tagGroup SexAnn's Surprise From Santa Ch. 2

Ann's Surprise From Santa Ch. 2


Milady was in a dream world; two strangers from England had come out of the snowstorm and were now making beautiful love to her.

She was experiencing sex, like she had never had before, and she'd just been told there was much, much more to come!

"Now we will turn Milady over" Said Don. They released her bonds and turned her over. Kissing, fondling, stroking, and massaging her as they did.

"When are going to let me touch you?" She said, as she was turned to lie on her back. "Now if you really want to" said Don. "Oh please. I want suck those beautiful hard cocks, before they invade my willing and lustful flesh."

"We will invade you in every hole, don't you worry" said Peter " As we said you will be the one to say when your treatment ends."

Milady lay on the bed propped up into a sitting position by some pillows to make her the right height to service her two lovers.

Peter and Don knelt beside her, offering their hard and willing cocks to her. Milady first turned to take Don's erection into her mouth and swallowed as much as she could. She withdrew his cock from her mouth and turned to Peter and did the same to him. "Mmmm" said Peter "I think she's going too play cock tennis."

" What? Game set and cum?" asked Don, and they all laughed at his terrible joke. (But then Don's humour has nearly got him murdered in the past.) "Well. I'll serve" Milady. "Be my guest, " said Don.

Milady first sucked one then withdrew and sucked the other getting faster and sucking longer on each cock until she was dizzy. "Enough!" She Cried " I'm never going to get either of you to come like this. I want to suck one and fuck the other and I don't care who does what."

"Oh listen to her. Thinks she's the queen of Sheba ordering us around like that," said Peter in an effected voice. Suddenly changing his tone to exaggerated serious "Right... DON. You take the head and I'll take the tail."

Peter sat on his heels between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy staring straight into her eyes with a wicked smile on his face as he penetrated her willing pussy.

Don laid himself around her head so she could suck his cock and he could thrust into her mouth. "Now this is what I call treatment," Ann said. With Peter' cock in her pussy thrusting back and forth in long slow firm strokes that applied a wonderful pressure to her G-spot; and Don fucking her mouth and squeezing her luscious globes and pinching her nipples. Ann could take this treatment for a very, very, long time.

Peter and Don were enjoying themselves they were both capable of controlling their orgasm and keep themselves on the high plateau for at least and hour. But would Milady be able to take it? That was the question.

The answer came all to quickly as Ann came in another breath taking climax. "Ah ah ah ah ah OOOH ooooH yeeeessss" she said and lay still and relaxed with her eyes twinkling like diamond's "Oh another one like that and I will faint, I really will" She said.

"End of round two" said Peter. "Now it's going to get real bad. If you will allow me to lie on the bed you can sit on my cock" Ann got up and allowed Peter to lay on the bed she then sat on his cock with a triumphant squelch. Don got some oil and spread it over his cock and climbed on the bed behind Ann. Putting his feet either side of Peter's legs. He bent his knees and very gently pushed himself into her virgin arse. At first Ann felt surprise at this new invasion, but letting herself relax she took the whole length of Don's hard cock into her arse. "Ooooh this is fucking fantastic I've never felt so fucking full in my life. It burns so wonderfully. Fuck me you bastards, this bitch wants to come again!!" said Ann.

Her new lovers fucked her arse and pussy for an age until Don could take her tight arse no longer and shot his load deep into Ann's willing body. "Aaaaah ah that was well worth waiting for," said Don. "Pray continue sir, and screw this woman," He said to Peter.

Peter rolled Ann and himself over so he could screw her from the side, this allowed him to massage her large a wonderful tits and also tickle her clit and fuck her with long hard thrusts and also stare into her eyes with pure lust. It wasn't long before Peter felt his seed rising from his balls and he came with Ann.

They were all three satisfied. Although sticky and hot, kissing and cuddling they played and rolled around the bed. Don took the bottle of wine and he and Peter took it in turns filling Ann's navel with wine and sucking it dry. Ann laughed and giggled at this crazy treatment. But didn't want such fun to end. How was she going make this last? She prayed that the snow would fall thick and long. To prevent these two wonderful Englishmen from leaving her.

Ann decided that night that Peter and Don were going to share many more nights of pleasure with her.

Having two men around was just fantastic for Ann. Her fuchsia pink vibrator stayed in the drawer all that winter. Both men never felt jealous that she didn't mind which cock she was sucking or fucking. They were both content that they could together pleasure a lady when-ever they wanted for Ann was just addicted to their cocks.

Peter really enjoyed walking up behind her at the washbasin lifting her nightgown or dress and screwing her as he kissed her and squeezed her large breasts. Don's favourite was to let Ann jump him on the sofa.

As winter gave way to spring and the world outside warmed. They ventured out into the woods around Ann's house. Ann knew they were planning a real adventure and then things changed as a new person came into their lives in the shape of a beautiful Afro-American girl. With skin not dark and not light just that beautiful Mocha coffee colour.

Sabrina had wanted to get away from it all. At 22 she was fed-up with being treated like fool just because she was beautiful. So if no one could see her then no one could think she was a fool. She knew what she liked and what she wanted. But how satisfy her wants was the problem. Walking in the forest in the spring she would let nature and the force take her were she must go.

Sabrina had all she needed in her pack. The weather was warm and pleasant as she walked through the woods on that special day.

"Oh you beast. You mustn't do this leaving me tied in the woods naked for all to see." Said Ann. " We will not leave you here alone. You can be assured."

Sabrina couldn't believe her eyes. There in the valley just below her was a plump and very naked woman tied spread eagled between two trees. Standing next to her was a man also naked stroking his erection and leering at the tethered woman. Sabrina found the scene very erotic, and stood riveted, watching the scene unfold.

It was Don who had tied Ann to the trees and he was going to kiss and fondle and pleasure her. "First" he whispered in her ear that he would now blindfold her, even as he was putting the blindfold on he was kissing her ears and neck. Slowly working the kisses to her upper arms and onto the swell of her breasts. Not once did he touch her nipples with the kisses. Instead Don gently kissed the underside of her breasts something that Ann just loved, it brought a little shudder that went through her body which signalled to Don to gently lift the wonderful breast and kiss the area more, before turning his attention to the other breast giving it the same devoted attention. Don kissed his way down towards Ann's navel and on downward to her now throbbing pouting Mon's Venus still totally shaven and bare for all to see.

After just a few kisses Don was working his way around to her full bottom kissing every inch of her white unblemished skin. Ann was pleading for release and a damn good fucking, but still Don refused to be drawn out of the pleasure trail that he was taking Ann along.

The scene entranced Sabrina and her hand had found its way to her crotch and was stroking herself through the thick material of her jeans. Even so she was becoming very aroused and wanted nothing more than to go and join in.

Peter stood just inch's behind Sabrina waiting for her to get the point in her arousal where the touch of his hands would not frighten her.

Sabrina had to touch herself and undid her jeans and pushed them down her long and slender legs. Now she could get at her throbbing clit. She lay back against a rock staring at Don and Ann. Don was still teasing Ann. Even though she was now begging him to fuck her as her pleadings echoed around the woods.

Sabrina could hardly control the little moans that were escaping from her lips, Peter thought it was now or never and moved gentle forward and gently embraced Sabrina' body and said in a very gentle voice " I know you want to join in so don't panic" Somehow Sabrina knew there was nothing to be afraid of and allowed Peter's hands to cup her breasts. She turned to meet him as he lowered his head to her and kissed her deeply. Sabrina was in heaven this felt just so right.

Peter asked her if she would like to come and join the game. But first she must become naked. Sabrina agreed to his request and allowed Peter to remove her clothes.

So that they were all naked in the woods. "Ah that will have to go"

"what?" said Sabrina looking worried for a second. " That wisp of hair upon your pubis" said Peter. "But for now we will allow it to stay, come I will introduce you to Ann and Don."

Peter took Sabrina's hand and they walked down to the bottom of the valley. To where Don had Ann tied to the trees. "H A llow" said Don "what have we here? A wood sprite?"

"No" said Peter. "Just a beautiful lone traveller, whose lust has been her undoing."

"Hi" said Sabrina.

"Let me introduce you. This is Don and Ann and my name is Peter.

Sorry I didn't get your name you are?"

"Oh my name is Sabrina and I'm very pleased to meet you all."

Ann said, "Who's there? I can't see"

"And you're not going too. This is Sabrina. I found her frigging herself off watching you two and now she's naked and wants to join in" Said Peter.

Sabrina moved toward Ann and stroked her naked flesh saying, "I like women as well as men and want to get to know your body first. So much wonderful white flesh to caress." Sabrina bent her head forward and kissed Ann full on the mouth. Ann recoiled to this new intimacy "Relax and let your feelings go" said Sabrina.

Don came up behind Ann, put his arms around, nuzzled her, and whispered into Ann's ear "Just relax she's beautiful and so are you and together you make a wonderful sight."

Sabrina was gentle and little by little Ann relaxed. Then she found herself kissing this gentle stranger. Sabrina couldn't get enough of Ann's beautiful white flesh; She stroked and explored her tethered body, ducking under Ann's raised arms to walk behind her. Don moved around to Ann's front and started to suckle and knead her large round breasts, he then pushed his hand between Ann's legs opening her for further invasion. Don then dropped to his knees and buried his face into Ann's pussy. He was rewarded with a loud scream and Ann gripping her thighs around his head. Don then lifted Ann's legs and sat her on his shoulders eating and slurping on her clit. Sabrina was rubbing her naked body over Ann's back bottom. She seemed to be in a trance like state and was oblivious to her surroundings. Her own bottom was thrust out. Peter stood behind gently massaging his very erect cock. He had been enjoying watching the scene unfold before his eyes but now he had to taste that delightful coffee coloured slit which just showed a glimpse of light pink soft flesh inside. Peter dropped down on all fours and moved up behind Sabrina. He took hold of her thighs and pushed his tongue deep into her sweat musk scented slit. She moaned and pushed her pussy into his mouth. "God that's fucking good" she said.

"He is good, in fact both of them are," said Ann.

"You are one lucky bitch having two men to service you." Said Sabrina

"That she is" said Peter "But today is your lucky day." With that he stood up her behind and pushed himself into Sabrina's Pussy, with triumphant grunt. "Oh yes fuck me I need cock real bad" She said. "Going fuck me, fuck me." Peter slammed his hips hard into Sabrina's arse making scream for more and more.

Ooooh yes, you can really take it cant you. No wonder you couldn't stop yourself joining in our little game you're a real horny bitch aren't you?" said Peter.

"Yes I am and I have a lust that can kill you" she said "but for now fuck my pussy and shut the fuck up."

Peter put hands around Sabrina slim waist and pulled her back onto his cock increasing the penetration as he did. Both he and Sabrina were grunting with their excursion racing for an almost animal release from their lust. "Fuck me I'm coming," screamed Sabrina "Oh fuck meeeeee" and with that she came as Peter released his seed into her glowing sweating body. Peter lifted her off his cock and turned round, to squeeze her tight to his body and kiss her long and slow.

"Fuck that was so hot," said Ann. Who'd been untied and had her blindfold removed by Don so they could both watch their display of pure primeval lust. Don was standing behind Ann with his own cock buried into Ann's pussy. He however was enjoying the show and didn't want to rush to his climax as Peter and Sabrina had done.

"Come on Don fuck her hard, see how quick you can come," said Peter.

"Yeh go on I wont to watch her face as she comes. Go on fuck her real hard like Peter did me," said Sabrina. Don looked Sabrina straight in the eye and started to rut his cock into Ann's pussy from behind. He grunted and pushed himself into Ann to force his cock to shoot its load into Ann's willing womb. Sabrina walked up to Ann and kissed her hard and deep on the mouth. She also thrust her down to Ann's clit and rubbed it hard and fast to force to come as quick. All this time she stared straight into Ann's eyes'.

"Saying come you bitch come you cant resist it, you're going to come and come real hard." Ann's breath was coming in short sharp gasps as Don thrust into her from behind. Sweat was pouring off both her and Don with the exertion of the moment. With sudden grunt and spasm Don shot his spunk into Ann's pussy and she came as she felt the heat of release into her. "Aaah yeeesss" she screamed.

"Cum you bitch cum," said Sabrina. Peter was stroking and kissing both women, he had pushed two fingers into Sabrina's pussy, and was hand fucking her at the same time.

As Ann and Don orgasms eased they all stood with the men hugging the women from behind and all of them enjoying the closeness of the moment and a newfound friendship that was going to develop over the next few days.

Ann said, "Well I don't about you lot but I m getting cold after all the exercise. Lets all go back to the house and lunch and talk about what just happened I m sure as hell my mind is still spinning with it all"

Don and Peter went and found the ladies cloths and Sabrina's pack and they all walked back to the house.

All they could do as they walked back to the house was just smile at each other like kids who had just found the honey pot.

After lunch Ann took Sabrina to room. As she needed to talk to her about what had happened and how it had happened. Sabrina told Ann that she had first found the joy of another woman when she was at uni. Even though she adored men she found making love to a woman different yet also very satisfying. Ann still wasn't sure and said so. Ann said that that she didn't want loose Peter and Don as she loved them both dearly and couldn't imagine life now without two lovers around to satisfy her. Sabrina assured her that she was only going to around for a short while. But Ann told her that she could see that Peter looked at Sabrina differently. Sabrina had no answer to this as she to felt some different urge toward Peter. It may have been the way he had made love to her out the woods she didn't know.

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