tagBDSMAnother Afternoon

Another Afternoon

bySonny Boy Jacobsen©

Today was to be like any other with Mistress Mona except that when I arrived at Her dungeon home, I saw a beautiful tall blonde woman there. Soon I learned that this was Mistress's new friend and a new Domme. New to the art of Domination that is!

Mistress informed me that I was to address this new woman as Lady Denise until She had sufficient training, than as Mistress Denise.

I was more than nervous and intimidated around this beautiful woman. I had never before "played" with an audience, let alone, another partner! I was red with humiliation as Lady Denise sized me up. She seemed to look right through my soul, as if reading my deepest darkest secrets.

Mistress Mona informed me that today, Lady Denise would be joining in on our scenes from now on, and that she was briefed about my life as Mistress's slave. I looked upwards and stole a glance at Lady Denise's face. She had a very mischievous smirk on Her face, that told me she knew everything about me. Mistress must have told Her about my past year serving Her and all that She had put me through!

Mistress Mona caught me staring at Lady Denise's face and soon jolted me out of my mesmerizing stare! "Slave sonny, that is not proper behavior for a slave, you are obviously in need of some correction I see!" "Denise, grab the slave's boymeat and lets get him over to the horse!"

Lady Denise took hold of my cock and yanked me down the hall. Once in the dungeon basement, Mistress stood next to the whipping horse holding the cuffs. Soon, I was stretched out face down on the horse. My legs were spread wide and attached to the cuffs on the spreader bar. My wrists were cuffed and pulled back to my ankle cuffs and secured there too. Mistress Mona often liked to secure me this way. She says it forces me to be more submissive, as I cannot hold onto anything and the punishments are much more effective this way!

Next, Mistress Mona tightened the waist belt which will hold me tight to the horse. Mistress Mona handed a thick leather spanking strap to Lady Denise, who was now standing directly in front of me. "Here you go Denise, I think you should have the honor of doing him first, since it was you he was staring at so disobediently!" "I will just hold his head right here and put his tongue and mouth to good use while you teach his naughty butt some manners!"

Mistress Mona the grabbed the back of my head and forced Her crotch into my face! Her heady scent was strong as it filled my nostrils! I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her wet lips and taste her secretions! I was soon brought back to reality when Lady Denise's strokes of the strap sent a sharp stinging pain through me. Over and over again Lady Denise swished and cracked that vicious strap over my butt. My oral attentions had Mistress Mona moaning in delight, and soon She flooded my face with the wave of her juices.

Mistress let go of my head as she sat down briefly to recover from her orgasm. "That should be enough correction with the strap Denise, why don't you get me the cane over there now." "But first, I think my little slave needs to be properly plugged before we continue with his respect training!"

I watched in horror as Lady Denise took down the rattan cane from it's hanging spot on the wall. Equally alarming was seeing Mistress Mona make her selection from the tray of vibrators, butt plugs and dildos. She was holding one of the widest and longest plugs She owns!

Mistress Mona was instructing Lady Denise on how to use the plugs and dildos and to make sure the toys are properly lubed. Mistress Mona told Lady Denise that normally, some type of lubricant will be used on my boyhole and the toys, but occasionally, if she really wanted to add to my punishment no lubricant would be permitted!

This time however, Mistress Mona was smearing her own juices around my tight puckered hole. Lady Denise was also busy, but she was milking out the precum from my cock and applying the cream to the butt plug! Then, Mistress Mona was instructing Lady Denise to hold my butt cheeks wide apart and watch close as she worked the plug into my hairless tight hole!

Mistress Mona took her time teaching and showing Lady Denise the fine points of tormenting my rear hole. She would push just the tip of the wide plug into my hole, then twist and rotate the plug as she drilled it in deeper. She would stop right when the widest part was stretching my anus as wide as possible and just hold it there. I was moaning as the pain felt like I was being ripped apart! "Your moaning is too loud slave!" "You have just earned additional punishments that you will receive after we are finished with your caning!" I tried to tone done my moaning, but Mistress Mona continued her one on one training with Lady Denise!

Mistress would hold the plug so the widest part just stretched me painfully, then she would pull the plug all the way out. Then push it in again to the wide part and hold it there while she discussed her instructions with Lady Denise! Finally, she just shoved the butt plug deep into my hole and a loud moan escaped my lips! "That's two more punishments slave sonny!" I acknowledged my errors by saying I was sorry Mistress, and tried to muffle my moans. Mistress Mona then placed her hands on my hot butt cheeks, and told Lady Denise to give it a try.

Then I felt Lady Denise grab the plug, and under Mistress Mona's instruction, she twisted and rotated the plug as she pulled it out! The feeling was indescribable as she pulled the plug from my tormented anus. I could not help it as another moan filled the dungeon! "Now there are three additional punishments waiting for you sonny!" "Denise, you must never allow the sub to get away with his disobedience!" "Always hold him accountable for all of his misdeeds, even if he can't help himself!"

I knew Mistress Mona was smiling when she said that!

Lady Denise was now repeating the steps she watched Mistress Mona do to me. First she pushed the huge butt plug into my hole until the widest part was stretching me open. Then she rotated the plug which caused me to squirm and moan again! "You are not being a very good slave sonny, and you are beginning to annoy me!" "We have a new guest and you are continuing to break the rules!" "You now have more punishments coming, and since you insist on being disobedient in front of Lady Denise, I will make sure that we both deliver them to you and they will be severe! I think it is time to administer his caning, it looks like he has earned enough punishments to keep us busy disciplining him all day!"

I rested briefly while Mistress Mona told Lady Denise to have me orally service her. Mistress picked up the cane and told me that she would punish my bare butt now for my earlier offense of staring rudely at Lady Denise! And, that I should do my best to give Lady Denise a nice orgasm, only then would the caning stop!

Lady Denise picked up my head and whispered into my ear that she loved tormenting me asshole, and that she has many more wicked plans in store for me before we were through! She then placed my head tight against her very wet crotch! I inhaled deeply her strong womanly scent! She tasted much sweeter than Mistress Mona, and I lovingly licked and sucked her pussy for all I was worth!

Meanwhile, Mistress Mona gave me stroke after stroke my sore bottom! Each stroke seemed to cut into me, and my butt was on fire from the start! It was hard to concentrate on pleasing Lady Denise, but I pushed my own limits until Lady Denise was howling in her own throes of passion! I felt Lady Denise release my head as she slumped into the chair in front of me, her eyes connecting with my own and that wicked mischievous smile on her face!

Mistress Mona was giving me a few final strokes before she stopped her assault on my poor welted and swollen behind! I was breathing heavy and sobbing as the tears ran down my face washing the wetness from two sexually satisfied women's orgasms. Mistress Mona told me to stay right where I was, because after a short break she was going to start with the 'extra' punishments that I have earned! "Stay right where I was", I thought? Where could I go? Mistress likes to torment me in so many ways!

Mistress Mona reminded me that I would now receive my 'extra' punishments for disobeying her and acting rudely in front of our new guest. I watched again in horror as Mistress Mona retrieved the short cockwhip. This whip was a multi-braded rubber whip. The tails of the whip were just like regular rubber bands, only much longer.

My cock was rising to the occasion, and it was not all of it's own doing either! Lady Denise was fondling my cock and balls, which were growing steadily larger. I was about to protest, and beg and plead with Mistress Mona for mercy, but I know that would only worsen the situation for me. Once I have earned a punishment, Mistress will not ever back down or allow me any mercy. I learned the hard way many times before, that if I earned the punishment, then I must accept it. In the past if I had begged for mercy, Mistress would simply double the punishment.

Mistress Mona handed the cockwhip to Lady Denise and told her she would have the honors of starting with this punishment! And while Lady Denise was whipping me, Mistress backed up to my face and presented her beautiful bare butt for my inspection.

Mistress Mona then told me to put my tongue and mouth to good use, since her tight little asshole was planted right on my nose. I was forced to inhale her animal scent deeply as the first crack of the cockwhip caused me to gasp! I tongued and ticked Mistress Mona's hole wildly! But there was no way to move my head or my nose. I was trapped and forced to inhale my Mistress as she just settled in for the ride!

Lady Denise was enjoying her time with the whip! I was being expertly flogged from my balls to the tip! Over and over the strokes would snap like a rubber band into my defenseless boymeat. My hips were bucking with each stroke of the cockwhip, but being securely tied down there was not much I could do about it. Mistress Mona was rocking on my face now, and each time she would pivot, she would just grind my nose farther into her asshole. My head was reeling from the mixture of her butt and pussy dominating my senses!

Without warning the swatting at my crotch had stopped and Mistress Mona was climbing off of me. Next, she came over to me, my face shining from her juices, and in her hand was a wash cloth saturated with coconut flavored rum. She wiped my face clean and spoke about how we can't have a messy face for our guest to mount now can we?!

Lady Denise took her place on my face, and after she settled down, her asshole was pressed tight against my nose too! Maybe it was the rum, but Lady Denise's pussy tasted great and the tiny starfish of her asshole was stronger and more feminine than Mistress Mona's!

Suddenly, I moaned loudly into Lady Denise's pussy, as the whip lashed out at my penis and balls in the same stroke! Mistress Mona was standing on the opposite side that Lady Denise was on, and now my poor cock and balls were being punished from a slightly different angle! Another loud moan shot up through Lady Denise's pussy as the painful, 'combination' cock and ball strokes continued.

Lady Denise was slowly rocking on my face, and I could hear her moaning loudly. I must have made her cum as my mouth was being flooded by her juices and I had to swallow repeatedly to drink down her cum! The next thing I realized was that my penis whipping had stopped, and lady Denise was standing beside me smiling down on me! I was allowed to rest for a few minutes while my Mistress took Polaroid close-ups of my freshly punished privates. When they had developed, she held them before my eyes so that I could admire her handiwork. I almost did not recognize my own cock and balls, not only were they as red as a cherry but as I lay there they were still twitching and throbbing painfully as if they had a life of their own.

"Well, sonny, I see you have taken several of your punishments so far, ready for the next one? Denise, why don't you remove that plug that has been stretching sonny's boyhole for so long. We don't need that in the way of his next punishment!" Lady Denise was teasing my asshole again as she first twisted and rotated the butt plug before trying to pull it out! Then she pulled on the plug but was purposely pulling the plug out very slowly, allowing the most pain and agony she could inflict on my poor stretched hole! Once again, she stopped when the widest part was at my anus stretching it to the limit! Then finally it was out!

Mistress Mona had an elastic bandage in her hand as she grabbed the butt plug from Lady Denise. "We can't have the flavor from his butt go to waste, now can we?!" Then Mistress shoved the hot butt plug under my nose and told me to open wide! I hesitated for only a minute as the cockwhip caught the backs of my balls very hard! I opened my mouth as the wet plug was shoved into me. I was about to gag, but soon adjusted to it's size. Mistress then went about her duty of wrapping the Ace bandage around my head to hold the plug in place! "There, that will keep him quiet while he receives his next punishment!"

I was confused at first, because my bare butt was already beaten as punishment. But then I felt a set of hands pulling my punished ass cheeks apart. Then a new searing pain shot through me! Mistress was whipping the crack of my ass, and the first few strokes landed directly on my punished asshole! I was jerking wildly with each swat. Mistress aimed each stroke carefully to really hit the bullseye and I was jerking and flopping and howling into my gag!

Another set of hands were now pulling my butt cheeks apart again. I can only assume that Lady Denise was yielding the cockwhip now! These strokes were much harder than Mistress Mona's, or so they seemed. Over and over again, I jerked and twisted in my bonds trying to get free or get away from the punishing strokes! Nothing I could do would stop this punishment, and then I heard Mistress talking again! "You will learn sonny, I told you that your punishment would be severe!" "I hope you will not disappoint me in the future either!"

The whipping of my punished asshole continued, as Lady Denise assaulted my buttcrack with the whip! Over and over again! I was so glad when my Mistresses stopped! I was ready to agree to anything to not let them whip me again! Mistress Mona told me to relax and rest for a bit before accepting my final punishments! The word punishments, (plural), rang through my head! I wondered just what it would be and how much more could I take! Then I saw them standing before me, my Mistresses wearing two of the biggest strap-on dildos I have ever seen!

"You will surrender your butt to me now sonny!" "I know how much you crave a good buttfucking, that is why I needed to punish your little asshole first, so you will remember that this is your punishment, not for your pleasure. This will be an equally severe punishment sonny, as we are going to rape your asshole with these nice hardwood dildoes! And when Denise is done punishing your boyhole, I will have my turn at raping your ass but good!"

As the butterflies were churning in my stomach, I heard Lady Denise talking to me too! "Yes, sonny, and remember when I told you I had a special surprise for you? Well, I was going to give you a special treat by using lots of anal lube on this nice hard dildo, but I forgot to bring any, sort of by mistake. I guess this tube of 'Vick's' will have to do! You may show me your appreciation afterwards with a nice long assworshipping service?!"

My Mistress just laughed and chimed in about Denise's wicked mind being equal to her own! Then Lady Denise's huge shaft entered me. The Vick's was very cold at first, but the pain from stretching my very sore asshole soon had my complete attention! Then I realized that Denise was working the hardwood dildo deep into me! With each stroke she drove the huge shaft deeper into my boybutt. Finally I felt her hips and thighs against my hot buttocks! After waiting for a moment or two, she pulled out, all the way out, and then Wham, all twelve inches were shoved hard into me! Again, full deep thrusts as Lady Denise pulled out completely then rammed her strap-on in to my depths! Each hard thrust caused me to gasp into the gag, and it was a strange sound as the butt plug muffled my pitiful moans! I lost track of the time, and it felt like an eternity while Lady Denise hammered her massive dildo into my punished and abused asshole! The Vick's had caused a hot burning itch deep in my rectum which made me yearn for another thrust, like an itch I couldn't scratch!

Then Mistress Mona was at my asshole, her strap-on just barely touching. Then without warning this new invader plunged into my depths! Like Lady Denise, Mistress pushed deep into me, making the entire length penetrate my punished hole! With each deep thrust of Mistresses hard dildo, my inner rectum seemed to heat up, and that itch was back tormenting me! First the itch then the deep plunge of the dildo as it stretched and reamed my hole! Yes, my Mistresses raped my asshole very hard, and very severely!

I was one well-punished slave when my Mistress released me! The tears had left my face wet with shame. Mistress Mona removed my butt plug gag and I immediately thanked her and Lady Denise for punishing me! I repeatedly said I was sorry for everything that I did, and I would never again displease her or embarrass her the way I did!

I was then released from my bonds and my Mistress then told me to kneel before Lady Denise and give her a very nice long assworshipping orgasm! I spent the next ten minutes lovingly licking and sucking Lady Denise's delicious butt and pussy! Mistress Mona was so pleased with my performance that she informed me that I was going to be allowed to masturbate to orgasm over my Lady Denise's sexy barebutt while worshipping my Mistress equally attractive hindquarters with my tongue.

I squirmed in pain/pleasure as I rubbed and stroked my poor whipped penis against Lady Denise's crack, but in no time I was able to enjoy a very nice long orgasm myself, which left a larger than usual puddle of cum all over Lady Denise's bottom cheeks, Mistress then commanded me to lick my cum from Denise's shapely buttocks while my Mistress snapped more Polaroid photos for my added humiliation.

I was ordered to clean up the dungeon and the toys, and shower before being allowed to sleep. Tomorrow is another day!

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