tagLoving WivesAnny at the Adult Booths

Anny at the Adult Booths


I hated this. My husband arranged for us to go out with his friend Mike. I always thought of him as a stupid jerk. He always wanted to bring the conversation around sex, and I believed that a lot of times he was flirting me, without my husband noticing that. He could never attract me, he was quite fat, not handsome for sure, and I thought that he was really stupid (I called him like that a lot of times). But my husband liked his company, so I was forced to join them.

We went for a dinner, and soon enough Mike brought the conversation were he always wanted.

“I found that sex in public cases, is the best thing a couple can do, to spice up their lives”, he said.

“This is a little kinky and risky, but it could be fun”, my husband replied.

“Have you two ever done something like that?” Mike asked.

“These are personal things you are asking,” I interrupted angrily.

“Come on, honey,” my husband said, “ We once went to an adult theatre”

“Really? Oh Anny, I could never thought that you would have gone in such a place,” Mike said with an arch look.

I flushed, and before I could say anything Mike continue “ Have you done it there?”

“Mike, you stupid, stop that, it is impolite”, I said.

“No Mike, we just watch the movie, nothing more. Anny, come on, don’t argue with Mike, we are just talking”, my husband said.

“Sorry Anny, I didn’t want to be rude. Just by curiosity,” he said, and continued “but I have a proposal, there is a place, where there are private small rooms, where you can watch adult movies. This is more private than an adult theatre, but it still is a little public, so you two can go there and have some fun”.

“Really? That sounds interesting,” my husband said.

Upload: If you choose to upload your story, it should be uploaded as a plain texI found that interesting too, but I wasn’t supposed to show it, especially in front of Mike. “Yes Mike, I guess you go there every day, and release your?self, since you are not dating”, I said.

“Honey, you are impolite now,” my husband said to me.

“That’s OK, she is always like that to me, I can not misunderstand her, because I really like her… hahaha!!!” Mike said, and my husband laughed with him too (where is the joke I thought).

The night ended with me fighting with Mike, and at the end I had the feeling that I won. When we were home, we talked about those private booths, and ended with my husband fucking me like crazy. I was hot too, and enjoyed it much.

Two days later, my husband came from work, and told me to prepare to go out.

“Were to, honey?” I asked.

“To private booths! I called Mike today, and asked him the address. So get ready, for kinky staff tonight,” he told me.

“Are you sure, about that?” I asked, “I mean I can not trust Mike’s suggestions”.

“Come on, we will go there, check out, and if we do not like it we will leave” he replied.

I got dressed, wearing a quite revealing dress and my high hills. I was excited. My husband drove us at that place. We entered, and the place was full of men. I felt uncomfortable, feeling a lot of eyes looking at me. We went to the clerk, and my husband asked for explanations, about this place. The clerk explained him that there are booths, with TV screens, and you put coins in the machine and then you can watch the kind of movie you like. My husband bought some coins and we walked to our booth. I felt that all the guys there were following us with their eyes. We entered the small room and I saw that there was an inside locker. My husband locked the door, and I felt safe. The booth was very dark. My husband found the machine and put a coin in it. We chose a movie, and we sat on our chairs.

“Here we are dear, what do you think?” he asked me.

“I am a bit afraid, and a bit turned on,” I replied.

“Relax honey and enjoy, I am sure we will have a great time” he said.

The movie was about a wife that was cheating on her husband, in her own house. A family friend convinced her, to suck her pussy, and the woman became so hot, that she started sucking his cock. I hadn’t noticed that my husband had already his cock out, when he took my hand and place it on it.

“Stroke it baby,” he told me and so I did. My husband touched me up in my thigh, and slowly he moved his hand to my pussy. We masturbated each other, while we were watching the action on the film. Meanwhile my husband kept putting coins in the machine. I was so hot. I lowered my head and started sucking his cock. I do not do this to him very often, so when I do it, I drive him crazy. He kept fingering me and I was about to cum, when he told me “shit, baby, we are out of coins, I am going to get some for us and I will be back immediately”.

“You should had make more from the beginning lover,” I said.

“Lock the door behind me, and I will be back in a minute baby, with as much coins as I can get” he said and went out.

Now I was alone and horny there. The movie was still playing and as I watch, I started touching my self. I had to admit that this time, Mike’s idea was more than good. The combination of the movie and the idea of privacy in a public place made me cum, for the first time tonight. I felt my orgasm and I continued to mastrubate, and fingering myself. Then suddenly, I heard a voice “ Hei, pssst”. I tried to focus and understand, where this voice was coming from. “Hei you, over here”, I heard again a whisper. I turned my head to my right, and I was shocked. There was an erected cock, coming out from a hole in the wall.

“What…what, get out…no, take this out from here, what do you think you are doing?” I said.

“Come here and suck it, lady,” the man told me.

“Take your thing out of my room. I will tell the manager that you open a hole in this room,” I said angrily.

“Hahaha, the hole is here all the time lady. This is the whole meaning of this place. You get horny, and you can find a cock to have fun from the hole,” he said.

Oh no, I thought, you stupid Mike and your ideas. What is this place anyway? “Listen mister, my husband is coming back now, in any minute, and if he founds you there, he will cut your thing,” I told him trying to scare him.

“If your husband brought you here, he wants you to do that. That’s why he left you alone.”

“No my husband wants me for himself.”

“Then why he is late? He should be back by now, shouldn’t he?”

He was right; he should be back by now.

“Come on lady, give me some action here,” he said and he moved his cock in and out from the hole.

“He will be back,” I said.

“OK, but until then you can have fun with me. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, it will be an anonymous and harmless sex. Look at my cock, isn’t it good?”

Of course I didn’t answer. But looking at his cock, it seemed to be quite bigger than my husbands.

“Look my cock, and touch your pussy. You’ve touched it before with the movie, but now you can touch it watching the real thing,” he said. “You… you were watching me?” I asked.

“Of course I was, and I found you a hot sexy woman. Come on touch your pussy lady.”

As I knew that he couldn’t see me now, I touched my self, and I was very aroused.

“Come on get closer to have a better view of my cock. I know you like it, and it likes you too. Come and touch it.”

I didn’t say anything, but I slowly moved closer to have a better view. He was still moving his cock in and out from the hole.

“Come on, don’t be shy, come to feel my cock, touch it to understand how much it wants you,” he said and stopped moving.

My body guided me so close to his cock, watching his cock?head, and smelling his pre?cum. I thought that he had inserted as much as he could from the hole, but I was wrong. He must have felt my breath in his cock, and he inserted more and more in it. I didn’t manage to go away, as I didn’t expect that he had more to insert, and his cockhead touched my nose. I moved away slightly.

“You are in a good way. You are so close to pleasure. My cock is too big and waiting for you. Come on, don’t hesitate, touch it,” he whispered.

I was feeling very horny. I touched it with my hand.

“Oh yes lady, that’s nice. Stroke it for a while” he said.

I stroke him and I continue to masturbate. That was so hot, that I came immediately.

“Now suck it, open your mouth and swallow my cock, give me a blowjob,” he almost commanded.

I did so. I opened my mouth and hungrily I sucked his cock. I was moving my head up and down his cock like crazy.

“Oh, you are good, keep doing that, suck me good,” I heard him say.

I was so horny that I sucked him, as I never sucked a man before. Suddenly without a warning, I felt him cuming in my mouth.

“There it is, take it aaaaall, take my cuuuuuum,” he said.

I swallow all his cum and a kept moving my head up and down his cock.

“Oh you are perfect, you are born to suck, don’t stop,” he said.

I kept sucking him, although he just came. I stopped touching my self because I was about to explode. I was sure that the pleasure was mutual.

“Now I want you to stand up, and move your pussy near the hole”.

What does he have in mind? Maybe he wants to touch me, I thought.

I was totally surrendered to him, so I stood up.

“Turn around, and come and touch the hole with your back and bent over,” he said.

I did so, and I placed me pussy on the hole. I felt his fingers touching me.

“Lady you are so wet, and you have a nice little pussy,” he said while he inserted a finger in me.

t file with a file name ending in ".txt" if possible. If your story has bold or italics and“Ohhhhhhh,” I cried out. I felt a second finger in me, in and out my pussy. “Ohhhh, ohhhhh”, I screamed as he was finger?fucking me. This scenery was driving me crazy. It was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. Furthermore it was the sexiest thing I could even imagine. Me, letting myself be used by a stranger, that I couldn’t saw not only his face but also his whole body. The only thing I saw was his cock. Behind that wall, could be anyone that had an erected cock, a young boy, an old man, just anyone. Those thoughts made me even hotter. I wanted to scream from the pleasure. Then he took his fingers out, and I felt something bigger touching my pussy. I realized it was his cock.

“Keep steady lady, push back,” he said. He inserted as much of his cock as he could in my pussy.

“I can’t go in and out, so you will have to do this,” he said.

I moved my body in front, and push it back all the way I could. I did that again and again, my ass was hitting the wall in my try to feel his cock as deep as I could.

“Yes, yes, fuck my cock, feel it deep inside you,” he said.

I found a rhythm, and kept fucking his cock until I explode. I hit the wall with my ass, and I started cuming and cuming. I thought I was going to fell down. “OOOOOOOH,OOOOOOH,AAAAAH,” I screamed.

“Yeah, lady, cum hard, don’t stop cuming, I told you, you will love my cock”, he said.

I stood there in the wall for a minute or so, with his cock inside me. I couldn’t move. I was afraid I would pass out, if I continue. Then I heard him say, “Come on, move your ass and continue”.

I started again. In and out, fucking his cock. After some moments, it was his turn. “I am cuming, I am cuming, there is my cum you bitch, take it” he said, and his hot sperm was feeling me again, but this time in my pussy. I stood in the wall again, this time feeling his orgasm. Then it came to me. What have I done? I moved forward leaving his cock hanging there in the hole.

“You are a great fuck, lady, you are a horny slut.” I heard him say. “You want some more? I can finger –fuck you, until my cock will be ready for another round.”

“No, that’s enough, go away,” I said as I came to me senses after a long time.

“OK, it’s your choice,” and he left, I guess he was fully satisfied.

I sat there. The first thought was where the hell my husband was. It’s been half an hour for sure since he left. The second thought, was how, I let this stranger use me as his whore. Did my husband planed this? The third thought, was how arousing was all this, and admitting that it was the best thing it ever happened in my sex life. I almost came without touching myself, only thinking of it. After about five minutes I heard a knock in the door. “Honey its me,” I heard my husbands voice. I opened the door.

“Where the hell are you?” I asked him almost angry.

“Forgive me baby, when I went to the clerk, we heard a window crash outside, and guess what, it was from our car. I went out and had to wait for the police to come. Sorry but we have to go, our car is unprotected with a broken window,” he explained.

“You could have come here, and take me with you,” I told him.

“Sorry baby, I was panicked,” he replied.

We were going to the exit, and I was thinking that there is no way that my husband could actually had planned all this, and that he could never wanted me to fuck a stranger. He just had bad timing, letting me alone in the booth, and the stranger took advantage of the situation and me.

Then in the exit door we saw Mike.

“Hey sexy couple what are you doing here? Having fun?” Mike asked with his stupid way.

“Not exactly,” my husband told him and explained him the situation.

“And you lady?” he asked me. Why he told me lady? He never did that.

“I… I was waiting for my husband,” I said, figuring out that this was not good.

“Was the walls cold, in the room, lady?” Mike asked me.

My eyes opened wide, as I realized that he could be the man in the next booth, the man I sucked and fucked. Oh God, he knew we were going to go there; he gave the address to my husband.

“What, what do you mean?” I asked him trembling, trying not to believe that it was him.

“Nothing lady, just another stupid joke of mine. Or maybe, you find me not so stupid any more?” he asked and start laughing.

“Hey you too, cut it off, you always fight. Sorry Mike, we have to leave now,” my husband interrupted, and continued “have a good time in there Mike,” and started laughing.

Mike laughed even more loudly with that last comment, and added “I had great fun already ... hahaha … and … hahaha … it was the best ever … hahaha … you can not …hahaha … imagine how good it was.”

“You are a horny gay Mike, hahaha,” my husband commented.

“I am a beast my man, hahaha,” he told as we were leaving. “Beware of the holes,” he shouted, as we were few steps away from him.

Now I was sure. We left and I was shocked. That bastard Mike. What have I done? How can I face him again? This ugly, fat, sex?maniac, sarcastic, stupid sun of a bitch. I was so angry, with him, with my husband, with myself, but most of all with the fact that this disgusting pig offered me the bigger pleasure of my life. I won a lot of fights with him, but after tonight, he won the whole war.

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