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Anniversary in Vegas


This is our twentieth anniversary. My wife Jessica and I are in Las Vegas. We're staying at one of the newest casinos on the strip. We have this huge suite which we booked late last year. I've already spent five hundred dollars playing the slots the last couple days. We had every detail of our vacation carefully planned out.

Maybe I should rephrase that remark and say that my wife Jessica had it well planned out. Jessica just turned forty five last month and I have to tell you that she is the love of my life! She's absolutely gorgeous and knows it. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't spend at least an hour working out either at home or down at the gym.

Jessica has a lovely figure. She could have been a model in her younger days. She is five-eight with long slim tapering legs. Jessica has natural full breasts with shoulder length natural blonde hair.

I work in the stock market and earn a good living. Jessica loves attending parties and business gatherings we have throughout the year. She loves to flirt. She loves to pretend and play the role of a wanton married whore on the prowl for new cock. I've always known different over the past twenty years until that night a few months ago when she started looking at that web site.

I guess I should tell you about it. It's a web site called Karen Kay. Please don't get me wrong here. Karen is a lovely lady. She is one of those housewives who have an open relationship with her husband. You see, she swings with other men. They are black men to be more exact!

If I may be more precise, her site is called Karen Kay Interracial. Jessica told me she was doing a search one day on how to prepare and bake a cream pie. She came across Karen's site by accident. I laughed about it at first because I thought she was kidding around with me. After all, what does making a cream pie have to do with interracial swinging!

I suppose your laughing at me about now. You can call me stupid or naïve but it did take a little research to see how and why Jessica came upon Karen's web site. At least now I know how!

Jessica works from home as an accountant so she has plenty of free time to explore the internet. Jessica began spending more time on Karen's web site reading her stories and browsing the huge selection of interracial videos. I can't remember how many times I came home from work and immediately got attacked at the front door by my wife.

She was really getting into reading Karen's fiction about screwing black men and practically dragged me into the bedroom a few times. I have to tell you that we had the best sex in years once she discovered Karen's web site.

I remember coming home one Friday expecting Jessica to greet me at the front door like she had the previous three Friday's in a roll. I walked through the front door and the house was quiet. I walked through the house searching for my wife. I suddenly heard something coming from upstairs. I could hear voices and I began wondering if my wife was cheating on me with another man.

I made my way to the second floor and slowly peeped inside the half closed bedroom door. There was my wife, Jessica on the bed with her legs spread wide apart! The television was on and Jessica was playing with a vibrator. I decided to just stand there and watch.

I took notice that Jessica was watching porn. I could see the screen. It was Karen getting humped by a muscular black guy! Jessica went and ordered some of Karen's videos! My wife couldn't see me in the doorway unless she turned her head my way. The only thing I could figure out was that she lost track of the time. She just didn't seem too concerned about getting caught masturbating to one of Karen's movies.

I watched for a very long time until Jessica had three intense orgasms. She finally clicked off the movie and just laid her head back while she rubbed her pussy with her index finger. She finally got up and caught me standing there.

Needless to say she showed me the movies she bought from Karen's site that evening after dinner. We talked late into the night about interracial sex and fantasized about her fucking a black guy.

I learned that weekend that Jessica had planned it all out. She told me how she wanted to make our twentieth anniversary something very special to remember. She made all the arrangements and booked a flight and the hotel through a travel agent. I still wasn't sure exactly what she had in mind until she told me the following week.

Jessica told me she wanted to meet and fuck a black guy on our vacation. I figured she had somebody all picked out and ready and waiting for her arrival in Vegas. That's not what she had in mind. Se laughed about it and told me I'd have to wait until the time came. Needless to say, she kept me waiting and wondering what she was up to.

We arrived in Vegas on Monday and Jessica had already spent three nights cruising the casinos and bars alone. I certainly didn't like the idea that she took off her wedding rings while out on the prowl!

She was dressed hot tonight in a red flowered dress. It had a plunging neckline which revealed her lovely rack. She wore those six inch pumps which made her legs seem like they were a mile long! You know the type?

I can still smell the lovely scent of her perfume lingering in our suite even though Jessica left a few hours ago. She told me to be ready to night. She laid out the digital camera on the dresser and told me not to ask any questions when she returned.

In her own words she said. "Just enjoy the show!"

It was just after eleven when I heard the sound of the card being inserted at the door. I could hear the click of the lock and the squeak of the door opening. I sat on the sofa watching my wife as she quickly glanced my way. My eyes widened seeing that she had brought back a man.

It was dark near the door but as soon as he took a couple steps inside I could see that he was black. He was tall and slim and well dressed. The door shut and I saw my wife lead him toward the bed. I didn't say a word as he sat down in a chair and started to take off his shoes.

I wondered what Jessica told this man. I wondered if she told him everything. Did she tell him she was married and that I was her husband? I wasn't sure and she gave me strict orders not to ask any questions. I kept remembering how she told me to just enjoy the show!

I glanced at the dresser and gently got up and got the digital camera. I sat back down and waited. I clicked a couple photos as Jessica leaned over his chair. I was too nervous to hardly push that button on the camera as small as it was!

I felt my heart race as I watched them kiss. He slowly undressed my wife and placed her on the bed. They kissed as she stroked his huge cock. It was huge! It was long and thick and leaking from the head as my wife slowly stroked it lovingly and slowly in her dainty white hand.

I watched as she got down on her knees and started to suck him. She caressed his balls while she engulfed the head. There wasn't anyway she could get that thing down her throat without choking but she gave it a try. Noises were coming from her throat and I started to worry and got concerned that she would choke on that thing.

I watched and waited while she straddled his legs. She slowly slipped her body down on that huge black shaft. She started to ride him slowly arching her back which made her ass stick out. I kept snapping pictures as they fucked.

My cock was rock solid hard as I listened to them kissing as they screwed. You would hardly know it but I think my wife was completely blocking me out. I was invisible tonight for sure!

I watched and I kept taking pictures. They moved into several positions until he mounted my wife. Her nails dug into his skin as he fucked her slowly. Her hips rose off the bed making her pussy meet every stroke of his body. Her hips were moving and her ass rotated around underneath this man until he grunted and groaned out loud.

He was shooting his potent black sperm deep inside my wife's unprotected pussy! We had two kids in college and kids were never a concern for us any longer but I found myself wondering if this man could make my wife pregnant! He was still rock solid hard and kept fucking my wife slowly. She raided her legs back and put her hands down around his cock as he kept sliding in and out at a slow steady pace.

The sperm was caked around his shaft as it leaked out from Jessica's tight pussy. He was so large and thick that its size was forcing out the sperm with each inward thrust. I kept snapping photos and waited.

He fucked her for about an hour more than washed up and dressed. She walked him to the door and I watched as she kissed him goodnight. Jessica turned and let her robe drop to the floor. She slowly and seductively walked my way and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss.

This was the first experience I ever had fucking my wife's well used pussy. It felt warm and stretched and used I might add. We fucked most of the night. I never asked Jessica about her lover other than asking her if she enjoyed it.

She took his number and we're making plans for our twenty-first wedding anniversary next year! I just wonder if Jessica can wait that long to feel another big black cock inside her pussy.

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