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Anniversary Surprise


Although this is a true story, I'd like your comments on how it, on how you'd feel it should turn out. There's at lot of things, that I've left unanswered, intentionally. They say that truth is stranger than fiction; maybe someday I'll write what really happened afterwards.


* * * * *

It was approaching our 10th Anniversary; I'd been stuck living down in Texas for the past five and a half weeks. It hadn't been a good year so far, I'd taken a new job that my wife had wanted in Texas, but it had been harder to sell the house than we expected and she was still there trying to sell it. It had been nearly six months, which we had been parted except for the long 4-day weekends my boss had given me. There had been a four-day weekend every other week, my boss had the same problem he hadn't been able to sell their home either. But that had stopped when I been notified that that I was selected a US representative delegate for a seven weeklong meeting in Australia. I had enough points so that she could have made the trip with me. But her parents were older and she did not want to leave the kids with them, and besides there still was the house to sell. Reluctantly, I agreed to go alone. It mean missing Thanksgiving, something I hadn't done since my days in the Marine Corps.

Before going to Australia, I had talked to her doctor and mine. Her doctor felt that she would be at risk with another pregnancy. Our blood types had proven incompatible, but luckily a single shot had helped the baby. Now after two pregnancies, her doctor had given me the bad news. She's had an embolism after each child; we've been lucky so far with the blood thinners and the embolisms. Her doctor continued, but the fact that she has had two caesareans so far meant that all future kids would be born that way. She said she had talked to her about having her tubes tied. She said you do have a girl and a boy, and that's really the family that two always wanted. The other option, she told me was having a vasectomy. She told me that although having her tubes tied was a relatively simple process, she would have to undergo surgery. That's potentially where all the problems can occur again. She had been on and off blood thinners since the birth of my son.

She told me that I could have a vasectomy, as an outpatient surgery, which would mean that Jan wouldn't have to undergo surgery. She told me that it was relative painless and nowadays they were even beginning to have success reversing the process. I cringed at the thought. I hated anything to do with the hospital. My doctor basically agreed with her doctor about the safety of this versus surgery. Since Jan still hadn't started her periods yet, because she been unable to breastfeed either of our children. The doctors, both told me there was still time to make my decision.

Then came my big promotion, I'd been promised Chicago. My wife didn't really like that, but her family would only be 6 hours away. She finally accepted Chicago and said she would go. I was excited, my son had been born several months earlier, and I felt on top of the world. The world came crashing down. I was at a meeting in Chicago, kind of a pre-house hunting trip. Larry my boss called me out of the meeting. I've got good news for you and some bad news, which do you want first. I braced myself, and said give it to me. Larry said the first part was good news; I'd been promoted again, with a hefty pay raise. Then he let the other shoe fall, the bad part is that you won't becoming to Chicago, you'll have to move to New Jersey.

That night I didn't say anything to my wife about it at all. I was going home tomorrow, and would tell her face-to-face. She threw a fit like I knew she would< she told me that if I went to New Jersey I'd be going alone. I told her that, "I really don't want to go either". She knew that, I wasn't crazy and didn't really like New Jersey either. But without a job, and the economic conditions the way they were, I was in a mess. My wife talked to her Uncle in Texas that night and said she would go there, but not New Jersey. I called an old friend at Texas Instruments; 2 days later I had a new job.

My wife drove down and stayed with me for a week. I would make this work, and then the housing market crashed. And we were separated for longer than she or I had planned. I'd been through a lot, when after a drinking with several of the guys, they told me that they'd all had vasectomies. We were at a dinner the group had hosted fro our outstanding year. They all agreed it was a harmless procedure. I was going home to my wife the next day, for a four-day weekend.

My wife was having her first period, so there wasn't much sex. She was always rather freaky around her period, and it was all I could due to even get a kiss, let alone anything more. The weekend gave me time to think. I could have the vasectomy, when I returned to Texas. Although I found out, that unless my wife would attend several sessions with the doctor, I couldn't have a vasectomy. Jerry, one of my closest friends, told me that I could still have the vasectomy. I'd just have to be single. Jerry told me that it was the easiest thing around. I didn't even need to prove I was divorced or separated; I just had to tell them that I was. I set up the appointment for a week from Saturday. I knew I was traveling that week but would be back at home Thursday.

That Friday I had to shave all my hair off. All I could think about was my wife. I hope she appreciates this, I thought. Saturday morning the surgery went well. Stay of your feet for the next five days the told me. Monday afternoon< I was given an award by the chairman. Then there was the mandatory dinner; by the time I got home I packed the ice bag full and set against my stitches. I was swollen and sore. The next morning I couldn't even walk I was so swollen, several times my normal size A trip to the doctor's revealed I needed 5 days bed rest and some pills. I had swollen to the size of a grapefruit, however 5 days later the doctor said I've seen this in the past. They normally don't give you enough time after surgery. Yes, even though it is outpatient, it is still surgery. The week passed and I found myself getting ready to go to Australia. The doctor told me I would need to be tested 3 times while I was in Australia, it just a sperm check and the track how your sperm has gone down. I wouldn't be able to see my wife this weekend before I left. I called her several times before I left, I'd really wanted to see her and spend time with her.

My seven weeks went by not nearly quickly enough for me. Luckily, her best friend Judy was back from the Virgin Islands, had stayed there with her while I was gone. After my trip I'd taken leave, we would have a second honeymoon. She was shocked when I arrived at the airport, when I had called her earlier to give her my flight information. I actually arrived home on Friday night; I'd forgotten I'd crossed the International Date Line again. She dropped the kids off with her parents, so we could have some alone time. When I arrived, she was dressed in the sexiest dress that I had ever seen her wear. I had a hard time just keeping my hands from her. Finally I cleared customs, I took her in my arms and told her how much, and I'd missed her. We had a two-hour drive to the bed and breakfast, where we had first made love. I'd ordered flowers and champagne for her at the bed and breakfast. She kept asking me if I really didn't want to rest first. I told her she was all the rest I would ever need.

When we actually made love, I slid into her easier than I ever had. I just attributed this to our passion. We made love for several hours before I succumbed to sleep. She was right I was exhausted. I awoke early the next morning, if last night was a promise of things to come, this week would be heavenly. We made love in ways she'd never would have even considered before. Our week past too soon. We left the following Saturday morning, more in love and revitalized then we been in years. I joked and said I'd never imagined that you could be like this; you were the sexist, and most sensual women I'd ever know. We got the kids and I'd had a day and a half with them before I'd had to leave. I kissed her and hugged her for a long while, before the flight. When I'd finally left, I'd thought I'd need a week to recover. I couldn't believe the changes that had come over her; she'd always been so sexually repressed before.

The next five and a half weeks, were busy ones for me I had to get everything set up for the anniversary. I wanted it to be perfect. She'd called and said the house had finally sold; it was due to be closed in a month after our anniversary. I was elated we finally we be back together. I'd rented a large house with a pool and was stilled only paying what the old place had cost me. I took Joni, an old friend of ours from Michigan, clothes shopping with me. Joni and Jan could wear each other's clothes and had a dozen times. Joni modeled the dress we'd picked out. " I didn't know much about the dress until Joni put it on. There was a front and a back to the dress; the sides were a cord tying the f5ront and back together. Joni loved it. I even got it monogrammed. Joni laughed and said it was like I had bought her a dress too, I hadn't realized that since her divorce, she taken back to using her unmarried named. The monogram was the same for Joni. My wife didn't like Joni at first; she tried to keep all women away from me. I finally told my wife, Joni and I have known one another since high school. She is still going to be my friend, regardless of what you say or do. The eventually became good friends. Joni's only lament was tat she hadn't gotten pregnant. Bur her marriage had always been rocky even from the beginning. Joni and I finished shopping; with Joni's help I'd bought all the accessories.

My wife always said I never had an original gift idea in my life. This time I would give her an original gift. After the surgery, they'd given me a vial containing my cut tubes. I had the vial wrapped up, with the three letters from the lab, the last dated early July. It was written in the language, that doctor's loved so much, totally incomprehensible to the rest of us. But there was only one part Jan had to see. It said sperm free since July 6th, 3rd test results. I left that Wednesday for home. Our anniversary was Friday, everything was working out fine, and I'd made arrangements at our favorite restaurant.

As usual, she complained that I'd overspent on presents. Here, I had gotten her 4 and she'd only gotten me two. None of my presents were what she would expect for her anniversary. The fourth present was a set of tickets for a cruise; she always wanted to go on one. With the tickets, I put the stones I gotten in Australia; they were now a beautifully fashioned ring.

Jan was wearing a simple black cocktail dress with her strand of pearls. I looked at her and imagined how she would look in the outfit I' gotten her. She is so sexy I figured I'd be beating guys away from her. She looked beautiful; she had a special look to her, that look I couldn't place. We arrived at the restaurant, we had a great time, and the food was great. With a bottle of wine we started to open gifts. She said she could never wear that dress, it was much too sexy. She opened the second present; it was all the accessories that Joni had helped me to pick out. She had me open one of my two gifts, books from my favorite authors. We started to open the remaining gifts, when she said they were playing our song. I took her into my arms and we danced till the song was over.

When we got back to the table she sat next to me, very close, I've got something special to tell you. I couldn't get this one wrapped. She looked radiant, she whispered into my ear, I'm pregnant, over 7 weeks, she said, your going to be a father again. I was shocked, I couldn't even respond. She said to say something; I took the envelope with tickets away from her. I'd think you'd better open this one instead, She looked so happy. I said go on open it up.

She opened the package, there wasn't much inside it, She looked at the vial and didn't recognize it. There's more I said still in shock, although my shock was turning to anger. She read the first then the second letter. They didn't make much sense. She took out the last paper. Read it aloud, I said. She began reading it, almost stopping, but she looked at me and continued. She finally read the part without almost knowing what it is until the last couple of words.

She read the final words "Sperm free since 7th day of July, 1990". Her hand flew to her mouth.

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by Youami04/09/18

Jesus, man...what a tale!


Thank you for contributing this story. I found your own life-story an emotional rollercoaster. More power to you for surviving and trying to get on with life!

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