothes from your body. Without any undergarments, the task doesn't take long. Pulling your stockings from your legs brings me to full attention. Your skin is so soft. I want to take care of you. I want to fulfill your every need tonight. The last thing to go is your garter. I have something in mind for you.

"Lie down" I ask. You immediately respond. Looking down at your nude body is almost more than I can take. I place your hands about your head and tell you to hold on to the headboard. "I will continue the massage only as long as you hold on. If you let go, I will stop."

I straddle your ass and lightly rub cherry massage oil into your back. Not enough to relax your muscles, just enough to spread the oil evenly. Much to your delight, I begin to kiss your back. Up and down, side to side. Then I begin to blow hot moist air on your spine. The oil begins to warm. This oil is called hot love oil, because it gets hot with a person's breath. That's just what it is doing now.

I alternate between kisses, licks and breath. Going further and further down your back. I spread more oil, this time on your taut ass. Repeating the steps on your glorious cheeks, I knead your ass softly, then more firmly. Kissing, licking, breathing. You almost let go of the headboard when I part your legs and rub oil on your inner thighs. Good girl, you keep your composure. Now down to your calves and finally to your feet. My Gawd. I am enjoying this as much as you seem to be.

I turn you over, keeping your hands in contact with the headboard. I kiss your mouth fully, telling you how lucky I am for having you. I kiss your cheek, smelling your perfume. I then kiss your neck. I rub some of the oil on your neck and wait. You begin to squirm in anticipation of my hot breath caressing your neck. I kiss you again before breathing on your throat. The sensation seems to shoot down to your clit and back up. I straddle your hips to prepare to service your upper body.

I lean forward and breathe down your body before applying the oil. "This is your before massage." I glide my hands down your trunk, tickling your ribs and spending a moment on your belly button. I notice your grip on the headboard fluctuates between almost none existent to a death grip. I make a big production of oiling my hands, rubbing my fingers just over your face. Your bottom lip begins to quiver as I lower my hands to your body.

My first pass misses your breasts entirely. I concentrate on your stomach and ribs and repeat the kissing, licking and breathing. You are writhing on the bed in an attempt to get your breasts to my mouth with no avail. You even playfully curse me for my teasing, but I can tell you enjoy this process as much as I do. Finally, I apply the oil to your breasts, EXCEPT your nipples. More kissing. More licking. More breathing.

"Would you like something else?" I ask. "What the fuck do you think I want!" is your answer. I laugh and pour the oil directly to your nipples. Each drop brings your already erect nipples to a new height. I use just my index finger to smooth out the oil, slooooooowly and gently. I feel your hips circle beneath my ass. I lower my mouth to your nipples and with a whistle like pucker, I begin to warm your nipples. As the heat rises in the points of your soft breasts, you begin to let go of the headboard to pull my head closer, but remember what I said. If you let go, you get no more. You resume your grip on the headboard and instead push your upper body to my mouth. I relent and suckle your nipple. In incomprehensible moan oozes liquidly from your soul. All the while, my hands explore your body.

My mouth once again travels the delicious terrain of your body. Traveling from the mountains of your breasts to the flatlands of your stomach. Kissing down one side of your belly, I stop at your hip and pull my hands under your ass. Licking the small slope of your pelvis and firmly pulling up on your ass. I can smell your womanly scent and it has gotten stronger. My, my, you are getting excited. Time for me to pay attention to your pussy. I spread your thighs and my mouth ventures into the valley of your mons. Licking the newly shaved areas of your pussy, I pause to ensure you have not let go of the headboard. You are still being a good girl, so I continue. I pull one of your lips into my mouth and pull it slightly, savoring the taste. I do the same to the other side. I see your juices leaking from your moist tunnel. Pointing my tongue, I plunge my tongue into your wetness and begin to fuck you with it. My nose teases your clit as my tongue enters in and out. As you begin to buck your hips, I pull my tongue from deep inside you and capture your clit in my lips. As soon as I begin to suck, the teasing takes it's toll and you begin to cum. Not your average orgasm. This is the beginning of an explosion. Your legs wrap around my ears and your hands nearly pull the headboard down on us. Damn, I'm glad we spent the extra money for the bed.

When the eruptions subside to minor tremors, you release my head and I climb your body to kiss you deeply. At that point, I stand up and take off my clothes. I place my cock at the entrance of your mouth and you take it in. Shallow at first, but deeper and deeper with each following stroke. I stop you before I get to the point of now return. I want to fuck you now. I want to fuck you hard.

As I move into a position below your open legs, I look at you. Your gaze has drifted to a far off place, dreamily focusing on the ceiling or something beyond. In an effort to bring you back, I rub the head of my cock on your slit and clit. I realize you are back with me when your hips respond to my ministrations. I slowly push my cock into your pussy as you wrap your legs around my hips. Slowly and moving side to side as well as in and out, I begin to find a rhythm. Pushing and driving into your intimate opening. Faster and harder. Pulling your legs up and over my shoulders, I begin to drive harder. You begin to cum again and your constrictions on my cock are too much for me. I moan deeply as I empty myself into you. My hips joined with your's. My hips making small, forceful pushing motions, rubbing hard against your clit. Each push brings another climax. Finally, I collapse onto your body.

As I roll over onto my back, I pull you on top of me, breaking your hand's contact with the headboard. I kiss you again and pull you closer. "Happy Anniversary"...

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