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Anniversary Present


It wasn't one of the big ones, you know, Tenth, Fifteenth or even the First, just our Twelfth anniversary, and my wife and I had planned a romantic evening on the town. Dinner, dancing, and then back to our place where neither one of us planned on getting much sleep. Our two kids were staying with Grandma, so we would have the entire house to ourselves.

We don't go out as often as I'd like, but when we do, my wife always looks incredible. Not that she doesn't look incredible all the time. In her late 30's, she is constantly being mistaken for her mid 20's. Tall, with a firm, toned body, her legs are perfectly shaped, and she has an ass men would die for. Her breasts are not large, but neither are they small (a full C cup for those of you who are concerned about such things), and they are round and firm, crowned with a gorgeous dark brown areolas and nipples.

I work out of our house, being a writer, and on this day, my wife was playfully teasing me all day long by dropping hints about what she planned to wear that night. By mid-afternoon, I was incredibly turned on and couldn't wait for the evening to begin.

We decided to make it like a date. I'd get ready, then take the kids over to Mom's. I had a few errands to run, so it would leave her plenty of time to get ready before I came back to pick her up. I had made reservations at our favorite sushi place (which I knew would be a turn-on for my wife, Bridget), and I got dressed and left to take the kids. I dropped them off, then ran to the florists to pick up the flowers I had ordered for her, and from there ran to the jewelry store to pick up the diamond tennis bracelet I had picked out earlier.

When I got back to our house and Bridget opened the door, I realized she had not been exaggerating when she had been teasing me about what she was going to wear. She had on a short, black mini-dress, tight around her ass and thighs, and spaghetti straps dipped very low cut in front, showing off lots of her beautiful breasts. She had on black pumps and stockings. Not pantyhose, but thigh high stockings, and I just knew that when she sat down, you'd be able to see the tops of those stockings. Which she knows I find incredibly erotic.

I told her she looked terrific, but before I could say another word, and before she said anything at all, she opened the door wider, to reveal our friend, Scott. Needless to say I was very surprised. Scott lives in L.A., and it seems he had flown into town that day for a meeting, and had decided to stop by on the spur of the moment. Not all that unusual, since he does that whenever he's in town, and we reciprocate when in L.A. It just seemed like incredibly bad timing.

Scott apologized, saying it was obvious we had plans for the evening, and he'd just get a hotel room, or even hop a late flight back to L.A. But Bridget told him not to be silly, of course he was invited, which surprised and disappointed me, but then I saw the mischievous look in Bridget's eyes, and I realized she had something planned.

I knew that Bridget and Scott had had sex several times almost ten years earlier. I knew about it before and while it was happening, and it was an incredibly erotic interlude in our lives. The reasons why it had happened needn't be gone over here, that is for a different telling, but let me just say that they had been incredibly attracted to one another, but if I hadn't been okay with it, I know nothing would have happened. We simply used the experience to heighten our sex lives. While that may sound disgusting or perverted to some, I don't see the point of strip clubs, or affairs, or pain... yet I do not condemn those who do.

Anyway, Dinner went well, the conversation getting more suggestive the more we drank. While I didn't know exactly what Bridget had in mind, I had a pretty good guess, although it had been a long time since we had done anything like that. After dinner, we headed over to a dance spot not far from our house.

We danced for hours, Scott and I taking turns with Bridget. When they were on the dance floor, I could tell Bridget was making an extra effort to turn Scott on. Which of course, also turned on every guy in the place. By the end of the evening, the DJ began to play slow songs, intermixed with the faster ones. When Scott and Bridget were on the floor, I watched as they pressed their bodies very close together, and their hands roamed one another's bodies. Discreetly of course. When it was my turn with Bridget, she whispered, "Are you having fun?"

She knew that watching her flirt, or do other things, always turned me on. "Absolutely. How about you?"

"Not as much fun as I think we're going to have in an hour or so." Then she licked my ear, running her tongue down the side of my neck. She was driving me crazy.

We left the club around one-thirty, and rather than Scott sit alone in the back, he sat up front and Bridget sat on his lap, her dress riding high up her thighs, revealing the tops of her stockings. Scott caressed her legs, "Bridge, you know I prefer when a woman doesn't wear stockings. I think it's sexier."

She grabbed his hand and smiled, "Of course I remember. But I wasn't dressing for you, tonight. When we went out, didn't I always go without stockings?"

Scott looked at me to see how I was taking the chatter, so I smiled back at him, "I love the look of a woman in stockings. That way I can have fun taking them off."

It wasn't a long drive, but I got the impression Bridget and Scott enjoyed it. When we got to our house, Bridget lit several candles, rather than turn the lights on. Scott, familiar with our place, put on some music and I got us all some wine.

We sat on the couch and had our drinks, then Scott asked Bridget to dance to a slow song. I watched as they swayed and ground to the music. Before the song was over, they were kissing, their tongues exploring each others' mouths. Scott's hands massaged Bridget's ass, while hers roamed his back. We took turns, like in the club, dancing with Bridget for perhaps an album, until I was so turned on I was bursting at my seams, literally.

"I guess it's time to hit the sack. I'll show Scott to his room."

My wife grabbed me by my arm and pulled my ear close to her mouth, "Why don't I show Scott to his room?"

I looked at her, unsure of exactly what she had in mind, but game for anything. I just needed to make sure she wanted to proceed with whatever she had in mind. "You really want to?"

"Uh huh. You really don't mind?"

I shook my head, "Not as long as everything's as we agreed." We had an agreement that Bridget could sleep with anyone she would like to, as long as I either got to watch, or she told me all about it, in intricate detail, afterwards.

"Of course, darling", she whispered to me, as her hand drifted down my stomach and gently across the hardness being constrained by my clothes.

"Then by all means, enjoy yourself."

"I love you." She said, smiling.

"As I do you."

I watched Bridget take Scott's arm and lead him to the rear of our ranch-style house, to the guest bedroom. I could tell that Bridget was incredibly aroused at this point, she was a little flushed and her breathing had become slightly heavier. I went out the French doors, past our indoor pool, and through a second set of French doors into the back yard, where I would have an incredible view of the guest bedroom through the picture window overlooking the yard.

Bridget and Scott soon entered the room. Scott didn't know what to do. He was uncertain what was on Bridget's mind, although I know he wanted something to happen. Rather than just say good night and leave, Bridget closed the door, although not all the way. She then went over to Scott and wrapped her arms around him. He pulled her close and they kissed, deeply. Bridget does this thing with her mouth where she treats your tongue like a...well, like another part of your anatomy, and proceeds to give it the best blow job it's ever gotten.

They collapsed onto the bed, Bridget's one leg draped in between Scott's, never breaking the kiss. Scott brushed his hands across her breasts, deftly lowering the front of Bridget's dress to reveal her large orbs and extremely excited nipples. Then he broke the kiss, and had Bridget stand in front of him and remove her stockings, which she did slowly and with great feeling, her dress riding very high on her incredible thighs. It was obvious that Scott said something at this point, to which Bridget smiled and raised her eyebrows mischievously.

She rejoined him on the bed, their hands roaming all over each other. Finally, she concentrated on rubbing his hardness through his pants. Scott was feeling every inch of her, her body responding to his touch. His hands slid lower and lower, as her dress rode higher and higher. Finally, he parted her legs slightly, his hand slipping under her flimsy panties and onto her mound. Bridget's back arched with the pleasure of the sensation. I can only imagine how moist she was.

They kept this up for what seemed like forever, but was probably closer to half an hour. Then Bridget couldn't take it anymore. Frantically, she practically ripped off his shirt, then began to hurriedly undo his pants, sliding them down around his ankles. His hard manhood stood straight out, begging for attention, which she readily applied. Using her mouth on him, she drove him crazy, his hips bucking wildly as her lips and tongue played with his stiffness.

Unable to contain himself, he put his hands on her shoulders, and gently disengaged her from her activities. They smiled at one another, him slightly laying down, his torso slightly raised off the mattress, her kneeling up at his side. He sat up and eased her down onto the bed, maneuvering her to its foot, her ass resting on the end of the bed. Slowly, his mouth kissing her thighs, he reached up and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her thong panties. She raised her hips slightly, and he slipped her panties down her long, shapely legs.

With her legs hanging off the end of the bed, Scott knelt between them, using his tongue to glide up her inner thighs, finding the sweetness he had been longing for all evening. Bridget writhed on the bed, his tongue on her clitoris making her muscles dance for joy. Bridget's passion mounted, growing ever larger as Scott continued to use his mouth on her. But just before her muscles exploded with that warmth for which she longed, he stopped. She screamed at him not to (loud enough for me to hear from vantage point in the backyard), but he simply smiled, then shifted her fully onto the bed. Spreading her supple legs, he knelt between them, gently slipping his rock hardness up and down her engorged lips, playfully teasing her clitoris and the wetness below it.

Bridget could not stand it anymore. Grabbing his ass, she pulled him towards her, forcing him inside her. Once there, he slowly built up a rhythm: in as far as he could go, his pelvis crushing down on hers, and then pulling out as far as he could while still keeping his tip inside her, before driving once more as deep as he could. Bridget's legs wrapped around his, her hands helping him thrust, their mouths locked together in a passionate kiss.

Scott managed to keep it up (pun absolutely intended) until I could see every muscle in Bridget's body tense up, her nails digging into his hard ass, her legs locked tightly around his waist now. The kiss ended as Bridget's scream slowly built from the depths of her body, growing louder and louder as her climax raced through her body, sending wave after wave of pleasure crashing within her. As she came, Scott could no longer contain himself, and with one last tremendous thrust, began to come inside her, spending his passion as it flowed into her.

They lay there, Scott gently caressing her, their limbs intertwined. But I knew the evening was just beginning.

When Bridget had left the door to the guest bedroom slightly ajar, I knew that she wanted me to watch what she intended to do with Scott. And I obliged her, getting almost as much fun and excitement out of it as they did. Okay, maybe not even close to their level of excitement, but I did enjoy it. Having watched both of them release their passion, I decided that I would make the evening really interesting.

I re-entered the house and made my way to the guest bedroom. Through the slightly open door, I could see them still entwined on the bed, Scott's hands roaming over Bridget's back and shoulders, massaging them. I knew that if he kept that up much longer, Bridget would be ready for act two. Which was exactly what I had in mind.

As Scott's ministrations began to once again arouse Bridget, she began to moan softly in time with his hands' motions. This in turn began to cause Scott to slowly become erect. Bridget reached down with one hand and began to slowly, gently stroke his hardening manhood, helping it to move faster down its path to full erection.

Scott rolled Bridget over, facing away from him, so that he could better rub her back down, while she managed to maintain her grasp of the situation, so to speak. When she rolled over, she saw me standing in the doorway, smiled and winked at me. I needed no further inducement. As deftly as I could, I slipped out of my shirt and pants, then slid my shorts down, exposing my own swollen member. I moved over next to the bed, and Bridget stretched out her free hand, stroking me softly, delicately, as if it was the first time she had ever touched me there.

Scott looked up and smiled, "Thank you".

"You're welcome. But the night's young yet."

Bridget let out a soft moan as she understood her desires were about to be realized. Leaning over I kissed her deeply, our tongues intermingling as I felt her hot breath on my face. Looking down her incredibly sexy body, I could see she had reached back with one of her legs, hooking it around Scott's hip, which allowed him easy access to where she longed to be filled.

As he kissed her back and neck, he slowly, enticingly, entered her again. Bridget bit down on my tongue as he did so, the sheer joy overwhelming her. I massaged her breasts while we continued to kiss, Scott thrusting slowly in and out of her. One of his hands reached around and began to carefully, thoroughly massage her clitoris. Bridget was on fire. It was mere moments before her body began tensing, spreading from the base of her spine to the top of her neck and down into her toes as rapture overtook her. While she bucked and moaned, kissing became impossible, so I repositioned myself so that I could replace Scott's hand with my mouth.

As my lips enveloped her clitoris, her already powerful orgasm ripped the veil away from sheer ecstasy. Bridget thought she couldn't go any higher, but she did, her screams of pleasure becoming inaudible. Scott was still hard as Bridget's tremors subsided, so I lay on the bed, Bridget kneeling between my legs, gently taking my cock in her mouth. Positioned like that, Scott had a beautiful view of my wife from behind, and it took him no time at all to take advantage of it.

He climbed on the bed and gently ran his staff up and down between Bridget's legs, using it to part her lips and spread the moisture found there. Bridget pushed back against him, trying to get him back inside her, but he kept playing for a few moments before obliging, sliding his entire length inside her, taking her breath away.

Bridget looked up at me as she glided her lips up and down the underside of my penis, letting her tongue play along. "Does he feel good inside you?"

She could only nod, the absolute pleasure of what she was feeling readily apparent on her face. Scott began to plunge faster and faster, his pelvis slapping against her ass on every in stroke. Finally, he exploded inside her, driving deeper than he had yet gone. Bridget erupted, this new orgasm seemingly coming out of nowhere. Usually they built steadily, driving her higher and higher, but this one was different. One moment she was feeling the wonderful sensations of being with two men, the next she was skydiving through an atmosphere of pure pleasure. Her body slammed into the orgasm. All her muscles tensing at once, her back arching as automatically she tried to push her rear end further back towards Scott, trying the impossible task of getting him still deeper inside her.

As their orgasms subsided, I rolled onto the bed next to them, laying on my back, my stiffness standing at full attention. Scott slid out of Bridget, and she straddled me, reaching down with one hand to guide me inside her as she lowered herself atop me. Almost immediately I could feel Bridget's next orgasm begin to build inside her. I had never seen her so turned on, and believe me, I had seen her pretty turned on.

Scott sat next to us, fondling Bridget's breasts, occasionally taking one or the other of them in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I was so turned on by this point, that I knew that I would have to work at not having an orgasm too quickly. I wanted to time mine with Bridget's next one. I could feel the tingling starting in her thighs and the small of her back. Her breathing became more irregular, coming in small gasps as her eyes closed. She guided one of Scott's hands down between her legs, letting him caress her engorged clitoris. Then her muscles began spasming once again, she threw her head back and screamed as her pleasure crescendoed. Wave after wave washed over her body. As wonderful as her prior orgasms had been that night, this one seemed to be the most powerful and longest one of all. As her muscles spasmed around me, I couldn't hold back any longer and I erupted, releasing all that sexual tension inside her.

Spent, the three of us collapsed onto the bed, Bridget managing to intertwine herself with both Scott and I. We didn't get much sleep that night, as time after time when we had recuperated we tried out different positions. With the sun beginning to peak out over the mountains in the east, we finally said good night to Scott, Bridget kissing him deeply, and made our way back to our bedroom, where Bridget and I made love one last, final, glorious time. I wonder what we'll do for our anniversary next year?

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