tagLoving WivesAnny Is Trapped Ch. 2

Anny Is Trapped Ch. 2


Next morning I woke up at around 8 o'clock. When I came to my senses about last night I was about to cry. How have I done this to my beloved husband? The next thought was to get the hell out of there, without been noticed from Mr. Alex. I got dressed and tried to listen if he was around. I put my ear to my locked door, but I did not heard anything. "I hope that the bastard is still sleeping," I thought. I slowly unlock my door, and trying not to make any noise I opened the door. There he was outside my door sitting in a chair.

"Good morning there," he said. I tried to close back the door but he quickly put his body in front and pushed me inside while closing the door behind him. "Let me get out of here and do not ever touch me again," I told him in an angry way. "Hey, relax, I am not going to hurt you, we both know that I never did," he told me. I stand still, lower down my voice and I said:

"OK. I just want to leave. Please let me go."

"I will let you go just sit down, I want to talk with you for five minutes. Sit down please."

I decided to do as he told me in order to let me go, so I sat down to the corner of the bed. He sat opposite from me in a chair.

"So, I am listening, what you want to tell me," I told him.

"I just want to talk to you about last night."

"Listen, I do not want to say anything about this, it was a mistake, and it is over."

"I don't care if it was right or wrong, I want to know if you like it."

"I am not talking about this..."

"Why? I thought that people at your age are free on these subjects, and not have taboos."

"I just don't want to talk about this. May I leave now?"

"No. I want answers. I want to know how my performance was."

Men, they are all pigs! I couldn't believe that he wanted to know about his performance! Thinking that answering him he will let me go, I told him:

"OK, you were good. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Yes, if you are telling the truth."

"I am telling the truth you were good."

"What part specially you liked more?"

"OK, that's it no more talking about this. You want anything else?"

"OK, OK. Lets make a deal. I will ask you only one thing and you will promise that you will answer. Than you are free to do whatever you want."

"One question only?"

"Yes only one."

"OK. I promise."

"Well, I want to know why you didn't gave me a blowjob?"

"I do not like that, I am not doing such things."

"Oh I see. I guess you loathe the taste and the smell of cum.."

"Yes you are right."

"Well, that's funny, for a woman that was licking cum from her face with her fingers, while masturbating, for twenty minutes, last night."

"But... eh... I...I...but how..." I tried to find something to say.

"It is not matter of how I watched you. It is a matter of what you did, and you refuse to admit," he told me almost angry.

I was speechless. I felt so cheap, and that I deserve to be punished for what I did last night. I stood up, walk, and stop in front of him. I knelt and I pulled down his trousers and his pant. His cock was already semi-hard and pointing my face. I took it in my hand and felt his tension and anxiety. I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in it. I heard a long moan. I started sucking his cock quite slowly at first. I felt both his hands on the back of my head, slightly pushing my to his cock.

"Oh baby, that's great. Yes, ssssh, ooooooh yes," he said.

"Suck my cock baby, yes, suck it good," he added.

I continue sucking and licking for another two-three minutes, tasting his pre-cum, and thinking almost nothing. Then he grabbed me and moved me to stand up.

"Lets go to bed, I want to fuck you again," he said in a rude manner.

He was holding my left arm and pulled me on the bed.

"Take off all your clothes. I want you totally naked this time," he said sarcastically.

I obeyed and soon I was completely naked in front of him.

"Oh you have great tits, you bitch, and I haven't had the pleasant to see them yesterday. Come on lie down next to me," he told me and I did so. He went on top of me and with his hands he started to fondle my tits, while licking my nipples. He was acting like a hungry animal that found food. His cock was touching my pussy lips and in sort time he took it by his hand and guided inside me.

"Take it again you little slut," he told me as he started pushing his cock in and out. He was holding me from my thighs and he was pulling my body to his cock.

"You love my cock fucking you, bitch?" he asked.

That bastard has an effect on me. Don't know yet what it was on him that made me so hot. I start moaning in every thrust. Then he turn my to change position.

"Ride my cock, come on," he told me.

I started fucking his cock like crazy. I was cumming again and again.

"Come closer, I wan to suck your tits," he told me. I moved my body and I felt his hands on my tits and him licking and biting my nipples.

I kept riding him for almost 15 minutes. I can not remember how many times I came. Then he told me: "Take it out, I feel I 'm gonna cum, and I want you to swallow it all, like a good bitch you are." I did so and I found myself sucking him the best way I could. I was so horny from his fuck, that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. This happened soon, and I felt his hot sperm in my mouth. I swallow every drop, and I continue licking and sucking him for another two minutes.

"Now you are free to go," he said.

Without saying a word I stood up and start dressing. I opened the door to leave and I heard him saying, "Whenever you need a good fuck, you know now where to find it."

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