tagLoving WivesAnother Adventure with Linda

Another Adventure with Linda


Norm and Sue had written us a week or so before we made an arrangement to meet them at their home in a town almost two hundred miles west of us. Our phone calls, back and forth, had shown we had many of the same interests and it seemed like a promising arrangement.

The 'G' rated pictures they sent us made Norm appear to be a little heavier than Linda preferred, but not so much so that she lost interest. Sue, on the other hand, had that look of pure sexiness that intrigued me, so at the end of the week when we had talked things over, we got on the road.

We found their home with very little trouble and were met by a smiling couple who looked very much like their pictures. They both came out to our car as soon as we pulled into their driveway, and I was intrigued by Sue immediately. She was wearing a blouse made of silk or some other soft material that moved with her as she did. I was confident she had no bra under it. A slightly belted waistline flowed to the wide hips I had admired in their pictures. Her skirt was a wide flowing garment ending just above the knees, leaving her long legs encased in dark nylons in view. High heels on small feet ended that part of the picture. Her nails were long and freshly painted as they touched my shoulder.

Norm was on the other side of the car, coaxing Linda from where she was seated with the door open. We had discussed whether or not to leave the bag we had begun carrying for potential overnight visits in the car when we got out. I was still thinking about it when I saw Linda reach for it. I knew she had decided on the spur of the moment that she was satisfied with what she saw and planned on accepting their invitation to spend the night. Norm assisted her from the car and took her hand as he escorted her to the porch. He was larger in life than the pictures had revealed and what might have appeared to have been excess weight was more like heavy muscle. At least a foot taller than my five foot three wife, he was like a mountain, towing a mole hill.

I walked into the house with Sue. Norm was already mixing a drink for Linda and himself as Sue took over the hostess duties. I asked for my favorite cocktail as she handed Norm his and Linda's drink. She mixed one for me and one for herself in a very expert way and we were soon sitting in their living room relaxing together.

"I hope you all haven't eaten yet," Norm said. "We've been barbecuing all morning and there are some beautiful ribs out there waiting for us to enjoy." When we said we had not, Sue went into the kitchen and began taking food from the refrigerator and pouring hot food into bowls. Linda went in to help and within fifteen minutes we were seated, enjoying a meal that would have been suitable for a king. I explained that we really hadn't intended to join them for supper, that we had planned to take them out for their evening meal at a restaurant of their choice. Norm and Sue looked at each other and laughed, with Norm telling us that Sue was a far better cook than those at local restaurants, with which Linda and I had to agree.

As we finished, Linda joined Sue in clearing the table. I could hear the two of them in the kitchen making small talk as Norm and I sat in the living room. We discussed our backgrounds, interests, swinging in general and finally those with whom we might have a mutual acquaintance. It turned out that, because of their isolated location, Norm and Sue had done little swinging and had been looking forward as much as we had to this rare opportunity.

Sue and Linda joined us within a few minutes. Since Norm and I sat on opposing couches, Linda and Sue did also, Sue with me and Linda with Norm. If I needed any further convincing that Linda was satisfied that she could now enjoy swinging as much as I did, that did it. Norm and I brought the ladies up on our conversation up to this point, as they did for us. It turned out they had met Jerry and Millie also, at a party in Dallas. We discussed them and found they had enjoyed them as much as we had and that only the distance proved a barrier to meeting with them again. As Norm discussed Millie and made reference to some of the skills she had, I noticed his arm had gone around Linda and she had turned just enough away from him that his hand draped over her breast. She laughed at one particular point when Norm mentioned Jerry and how Sue had told Norm that as much as she had enjoyed Jerry, she thought he still looked a "...little wild-eyed."

"Not like Dan at all, was he," Sue joked as she draped her arm over my crossed legs. I put my arm over her shoulder in return and she took that hand and placed it under her arm and over her breast.

I took advantage of that moment to verify that she wasn't wearing a bra, and found my earlier conclusion had been correct. Her nipple, although not fully erect was definitely prominent and made me much more interested as I felt her slide her forearm down toward my crotch until she had it over my cock while her hand slid down the inside of my thigh.

I looked across to Norm and Linda. Linda had taken off her shoes and was sitting with her feet under her. She had undone all but the last four buttons closest to her waist, and her legs were exposed to mid thigh as the folds fell away. Norm had taken note of this and I could see a swelling in his trousers that promised to develop into something Linda would enjoy handling. He had already found the small buttons of her blouse and spread the top to the point where the cleavage of her breasts was exposed to the depth of her half cup bra. It was there his hand rested, although I could see his fingers making incursions beneath the cloth even now.

We kept up a line of patter that was both relaxed and general as we took our time to see if our partners were willing. In those days it was consider poor taste to just strip and go at it. Instead we chatted as we explored and even after we stopped the cross-room conversation, we usually moved slowly enough to know no one would be offended.

Sue had turned partially away from me in much the same way Linda had. In moving around, her skirt had risen to mid-thigh also. As much as I would have enjoyed loosing those large breasts from the confines of her blouse, I instead let my other hand drop into her lap. I let it rest there for a moment as I gently pressed her breasts with my hand beneath her arm and felt her nipple rise into my palm. I took a chance then and slid my other hand from her lap beneath the hem of her skirt until I could slowly move it up and down the inside of her thigh. I felt her nipple swell as my hand neared her mound and cupped it. There were no panties to impede my exploration. She sighed softly and spread her thighs until my hand felt her readiness through the silky softness of her pubic hair.

Checking momentarily to see how Norm and Linda were doing, I saw no need to be concerned. Norm's exploration of Linda's breast had found the half cups overflowing with soft, warm, fragrant breast flesh. He pushed her right breast out of the cup until her nipple was visible to his lust filled eyes. I watched as his fingers gently squeezed her right nipple and saw it was tight with her own pleasure. When she turned her head to his and her hand went behind his head to pull him closer, their lips touched and the show was on.

I pushed myself back to the arm of the couch, supporting myself as I encouraged Sue to come with me by a little more pressure on her crotch. She came willingly. Both legs were spread now and I had full contact with her pussy. Even as I glanced back at Linda and Norm, I could feel the heat and slight spreading of those lovely lips as her cunt readied itself to receive me.

Linda and Norm were well into enjoying each other by now. Norm had Linda's blouse open fully and he was French kissing her. I watched him open the front opening bra and saw her full breasts fall into his hands. Even from here I could see her nipples were swollen and her hand had found his swollen cock. It was far larger than her hand in terms of length. I could only guess as to its circumference. Linda was engrossed in what Norm was doing to her and, judging from the wet circle on his trousers, I knew he enjoyed what she was doing to him.

Sue interrupted my voyeurism by turning my head with one hand and kissing me. It was not a friendly kiss. Her lower lip forced mine down and her tongue went deep into my mouth as it searched for its mate. Involuntarily I clutched at her cunt, still beneath my hands and found a wet stickiness there to greet my middle finger. She read my intuitive moves well and turned to make my fumbling at the buttons of her blouse easier. Her breasts were large as I had hoped. Even cupping them in my large hands, I had more than enough to flow over the edges. There was very little sag to them and her swollen nipples stood high and proud almost an inch beyond the two inch diameter aureoles.

Linda's panties had been stripped by Norm and I could see the sparkle of dew-like moisture surrounding their lips and in her scant pubic pelt. I knew he would have very little trouble sliding his rock hard cock, now in my wife's grasp, into her. She writhed as his finger found its mark and was inserted into her luscious twat. Norm was now bent over her chest, sucking her left breast while his middle finger moved slowly in and out of her rapidly lubricating pussy. Even Sue was distracted momentarily as she watched her husband begin slowly finger fucking my wife.

Sues own nipples were rising as I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. I had long before reached the maximum depth my middle finger could extend in her love canal and I was busy moving it in and out, concentrating on that slightly rough spot in her core that marked her G-spot. I could feel her lubrication flowing around my finger and wanted it to get even wetter before I slid my dick into her hot pussy.

Sue was enjoying it so much though that she didn't want to wait any longer. She took me away from the lovely scene on the couch by taking my hand and leading me to a large bedroom. The king-sized bed beckoned and we both fell on it, still fully clothed, regardless of our disarray. I wanted to get my cock into this lovely lady who was even now pulling at my belt. I got up long enough to shed my clothes and then I was back on her. She had been unable to do more than remove her blouse before I was searching for the entrance to her tunnel of love. She started to remove her skirt as I pulled it higher on her hips.

"Don't bother," I whispered. "I want to fuck you just like you are." With that I pushed the tip of my fully aroused cock against her swollen lips and pushed my way into her, through slowly opening inner lips that swallowed my cock head without resistance. It went in easily and to its full length. I could tell from the depth and size of this hole that Linda was going to have her hands full, literally as well as figuratively, tonight.

Sue was ready. Her hips began moving even as my balls settled against her pudendum. Our playing had been all she needed to arouse her and she wanted her first orgasm now. I used every trick I could imagine to get as deeply into her as possible and to make her welcome the hardness within her. It must have worked because, in minutes, she was grasping the bed spread, with her eyes tightly closed and whispering for me to "Fuck, fuck, fuck." With each sharp intake of her breath, I knew she was getting what she wanted. I redoubled my efforts, holding her legs up in the crook of my elbows and hammering my cock into her with long, hard thrusts.

"Unh, unh, unh," she grunted in time to my thrusts until a few minutes later when a long, prolonged "A-h-h-h"' told me she had reached her orgasm. I could sense the glands pouring more lubricant into her vagina as I continued pumping. Together with mine, we soon had a very juicy area in which our mating could take place for hours in the future.

I was interrupted by a rhythmic bumping against the wall in the hallway. As soon as I could untangle myself from Sue, I lowered her legs to the floor and looked into the hallway outside our room.

Norm had my wife pinned against the wall, her feet several inches off the floor. She was impaled on his cock and he was fucking her in standing position at the hallways back wall, perpendicular to the door of the bedroom Sue and I were in. I could tell by the way Linda had her arms around his neck and appeared to be devouring his throat that she was in no pain. Norm's big hands supported her ass as, with each thrust, her high heels banged against the wall. Her breasts were crushed against his bare chest and her skirt pulled above her waist to such an extent I could see several inches of cock going in and out of her with each of his motions.

Sue came up behind me and gently pulled me back from the doorway. Circling in front of me she pushed the door shut with her ass. She had taken the time to take off all but her skirt as I watched Linda's pussy being filled by Norm hard-driving cock.

"I should have warned you," she explained. "Norm is almost like an animal once he meets a new woman. I probably should have told you over the phone the last time we talked but he doesn't like for me to tell anyone for fear they won't want to get together with us. He's gentle enough, and he won't intentionally hurt her, but he is extremely large and he makes love to a woman in more ways than most of them can dream of. He's over nine inches long, with a diameter to match when he's aroused, and I can tell you he was aroused by the way he was at Linda tonight. If you want to take her home before he tries to convince her to spend the night with him, I can understand, but I'm willing to bet that if you let him have her now, she won't want to stop. Every woman he's had has told me the same thing. They finish very sore, but loving every minute they've been with him."

I almost laughed, remembering how Linda had felt after her first black lover's ten inch dick had pummeled her when we had been in the islands.

"I'm sure she will be fine, "I said, "and I don't want to interrupt her. She looks like she's enjoying what he has for her already."

"I'm so glad," Sue replied with relief. "I used to work part time at a local motel when Norm was sick for a few weeks. I got propositioned a lot and, since I wasn't getting any at home, I occasionally took them up on it. That was before we started swinging and, one day, Norm found a load of cum in my panties. He made me tell him all about it. I thought he would be mad, but he wasn't. He laughed and told me to get as much as I wanted while he couldn't do anything for me, but that he wanted the same deal when he was out of bed. I guess the though of it became a source of interest to me, because from then on I started paying attention to what was going on around me. I was surprised at the numbers of both men and women that came to the motel and were looking for someone to screw while they were in town. I made more by part-time partying during the course of a week than I usually made in a month. Once Norm was on his feet again and we had discussed it a little, I told him about the woman who asked me if there was anyone I could recommend locally. He asked me to set him up with some of them, so I did. Some wouldn't take him when they saw how big he is, but the ones who did still call me when they are in town and want to know if he's around. I never told them we were married, and it's been kind of fun. On a few occasions he would be in one room humping away while I was in another, not too far away, doing the same thing."

"Do you still do it?"

"No, unless there's someone I knew from before involved. It's amazing how we still get calls from some of the people we met that way. I'm getting too old for that kind of thing. Most of the guys want younger girls, so there are quite a few less than before, but it's still enough to make life around this part of the country a lot more interesting than it would be without it."

"You must be one of the rare women who enjoy it as much as most men do. I've had the privilege of meeting some of them and found them to be the best in bed and the most interesting out of it."

"Well, you're certainly right about one thing. I do enjoy it and, when I find a man who can turn me on the way you did, I don't waste time being coy about telling him what I want and how. Norm is the same way. If he gets his way, Linda will be spending the night with him. If she chooses to, I can guarantee that she will be fucked more often during the night than she would have thought possible. Now you know all about him. What about us?"

"I think we'll get along fine and I hope that Norm convinces Linda to spend the night with him, because there's nothing I'd like better than to spend the night having sex with you. I'll do my best to make sure you get as much pleasure out of this as Norm is going to give Linda."

"That's great! Now let's get back to doing something we both enjoy. Norm will be with Linda for at least another hour as he screws her and tries to convince her to say with him. Then we usually get together again for a chance to exchange signals and see if we are going to continue. I don't think there's any doubt that Norm will like Linda judging from what we saw in the hall a few minutes ago."

"I don't either," I replied, leading her back to the bed. "So if we're going to have to stop again in around an hour, I want to make sure that you and I have some very good reasons for coming back in here, don't you?"

"I'm all for that," she replied as she bent to turn back the covers on the bed. "I doubt we will need any cover for the present, so let's get them out of the way until we need them." I was happy to oblige her. The skirt had not proved much of a hindrance before, but there was no reason to leave her in an uncomfortable position since I had even less on. As she turned toward me, I opened the button as the side of the skirt and slowly unzipped it. I let it fall to the floor as I followed the zipper down and knelt at her feet. As I knelt, my face neared and then came even with her delightful mound. It still had a wet sheen to it from our fun earlier, but that only made it more attractive to me.

Sue sat down on the side of the bed, obviously recognizing what I had in mind. Her legs spread slowly as if they were a screen opening for my performance. She had trimmed the hair from the edges, leaving only a fluffy rectangular patch on her mound that now glistened with her juices. That beautiful pussy was indicating it readiness by a slow, involuntary opening of the lips guarding her private chamber. I put both arms under her thighs and brought my hands to her crotch. I pulled the lips slightly more open with my thumbs and a gentle tongue massage that brought a soft moan from Sue.

Sue had wanted this kind of action apparently. The lips snapped open as if they were a suddenly released window shade. Her clitoris stood tall and proud, no longer hidden by it's hood, as though waiting for a tongue to caress it. The entrance to her vagina was blocked only by a thin film of lubricant we had, no doubt, generated together. I went immediately to the source of her pleasure, kissing every portion of her lush muff and removing the thin film with my tongue. She jerked as she felt the heat of my tongue on her pussy, but I felt her calves tighten behind my back, then the strong muscles pulling me closer to her.

I wanted to make this moment as good for her as she had made the screwing for me. My tongue covered every inch of the zone I knew would result in an erotic sensation. Her body jerked again, and I heard her breath hissing through her teeth as I slid my tongue into the cavern where only a few minutes ago my cock had been filling her with my cum. She tasted wonderful! I've found that, since we've been swinging, there is little that is tastier than a freshly fucked pussy, Even Linda, who had first rejected my oral loving, now said it made her hot to have a lover eating that sweet flesh and fucking her with their tongue. I used my tongue like a miniature penis, fucking Sue with it as deeply as I could and scraping the edges free of the juices that were slowly being exuded from her hot pussy. I could feel her pelvic area tightening as her orgasm approached, so I shifted to her clit which was literally at the end of my nose. Taking it between my lips and twirling it, I used the roughness of my tongue to excite it further.

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