tagIncest/TabooAnniversary Cruise

Anniversary Cruise


When my wife ran off with her boss, I was crushed. We had been married for ten years and everything, from our careers, to our social life, to our sex life, was going great. Or so I thought. As it turned out, one week before our tenth anniversary, which I was really looking forward to, I came home from work and found a note on the table announcing Cheryl's departure. I was devastated. I was home getting shit-faced with a bottle of bourbon when the phone rang, but since I was in no mood to talk, I allowed the answering machine to click in.

"Hi, Paul. I have a surprise for you and Cheryl. Call me as soon as you get ho..."

I grabbed the phone and sighed deeply. "Hi, mama."

"Paul, you're home. For a moment I thought you were out. Listen, son, your father and I have decided to give you and Cheryl a present for your tenth anniversary. You want to guess what it is?"

"Mama, Cheryl ran out on me."

My mother fell silent before exclaiming, "Oh my God! Are you serious? That little bitch. That slimy little cunt."

I had to intervene. After all, Cheryl was still my wife, and as far as I was concerned, she might come walking back into my arms one of these days. "Don't call her a bitch, mama. I still love her. Don't worry. These are the brakes. I'll be okay."

My mother calmed down. "Well I'm glad you're taking it so well, son. Wait a minute. I know what we can do. Your father and I were giving you and that bitch...oops, sorry...I mean your wife, a Caribbean cruise for your anniversary. Now that she's gone, maybe you and I can go together. It will help you get your mind off that whore, that no good slut."

"Why don't you and dad go, mama?"

"You know your father. All he wants to do is stay home and drink beers and watch the WWF with his friends."

I didn't want to argue with my mother anymore. She always wins anyway. "Okay, mama. Anything you say." After hanging up the phone, I went back to nursing my bourbon.

On the day the cruise was to begin, dad drove mama and I to the pier where the cruise liner was docked. In the car, my mother was sitting in the passenger seat and I was in the back behind her. Occasionally, the cool breeze would blow my mother's face and hair, then pass over me, giving me a nice whiff of the sexy scent of her perfume, mixed with her natural body aroma. It immediately reminded me of when I was a boy and would be in the house afraid of lightning and thunderstorms and mama would take me into her bed to comfort me, allowing me to bury my face in her bosom, breathing the scent of her perfume.

My father's voice interrupted my daydream. "I knew that Cheryl was no good for you, son. But don't worry. You'll find another woman before you know it."

Mama jumped to my defense. "Why don't you stop reminding him? He's trying hard enough to get over the pain that bitch has caused him. The last thing he wants is to talk about her.

I didn't want an argument between them so I chimed in, "It's okay, mama. I'll be fine." I then looked up and saw the huge ship as dad turned towards the pier.

My mother and I stood on the main deck of the ship and waved to dad as the ship pulled away. A sudden sense of freedom came over my entire being. I was happy to be leaving my pain behind!

Once mama and I settled in our cabin, it dawned on me that there was only one bed. Mama, the usual comic, joked that it was okay for the two of us to sleep on the same bed. I laughed it off, but my mind immediately dismissed the thought, joke or no joke. After all, she is an attractive woman and I am a red-blooded American male with hormones fully in effect. I called cabin service and had them bring me a cot.

Throughout the night, I kept tossing and turning while my mother slept like a baby. At one point, I awoke and couldn't help staring at her. Her nightgown rode up her thighs and her white panties were exposed. I sat up and stared at her crotch for a while and felt my cock twitching and rising. Suddenly she rolled over and I snapped out of it, shook my head in shame, then went back to sleep.

The following night, my mother and I were on the main deck watching the stars as the ship slowly cruised along on the vast, dark ocean.

"Are you okay, son?"

"I'm fine, mama. And thanks a lot for taking me on this cruise."

She kissed me on the cheek and smiled, "It's my pleasure, son."

The PA system interrupted us by announcing an upcoming dance contest for married couples. "This sounds like fun. Let's go check it out," she said, leading the way.

When we reached the ballroom, the MC was explaining the rules and the elimination process. The couples that remained in sync with each other, keeping in step and rhythm together, would be allowed to remain on the floor. Those caught out of step and out of sync with each other would be asked to sit.

As we watched the couples lining up to dance, my mother blurted out something that surprised the hell out of me, "Let's enter as a couple, Paul."

"Mom, you're crazy. I can't even dance. You heard the guy, the couples have to be in step and in sync with each other," I responded.

"I don't care. Let's give it a shot. What do we have to lose?" she said, determined to do this.

I thought for a second and, not wanting to be a party pooper, decided to go along for fun. We were on the dance floor in no time, doing our thing, dancing up a storm. As we continued to dance, to my surprise, I noticed the competition kept dwindling, but mama and I just kept on dancing as if in a trance.

Suddenly the crowd was cheering us on. It was as if my mom and I had been dancing for years. As if we were made to dance with each other. Not wanting to let her down, I would watch her intently, my eyes glued to hers, mirroring every move she was doing. After an hour, with only my mom, myself, and three other couples left on the floor, the contest came to an end. The MC got up in front to announce the winners. Even though I had done it just for fun and to appease my mom, I found myself wanting to win. My whole body was sweating and I was visible nervous.

"And the winners are!" Drop roll… "Mr. and Mrs. Williams from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!" The place roared with applause and cheers. Mama grabbed my hand and dragged me to the front to receive our trophy.

After the award ceremony, a love ballad came on, and the MC said, "As the winners you have to take the floor first. It's like the reception at your wedding," he concluded. I had to stifle my giggle when I heard him say, "at your wedding."

Mama and I began to slow dance. We embraced and I rested my head against her bosom, which was a sweaty from all that dancing; her sweat mixed with her perfume was now a potent combination penetrating my nostrils. There was no denying it. My fifty-five year old mother was arousing me. She was wearing a thin summer dress and I was afraid that she was going to feel my hard dick brushing against her crotch. I awkwardly withdrew my pelvis, trying to save face, but my mother caught on and responded with yet another surprise. She pushed her groin into mine. Then mama whispered in my ear, "I feel something growing down there."

I was petrified. "Oh, God, I'm so embarrassed," was all I could say.

She had yet another surprise for me. "Don't be embarrassed, son. Your father hardly ever even kisses me anymore, let alone fuck me. I'm flattered that a handsome young man like you finds your old bag of a mother attractive enough to get a rise out of you."

I jumped on that comment. "You're not and old bag, mama. You're a very beautiful and desirable woman. I don't ever want to hear you calling yourself an old bag again."

Suddenly I felt my mother's hand on my butt, squeezing it and pulling my crotch into hers. I felt like my dick was going to burst the front of my pants as it kept nudging my mother's crotch. "Let's go back to our cabin, Paul," she whispered in my ear as she grabbed my hand and led me from the dance floor.

As we made our way out of the dance hall, a voice called out, "Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Williams." It was the MC.

"Thank you," my mother and I replied together.

Giggling, the MC continued, "Have a wonderful night and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"We won't," mama said as I tried to control my nervousness.

"Congrats again," the MC said as we walked away. If he only knew our true relationship and what was about to happen, he might not have been so congratulatory.

As soon as we were alone in the hallway outside our cabin, my mother began kissing me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I broke the kiss. "Not out here, mama, somebody might see us."

She was horny as hell. "So what? They think you're my husband, Paul."

"I don't care. I feel funny doing this out here where people might see us." I grabbed her hand and we rushed into our cabin.

Once inside the door, my mother and I began groping each other's clothes, ripping buttons, frantically fighting with zippers, like two inexperienced teenagers in heat, until we were both naked. She pushed me back on the bed that was meant for me and my no–good wife. I immediately got Cheryl out of my thoughts when my mother fell on top of me and began gently rubbing my hard cock. My mouth found her breast and I took her nipple between my lips.

"This is a dream come true for me, Paul," mama said.

"For me too, mama," I mumbled, her nipple still in mouth, then went back to sucking. I swirled my tongue around her aureole and began rubbing her hairy pussy with two of my fingers. She gasped at my touch. I rolled her onto her back and was on top of her. After sucking and licking her nipples for a while, I started sliding down her body, tonguing, and kissing, working my way down to her navel where I paused and dipped my tongue into her belly button. I swirled around my tongue for a while in her belly button then continued downward.

When I finally reached my mother's cunt mound, I stopped and stared, awe struck. My mother had the most beautiful red–haired pussy I had ever seen. She had shaved some of her pussy hairs, leaving only a little around the top part of her pussy.

"Oh, God, mama, you have the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen."

"Thank you."

I sniffed her cunt repeatedly, then touched my tongue to her pussy, using my tongue to explore her, admiring her cute little cunt hole, her puffy pussy lips, and yes, that delicate, precious gem of hers, her clitoral fold. I began rubbing my nose and lips all around in my mother's pussy and felt her moisture slowly secreting and wetting my mouth. The salty, tangy taste was delicious. Her slight raw cunt smell suddenly registered in my nose, sending sparks to my brain, then rushed to my balls.

I looked up from between mama's legs into her eyes and she was looking at me with a serious, almost frightened look on her face. Still staring into her eyes, I stuck out my tongue and flicked my mother's clit. She shuddered and gasped loudly at the contact, then grabbed hold of my head as if she was going to die. I continued staring into my mother's eyes and lustfully flicked her clit with my tongue again. I began flicking faster and more consistently, my tongue moving up and down between the lips of her pussy as her body began to spasm each time my tongue touched her clit. Then I stopped flicking and pressed my tongue to her clit, and rotated my head, causing my mother to grind her pussy against my mouth. I kept eating my mother, lapping up her cunt cream, swallowing her juice, eating and eating and gulping until she stiffened and began shaking violently.

As if to announce it to the entire cruise ship, my mother shouted, "Oh, God, Paul, don't stop, I'm almost there, keep going, yes, that's it, oh shit, here it comes, I'm coming, oh God, son, you're the best...ahhhhhhhhhhh, don't stop son, keep going."

She was making way too much noise, calling me her son loud enough for anyone passing outside our cabin door to hear. "Shhhhh, mama, stop making so much noise. Somebody might hear us."

She looked at me and said, "I don't care who hear us. You're the best son a mother could ever have."

I kept staring at her and shook my head in amazement. This woman was something else. I was proud of my efforts. "Come, Paul. Fuck your mother's pussy. It's yours for the whole cruise. It's all yours, my wonderful son." She was pulling my head up from her pussy so I could get on top of her. I brushed her hands aside and kept my head between her legs, my face still inches from her pussy.

I said, "Stop talking so loud, mama, or I won't fuck you."

"Okay, okay, honey. Mama will be quiet for you."

I kissed her pussy lips, and told her "that's a good girl." I gave her cunt a couple final licks then moved up into fucking position.

My mother raised her legs even higher and I hooked my arms under her knees and brought them up and back so each knee was touching one of her breasts. We were staring in each other's eyes. There was an awkward silence as I digested the sight of seeing my mother in this compromising position. My mother broke the silence; "say something dirty to me, Paul."

I was puzzled. "Why? Let's just make quiet love, mama." I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and she was squirming, trying to get me inside her, but I resisted to make her want my dick more.

"Stop teasing me. Put it in. Hurry."

I still wouldn't move. "I'm not ready to fuck you yet, mama." I leaned down and kissed her and she pushed her tongue into my mouth, then, all of a sudden, a feeling of guilt came over me. My cock slid away from the entrance of her cunt. I broke the kiss. "Mama, you and I both know we shouldn't be doing this. It's a sin and it's against the law. But I'm too weak to resist you. I'm not sure if I'll ever want to fuck you again after tonight, but I'm going to make this a night you'll never forget, do you hear me?" And with that pronouncement, with my mother's knees pressing against her breasts, her round, white ass cheeks up in the air like a waiting saddle, I mounted her, angled my hard dick at the mouth of her pussy and slowly pushed into her warm, wet cunt.

"Hmmmmmmm, that's it, baby. That feels so good, Paul," she insisted on talking, but I was a man of action. I pushed all the way in, and then slowly pulled back out. "Oh, yeah, give it to me, Paul," she kept cooing up at me. I pushed back into her pussy until I was all the way in, then rotated my pelvis round and round. She started rotated hers as well, and I immediately remembered our slow dance earlier that evening. We kept grinding our pelvises and I could feel her pussy muscle beginning to spasm, milking my dick. I felt the signal traveling from my loins to my brain and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for long. I wanted this moment to last. I didn't want to come too soon. But my body's urge to come took over, and I stopped grinding and pulled out until only the head was inside her and started to mercilessly slam my cock into my mother's ravenous, soppy pussy. The sound of my dick squishily sliding in and out was most eloquent music to my ears.

She began to talk again but I didn't let her finish because my mouth went straight to hers in a long passionate kiss. I continued to ream out her pussy, ravishing her, the bed shaking and sounding as if it was on the verge of collapsing. I was fucking her for all I was worth, doing my best to make this the most special night of her fifty-five years on this earth. Sweat was now dripping from my forehead.

Then I slowed down and decided to go in deep, all the way until our pubic hairs were entangled and then I froze. I smiled and kissed her forehead, her nose, both her cheeks, and then her lips. I then rotated my ass, then pulled back out, went back in and bottomed out, then pulled out, then gave her some short quick jabs to add a little variety. My body was breaking out in sweat and so was hers. As I continued to give mama my cock, the perspiration coating our bodies was gluing our skins together. I felt my come boiling in my balls.

My mind raced to my wife, the bitch who ran out on me. Then I saw my father flashing across my mind's eye. I wondered what dad would do if he saw me, his son, fucking his wife, my mother. Knowing how straight-laced dad is, he'd probably have us arrested. I felt my body begin to stiffen as I continued to fuck my mother's pussy, so I began fantasizing about baseball, ice cream, the calm sea outside, whatever I could think of to keep myself from coming. I was trying to hold off but it was getting harder and harder. My loins began to turn over like a Jacuzzi.

I'm not sure why, but ever since I can remember I've always said the wildest things during sex, especially when I'm about to cum. As I felt my semen about to discharge into my mother's womb, I stared in her eyes and blurted out, "Mama, you incestuous bitch. You are mine, do you hear me? I'm going to keep fucking you like this from now on. When this cruise is over, I want you to start visiting me regularly so I can fuck the daylights out of you."

By now my dick was on rapid fire and, as I fucked in and out of her pussy, I lifted one of her feet over my shoulder to gain more access to her cunt. I resumed pouring my guts to her. "In fact, mama, here's what I want you to do for me. I want you to leave daddy."

"Are you nuts? You can't be serious. This is definitely your dick talking," she chimed in. "Your father gives me everything I could ever want. I'd be a fool to leave him."

"Mama, you just said he doesn't fuck you," I shot back.

"Well, he gives me everything except sex."

"I can start giving you whatever dad gives you. And more. I want you to come live with me, mama. We're going to move to some far away small town where no one knows us and we'll live together and fuck to our heart's content. Is that clear? Answer me, mama, you hot pussy bitch!"

My mother gave me a radiant smile. "Okay, you win. It's very clear, son. I'm so glad that bitch Cheryl left you."

I was feeling on top of the world. "Mama, from now on, your cunt belongs to me. Say after me. My cunt belongs to you, son. Go on and say it." I continued to grind my pelvis against hers, waiting for her to say the magic words. "Say it, mama."

She kissed my lips and sucked gently on the bottom one. "My cunt belongs to you, son," she said smiling. As if these words were the key to open the floodgates, my sperm began flooding my mother's pussy. I shot about seven loads of semen into her tight love canal as she locked her ankles around my flexing ass.

After I was done coming, I gave her my tongue and she sucked it dutifully. Her pussy was a sticky pool of semen and pussy juice. Our cabin reeked of sex. She reached up and licked the sweat from my forehead, and flashed me a mischievous smile as I felt her pussy muscle milking my dick of any remaining sperm.

I dropped my head onto her bosom and she hugged me around the neck, cradling me like she used to do when I was a boy during those stormy nights. I was satisfied and happy, knowing that after tonight she belonged to me. Then, gradually, I fell asleep right there on top of her.

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