tagErotic CouplingsAnniversary at the Galvez

Anniversary at the Galvez


My wife and I were staying at the Galvez Hotel for our one year anniversary. We had just finished a long Friday at work and made the drive through traffic to Galveston. After dinner and a short walk on the night beach we retired to our room and decided to shower before bed.

Lindsay is tall, thin and muscular with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. My wife is a gym rat. She spends hours at the gym and she has sculpted her body into a perfect form. She has muscular shoulders, a thin neck, perfect size C tits, a flat tummy and curvy hips that are perfect for grabbing hold and plowing. She has a firm, plump ass that allows the perfect amount of cushion when fucking from behind and strong legs that can wrap around and hold on tight. All this combined with her strong sexual appetite, a spray tan earlier in the day and a cleanly shaven vagina made for a simply exquisite site as I watched her delicately remove her clothing and bend over to start the water for the shower. She turned the lights halfway down to allow for a warm relaxing glow to fill room.

By the time I stepped into the warm water with her the steam was already starting to accumulate and I was at full mast, ready for attention. Lindsay was already wet and starting to flush from the warm water. Her long hair slicked back and water beading off of her perfectly round breasts. We embraced in a kiss as my cock strained against her stomach. I could feel her hands on my back as they moved down to my ass slowly massaging and caressing. My hands explored her tight back and round ass. I kept hand one around the back of her neck to hold her head to mine. She let out a slight moan as we kissed and pressed her body against my throbbing cock.

We broke our embrace and made small talk for a minute about our plans for the weekend while she washed and rinsed the soap off her tight body. The warm glow and steam mixed for an almost dream like state. It was if she moved in slow motion like a Greek goddess tempting a desperate soldier.

With the soap still in her hands the started to rub my chest. She moved up to my shoulders and started washing and massaging my shoulders. She slowly moved down the front of my body, down my stomach, brushed my cock and put both hands around my balls. She washed between my legs and under my balls and then gathering more suds in her hands began washing my cock.

Lindsay put the soap bar in the dish and with one hand stroking my soapy cock took her other soapy hand and began massaging my balls. My cock jumped to an immediate attention and became rock hard. I closed my eyes and moaned out loud as I allowed my head to fall backwards. I put one hand on the wall next to me and the other found her hip in order to stead myself. Each stroke of my cock was met by a pressing against my balls and finally by a low moan from me. Blood filled every vessel in my penis and my balls tightened against my body. Her strokes had the effect of a full body massage, relaxing every muscle in my body and releasing every stressor that I thought I had. Lindsay continued for a few more strokes before she stopped and wrapped her arms around me and pressed her body and large breasts against my body.

We broke our embrace with a short kiss and I rinsed the soap off of my cock. She turned around and placed her hands on top of the 5 foot high glass divider at the end of the shower and presented her ass to me. I knew what she wanted now. I moved behind her, my straining cock leading the way, until I made contact with her tight ass and slid up the crack until my balls rested in the crack of her ass.

I reached around to the front of her body and my left hand went between her massive tits and to her throat and my right hand wound it's way down to her vagina and found the slit between her legs. At the same time my mouth found the nape of her neck and began kissing and biting gently at her. Her entire body relaxed and was at my complete control. My right hand began flicking her clitoris and exploring her hot vagina that was already wet from the water and from the ministrations with my cock. My left hand moved from around her neck down to her tits and began squeezing and pulling at her quickly tightening nipples. Meanwhile, I was thrusting my hips into her ass, sliding my cock between her ass cheeks. Moan after moan escaped her writing body as she pushed against my cock.

Lindsay pushed her tits and neck into my hands as she pressed her ass against my cock begging me to fuck her. I granted her wish and with a slight bend of my knees allowed my cock to fall between her legs. I stood up a bit and felt her hot pussy on the top of my cock twitching with anticipation. I moved back and positioned the tip of my cock at her entrance and moved inside her. She pushed back against me taking every inch of my hard penis slowly as I stretched her out. My left hand was still around her neck and I moved my right hand from her tits and reached down to her clitoris. I began massaging her clitoris as I slowly thrust my straining cock back and forth into her hot wet pussy.

I took her with long hard strokes. Each stroke produced a moan from deep inside her that escaped from her throat that was clasped by my strong hand. Her tits bounced on my arms which made my cock even harder as I pumped into her. I raised my left hand from her vagina and moved my right hand from her throat and took hold of both of her tits as I leaned back and picked up the pace a bit. The combination of my thrusting and playing with her perfect breasts had the effect of bringing her closer to orgasm. I could feel her pussy begin to tighten around my cock as she pushed her ass into me harder and harder. She slammed into me as her orgasm took hold and then she immediately tried to get away from cock. I held her tits tightly and held her pussy hostage with my penis as waves of the orgasm translated into muscles contractions in her vagina that massaged and gripped my cock.

Finally I released her from my grip and allowed my cock to fall out of her vagina as she came down from her high. She breathed heavily as I watched her legs start to go limp. I caught her and wrapped my left arm around her waist and my right arm around her chest holding her heaving breasts. With y cock still hard and needing relief I bent my knees again and lowered my cock to her waiting entrance.

I took both hands a grabbed onto her hips and with one deliberate thrust entered her. She gasped and cried out as I steady myself with her hips and drove into her again and again. I pumped my hard dick into her pussy as fast as I could and as deep as I could. Her breathing became panting, matching my thrusts with each exhale. I could feel my balls slap against her thighs each time I thrust my cock to the hilt. She clung to the top of the glass wall to steady her self as I pounded away at her pussy. She moaned louder and louder and I could feel her pushing back against my cock to meet each thrust. She was pushing off the wall and I could watch her tits swinging back and forth in front of her as the tried to fuck herself harder and deeper on my cock. Then, all at once, she had a crashing orgasm and pulled quickly away from me as my cock slipped out of her pussy and she cried out in an orgasmic moan. She was breathing hard and barely standing as she grabbed onto the glass.

When she started to come down I moved in behind her and started kissing her neck once more. She pushed her ass against my cock, indicating she needed more fucking immediately. I was happy to oblige and grabbed the base of my cock as I put my other hand on the small of her back and bent her over. Guiding my dick into her entrance once more she quickly thrust back into me taking the entire length of my cock into her hot and waiting pussy. We fucked again, hard and fast. I massaged her tits and used my elbows to hold her hips in place. She rode my cock until she came once more. Afterwards we rinsed off and made it to the bed.

Lindsay left the shower first and was laying in bed propped up against the pillows with a towel around her hair. Her large breasts laying across her chest, one leg bent at an angle and the other laying out providing a full view of her vagina. Still having not come myself I was already half hard when I walked out of the bathroom. I moved in between her legs and started licking her clitoris and exploring her pussy with my tongue. She moaned with pleasure and pushed her vagina into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her lips and spread them apart. I moved my hands up her body and found her nipples. They stiffened as I flicked, pinched and pulled at them as I continued to assault her vagina with my tongue.

Her hips thrust upwards into my mouth and tongue and her hands came down around my shoulders and pulled on my neck. She wanted my cock inside her. I licked her clitoris one last time and slowly brought my body on top of hers. She pushed upwards and allowed me to press my cock inside her. I slowly pumped into her seething wet pussy and made slow, deep, long strokes into her, pushing against her with my entire body.

Finally I pulled out of her and told her to turn over. She quickly got on all fours and presented her well fucked pussy to my cock. I stood up behind her, bent my knees and lowered my swollen cock to meet her hot, wet lips. I teased the lips of her pussy with the tip of my penis, just brushing the entrance to her vagina and making the tip of my cock glisten with her wetness. I took careful aim and with one powerful thrust I slammed the entire length of my cock into her. She grunted and nearly lost her place but quickly recovered and bucked back hard to get more of my cock inside her.

With both feet planted firmly on each side of her I grabbed the back of her shoulders with both hands and pushed her shoulders down slightly to get a better angle. I then proceeded to pound my cock in and out of her pussy with such violence that it shook the bed. She grunted each time I slammed my cock home and her head and hair bounced around in front of me. The bedside lamp was the only light on in the room and it cast a pornographic shadow on the wall of a woman with large tits being penetrated over and over again by a man behind her. Her tits swaying and bouncing with each thrust of the man behind her.

The view in combination with the majestic massage my penis was receiving from her tight pussy and my balls slapping against her beautifully round ass was just too much. Right before my climax I stood up and pulled my cock out of her pussy. She quickly flipped over and looked up at my throbbing penis. I took my cock in my hand and jerked twice as I started to release wave after wave of come all over her tits, neck and stomach. After the first few blasts it was still coming as it dribbled from the tip of my cock on onto her pussy. I fell forward and caught my self with my other arm on the wall in front of me as my other hand still held my softening and spent cock. A few more drops of come fell out as I let myself lie down on the bed to my lovely and well fucked wife.

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