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Ann's Trip


This is my 1st tale about Ann, a mature wife who explores her growing sexuality with her husband's approval. Some parts are true, others well that is for you to figure out.

In this world, there are no STD's and the heroine cannot get pregnant.

Constructive criticisms are welcome. For the boo birds, please post your stories for our critique.


Ann was so excited! For the first time in many years, she was asked by her boss to go on a business trip. The only regret that she had was that she could not take Steven with her. Steven and Ann had been married just over 20 years. During that time, she had not even spent one night without his comforting presence in her bed. Of course, having his long hard cock at her disposal didn't hurt either. Needless to say, Ann knew she would miss him very much.

Ann was a 42 Y/O, redheaded woman. Being 5'5" and 110 pounds with a figure to match certainly drew a lot of attention from other men. Of course, Ann was not above wearing the shorter type skirts and low necked blouses to give a lucky male of bit of a peek at her charms. Being somewhat modest, Ann always wore a bra and panties. The bras were thin and the panties were of the bikini type. When going out to a club, she often would wear a garter belt with nylon stockings.

Ann's only worry in her marriage was that Steven was always asking her to be bolder in her appearance. Going braless, wearing thong panties and see through attire, were things that Steven wanted. He always told Ann that she was a very sensual, sexy woman and she should exhibit it more.

There was one time that she had gone out without a bra with a low cut top. In the store, she had dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up. She sensed the presence of someone near and glanced up. Standing there was a man staring down her blouse. In that moment, she knew that he had seen all of her tits from the rounded globes to the semi-hard nipples. Rising up, she smiled at him and turned a bit red. He started to say something, but Ann turned and hurried out of the store.

At home that evening she told Steven what had happened. "Honey, he was just staring at my breasts," Ann related.

"How did that make you feel" replied Steven.

"I was embarrassed, but I felt excited. "He was the first man that saw my nipples since we got married". Continuing Ann asked "Does it bother you that he did?"

Steven thought for a bit and replied "no, it arouses me. You are my sexy, hot wife. I would like for you to be more relaxed in what you wear and by doing that, you will turn me on."

Ann thought about that and said "what if someone we know sees me?"

Steven replied "This is a big town. There's not much chance of that happening and if it does, that is their problem. Just tell me what happens and how you feel about it."

"Ok" said Ann, still not convinced. "If that is what you want, I will try it." You know Steven, I have always been shy about my body, but I love you too much to say no."

That night Ann and Steven had wild, passionate sex. Ann had always loved to suck on Steven's cock. This night she took it all of his seven inches into her mouth and swallowed it into her throat for the first time. Afterwards, Ann thought "all this talk about me showing myself off to others really has turned me on!"

Over the next couple of years, Ann indeed was bolder in her attire. Leaning over at opportune moments allowed many men to see her braless breasts. Going to clubs and bars, Ann often forgot about her skirt. Riding up, it would expose her stocking tops, a bit of naked thigh and the garter straps holding up her hose.

Sometimes Ann would dance with other men. Hands would roam and she often felt their hard cocks pressing against her. One man even cupped her ass and fingered the outline of her thong panties. She moved his hand; however, she was secretly turned on by his touch.

Going home the night after it happened, Ann complained to Steven. "Steven, there was this one guy that just wouldn't keep his hands to himself! He pulled me tight against his body and I could feel his hard cock pushing against my tummy. And to top it off, he ran his fingers along the edge of my thong and rubbed his hands on my ass. My thin skirt was the only thing between his hands and my bare butt!"

Steven said, "I know, I was watching you as it happened. Did he say anything to you?"

Ann replied, "Oh yeah, he kept on telling how sexy I was and how he loved women who wore garter belts and stockings. I asked how he knew that. He told me that I was very careless about my skirt when I was sitting down. Is that right Steven?"

Steven smiled and said, "I am afraid so honey. When you cross your legs, sometimes your hemline pulls above your stocking tops and shows some delightful skin and every so often I can see the garter straps and the clasps holding them up." If I can see that, so can other men."

Ann blushed at what Steven had said. She knew she had been more relaxed with her attire, but she didn't think she was letting that much show. Ann asked Steven, "This doesn't bother you?"

Steven replied, "Hell no, it is a real turn on to think other guys find you hot & sexy!"

Ann said, "But honey, they are touching me as much as they can get away with. Are you saying that is alright too?"

Steven smiled and asked "Ann, when that happens, how does it make you feel?"

Ann thought about it for a moment replied, "It makes me feel wanted and desired. I am just afraid that you will be mad at me."

Steven replied saying, "Honey there is nothing that you could do that would make me mad at you. All I ask is to tell me what you have done and how it made you feel."

Ann felt relieved at what Steven had said. She still was a bit concerned, but all the attention she was receiving from other men was really causing her temperature to rise.

One night at a club, Ann was wearing a short wrap around dress that was tied together by a sash. Feeling particularly daring, she had skipped both a bra & her thong. While dancing, her breasts would bounce around in her dress and the skirt portion would fly up exposing her legs almost to her pussy.

Returning to their table, she saw that a couple of young men had sat in the empty chairs close to Steven and herself. After introductions, Ann found herself seated in between a 21 y/o named Dan and her husband.

As they talked, Dan kept on glancing at her chest. Ann wondered why. Going to the restroom, Ann discovered when she turned in a certain way; her entire top would open up. From his viewpoint, she could see that her entire hard nippled breast was visible. Ann smiled to herself, thinking that a young guy would find her so attractive.

After she returned, Dan asked Ann to dance. A fast song was playing. As they danced, Ann's dress would open & close providing Dan with quick looks at her stocking tops and bare thighs.

Then a slow song came on. Dan placed his hands on her hips and Ann wrapped her hands around his neck. As the song played his hands moved around her waist and he pulled her tightly against his hard body. Ann could feel his stiff cock pressing against her soft, pliant pelvic area and her pussy began to moisten.

Dan moved his hands down to feel and squeeze her ass. All this time he was telling how hot she was and how he would like to fuck her. Ann was totally turned on by his brazen actions. Here she was, a 44 y/o married woman allowing a kid half her age to turn her into quivering jelly.

Not caring anymore, Ann took one of his hands in hers and she placed it against her breast. Dan wiggled the back of his fingers causing Ann's nipple to pop out. Ann, enjoying the feeling, let go of Dan's hand. He turned it around, cupped her braless breast and flicked her excited nubbins through her flimsy dress. Ann was starting to get really hot. She finally led Dan off the dance floor and back to their seats.

As Ann sat down, she felt the skirt portion of her dress open up. This did not go unnoticed by Dan. He enjoyed the view of Ann's hosiery and the bareness of her legs above her stocking tops. Dan could not help himself. He decided to take a chance and rested his hand just below Ann's stocking edge.

He leaned close to her and whispered "did you like the feel of my hard cock against you? Would like to suck it? You are so hot. Do you want to go outside to my car and fuck?"

All this talk was making Ann feel so horny. Dan's hand moved up and caressed Ann's naked flesh. By this time, she was really turned on and she let her legs open up a bit. Dan's hand moved again, this time slipping between her inner thighs. He touched Ann's bare pussy. He thumbed her clit and rubbed her wet opening. She opened her legs further and Dan inserted his fingers in her and moved them it and out.

Ann had to stop him. She reached down and moved his hand back to his lap. In doing so, her hand brushed against his hard cock. Feeling that, Dan took Ann's hand and place right against his hardness.

Throwing caution to the wind, she caressed it through his pants. What she really wanted to do was to go out to his car to suck him off and maybe fuck him. But she couldn't. Not with Steven there. Not that he would mind, but she just wasn't ready yet.

After a while Steven was ready to leave. Before they did, Ann hugged Dan and moved his hand inside her dress to feel her bare breast. He squeezed it and pinched her nipple. As they separated, Dan gave Ann his phone number. In doing this, he once again told her that he really wanted to fuck her.

On the way home, Ann snuggled up against Steven. She licked his ear and unzipped his pants. Out came Steven's long hard prick.

"Was I a hot enough wife for you tonight" whispered Ann. "Did you see me tease that poor boy? He wanted me to go out to his car, strip me naked and then fuck me. I wanted to Steven. I really wanted to."

Steven asked "what stopped you?"

Ann replied "I'm not sure. I just didn't know how you would react."

Steven looked at Ann and said "Honey, you are my sexy, hot wife. I would have been fine with it as long as it would make you happy."

Ann was amazed at Steven's words. She snuggled up to him, reached out and stroked his cock. Leaning down her head, she sucked Steven's prick into her mouth. Her tongue whirled around the head and then up and down on his rigid pole.

Steven, driving with one hand, reached out with the other and pulled Ann's dress over her hips. His fingers stretched down over her butt and he pushed them into her cunt.

Ann screamed and came with a mighty orgasm.

Rolling upright, Ann sat there recovering. Looking out the window to her right, she was shocked to see an eighteen wheeler keeping pace with their car. The driver kept looking down at her and Ann wondered how much he had seen. Glancing at her lap with her dress split open to the waist, she saw she had already shown the trucker a lot.

Smiling to herself, Ann reached and unhooked the sash that was holding her frock together. Taking her dress completely off, she tossed it in the backseat.

For the first time in her married life, she was completely naked in front of a man who was not her husband; well not completely nude as she still had her stockings, garter belt and high heels on.

All of a sudden, a spotlight came on. It was from the truck! Every detail of Ann's body was revealed. It was like being on stage and Ann felt it.

She leaned her back against Steven, placed her left foot on the dash and her right heel over the seat back. This spread her legs wide open and revealed every juicy detail of her pussy. Her figures found their way into her vagina and her other hand lifted her breast as if she was offering it to the trucker to suck.

Ann had another orgasm.

Not forgetting poor Steven, Ann turned and lowering her head she sucked Steven into her mouth. No teasing, no pretense. She angled her head and Steven's prick entered her throat.

It didn't take long. Steven's hips bucked and his sperm poured in to Ann's mouth. In the meantime, Ann's naked ass was poking into the air giving that trucker a view that he wouldn't soon forget.

It was time to go home.

All of this provoked strong longing in Ann. Over the next year, she was tempted more then once. Strangers would flirt with her. She would flirt back, allowing her skirts and tops to show her body off.

Once in an elevator, Ann was the only woman in a crowd of men. Ann felt a hand on her ass and then fingers drawing her dress up. Ann had not worn hose that day and he encountered just bare skin. As he played with the softness at the back of her thighs, Ann started to become aroused. Ann, lost in the moment, spread her legs just a bit and before she knew it, she could feel his offending digits slip between her legs and to caress her thong covered pussy. Suddenly, the elevator came to the next floor and stopped. Ann felt the hand move away as the elevator doors came open and everyone got off. Ann never could tell who had groped her a few minutes ago.

The next summer, Steven came to Ann with an envelope is his hand.

"What's that," inquired Ann.

Steven replied "it's an invitation from my boss for a mid summer party."

Ann remembered those from the past. Usually a bunch of people she did not know and the boss would go home early. After that everyone got pretty much wasted.

"Do you think we should go?" Ann asked.

"I sure do," replied Steven. "Just so I can show off my sexy, hot wife."

Ann smiled at Steven. She had changed so much in the last few years that Steven's desire to show her off and get her closer to other men didn't trouble her as much as it used to.

The day of the party, Ann went to a day spa. She had her nails done and her hair styled. Arriving home, Ann thought about what to wear. As she remembered, these events were attended by out of town men. Some wives and girlfriends came along, but it was mostly a guy's night out type of an event. The party was being held at a local hotel, so they didn't have to worry about driving home after drinking.

Ann thought "this is a perfect time to indulge in Steven's fantasy." With that thought in her mind, Ann pulled out a dress that Steven had never seen. Halter topped, the neckline dipped clear down to her abdominal area coming to a "V" just above her navel. Three chains held her top together with the highest one crossing just below the breast line. Leaning forward could see her tits nestled inside with her nipples just out of sight. Leaning just a bit farther, both her breasts and nipples were completely exposed.

In back, the dress dipped far enough down so that her butt crevice was barely hidden. The skirt portion of the dress was very short, shorter then anything Ann had ever worn before. The hem line came to about 4-5 inches above her knees. Seated, it slipped up a bit farther just barely covering the apex of her thighs. Ann thought, "I will have to very careful or I will show everything." Ann put on a G-String. Looking in the mirror, Ann saw the three strings of it showing in back. Ann considered that for a minute. "Aw, the hell with it" and pulled the thong off leaving her totally bare under her dress. Ann completed her outfit with a 3 inch pair of open-toed sling backed heels.

Coming into the bedroom, Steven just stopped and stared. "Sexy enough for you darling?" said Ann.

"Oh my god, yes," wowed Steven. Moving forward Steven took Ann in his arms. Slipping his hands under her dress, he felt her bare ass with nothing to impede his advances. "You will be the hottest woman there honey," murmured Steven.

"From what I can remember, I may be the only woman there" replied Ann.

Steven said "Then you will be the star of the evening." With that, Ann and Steven proceeded to the party.

Ann and Steven walked into the party room. There were about 20 people there including a few other women. They were all dressed in various frocks. One of the wives had a short, somewhat revealing outfit on. However, Ann's dress showed the most skin.

As Ann walked across the floor, her hips twitched and her tits bounced up and down. Sensing she was alone, Ann turned her head and saw Steven talking to his boss, elderly gentlemen about 75.

Reaching the bar, Ann leaned forward and ordered her favorite drink. As she did the top of her dress dipped open exposing most of her shapely globes to the bartender. Ann looked up at him and said "Hope you liked your tip sir." The bartender just smiled and kept on looking down.

A hand touched Ann's shoulder. "Ann, you must remember Mr. Williams from our last party" said Steven.

"I most certainly do" replied Ann. "How have you been Mr. Williams?"

"I have been fine and you Ann, you look ravishing. Will you save a dance for me before I go?"

"I will look forward to that sir" Ann finished.

Mr. Williams wondered off and Steven leaned down and whispered in Ann's ear. "As we walked over here you were bent over just enough to show of the bottom part of your ass cheeks. I haven't seen a smile like that from Mr. Williams in a long time. You are so my hot, sexy wife" Steven finished.

For the next hour or so, Ann talked with a few of the people there. She was being very careful how she bent and how she sat. Still, she could see most of the men sneaking glances at her nearly nude body. She saw that Mr. Williams was paying special attention to her. She decided to tease him a bit. When Ann thought he was looking, she bent down to adjust her shoe. Of course, her dress opened up in front baring her breasts and hard nipples that were just begging to be sucked. A few minutes later as Ann was seated facing him, she slowly crossed her tantalizing legs showing her naked twat in all its moist glory.

Mr. Williams missed none of this and when the music came on, he came over to claim his dance.

Ann wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him hard against her soft body. Mr. Williams moved his hands to Ann's bare back and began to caress them up and down her exposed skin. His prick started to harden. Ann, feeling his hard cock, wiggled her pelvis against it. Lost in the moment, Mr. William's hands moved underneath Ann's dress in back and caressed her bare ass. Ann moaned and pressed herself harder against him. Mr. William's finger slipped between her ass cheeks and pressed against her anal opening. Trying to worm his finger into her ass, Ann admonished Mr. Williams and moved away from the offending digit. "Naughty boy" said Ann. "What would your wife think?"

"She is not here" replied Mr. Williams, "Anyway we quit having sex many years ago and she ignores my outside activities."

Ann replied "I am sorry to hear that. You definitely feel like a virile man. However, while I like to flirt, I am still married to Steven and I won't cheat on him." Having said that, Ann reached her hand down, squeezed Mr. William's cock and pulled away.

Ann sat down with Steven and expressed what had happened. "He felt so hard and I really wanted to go further, however I just can't do that to you Steven."

"Honey, why don't you let me be the judge of that" said Steven.

As they sat there, Ann continued to drink more then a few cocktails. She got up to go to the bathroom. After freshening up, she headed back to the party room. As Ann was walking down the hallway she crossed paths with Greg, the bartender. Ann smiled at Greg. As she did she tripped and fell towards him. Instinctively, Greg reached out and caught her. One strap on her dress had dropped off her shoulder and in doing so Ann's breast had slipped out. As Greg caught her and as luck would have it one of his hands ended up on the exposed tit. As Greg helped lift Ann up, she became aware where his hand was at. Taking a step back, Ann adjusted her dress and said "Thank you for catching me."

Greg replied and said "No problem and I really liked the tip you just gave me."

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