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Anny Is Trapped


My name is Anny. First of all forgive me if my English are not too good. Anyhow I have a story to share (although I am not proud of). I work as a journalist in Europe. I am happily married with Nick. Our sex life is very good we love each other very much, and we have never thought of cheating, swinging, or any other extreme sex act. Describing myself, I am a natural blond, with quite a good body. What I mean by quite? I am tall, my tits are big enough, but my ass is a little bigger than it should be.

I am not fat, just when I gain weight it all goes to my ass! But in general this is no problem as I am beautiful and I dress in a way that I can cover my small disadvantage. Due to my job, I travel a lot. One afternoon I was returning home from a trip and about 150 klm away from my city, my car broke down. So there I was, knowing nothing about cars, except driving them, in the middle of nowhere. I decided to stop a car and ask for help. A woman of 31 years old, tall with a nice body and smartly dressed will not have a problem to stop a car and find help, I thought. Well not exactly! I stack there for an hour until a truck driver stopped.

"Hi. Thanks for stopping. I have a problem with my car and I don't know how to deal with it. Can you please help me?" I said.

"Hello," the man replied, "I wish I could. I have a time schedule, and if I waist any time I will have big problem."

"Oh no, please do something, I am here at least an hour and nobody else stopped. It is getting dark and I am afraid," I told him quite panicked.

"I am really sorry, I truly can not stop. But I have an idea. Lock your car and come with me. There is a Gus station 20 klm from here. There you can make a call and solve your problems," he said.

The idea to enter in a truck without even knowing the driver, was not exactly pleasure, but it was for sure better than to stay there and wait for another car to stop. So I said OK and I got in. After about 15 minutes we arrived at the Gus station. I stepped out of the truck, thanking the driver and I went inside the Gus station. There was the owner, a man about 45 years old, a little fat, and half-bold. I explained him my situation, and he gently told me to use the phone for as many calls as I wanted. Firstly I called my insurance company. Well, they told me that because I was not signed for such a service they could not do anything today, and I would have to wait until the morning when their offices will be open to fill in the appropriate application. As much as I screamed nothing changed that! Then I called my husband. He was in a trip also, and he told me just to relax and find a way to go to the nearest city in a hotel and fix all my problems next morning. After I hang up with my husband, and with no alternatives left, I went to Mr. Alex (the owner of the Gus station), explained him the outcome of my tries and then asked him if there is a bus that I could take and go to the nearest city.

"Of course there is a bus, but for sure you missed the last one" he told me.

"Oh great," I said nervously, "now what can I do?"

"Relax, as you can see the second floor of the Gus station is my house. I have an empty room for some guest. Feel free to use it for tonight," he told me.

I thought about it for a moment and I decided to accept his offer. He seemed to be very gentle and harmless to feel that I will be threatened in any way from him. We stayed for about two hours talking about our lives and our works, and then I told him that, as I am tired, I would go for sleep. He told me that he will soon close the Gus station for the night and he will do the same. He took me to my room, and after thanking him I closed the door. There was a key, so I felt even more secure that I will have no problem with Mr. Alex. I took off my shirt ant my skirt and I went to bed trying to relax.

After half an hour, I heard voices from the next room. And it was not talking! It was two people having sex! Well, I thought, good for you Mr. Alex. I stayed there listening, and I started to wonder how the woman looks like. Then my curiosity forced me to stand up put on my clothes and open my door. When I got out of my room, the door of Mr. Alex room was open! I hesitate for a second, but then trying not to make any noise, I went to the door opening. There I show to my surprise, a TV playing a hardcore movie. There was a sofa facing the TV, so I imagined that Mr. Alex was sitting there and watching a porno film. "So that is what I was listening" I thought. Then suddenly I felt a hand in my back and a voice

"Well, why you are standing here? Come inside, we can watch the film together." It was Mr. Alex!

"Oh shit!" I thought, "he wasn't inside the room."

"Eeh, no, I…" I tried to say in panic.

"Come on, don't be shy, we are both adults, aren't we?" he said, while he grabbed my hand, and gently, but in a way I could not resist, he dragged me inside.

"Here, sit down," he told me showing me the sofa that was facing the TV. He sat next to me and we started watching the film. "Great," I thought "how did I manage to bring my self in that situation? Oh, my curiosity and me." While I was watching the film, not daring to look at Mr. Alex, I was trying to think a way to get out of there. Then he told me:

"Do you like, what you see?"

"It is OK," I replied.

"This woman is very beautiful," he said meaning a woman in the film that was fucking a guy. "She is as beautiful as you, isn't she?"

"She is OK," I said again, mechanically and almost not hearing what he was asking me.

"And that man is doing a great job on her, isn't he?" he asked again.

"Yes, yes it seems so," I replied nervously.

"Wow, he has a big staff, isn't he?" he asked.

"Yes, it is OK," I told him, still thinking a way to get the hell out of there.

"Do you like to see mine," he asked me.

"Yes, it…" I replied without listening. But when I realized the question I almost screamed "WHAT?"

But it was to late. With a fast move he pulled out his already hard cock. Immediately I turned my head at the other side trying not to look at his cock and I said "please stop that, don't…» but he interrupted me saying "Come on, you said you want to see it."

"No, no I did not understand what you asked…" I told him.

"But this is not fair, you make me feel horny," he told me and he grabbed my hand and put it in his cock.

"No, stop that, I don't, I…" I tried to say but he interrupted me again, saying: "Come on Anny, just touch me, you will feel good, I promise."

I stand still for a minute thinking what my position was. How did I manage doing this with a man I didn't actually knew, and furthermore wasn't even handsome. I mean I could never be attracted from him. Meanwhile he took advantage of my standing still position. He was guiding my hand to his cock, up and down, like he was masturbating with me hand. And now, I continue thinking, here I am touching his cock. That last thought made me come to my senses again, combined with the fact that I felt my hand wet from his pre-cum.

"OK that is enough" I said in a decided manner.

"No just a little more, without my hand forcing you, do it your own," he said.

"No, there is no way I will do that with my own will," I told him.

"Come on, why not? I bet you like it until now, and you are already wet," he told me.

"No I am not" I said, and then realized that I was lying, because I was actually wet.

"Let me see, and if you are true I will stop everything right here," he told me and tried to put his hand between my legs.

"No, never!" I screamed.

But he didn't stop. He forced his hand between my legs, and though I resist, he manage to reach my panties. Then he felt the moisture of my pussy.

"I knew it," he shouted with pleasure

I couldn't say a word, I was paralyzed. And the worse when he touched me I had an orgasm. Mechanically my hand squeezed his cock, as I was cuming.

"Yes baby, cum for me, oh it is wonderful," he shouted.

Taking advantage of my orgasm, he quickly moved in front of me, and put his head between my legs. He pulled aside my panties and he started licking me pussy. I tried to resist once again saying "Please don't, I am married," but he did not seem to care about what I was saying. He continued licking me for 5 minutes and I was near to another orgasm, when he suddenly I show him standing on his knees and placed his cock in my pussy lips.

"NO" I shouted "NOT THAT." I tried to push him with my hands, but with no outcome. He pushed his cock inside me and I felt it all the way in with one stroke, as I was so wet. He put my legs in his shoulders and he started fucking me real hard. I had another orgasm, but I tried not to show him. I didn't want him to understand that I was enjoying it.

While he was fucking me, he was talking a lot: "Yes baby, that feels good, isn't it…You are taking my cock inside you…You like that a lot don't you?." I was biting my lips, to avoid screaming from pleasure. "Tell me you like it baby, tell me that you love my cock." Again I controlled my self without talking. "Come on slut, I am fucking you good, tell me that you like it." Well that was it. I couldn't resist anymore. "Yes" I said, trying to keep my mouth shut. "Oh yes, let your self free, say it again" he told me. "Yes, yes" it was the only words I could say. "Oh take it beach, take my cock,» he said. I felt a big orgasm and I shouted: "Yes, I am cuming, ooooooh" and then I felt my body tremble. After a few strokes he pulled out his cock and started stroking it in front my face. He tried to push it in my mouth, but this was to far, even if I was feeling so horny. He didn't mind at all and after a seconds he started cuming in my face shouting "Yes beach, take it in your face, ooooh yes, I am cuming in your face, yes."

He ended hitting my lips and my cheeks with his cock. My face was full of cum. I stood up pulled my skirt down (realizing that I was still dressed) and I left his room going straight to mine. I locked the door and lie to the bed. I didn't know what to do. It was the first time a cheated my husband, and actually I was trapped doing so. I wanted to cry, but I wanted to masturbate also. I took a sheet to clean my face from his cum. I had almost tasted it in my lips, and to my surprise (now), I finally didn't use the sheet to clean my face. I was picking his cum with my hand and I was putting it to my mouth while with my other hand I was touching my pussy. I never felt hornier in my life. I swallowed all of it, and I had another orgasm. Feeling very tired I felt asleep with one hand in my mouth and the other in my pussy...

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