tagLoving WivesAnny At The Movie Theatre

Anny At The Movie Theatre


After a lot of months, since my adventure with Mr. Alex, I almost forgotten the incident, and returned to my normal life. Of course, I never told anything to my husband, because if he knew, he would have killed me. I overcome the fears that he could ever find out, as this is almost impossible.

One night we were out for launch. We had a good time, and we were a little naughty, but most in talking and not in acting. On our way home, we were passing in front of an XXX theatre, and jokingly I said, "Look, they are playing your favorite movie here" and I started laughing. I was scared to death when he stopped the car like trying to avoid a crash. Instead I realized that he did this to turn around and the next thing I new he was parked in front of the theatre.

"Well, we are going to watch it then" he told me with a big smile. He can't be serious, I thought and I decided to find out until where he would let this go.

"OK, I will do you the favor" I said and open my door. We walked to the entrance and I was expecting him in any minute to stop and turn around. But he was determined to go all the way. I couldn't believe it. He paid the tickets and we entered the theatre.

"Are you crazy?" I asked him.

"Why? You told me that you will do me the favor" he replied.

"I couldn't imagine that you will bring me in a theatre full of perverts" I said.

"Well you better believe it, because I already did," he said.

As we entered the room, it was almost empty, there must been ten to twelve people in. In the dark, I saw some heads moving and checking us entering. I felt strange being there. We sat on the back of the theatre, and no one was near us. On the screen a man was fucking hard a blond woman. This scenery remind me the last time I show an X-movie, it was with Mr. Alex. That made me feel very strange and I have to confess it turned me on. In my mind came buck scenes from Mr. Alex fucking me, and me sucking his cock. While thinking this, I felt my husband's hand on my thigh.

"What do you think you are doing?" I asked him.

"Come on baby, this situation is turning me on," he replied.

"But we are in public, and somebody might see you," I told him a little scared.

"Nobody cares about us baby, they are all focused in the movie," he told me, and he grabbed my hand and put it in his cock that he had already out! I didn't notice that, and I was shocked.

"I can't believe you. You are crazy," I said.

"Please baby stroke it, I really want it," he told me.

Although quite scared, I start stroking my husband's cock. He was focused in the movie and so was I. We did not turned our heads to look each other or kiss, I was just stroking his cock. This situation made me hot also, and I would love to have his hand in my pussy, but no reaction from his side; he was just enjoying himself. Suddenly with the corner of my eye, I caught a movement. I turned my head a little and I saw a man seating in our row five sits away from me. I didn't react and I continued what I was doing to my husband. I felt his pre-cum in my hand, and I liked it.

Few minutes later I slightly turned my head to the stranger and I saw that he was masturbating. I was stunned. I didn't expect that pervert to start masturbating, just a few sits away from me and my husband. By the way my husband didn't knew what was happening at all. He was watching the movie and enjoying my stroking. I focused, without noticing it, on the stranger's cock for some seconds and when I looked higher I saw that he was looking at me and he was actually smiling. I immediately turned my head and looked straight at the movie screen. That bastard, I thought, he is doing this on purpose, he wanted me to see him.

After a while, by curiosity, I tried with the corner of my eye to watch him, without moving my head in order not to notice me. As the cinema was a little lighter due to a new scene in the movie, I saw him more clearly. He was a thin guy, around 40 with moustache. He was masturbating slowly and his cock was hard by that time. I must had slightly moved my head, trying to have a better look, and that made him realize that I was watching him again, because he smiled again and by moving his head made me a signal most probably to the toilet area. I straightened my head, and thought never to look his way again, because I was afraid that he was insolent enough to make a scene or something.

In the movie two men was using a woman; the one was fucking her mouth, and the other one was fucking her ass. I was getting hotter and hotter. I wanted to touch myself, but I could never do that, firstly in a public place and secondly with a pervert near me stroking his cock. A few moments later I carefully looked again at the stranger. I could see the precum in his cock. Then he moved his body, in such a way, that he was sawing me clearly all his cock. I realized that he caught me again staring at him, and looking at his face I saw his stupid smile again, and he was moving his head pointing his cock. Then I felt my husband's body tensed (I almost forgotten him, but mechanically I was stroking his cock all that time). He started to cum, and his sperm landed on his shirt and trousers.

"Oh my darling you are wonderful," he told me in excitement.

"I can't believe you did that," I told him.

"I couldn't stand this anymore baby" he replied and added, "look at that mess. I will go to the man's room for a minute to clean my self."

"OK darling" I said, and he stood up.

He didn't notice the man sitting in our row, otherwise I am sure that he wouldn't let me there. And the truth is that I forgotten him too. When my husband disappeared and I turned my head to the screen, I caught a movement from the stranger's side. Then I remembered him. He stopped in front of me, facing me, with his cock on his hand just inches away from me, and he was masturbating. I paralyzed, I wanted to scream but I couldn't. He put his free hand on the back of my head and pushed it slightly to his cock. I don't know why, but when his cock touched my lips, I just opened my mouth. He inserted his cockhead inside my mouth, while he was still stroking his cock.

"Oh this is so good in your mouth bitch," he said while stoking his cock faster. I couldn't react. He was pushing my head trying to insert more of his cock inside my mouth.

"I will fill you with my cum now, you will taste me for good," he continued. After no more than ten strokes I felt his first load of sperm in my mouth. He put his hand under my chin, keeping my head steady, and he started fucking my mouth while he was cumming.

"Here you fucking slut, take it, swallow my cum," he said, and I was feeling his hot sperm all over my mouth. He continued fucking my mouth for some moments although he had finished. When he was done he simply took his cock out of my mouth, he turned around and left in the dark.

Moments later my husband came and sat down.

"Do you mind if we leave now?" he asked.

"No, lets go home, I am not feeling well," was the only words I could say.

"I have told you many times to be careful what you are drinking," he said.

I guess he would never find out how right he was.

We went home, and I pretended to be sick, and went to bed immediately.

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