tagLoving WivesAnother Big Step with My Wife

Another Big Step with My Wife


Another big step with my wife

I selected a small diner not far from our motel for breakfast.

Debbie had slipped into the skirt she had worn the night before and changed to an off white button up blouse since the one she had worn had cum stains on it. She didn't mention the cum stains. In fact, she had not said anything about the night before. I was going to change that over breakfast.

We entered the diner and Debbie kept her arms folded over her breasts as I was certain she would. We selected a booth toward the rear of the diner.

Our waiter came to the table to take our orders and Debbie had to hold the menu to look at it. This gave our waiter a nice view of her erect nipples clearly poking through her blouse.

He did a classic double take when he first spotted them. Debbie was her usual beet red color as she quickly scanned the menu and made a quick choice of oatmeal and toast with coffee.

As I ordered he kept looking back at my wife who had resumed her arms folded over her breasts posture. He was clearly hoping for another shot of her swollen erect nipples.

"So are you interested in knowing what you did last night?" I asked her with a chuckle.

Debbie threw her head back and sighed, "I know I drank too much. I remember going into a video store of some sort, but n-n-not much more than that," she replied nervously.

"First off babe, I loved it. For the first time that I can recall you actually let your hair down and I think you had a good time. Like I said, we will never see these people again, so why shouldn't we get a little crazy. We behave our selves at home and get down with it when we are in strange towns," I laughed.

"Oh I suppose we can relax a little away from home," she meekly replied.

"Do you remember going into that little theater?" I asked.

"A l-l-little, n-n-not much though," she stammered.

"Do you remember jacking off that big black guy?" I laughed.

Her arms jerked out away from her breasts, her eyes opened wide and her mouth flew open in shock as she blurted "W-w-w-what d-d-did you say?"

Her nipples were rock hard and her boobs jiggled as she lurched at what I had said. She almost convinced me she didn't remember.

"I didn't do any such thing, d-d-did I?" she whined.

I was laughing at her shocked response as I said in a soothing voice, "Baby, baby, baby, don't worry about it. It was harmless and I am sure that guy loved every second of it. And it turned me on like you wouldn't believe."

"Oh no, no, no, are you serious?" she whimpered as she fidgeted in her seat.

"His cock was about the same size as mine, except it was black. I had to dash to the bathroom and when I got back you were jacking off some other guy," I laughed.

"Oh no, oh no," she said shaking her head as she was wringing her hands together in front of her.

I was laughing as I continued, "I guess the black guy had shot his cum all over and you wiped your cum covered hands off on his pants. The white guy shot his cum all over you while I was there. It was on your blouse and your face. I think some even went in your mouth," I chuckled. "Both of these guys were playing with your tits. The white guy even had his hand under your blouse."

"Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, you said the white guys cum went in my mouth, ewwwwww," she whimpered as she was wringing her hands and shaking her head back and forth. "I d-d-drank way too much, I d-d-don't remember any of that," she stammered

"Look baby, like I said, I loved seeing you let go and going a little wild. Plus it turned me on to see you holding another cock. Call me crazy, but for some reason I was turned on watching. Believe me it shocked me that I actually was," I said.

"You just don't realize how incredibly hot you are. These guys just can't help themselves," I laughed. "I guess I look at it as a compliment. I have the hottest, sexiest wife around and all these poor saps can do is gawk and fantasize while I am lucky enough to be married to her. They have to settle for maybe a hand job if they are lucky," I added.

"It doesn't make you jealous?" she asked. "I mean I really don't remember doing any of that, but you aren't jealous?"

"Oh, I would be if I didn't know you loved me as much as you do. I knew you were bombed and maybe just got caught up in the moment. And I figured you deserve to let your wild side come out from time to time, kind of to vent. I know I love watching guys lust after you. Makes me feel all the luckier to have you."

"Like those two bus boys over there," I tilted my head in their direction. "Don't look now," I said quickly. "They have been wiping that table and area constantly since we sat down."

She casually glanced in their general direction. They were busy wiping the entire area for the third time. "Those two," she said with a confused look on her face.

"Yes, those two," I replied. "They have been trying to see your boobs and nipples since our waiter told them about you," I laughed.

She turned beet red, "Oh no," she whined. "I told you I needed my bra," she said through clenched teeth.

"Why, hell we'll never see them again. Besides, I can guarantee you they will be jacking off to the memory of seeing those," I said nodding to her boobs and pointed nipples.

"You are a work of art baby and when you dress like you are now, you are displaying the art for them to enjoy. As well as probably have a few wet dreams about," I chuckled.

"You are impossible," she said sitting back in the booth a little and slightly thrusting her breasts out for them to see. She was still beet red, but I think she was starting to enjoy the attention she was getting.

Our breakfasts were delivered and our coffee cups were topped off every time we took a sip. Gradually Debbie's color slowly began to return to a more normal color. She was finally loosening up a bit and gaining confidence in herself, and her body.

The bus boys had scrubbed that same area constantly as we ate. I told Debbie to check out their respective crotches which were clearly tented. This did cause her to blush, but she did look and saw the obvious bulges. She blushed, but smiled as well. She glanced in their direction regularly to see if they were still looking at her. She set straighter and had thrust her tits more openly forward. She blushed each time she spotted them looking.

As we finished our meals I noticed Debbie seemed more animated as we chatted. This caused her tits to wobble and jiggle more which was clearly driving the bus boys crazy. I was certain my wife was enjoying herself.

I paid the tab and when I came back to the table I leaned over and told Debbie to give the bus boys a show when she turned to get out of the booth. I knew she was not wearing panties and I whispered this could put them over the top, as I laughed.

She swatted at me and giggled a little, blushing deeply. I moved toward the exit and turned to watch as she put her coffee cup down, dabbed at her lips with a napkin then turned sideways in the booth.

She avoided looking at the bus boys as she scooted across the seat. She was beet red, but she took a deep breath and spread her legs as she scooted. Her dress slid up clearly displaying her naked cunt.

I knew she would be wet. She paused for a moment at the edge of her seat and opened her legs much wider as she half twisted and looked behind herself like maybe she had forgotten something. Hell, I could clearly see her wet cunt from where I stood some distance away. Finally she stood.

Those bus boys will have a hot story to share.

In the car, Debbie giggled. "I can't believe I actually did that," she said as she giggled more. "I actually spread my legs so they could see my vagina. That is just so unlike me, I can't believe I did that," she repeated.

"Liberating huh," I chuckled.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but it was exciting in a funny kind of way. I just can't believe I did that," she mumbled as she stared out the window. "Do you think they were able to see my vagina?" she asked.

I laughed, "Oh believe me they saw it. They saw every dripping wet millimeter of it," I chuckled.

Debbie blushed a deep red as I described the bus boys reaction.

"It kind of reminded me of that time Ted stopped by with those papers for me to copy," I laughed. "Damn that was funny to watch poor Ted trying to walk with his hard on," I chuckled.

"I was so embarrassed," Debbie mumbled.

"Well I would have sworn you had a bra on that morning. And I honestly thought you had panties on too," I chuckled. "You know he keeps volunteering to bring over paperwork, but I always seem to be able to take care of it down town." I laughed.

"I know damn good and well why he keeps bugging me," I laughed.

"He wants to b-b-bring stuff to our home?" she stuttered.

"Sure, he is hoping to catch you in your shorty robe again," I chuckled. "If he ever does, you have to promise me you'll put on a show for him so I can watch him squirm," I laughed.

Debbie's nipples were rock hard and she was beet red.

"You know who would be fun for you to flash? Well even though he did get a split second shot of you in the tub, before you kicked him out. But I think it would be fun for you to flash Jason again," I laughed.

"I mean I doubt that poor kid has ever been laid, and it looks like he is hung. If anybody needs something to jack off to, it would be him." I chuckled. "I am sure he beats off to that brief view of you in the tub," I added.

"Oh I couldn't do that to him," she mumbled. "He is a sweet boy and he was as embarrassed as I was that day in the tub."

I laughed, "I just figured it would be a way to verify the size of his package. It is hard to tell, with those baggy shorts he always wears, if you flashed him and got him hard, we could see how big he is." I chuckled. "I imagine he got rock hard seeing you in the tub, did you get a look at how big he is?"

"No," she said quickly, "I was t-t-trying to find a t-t-towel to cover myself with," she lied.

"You men are impossible," she said swatting at me.

"So are you interested in going back to that video place we were at last night?" I asked.

"You can't be serious," she blurted.

I laughed, "Hey just thought I would toss it out for discussion," I chuckled.

"Why so you can get me in that theater again and see what happens?" she declared.

"Well they do have private booths with locks on the doors. We wouldn't have to go into the theater part."

"Really, well that might be fun. If those booths are really private and if the locks work. That is something we have never done before." She paused in thought, "We'll see," she said teasingly.

Later that day, after a light dinner and numerous glasses of wine, we pulled into the adult video store lot.

"Are you sure these booths are private?" Debbie asked as we headed to the door.

"Positive, but we can double check to be sure, but from what Ted told me the booths are private and they have locks. Personally I have never been in one," I lied.

"Oh great, so we're relying on Ted?" she giggled.

We entered the store and noticed the normal few guys milling around, looking at various titles.

"What are you doing, where are these booths?" Debbie was pulling me away from some video's I was checking out. "That one guy keeps staring at my breasts," she whispered urgently.

"Can't blame him," I said as I stared at her jiggling boobs with her nipples poking through her blouse. I was quickly rewarded with a punch in the arm. This caused her boobs to wobble deliciously.

Stepping to the counter I got a fist full of tokens and we headed for the booths.

The hallway was dark and each room displayed the titles of the movies playing inside. If the titles were not lit, that indicated the booth was occupied.

Debbie selected the room which featured interracial sex of all kinds. I chuckled.

I noticed the glory holes on both sides of the room when we entered. Debbie was focused on the screen. Her focus intensified when I started the video. It featured a petite white girl surrounded by three huge black guys.

Debbie moved around and sat down on the padded bench in front of the screen. I stood behind her and reached over her shoulders to cup her breasts. I began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Did you lock that door?" she asked urgently.

"It's locked, I double checked," I said as I finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms.

She sat watching the video intently. Naked from the waist up, I tugged at her skirt pulling it from under her so it was bunched around her waist. I reached down and moving her legs apart, I sank my middle finger deep in her very wet cunt.

I was soon making those smacking noises when a finger is plunging deep in a wet cunt.

The petite white girl in the video was holding her mouth wide open as a thick stream of cum was shooting from one of the black cocks into her mouth.

"Aaiiiiiyeeeeeeeeeee," Debbie moaned as she was having an orgasm from my thrusting finger. I suspected her orgasm was also connected to watching the cum shoot into the girls mouth.

"You like that baby?" I asked as my finger was flooded from her orgasm.

"Mmmmmm, we are being naughty," she slurred, still intent on the video.

"You interested in helping this poor guy out?" I whispered in her ear as I continued finger fucking her wet pussy.

She looked back at me with a questioning look, "What guy?" she mumbled.

I nodded to the cock sticking through the glory hole. She looked and jumped at the same time. "Oh my God, what is that?" she whispered through clenched teeth.

I laughed, "Well I could be wrong, but I am guessing it is a cock," I chuckled.

She was scooting away from it, but kept staring at it at the same time.

"Well, wh-wh-what is it d-d-doing sticking through a hole?" she asked with a profound urgency.

"Ted told me some of these booths had what they call glory holes. Guys will stick their cocks through the holes to see if someone will jack them off, or if they are lucky, suck them off. I guess I forgot to mention that to you." I said.

"Ted told you. Ted told you. Glory holes, they call them glory holes?" she stammered as she stared at the cock bobbing up and down.

The cock was white and probably 6 to 7 inches long and leaking pre cum.

"Well we wanted to do something different. We said we will never see these guys again, hell we can't even see this guy now," I laughed.

"Guys expect someone to j-j-jack them off?" she stuttered, as she stared intently at the cock.

"Or suck them off," I chuckled.

"Ewwwww, I c-c-can't imagine anyone sucking them off," she slurred as she stared.

"Hey, a lot of girls do. At least that's what Ted told me," I added.

"Ted again," she mumbled, still staring intently at the bobbing cock.

"So, do you want to help this poor guy out?" I asked with a chuckle.

"What, s-s-sucking him off?" she blurted in a shocked voice, turning to look at me.

I laughed, "Well I was thinking about you jacking him off to be honest, unless you decided you really want to get naughty."

She turned and stared at the cock. Her breathing had increased noticeably as she slid a slight little bit toward the cock.

"You r-r-really w-w-want me to?" she asked, her breathing now coming in gasps as she stared at the cock.

I chuckled, "well not only are we never going to see this guy again, like I said we can't see him now."

She slowly slid her naked ass across the bench until she was close to the cock. Turning on the end of the bench, she slowly reached her small shaking hand toward the dripping cock.

She touched the tip of his cock with her index finger. "It's leaking," she giggled quietly as she rubbed her finger over the dripping tip smearing the pre cum on the fat head of the guys cock.

She kept rubbing the pre cum all over the head of the cock, then moved her hand forward and softly gripped the shaft.

"Should I help him out?" she giggled as she looked over her shoulder at me.

Her eyes opened wide as she saw I had pulled my cock out and was stroking it as I watched her.

"At this point, I think he is expecting it," I answered her as she looked back at the cock she held in her small hand.

She began jacking on his cock and soon was increasing her pace.

I stepped forward and leaned in pulling her head toward my cock. She parted her lips as I drove my cock deep inside her mouth.

She was furiously jacking off the cock in her hand, as I drove my cock into her throat. I fucked her mouth hard for several strokes, and then pulled it out with a pop.

Her hand was a blur on the cock and I heard the guy on the other side knocking on the wall. I knew what this meant, but I knew Debbie did not.

I leaned over and whispered, "try that one," in her drunken state, she did not hesitate when I whispered that to her. She immediately sucked the cock she had been jacking off into her mouth.

I reached up and held my hand at the back of her head as she jerked when the guy shot his cum into her mouth. I held my hand at the back of her head and she jerked with each spurt of hot cum into her mouth.

I could hear her swallowing repeatedly as the guy shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth. I heard a muffled "Aaiiyeeeeeeee," from her between the swallows and noticed she had her fingers in her pussy.

Finally he finished and his cock began to go limp. I moved my hand and Debbie continued sucking on his cock. Finally he pulled back and I heard a pop as he pulled his wilting cock out of my wife's mouth.

Debbie leaned back against me, gasping and coughing, "oh my God, I c-c-can't believe I d-d-did that," she slurred.

"Did what?" I asked as she continued gasping for breath and coughing.

"I swallowed his s-s-stuff," she stuttered between gasps.

"What," I said as if in disbelief. "I thought you just wanted to see if his cock felt like mine, I didn't realize he came in your mouth," I lied.

She was gasping and still coughing as she said, "I tried to pull b-b-back, but you held my head," she stuttered.

"Wha, I wasn't holding your head, I was leaning over trying to see if you actually had it in your mouth. I must have been up against your head. Are you sure he came in your mouth?" I asked

"Oh believe me, I am sure he did. Because you were up against my head I had to swallow his stuff," she whined. "He came a lot, much more than you do," she whimpered. "I had no choice, I had to swallow or I would have drowned." She added in a whimpering voice between coughs.

"Well that guy over there really needs your help," I said to her as I nodded in the direction of the opposing glory hole.

She leaned around me and looked. Hanging through the hole was easily 9 to 10 inches of limp black cock.

"But t-t-that one is b-b-black," she stammered.

"So was the one last night in the theater," I chuckled. "Maybe it's the same guy."

"No," she quickly responded. "His was not as long as t-t-that one."

I chuckled to myself. For someone who did not remember what she had done in the theater last night, she seemed to recall pretty easily how long the black cock she jacked off was. I decided not to call her on this misstep.

She was staring intently as the long black cock was wagging limply from side to side through the glory hole.

She moved closer and leaned over to look closer at it. "It is a big one isn't it," she mumbled.

"Touch it babe," I whispered.

"Should I?" she said as she gazed at it.

"Well I believe that is why he stuck it through the hole," I chuckled.

Slowly she reached toward the swaying cock. She poked it with her finger and giggled. Then she kind of slapped at it and it swayed back and forth. She giggled at that too.

"You're torturing the poor guy baby." I whispered in her ear.

She slid off the bench and knelt in front of the black cock. She reached and gripped the flaccid shaft, and began to stroke it.

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