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Annunciation Day


I am old now.

I spend most of my time in my chair thinking back of my good life. My lovely wife Karin just came and sat by my side and started talking about the time when we were newly wed and what a great sex life we have had. Nowadays it happens only occasionally that we both are in the mood and ready for action. But when it happens we have a great time.

Karin is a tremendous woman and has been my dream wife. She is fun to be with, a good mother and an innovative and active sex partner. In fact I suspect that she has something in her mind, talking about old times.

"Do you remember," Karin said, "the first time I brought you to the Annunciation Day ceremony at our wedding church?"

How could she think I would forget that? It was at that time she really revealed what a tremendous, sexy and open-minded wife she is. Let me tell you about it.

- - -

We are Swedes. I first met my wife during the war. I was stationed at the Norwegian border in a remote part of Sweden called Dalecarlia. We got our supplies from a small village and Karin was the person in the local store that handled our orders. I met her nearly every week when I collected our supplies. We got on well together and I finally dared to ask her for a date. When the war ended we had become a pair and I proposed to her.

She was the daughter of the vicar. He and his wife were very nice and we got along very well already from the beginning. The vicar was much older than his wife. When he was offered to be the vicar he had to accept an old tradition and marry the widow of the former priest. She was much older and died when he was only middle-aged. So he married a much younger girl, my mother in law.

Our wedding took place in the local church and of course he carried out the wedding ceremony. The marriage of the vicar's daughter was a great event in this small parish and many members attended. The church wasn't big enough so some had to stand outside. The wedding party was held in the vicarage garden. It was a lovely party in early summer.

On the wedding night it was pleasant to find that Karin was a virgin. In those times it was to be expected but you could never be sure. Karin had been very passionate when we were together although she had never allowed me to go all the way. But she sucked me off and let me fondle her naked body everywhere.

That she was a passionate woman was no surprise. But that she was advanced and knew how to please me made me wonder. Already on our second night together she asked me to take her from behind which I was glad to do. She had a marvelous bottom. But I really got curious when she the following night asked, a little shy though, if I wanted to take her up her butt. Of course I was willing to try her lovely back entrance even if it was new to me. She surprised me even more with her skill about how that penetration should be carried out. She steered me through it with self-esteem and she really enjoyed it. And so did I.

Later I asked her how she had acquired that knowledge. She smiled and asked me to wait.

"When the time is ready I will tell you. And I am sure you won't regret that you have to wait. So please be patient and enjoy," she said.

When I asked she was busy sucking on my dick. So there wasn't anything else to do than accept her refusal to answer. She had a good grip on my balls and sucked me like an angel.

During the following months I now and then asked her but always got the same answer: "Wait, you won't regret it."

We celebrated Christmas and New Year in the vicarage together with her family. It was pleasant and I got to know her parents a little better. Her mother Birgit was in her late forties, easy going and with a tremendous body. It was easy to see from where Karin had got her manner and good looks. Birgit was rather tall; her body mature with good-sized breasts, broad hips and a full bottom. She was impressive but yet warm and comforting.

I also got to know my sister-in-law Lisa and her husband. He had one of the biggest farms in the neighborhood but in another parish. Lisa was a little older than Karin but that they were sisters was easy to see.

During the holiday I came to understand how influential the vicar and his wife were in this small parish. A steady flow a people was coming to seek advice in many matters. Many women wanted to talk to Birgit in private.

On our last night before going back home Karin was very horny. She caressed me for a long time and sucked my cock expertly. Then she straddled me and slowly impaled herself on my very hard and waiting cock. It was heavenly as usual. She was really good in pleasing me. She slowly raised and sank back on my cock and also tried a few rapid thrusts.

Suddenly she sat down, leaned forward letting her breasts lightly rest on my chest and flexed her cunt muscles around my cock. She held me in a firm grip.

"Now the time has come to let you know how I acquired my knowledge," she said. "We have been asked to take part in an old ceremony in our church. You must give your consent before we leave tomorrow. I hope you will," she said and raised her buttocks a few times letting my cock feel her lovely tight cunt canal.

She sat, impaled on my cock, and told me about the ceremony.

" Nobody knows when it all started. It's mentioned in the parish books as long as they have been kept. It seems to be a mix up or combination of several traditions. In the old times offerings were made to the gods for good harvest on the vernal equinox. That day is very close to the Annunciation Day, which is the day when this ceremony is to take place. The Barbarian and the Christian fertility rites are mixed. Added to that is the will of the church to prevent pre marriage intercourse and its consequences. Our parish has been very practical about these things and wants to give young people an alternative instead of just decreeing abstinence."

She paused and gave her attention to thrust on my cock. It had given signs of loosing its hardness, which my skilled wife had noticed. She fucked me until my cock was hard again also using her cunt muscles. Then she continued:

"This ceremony combines the wish to sacrifice for good harvest, the wish to teach young people how to handle their sexual desire and to celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed virgin. And I also think that added to that is the wish to celebrate the end of the long dark and cold winter."

She looked at me to get my reaction. I grabbed her hips and urged her to move her bottom. I had a desire to fuck. She obliged for a while, then stopped:

"This is how the ceremony is carried out and what will be expected of us," she said. "The vicar family is a vital part of the ceremony and now you are family." She told me about the ceremony, now and then interrupted by our needs to keep the heat up. The more she told me the more excited I got and the less I needed encouragement to keep my erection.

Finally she moved slowly up and down on my shaft. She looked me in the eye and asked:

"Now you have to decide. Will you volunteer to take part in the ceremony and let me do it as well? Please do," she begged and squeezed my cock hard with her cunt muscles. She also reached behind and grabbed my balls. She knew how to persuade me.

What she had described sounded very exciting and she wanted it so much. So I gave her my answer. I rolled us over on the bed and thrust hard and deep into her.

"Yes, darling, yes let's do it," I cried in the same instant we both violently came.

Three months later we were back at the vicarage. We arrived the day before the ceremony. There was tension in the air. Birgit was busy ironing hooded wool cowls that she explained should be used the following day. The cowls had buttons all the way up front but also half way up on the back.

"Have Karin told you about the ceremony," she asked, when she saw that I didn't realize how the cowls should be used. "The white one's are for the youngsters and the blue for the other performers," she explained.

There was a steady flow of pairs of people coming to see the vicar and his wife. It was a mother and a son or daughter. They talked for a while, then got a white and a blue cowl and left.

In the evening Birgit and Karin were busy in the kitchen. They prepared different decoctions from dried herbs and it was a lengthy process.

"These are old recipes kept in the vicarage," Birgit told me. "There are also descriptions of the different herbs, what they look like, where they can be found and when they should be picked and dried. We will use them tomorrow at the ceremony."

"There are different decoctions for men and women," my wife added. "And there is one that I guess have a light narcotic effect. It must be dozed with care."

At lunchtime the next day a young priest arrived.

"He will take part in the ceremony," Birgit told me. "The vicar is too old nowadays to carry out what is needed. He will supervise it all though."

I followed Karin and her sister Lisa to inspect the church. It was already warm inside but the churchwarden was adding more wood in the fireplaces. When we got married I had seen and briefly wondered about the alter-rails. It was big and nearly a half circle. The knee-cushions were higher than normal and the handrails put further back from the cushions. Inside I saw a new platform about a yard high and equipped with what looked like a small section of the altar rails. It had candelabra in the corners.

The ceremony started at seven. It was dusk already although the sky was clear. No moonlight but stars would show later. The church was hot and lit only by candles, which gave a dim and soft light. It was nearly full with parishioners. They were seated in the old fashioned way with men on one side and women on the other side of the aisle. My wife, her sister and I were seated in the vicarage pew placed at the front and along the wall at right angle to the other pews. We were dressed in blue cowls. In the opposite front pew sat five persons, all dressed in white cowls. It looked like three boys and two girls. All women and many of the men were also dressed in cowls of different colors. All had the hood well up over their heads, to give formal anonymity I guessed.

The vicar welcomed to the ceremony. The organist played and we sang hymns. The vicar conducted a short service. The sermon was a tale in old language about the return of the sun, the wishes for a good harvest, the miraculous, Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and the need to teach and take care of the young people. Under the following organ music hot wine was served to everyone from big bowls.

"The wine is mixed with the decoction of the narcotic herb," Karin whispered in my ear. "It's to get things going, so drink and relax."

After some more singing the vicar appeared at the altar.

"The time has come," he intoned, "to make the sacrifice. Those who are chosen please step forward."

My wife, her sister and I rose and went inside the altar rails. The five persons in white cowls and one man and three women in blue cowls from the community followed. All had the hoods up, hiding the face.

When entering we were handed another cup of the wine. I felt the effect of the wine and the drug.

The vicar intoned: "Let the sacrifice begin."

Two persons, one in a white cowl and one of the women approached me. I knew from what I had been told that they should be mother and daughter. We formed a triangle and I could see another triangle and three groups of two people form.

The persons in my group unbuttoned the front of their cowls but let the top buttons remain to keep the hood in place. They were naked underneath except for long stockings and a primitive garter belt to held them up! Suddenly I had two naked women in front of me. The mother had a good figure with ample breasts and wide hips and a dark rich bush covering her mons. The girl was a young copy but slimmer and with small breasts. Her dark bush had not yet got thick enough to fully cover her pussy lips.

They grabbed me and opened my cowl. I was naked as well. The mother took my dick in her hand and held it before the girl. She gasped when she saw it harden and raise. Her mother nudged her to take it in her hand and fondle it. The woman stroked me over my chest and brought my hand to her breast. I got the signal and started caress her. After a while she transferred my hands to her daughter and sank down and started to lick and suck my cook.

When I looked around I could see that all the groups were doing the same things. My wife was close by in one of the two-person groups. Before her was a boy and he was busy fondling her breasts while she was stroking his cock.

The mother brought her daughter down on her knees and gave her my cock. She pushed her forward and showed her how to lick and suck. She put her daughter's hand around my balls and then had her suck them into her mouth. She was not that careful to begin with but her mother told her to be careful and gentle. She was a quick learner and soon got the hang of it. I started to enjoy and my cock got the little extra hardness.

Suddenly my mother-in-law stood before us. She put her hand on the shoulder of the girl who looked up and smiled. Birgit nodded and smiled back and then went away. She was doing her round to see that all went well.

I became suddenly aware of the moans all around me. There were five men being jacked off by the women. The girls had their mothers to teach and support them. The boys were each served by an experienced woman and needed no other teacher. Two of the experienced women were my wife and her sister.

My woman raised and came close to me. She put my hand over her pussy and let me understand that she wanted to be caressed. I used one hand on her breasts and the other on her slit and started to slid it back and forth and slowly inserted more and more of my finger inside. Her daughter was busy sucking my cook. The woman suddenly shuddered from a small orgasm. I was near to come myself and told her. She stopped the girl and produced a small bowl from somewhere. They both knelt down and resumed working on my cock. It wasn't long before I came. The mother skillfully collected all my come in her bowl.

She and her daughter gave my cock a few more licks and then they rose. The daughter snuggled into my arms and I caressed her body. The mother brought the bowl over to Birgit who put it on the altar. The mother returned and both women embraced me. It was lovely to hold these naked women close to me.

I looked over for my wife. I could see that she was busy with the boy she was serving. She had him on the brink and took her bowl and let him spurt into it. Birgit came over and collected the bowl while Karin licked the boy's dick clean. She then raised and let him fondle her and feel up her cunt. I could hear her muffled moans and guessed that she too got an orgasm.

When all the five bowls were at the altar the vicar resumed the service.

He turned towards the altar and prayed and thanked for the sacrifice given. He then held up a chalice.

"Let the blood of Christ mix with the seed of the humans. Let the sacrifice of Christ mix with the sacrifice of the young and innocent and those who are chosen. Let us have it as a gift from the Master."

He poured an amount from the chalice into each of the bowls. The young priest emerged with two nearly full chalices and emptied the bowls into them. Then he took two other bowls from the altar and put one into each of the chalices.

We, who had performed went back to our pews.

My wife snuggled up to me and felt under my cowl. She squeezed my cock and whispered in my ear.

"Were they good. Did you enjoy? You look happy anyway. My boy wasn't that bad either," she giggled. "Now they have got the Holy Wine ready and it is mixed with the decoctions from the herbs. One is for the women, it's relaxing and the one for the men is good for potency. And the wine is strong."

The vicar resumed:

"Let's prepare for the Holy Communion."

The congregation lined up men to the right, women to the left. Everyone got a good amount of the wine and a special communion wafer. I had seen it in the vicarage and learnt that it was sweet and nutritious. The organ was playing and the people were cheerful. The wine quickly had its effect.

When all were seated again the churchwarden lit the four candelabra on the platform. The organ intoned a solemn hymn and to the tunes of it an imposing woman in a thin red velvet cowl came in from the vestry. The cowl was excellent cut with a pleat that made the fullness of her breasts show. They bounced very nice when she moved forward. She had a mask over her head. After her followed another person in a black stole and a mask. I suddenly got the impression that they were to resemble Frej and Freja, ancient gods from the Nordic mythology. Freja is the goddess of love and Frej the god of fertility. They entered the platform.

"Let's praise the Lord," the vicar intoned. "Please receive our sacrifice and give us health and a good harvest. Please receive the votive offering from the sacrificial priest and priestess. And learn about the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed virgin "

The organ changed to lighter tunes. The woman slowly turned towards the man and unbuttoned his stole. She took if off him and he was standing on the platform naked but masked. His massive dick was half-erect. She stroked him and fondled his balls and his dick responded and very soon became fully erect.

"This is the old heathendom," my wife whispered and squirmed on the bench. "Oh look at him. Look at that cock. Isn't he magnificent."

And he really was imposing. He stood straight at the platform, his hard dick pointing up in the air. The light and shadows from the candles flickered and added to the massive impression. His shadow was cast against the wall and highly magnified his cock

The woman stood before him. She pulled at a drawstring and her cowl opened. She shrugged it off her shoulders and except for the mask she was naked. No longer young she had a full mature body but it was in shape. Her bosom and bottom were full, her hips wide and her belly round. The pussy hair was thick and dark and brushed to fluffiness. She was as imposing naked as dressed in her cowl. The low placed candelabra made the light come from underneath, which was flattering for her body.

She turned around and backed up into the arms of the God. He started to caress her body. He stroked her breasts and down over her belly. He found her pussy and slowly inserted a finger in her hole. She squirmed and her knees buckled as he got deeper and also caressed her clit.

Suddenly she stepped forward out of his embrace and knelt on the knee-bench, rested her arms at the rails and lifted her ass. The platform was placed so the congregation saw the woman from the side and she was a sight positioned as she was, illuminated by the low placed light and with her full breasts swinging freely.

The God approached her with his dick pointing straight out. He let it slide through her slit before he took it in his hands and rubbed it harder all over her pussy.

The woman had a jar with oil and put a good amount on the cook and on her butt. The god withdrew a little and used his fingers to caress her. More and more he concentrated on her butt hole. The woman held up the jar and he put more oil on his fingers and started to probe her butt hole. One finger slid in easily and then two. She was open and ready for him.

The organ changed into a deep tune with a slow strong beat. The God placed his cock at her butt hole and started to press inwards with small movements back and forth. It was very visible when her muscle gave way and let his cockhead inside; a shudder went through her body. The God slowly started to thrust into her; deeper and deeper he went until he was full inside, his cock buried to the hilt. He paused, bent forward and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. He found her nipples and got them between his fingers. She lowered one arm and caressed her clit when he resumed his thrusting into her hole. She met his thrusts and soon they were into a violent banging. A deep moan came from the woman and somehow it matched the music. The congregation started to sing, not with words but with sound that matched. The whole church was engaged in the sacrifice.

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