tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnointment: The Fall of Ash House

Anointment: The Fall of Ash House

byJames Cody©


Jesse watched as Delilah swung her ax with amazing power for a girl with such a small frame. The wood split instantly and he was quick to pick up the halves and toss them onto a pile resting in the sun before he took another log and placed in on the stump.

Delilah gazed at him, her tone arms and chiseled shoulders flexing from the sleeveless shirt she wore, tied beneath her pert breasts. She nodded and tossed Jessie the ax -- he caught it easily and took a few practice swings, appreciating how the Husqvarna splitting ax was a prefect balance of top heaviness and maniability.

"Father wants those logs split by sundown, Jess," Delilah said as she undid her shirt and pulled it off. She stood there in a pair of cut off jeans and a sports bra. "The sun's getting low, so you only got a few hours."

Jessie was dressed in jeans and a thick plaid shirt, harkening back to the lumberjacks of yore his thick beard had sought to emulate. Not the best garb on a hot July afternoon -- but it was a necessity if he wanted to be accepted by Father and the other members of the Ash House congregation. And, as Delilah undid her cut off jeans and pulled them down, exposing her tight, dark panties, he swung the ax because he wanted Delilah. The log split and the ax head sank deep into the stump -- Delilah let out a sigh and sat on the ground, slipping a hand down the front of her panties.

Jessie's brow dampened as he tossed the halves of the split log and put another one on the stump and swung the ax, his eyes riveted to the spot between Delilah's thighs. He could see how her fingers moved beneath the fabric, tracing little circles and sliding up and down her obviously wet slit. Blood had engorged his cock, for his erection against his jeans but he ignored instinct and split another log.

"Oh yeah, just like that Jessie," Delilah cooed as she pinched her growing nipples through her black sport bra. Her breath came in ragged gasps as Jessie split log after log while his sweat drenched his jeans and heavy flannel shirt.

He relentlessly swung the ax and tossed the split wood onto the pile -- the wooden handle made blisters appear in his palm but he ignored the pain while Delilah had leaned forward on the ground and worked her pussy into a frenzy, her eyes closed tight and sloshing sounds emanated from between her thighs.

While Jessie concentrated on his ax before the spectacle of Delilah fingering herself to orgasm, a man had stepped out onto the balcony of the secluded cabin Delilah had brought Jessie to. The man wore white shorts and a long, sleeveless, kimono like robe. He was tall well muscled, his dark brown skin highlighted in the setting sun, while his wise, piercing brown eyes observed Jessie and Delilah without judgment. Other faces had appeared in the windows of the cabin -- a collection of ethnicities and ages from young adults to weathered elders -- the congregation of Ash House approved of Jessie's work and all clapped their hands once in unison when Delilah came, wetting her panties and filling the ambient air with the scent of her musky come.

"You've done well, both of you," the man on the balcony declare in a booming voice and he went back into the cabin.


"Do you know what we are, Jesse Holland?" the man called Father asked, his voice soothing and understanding. Father was dressed in his silk, white kimono but this time without the matching shorts, and his flaccid cock bounced left and right as he walked among the members of the congregation.

Jesse was seated on a simple wooden chair in front of the 20 or so members of Ash House. Their seats mirrored his, but where he wore a black tee and skinny jeans and Doc Martens, the congregation wore robes like Father's, or they wore nothing at all. Delilah moved about the assembly and lit candles and oil lamps -- the dancing flames made Father seem to melt with the shadows, letting only his knowing eyes to peer from the dark.

"Delilah said you were a community -- not a cult. This looks a lot like a cult."

The congregation burst out into loud chuckles as Delilah, dressed in a green silk robe that hugged her moderate curves, took a seat next to a smiling Father.

"Perhaps we are a cult -- or a community. Who knows? But what I am sure of, Jesse Holland, is that we are a collection of naked souls who seek to establish a balanced relationship with Mother nature."

Jesse shifted on his wooden chair -- even though he was the most dressed in the room, he felt strangely like the most vulnerable person in the room.

Father continued: "We seek to free ourselves of the contrivances of society -- but we do so through discipline and hard work. As you progress, the uniform of civilization will melt away and chores and duties will become pleasures and leisure."

Jesse Holland stroked his stylish beard and reasserted his assurance and asked: "How do you know that's why I'm here?"

Father walked up and moved behind Jesse, placing his strong, calloused hands on the younger man's shoulders. "You're here and that's what matters. You'll learn answers to questions you never knew you had."

Father moved around Jesse, his muscled arms opened in a flourish. "Learn the tools and trades of our forebears, Jesse Holland, and become a balanced individual and a worthy child of Mother Nature!"

"Yes! Yes Father! Be free Jesse!"

Members of the Ash House congregation clapped and whopped at Father's words -- two of the young men were so excited that they pulled down their white shorts and kissed as an older woman in her fifties, but healthy and sexually hungry, pulled her robe off and dropped to her knees and grasped the erect penises of the younger men.

"Witness freedom, Jesse Holland," Father said as the members of Ash House moved their chairs into a loose circle around the inflamed threesome -- Delilah walked over to him, took his hand and led him to the edge of the audience.

The woman was curvy with large, slightly saggy breasts that swayed hypnotically as she licked and kissed the cock to her left while pumping the cock on her right. Her tanned skin stretched around her flared thighs and her head was topped by a short, pixie like hairdo of salt and pepper colored hair. The men she sucked kissed and rubbed each others chests as their tongues slithered like lively snakes -- the moaned together the woman slipped both their engorged cocks into her mouth, rubbing the tips together with a skilled tongue.

Father sat on the ground and, along with the congregation of Ash House, began to chant obscure phrases in mix of English and Creole. Delilah turned her back to the group and cupped Jesse Holland's cheeks and his gaze released the scene of the threesome and he focused on Delilah, her brilliant green eyes and loose blond hair blurring his perception of what transpired behind her.

"When you've come far enough, Ash House will be a place where you are free to fuck as you see fit," Delilah said, her voice as smooth as honey on silk.

Delilah took Jesse's hand and lead him away from the congregation, her robe falling open, exposing her deceptively large, pert breast to the cool night air. Jesse swallowed as he gazed at her long, hardening nipples.

"We'll have our moment soon enough, Jess," Delilah said as she brushed a lock of of his light brown hair from his forehead. She then glossed his lips with hers and retreated to her chambers, but not before dropping her green robe to the floor and standing on the edge of shadows long enough to allow Jesse to get a full view of her toned back and firm ass.

Jesse Holland mouthed the word "wow" and Delilah then retreated beyond the shadows of her room.

When Jesse entered his room -- the congregation shared the same sleeping space but he was not free enough to share that privilege -- he undressed and sat on his cot. Freedom was just another word for nothing left to lose, so Janis said, and he fell asleep wondering what these people had lost to be so free, and he dreamt of what he lost.


The sun was just cracking over the treeline when Jesse was pulled from his slumber by someone other than Delilah -- it was Pam, the short haired fifty something that was enthralled in a threesome. She was wearing a blue silk jumpsuit and sported glitter in her salt and pepper hair. She motioned and Jesse quickly dressed in his jeans and flannel shirt and followed the giddy lady as she led him through Ash House until they emerged behind the large lodge and encountered a tennis court sized piece of treeless ground. The sun was falling over an ancient looking plow that was better suited to be harnessed to oxen in the thirteenth century.

"What am I supposed to do?" Jesse asked, although he already knew what was expected.

"You pull and you plow," Pam said with a predatory smile painted across her face. She undid the top of her jumpsuit, exposing her large breasts to the rising sun and began to affix leather straps to her shoulders that dangled from the back of the plow. Jesse wen to the front of the plow and found the harness and the heavy ropes that would form the harness that was to allow him to pull the plow.

Within a few minutes of a cursory examination of the contraption, Jesse was roped up and ready for the task at hand.

"Yea-Ahh plow-boy!" Pam yelled as the air cracked over Jesse's head. He winced at the sound and glance over his shoulder, noticing that Pam swung and cracked a whip with alarming effect. Jesse pushed against the soil, his thigh and calf muscles bulging beneath his jeans as he leaned forward to force the blade of the plow to churn and flip the topsoil. The ropes of the harness that hugged his upper body dug into his shoulders as he strained to force to plow through the tough soil, flipping stones and turning the soil over.

Once he reached the opposite end of the field, Jesse turned the plow around under Pam's whip cracking direction and when he looked up, Delilah stood in from of him, wearing a red string bikini. The red triangles of fabric barely covered her pert breasts and called attention below her toned stomach and to the hidden spot he had witnessed her pleasure a few days before.

Jesse felt a surge of strength as testosterone and adrenaline filled his bloodstream and he plowed forward, the old farm tool make short work of the recalcitrant soil, but his progress was stalled when Pam cracked her whip. The tip of her leathery snake stung his shoulder blade through his thick flannel shirt.

"Whoa there, plow-boy," Pam sneered. "Just 'cause the carrot's dangling in front you doesn't mean you can botch the job. You need to keep a slow, steady pace to get the best out of the ground."

Jesse nodded and measured his pace towards the end of the field -- Delilah waved at him and as he nodded, she was joined by a tall, lean, dark skinned beauty. Her hair was wide in a tussled afro and she placed her hands on Delilah's hips. The ebony goddess ran her hands up and down Delilah's toned abdomen and caressed her breasts through her red bikini top. Delilah moaned and reached behind her back, obviously seeking her partner's pussy -- the goddess turned Delilah around and kissed her with fiery passion, her thick lips mashing against Delilah's. Delilah moaned when her ebony partner reached inside her bikini bottom and squeezed her firm buttocks while delicately kissing the soft skin of her neck.

"Terri has a way, doesn't she?" Pam asked between cracks of her whip -- Jesse chanced a glance over his shoulder and saw Pam was pinching and pulling her pierced nipples.

Jesse returned his riveted gaze to the erotic spectacle of Delilah and Terri kissing and exploring each others bodies with roaming hands and puckered lips. Delilah was lowered towards Terri's chest and she was cajoling Terri's champagne glass sized bosom, licking and kissing her way around long, brown, erect nipples that almost seemed to wiggle as they were pleasured. Terri threw her head back and moaned when Delilah bit her nipples ever so slightly and slid a finger across her pink slit.

Jesse reached the end of the field in time to see Delilah drop to her knees and look up at Terri -- the ebony beauty put a leg on Delilah's shoulder and reached between her legs, spreading her dark pussy lips and exposing her bright pink pussy Delilah's smiling face. Delilah reached out with her pliable tongue and traced the alluring shape of Terri's dripping slit.

Jesse clenched his jaw as he watched the two familiar lovers disappear from sight as he was forced to turn the plow around and continue his task. Again, his jeans and flannel shirt were drenched in sweat and fatigue began to seize his muscles but he labored forward, but this time disregarded prior instructions and he tore at his flannel shirt until he had managed to pull it off and he growled as the plow lurched forward through a particularly rocky patch of ground.

"Oh yeah Dee! Lick it you dirty little whore!" Jesse heard Terri order as he kicked at a stone that blocked his path. His mind filled with images of Terri and Delilah intertwined in raucous embrace.

"Shit Terri, don't put that there," Pam chuckled. Jesse envisioned her playing with her pierced nipples and running her whip between her dampening thighs. Jesse lunged with sufficient force the the plow climbed over a well buried stone and he heard Pam curse as she must have fallen to the ground.

Jesse had reached the edge of the field and was turning the plow around when he saw that Pam had indeed fallen to the ground and was tangled in some leather harness that had snagged on the stone he had overturned. Opposite him, Delilah was on her back, with her head facing him. Her back was arched and her eyed rolled back into her head.

"Oooohhh! Yeeessss!" Delilah cried as Jesse saw Terri's head bobbing up and down between her thighs, her tongue sometimes popping into view. Terri's chin was covered in Delilah's juices when she looked up and smiled at Jesse before closing her eyes her body rocked as Father knelt behind her, thrusting with strong hips, fucking Terri as she went down on Delilah.

Jesse kept an eye on the threesome as he helped untangle Pam from her leather straps and helped her to her feet -- his skin glistened in the sunlight as beads of sweat coated him while he dragged the plow to the edge of the field. He yanked the straps off and tossed the harness and stood, embracing the morning sun while listening to Delilah and Terri and Father get off.

"Oh shit yeah," Father growled. Jesse turned to watch the leader of the Ash House Congregation slide his thick dark cock slide in and out of Terri's mocha shaded ass. Terri was still buried between Delilah's thighs, licking her pussy in tandem to Father's thrusts. Delilah was making a strange giggling-moaning sound as she came.

Delilah opened her eyes and gazed up at Jesse -- Terri had slid off Father's cock and had turned and was now slobbering over his manhood as she gave him a messy blow job. While father dug his fingers in Terri's hair, Delilah had moved to her rear and slid two fingers into Terri's dripping pussy and began to move them rapidly in and out. Terri moaned as she enclosed her mouth around Father's cock and she trembled violently as Delilah bought her to a squirting orgasm. As Terri's juices an down between her thighs, Father slammed his cock deep into her mouth and came with a flood of semen that coated the back of her throat.

Jesse had stood there, watching them fuck while Pam was panting hungrily at the sight of their lust. When the trio appeared to regain their composure, Jesse nodded and waved before returning to the Ash House lodge.


"Hi," she said when she found him sitting at a table by himself. Jesse had been sitting in a hall at a local community center where he volunteered, picking up where his recently deceased sister Kara had left off, preparing meals for the lonely and the hard up cases. The newcomer was wearing a large tee=shirt that was off one shoulder, like in the Flashdance movie, and a pair of colorful leggings that highlighted her shapely legs and firm ass. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back in a loose bun.

"I'm Delilah -- are you new here? I've never seen you before."

"I've been around once or twice," Jesse said. "But mostly outside. I never thought I;d come in till I heard the good Kemper hall was doing for the local neighborhoods."

"Well, Mr Kemper isn't only helping the neighborhoods, but people too," Delilah said as she took a seat opposite Jesse. She reached out and put a hand over his. "You might be new but you have a conviction about you -- like you really want to make a better choice for your life. Ash House can help you do that."

Even though Jesse was drawn to Delilah's authenticity and beauty, he eyed her suspiciously and said, "Ash House? Sounds like where old cigarettes go to die."

"Nobody smokes there, silly," Delilah chuckled. "It's more a loose congregation -- a community really -- of like-minded people from all walks of life who want to make things, well, better."

Jesse leaned in and focused on Delilah lips as she spoke and she blushed under his scrutiny.

"Tell me more," Jesse said, hoping he sounded as sincere as Kara must have when she was approached by Delilah three months earlier.


"My friends," Father said, his arms opened in a gathering fashion. "We have assembled here to welcome the newest member of our congregation -- Jesse Holland! Rejoice!"

Jesse stood at the foot of a path lined by the members of the Ash House Congregation. He was dressed in his skinny jeans, Doc Marten shoes and a black tee harboring the band Skinny Puppy. The path ended at the shore of a moderately rushing creek that was a tributary to a larger river that split the 50 acre plot the was surrounded the Ash House lodge.

"Come Jesse!" Father cried. "Walk the path before your peers and join them as a free spirit. Join the Ash House Congregation!"

Jesse closed his eyes and took a steadying breath and walked down the path. The first few meters were uneventful beyond cheers and catcalls, but once he was halfway to the creek, the members of the congregation began to paw at him and pull at his clothes. First, his tee shirt was ripped from his back, exposing his toned upper body and he was covered by exploratory fingertips -- some were more calloused than others and more gentle. The fingers hooked the top of his jeans and they were pulled down. He lost his balance and fell to his knees and continued to crawl as he was stripped of his shoes, sock, jeans, and finally his boxer briefs. Jesse regained his feet and stretched, ensuring that each muscle group was well relaxed before marching to the edge of the creek. He was aware of the eyes of the congregation examining his nude body as his buttocks flexed and his flaccid cock swayed to and fro.

Delilah was at the end of the path, dressed in her silk green robe that hung suggestively open. Her dirty blond hair was loose about her shoulder and her intense hazel eyes drank in Jesse's carnal energy. Father was next to her, clapping his hands and leading the congregation's applause in celebration of their newest member.

"Jesse Holland," Father said, his bellowing voice filling the surrounding woodlands with his warm bass. "When Delilah brought you to us, you were a man plagued by uncertainty and doubt and loss. So we put you to labor for us -- and you did not question it. Wood, fields, stones -- you worked and we challenged your carnality and you resisted. Longer than most candidates but here you are and you're ready to learn the edicts of Universal Carnal Law."

"Delilah," Father continued, pointing to his second in command, "as your sponsor, it is her sacred duty to anoint you before your peers, in this, the Body Creek."

Delilah undid her green kimono and stepped up to Jesse -- his breath caught in his throat as he fully gazed upon the beauty he had only glimpsed these past few weeks. Delilah was covered in a scented oil that hinted of lavender and musk. It also covered her in a strange glitter that seem to explode and sparkle as it caught the sun. The glitter found its way into her hair, making her dirty blond mane into a little universe around her head.

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