tagFirst TimeAnn's Induction Ch. 01

Ann's Induction Ch. 01

byDear Me©

Note: Thanks to all the women who've provided me with such valuable feedback, following my earlier request. Please keep it up. It really helps to get the female perspective. Thanks guys too, for all your helpful comments.

Ann's birthday celebrations had been so much fun for everyone, adults and teens alike. Her parents, Liz and Dom had done their very best for her because they loved her so much and because eighteen was such a very special birthday.

It was hard for them both to believe that their little girl was now eighteen. She still seemed so young and innocent. Though so pretty and popular, she'd hardly dated at all. Unlike her older sister, Nina, who on her eighteenth birthday seemed quite a woman of the world.

Ann was in the family-room packing up all the lovely presents she had received and was unaware her parents were watching her proudly from the kitchen.

Dom said to Liz, "Just look at our Ann, isn't she so beautiful. So modest and unaware of her own beauty. She has the face of an angel, those big dark blue eyes and that broad open smile. And she has your smooth soft skin dear. And while not as out-there as her sister when it comes to clothes, she has a real sense of style."

"And didn't she look so stunning for the party", Liz replied. "So many came up to me and said so. That dress you bought her showed her lovely little figure off delightfully."

Liz wondered to herself, how did Ann ever get away with it? The dress was so very revealing. Most girls would have looked cheap in it. The neckline could not possibly have been lower. And the way it clung to her body - the thin fabric seemed to show every curve. Her bottom cheeks could be seen so clearly and her small pointy nipples were pushing out.

Liz had never seen Ann look so sexy. She hadn’t worn anything quite like it before. No wonder she got such attention. However she was proud that her daughter still somehow managed to look angelic.

Liz said to Dom, “You know she looked like our sexy little angel.”

Dom agreed, "Yes even with all that sex appeal she still looked like our little girl. I still pictured her that way”.

“Yes that’s so true Dom. She seems so young still. Still our dear little girl.”

Dom added, “And you could see Ann felt that way herself. Did you see how she just naturally came and sat on my knee at the end of the night to talk about the party, like she's always done ever since she's been a very little girl. I felt so proud and happy to have this beautiful young woman cuddling up to me as my dear little girl. She sure is still daddy’s little darling.”

“How do you think she’ll go next week Dom? It might be a lot harder for her than it was for Nina. Nina was not nearly so young and innocent at eighteen. Ann will not be suspecting a thing. Nina had an inkling something unusual was going to happen. And Nina was very experienced with boys. Do you think Ann will do us proud like Nina did?”

“I’m sure she will my love, she is such a beauty and Ed is a great admirer of beauty”, Dom was quick to assure. “ She will be a little more unsettled but the staff are very experienced with the girls. They will prepare her completely and she knows Ed, even if it is in a totally different way.”

“Ed still talks about how good Nina was”, Liz said. “He said some pretty raunchy things about Nina to me at the party. It embarrassed me a bit. He even said he’d like her back for another turn. That would be a first, at Nina’s age.”

Genuinely surprised and beaming Dom said, “Did he really ask for her back? As far as I know he’s never asked for any girl back and it’s five years since her induction. It’s amazing. Well I suppose it makes sense though. I got by far the biggest promotion any executive has ever got following Nina’s induction. And there had been some big promotions before for the fathers of other inductees.”

“Dom I thought I’d sit down with Ann tonight and have a talk with her about next week to assure her a little. Perhaps lessen the shock if I can.”

“But be careful Liz. You know Ed doesn’t like them to have any idea about what is going to happen until the actual day when they are briefed and have to choose.”

“Don’t worry Dom I know. I just thought I’d tell her how we were both one hundred percent behind the whole thing. And I thought I’d offer to help her prepare her clothes for the big day. That way I can make sure she wears the correct underwear.”

When Dom arrived home from work the letter was there waiting for him. The induction letters were always sent to home addresses not through internal office mail. It was quite a long letter with a few legal passages but the key passages were these:

We want your complete permission in writing for the sexual induction of your daughter. She, as you know, will be briefed beforehand and will be given the right to choose to go ahead or withdraw from the induction.

If she chooses to be inducted and goes through the process to the full satisfaction of Mr. Edmund Cromwell, CEO, your position in the company will be considerably enhanced. As you know from experience with your older daughter far greater benefits are possible with an extremely satisfying induction.

The nature of the sexual induction is to be entirely at the discretion of the CEO. No limits will be accepted. You either fully agree or you don’t. Further we wish to make it clear that each induction is separate and complete in itself. We do not infer that any previous process can be used as a guide to what will be expected of your daughter. You are placing her treatment entirely in the hands of the CEO. This applies to all aspects of the induction including duration.

After they had both read the document Dom looked at Liz and she nodded. He signed it immediately.

That evening Liz had spoken briefly to Ann about the induction without giving anything away. She suggested a lovely floral cotton dress for Ann to wear and nice simple white cotton underwear. She wanted Ann looking as young and innocent as possible for the induction. She explained how it was important for daddy that Ann did everything asked of her at the induction no matter how unusual it may seem to her. She really stressed that point. Little Ann assured her mum she would do all that was asked of her and not to worry.

As usual that night on his way to bed Dom passed by Ann’s room. He stopped at the doorway. She was sound asleep. She looked so peaceful and pretty. She certainly did look like a little angel: his dear little angel. He crept in and stood there looking at her, taking in her beauty, her scent and her innocence. And he thought about her induction. He kissed her gently and lovingly on the cheek, lingering with the kiss a little longer than usual. Then he left quietly without waking her.

He had done this nearly every night since she had been a very little girl but tonight there was a different feeling about it, a beautiful feeling, a sensual feeling. Oh how he loved his little daughter. He was somewhat unsettled by how he felt though. He was very aroused. His penis had stiffened rock hard. He hadn’t been this aroused for a long time and never ever by his daughter.

Just after Dom got into bed with Liz she said to him, “I’m sure you’re right about Ann. She will really do us proud. I was just thinking again about how she looked at the party. It gave me great confidence, thinking about how the men at the party, young and old alike, looked at her.”

Liz thought to herself how the men were unashamedly staring at Ann’s young girlish figure, taking a good look at her beautiful little breasts with her nipples pushing through the material and her lovely girlish curves and bum. They’d had real desire in their eyes. She thought to herself they’d wanted her. They’d wanted to fuck her little daughter.

Dom interrupted Liz’s thoughts as he said to her, “When I was kissing her goodnight just now I had an unusual feeling. I’m a bit ashamed to say it. I felt like the men at the party. I found myself looking at our dear little daughter in a different way. I was aroused. I still am.”

Dom’s face was flushed. Liz could see how red it looked even in the soft light of the bedside lamp.

Liz said lovingly and understandingly to her husband, “That’s ok darling. You are human after all. Don’t worry it’s fine by me.”

Liz kissed Dom softly and very lovingly on the lips. She lingered for some time, licking all around his lips. His mouth opened and her tongue went deep inside. His tongue met hers. Her hand went between Dom’s legs, feeling his rigid penis.

“My you are aroused my darling. Our little daughter has had quite an effect on her dad,” she said looking into her husband’s eyes.

She whispered in his ear as she stroked his penis, “Think about her. Think about her induction. I have been since I’ve been in bed.”

She took Dom’s hand and put it between her legs to show him he wasn’t the only one aroused. She was wet and slippery. She hadn’t just been thinking about Ann, she’d been masturbating herself lightly and deliciously as well. She was so pleased Dom was aroused too.

“Dom you know they’ll shave her smooth. Imagine how innocent she’ll look then. God these are such beautiful thoughts. Just think of her nude and ready. Shy and hot with her legs open for Ed. Her smooth girl’s vagina splayed.”

Dom was on top of Liz. She had spread her own legs wide as she had referred to her daughter’s. He kissed Liz again and again feverishly.

She was saying to Dom, “Imagine I’m Ann. You’re fucking your daughter. Fuck her hard daddy.”

Dom’s penis was hard into Liz. She was so slippery. It moved in and out with ease. He kissed her and looked her straight in the eye and said, “ I love you my dear Ann. My little darling.”

He really felt like he was fucking his own daughter. It was so exciting and kinky. The wetness and heat in Liz’s vagina felt just like it belonged to his dear daughter.

Liz responded, “Turn me over daddy. Fuck me from behind.”

Dom obliged. He had Liz on her side and slipped his penis slowly into her vagina from behind. The angle allowed him to go in further than before. He was also able to finger Liz’s clit as he slowly slipped in and out of her.

Dom licked Liz’s ear and whispered, “Daddy’s little girl feels so wet and hot. It’s lovely for daddies to fuck their good little girls.”

Liz was going crazy. The kink of it all had her so hot and near to climaxing. She had an even kinkier thought and said to Dom, “ Fuck me in the anus dear. It will feel more like your tight little girl’s vagina.”

Dom slipped his cock out of Liz. Fingered her wetness to get some juices for her anus. Put his wet finger into her anus, preparing it for entry. He entered her secret little hole. It was hard going. She was deliciously tight like his little girl would be. It felt like heaven. It felt like he was in his daughter.

Liz was deliriously aroused by it. She could tell the effect the tightness was having on Dom.

He was saying to her, “Darling you feel so tight for your daddy. What a lovely tight little girl you are for your daddy.”

She was so happy to offer up her anus so she could be his little girl. They were able to stay near to climax for just long enough to savor the beauty of the moment. For that moment they really believed they were father and daughter. Dom came first gushing his hot sperm into her anus. He was shuddering and pumping into her until he was finally spent. The full wet feeling in her anus sent her over the edge. She came strongly crying out, “daddy, daddy, daddy.”

The next morning at breakfast both parents were both just a little embarrassed in Ann’s company. She wondered what was wrong but in her happy way let it go. She had such a happy sunny disposition nothing worried her for long.

The week went by for them all very quickly. It was Thursday evening. The induction would be tomorrow. After dinner Liz, Dom and Ann got together for a special chat before the induction. Both parents stressed again to Ann to follow all instructions no matter how unusual and maybe inappropriate they may seem to her. They explained again how very important it was for Daddy at work to have Ann satisfactorily inducted.

Ann wondered to herself about why her mum and dad were stressing this so much.
But she was an obedient little girl and said nothing, accepting that her parents knew best and she’d soon find out what they meant. Her perception of the induction was that she was going to get fully introduced to her dad’s work, where once she was inducted she’d be able to work during University holidays and eventually maybe full time.

Ann’s mum took her the next morning to the company building. Dom was already there. He had to start early that day. On arriving Liz took Ann to the top executive floor of the building. Ann was very impressed with the grandeur and status of the building. There was marble and rich timber paneling everywhere and huge empty spaces. Mother and daughter were greeted at the huge executive suite reception foyer, one wall of which was all glass. The view was amazing. The city skyline and the river were clearly visible.

Ann felt a little overawed by it all and was glad her mum was there with her. The women at reception looked stylish and professional but were also smiling and friendly. They introduced themselves as Monica and Melissa. They said how happy they were to see Ann and how wonderful it was to have a new inductee for the company. They explained how they were both inductees and how their fathers worked for the company like Ann’s. They really made a fuss of Ann. They went out of their way to make her feel special.

Melissa ushered Liz and Ann into a large and comfortable waiting room, seating them on a plush leather lounge. She explained that Mrs. Laura Newman, Director Personnel would be along soon to look after Ann.

Melissa added, “Ann, it’s a mark of how important the induction is regarded that such an senior company executive will be looking after you.”

Melissa kissed them both and wished Ann well, saying, “I’m sure you’ll be great. You won’t let your mum and dad down. You’ll do them proud.”

While waiting Liz said to Ann, “I am going to be so proud of you my darling. I’m sure Mr. Cromwell will be really pleased with you.”

Laura Newman entered the room. She had the air and look of a senior executive. She was a handsome woman in her early forties, perfectly groomed and elegantly and tastefully dressed. Her face was beautiful. Her figure was generous but the curves were all just where they should be. Even under her business suit her ample breasts were quite noticeable. Accompanying her presence in the room was just the hint of the most wonderful perfume Ann had ever encountered.

Laura immediately came over and hugged and kissed Liz whom she had met at on a previous company occasion. Then turning and looking at Ann, she said, “Liz you have brought us such a lovely young inductee. What a dear girl.”

Liz introduced Ann, and Laura kissed her gently on the cheek. Liz said she’d leave Ann in Laura’s capable hands. She kissed her daughter goodbye and wished her well.

Laura took Ann by the hand and said to her, “Come on my dear, off to my office and let’s get started as soon as we can.”

Laura’s office was huge and very impressive: it had: two big leather lounges, a very long desk, chairs and a table, a great view and very striking artwork on the walls. Laura sat down next to Ann on one of the large lounges.

She could see Ann was quite nervous and said to her, “Don’t worry dear, I’ll be looking after you throughout the induction. It will be fine. Your sister was great. She loved her time here.”

As she said this she patted Ann on her thigh in a warm friendly gesture. She explained to Ann that there were a few things she needed to discuss with her before they got started. She said to Ann that her mother and father may have told her to be prepared for the unusual. Ann nodded and said they had.

Laura then went on to explain that the induction was a very personal thing between the inductee and the CEO, Ed Cromwell. It was a long tradition in the company. Laura’s father too had worked for the company and she herself had been an inductee to Mr. Cromwell’s predecessor.

She then looked Ann right in the eye and said, “The induction is a way for the CEO to get to know potential young women recruits very closely. When the daughters of executives turn eighteen the CEO discusses with their fathers and mothers about the possibility of induction. It brings great prestige to an executive in the company when his daughter is successfully inducted by the CEO."

Laura continued,"The process is a little unusual. It involves very sensual and sexual contact predominantly with the CEO but also, where required, with others. Both your parents have agreed to this for you as they did with your sister, who I might add was a great success. Your parents are fully behind it but the process also demands that your approval is clearly given as well.”

Laura asked Ann, “ Ann do you give your approval to participate fully in the process and accept that the nature and duration of the induction will be determined absolutely by the CEO?”

Ann was shocked and surprised. She never dreamt it would be like this. Her sister said she’d had a great time but she’d never explained that this had happened. Ann loved her parents so much and did not want to let them down. If they felt this was right to be doing then, she would go ahead. She felt she had no alternative.

With a soft shaky voice she told Laura, “I will willingly participate in the process.”

Laura was overjoyed to hear Ann say this. She loved the look of this young inductee, so innocent and young-looking in her floral dress. This was the part of her own job she loved most of all, especially when she was sexually attracted to a particular inductee as she surely was to Ann. She was already quite aroused and wet thinking about what would happen and things hadn’t even started. This was going to be delicious.

Laura told Ann how pleased she was, “Ann dear that is wonderful news. I’m so happy. You might be a little uneasy at the moment but you will enjoy the process, like your sister did and like I did, all those years ago. It may seem unusual but you are going to be such a great help to your dad.”

As she spoke she had her arms around Ann and kissed her on her forehead like Ann’s own mum would have to reassure her. She hugged Ann and whispered in her ear, “Dear you’ll love the sexy side too. It’s good for young darlings like you. It’s a rather unusual chance to be very sexy and not displease your parents.”

Ann smiled shyly and nervously.

Laura continued, “I know you’re feeling a little shocked and strange at the moment. That is only natural. But keep in mind the whole time that what you are doing is very good, all of it. It is in such a good cause. It is something you are doing for your dad. I will be overseeing the process and I’ll be with you a lot of the time.”

Ann still felt quite nervous but having Laura with her did help re-assure her.

Laura explained to Ann how she would at first be given a sensual massage to relax her and get her into the right frame of mind. Laura said she’d have one too. She loved them. They had an extensive company gym and sauna suite with first class, fully qualified masseuses and masseurs.

Laura led Ann to a luxurious massage suite where she introduced her to Sue who would be her masseuse. Sue was an attractive, healthy, tanned and cheery looking woman in her thirties. She wore a white medical coat.

Before leaving Ann with Sue, Laura kissed Ann gently on the cheek and said to her, “After we’ve both been massaged and are in a good mood for the induction I’ll come back and join you.”

Sue took Ann to a stylish and spacious bathroom where she already had the water running in an expansive spa bath. There was a subtle scent in the air and soft Indian music playing. Lovely thick white bath towels and robes were laid out for Ann. In one corner there was a wide massage table. Sue told Ann this would be her own personal area.

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