Another Changed Life Ch. 01


I took my cue from her movement and pressed my face into her crotch, smelling the soft scent of her soap and the intense scent of her arousal. It wasn't enough to touch her like that and I slipped her shorts down her body, immediately settling back between her legs and starting my efforts in earnest. Her soft moans and gasps got louder as I licked and sucked on her, letting my tongue slide just inside her pussy to taste her juices and moaning myself at the combination of her scent and taste and the sounds she made as I caressed her with my tongue and lips.

It didn't take much to have her screaming as she came, and I smiled as I watched her lost in the throes of her first of the night. I took a strange kind of pride in giving a woman all I could, and with her it seemed even more important to make sure she had the best. I couldn't let myself down.

I gave her a moment to calm, sensing when her panting slowed that she would be ready for more. She was wonderfully wet after coming, so I lapped up a little to taste her properly and then started to finger her. The little she had calmed down was very soon gone as I inserted one and then two fingers into her, letting my head drift back down to her clit so I could suck on it while I gave her a taste of what was to come by fucking her pussy with my hand. Her glorious moans of delight started to fill the room again. I came back up for air and started to use my thumb on her clit.

Her body writhed and I got to watch her like this. I could do that forever, she was so into what I was doing and loving every moment. Her breasts jiggled slightly as she moved and panted and I watch fascinated by them for a moment, then taking in her face, her eyes closed as she concentrated only on what I was doing to her. I suddenly wanted more kisses, and hoped she might be able to return them even though I wasn't going to stop what I was doing to her.

My body slid against hers and the motion made me shiver as well, it was like electricity flowing from her hot body into mine. She felt me against her and despite being fairly lost her arms reached out to me, wrapping around my back and scratching me slightly with her fingernails. She would have no control over it, but I had a thought that I would love her to mark me like that, and if I could make her come again she probably would.

I leaned over her as far as I could and pressed my lips to hers. Between her gasps for breath and her moans she tried her best to return the kisses, and moved one hand to the back of my head for a moment to hold me to her. It must have been just too much to kiss her as well, because her back arched pushing her against me and she moaned loud and long into my mouth as she came for the second time, my hand getting even more wet with her juices as they flowed from her.

Finally, it was time for me to get inside her. I grabbed a condom from my bedside table while I watched her again. I was hard and aching to be one with her now, needing to feel that connection to this amazing woman. I could still barely believe my luck that I had this chance.

I pulled her up further onto the bed and into my arms at the same time. I wanted to be wrapped around her while I was inside her. She automatically spread her legs slightly and I moaned as my cock slipped down between them. Her arms came up around me and she opened her eyes, looking at me with lust despite what had already happened. I knew she wanted to be filled as much as I wanted to fill her.

The slide into her warm and tight pussy was slow and we both moaned. God she was incredible. I could feel her coming up to meet me, wanting me, and that increased the volume of my moan. When I had given her all of me I waited for a moment so I could appreciate it and so I could calm myself because this was too damn hot for me to last a long time. If all went to plan I would be able to go again later, but the first time still had to count.

I almost didn't want to withdraw, but once I started the motion she moved her hips to join me in the rhythm and we quickly set a slow and steady pace that had my mind whirling and my body shaking. She started to increase the pace before I did and I matched her. All that could be heard in the room was our sounds of pleasure and our bodies crashing together.

I tried to turn my mind to anything that would stop me from coming too soon, but all I could think about was her. She was incredible and I'd never felt so good or so at home inside someone. Something about her, about this whole situation, was driving me crazy. My end came just after she came again, the feel of her body shuddering beneath me and her pussy clenching my dick had me swelling and crying her name as I came harder than I thought I ever had done before. Vaguely I realised that I had got my wish, and somehow when she came she had clawed at my back and marked me.

After I finished shooting I had the strange feeling of not wanting to leave her body, but I knew I'd be softening and I had to get rid of the condom. Reluctantly I withdrew from her warmth and sorted it out, as soon as I could settling back down on the bed. Her beside me was not enough and she squeaked a surprised noise as I pulled her body on top of mine and wrapped my arms around her, desperate to keep her close, and contented when she rested her head on my chest and snuggled into me.

This was... I struggled to know what I felt, and then I realised it was something I had never done. Sex was great fun and I loved every moment, but cuddling afterwards was not me at all. Yet I couldn't seem to let go of her and I knew I didn't want to. Her body against mine just felt right. The steady fall of her breathing against me and her rise and fall with that movement and my own matching it was just perfect. I had a beautiful view down her back, across her hair that was messed from what we had done, the long line of her spine creating a dip in her contours, the round ass cheeks that looked ripe to be bitten, and then down what I could see of her legs where they intertwined with mine.

I ran a finger gently down her spine and was rewarded with a delightful wriggle against me and a low moan from her throat. Just the sight of her like that, relaxed and spent but draped across me and reacting to even the smallest of my touches started to make me hard again.

"Tess," I said softly.


"Come up here, I want to kiss you."

Her head tilted back on my chest so I could see her face and she managed to take my breath away despite her hair being messy and her skin shining with sweat. Despite all we had done there was still desire in her eyes. She slid her body up mine and I groaned again, feeling every part of my skin burning with her touch and the motion certainly reawakening my dick. Her lips pressed to mine as soon as she could reach and I hugged her tight as we joined in a soft but passionate kiss that sent shivers through me. I'd lied. I didn't just want to kiss her, I felt a need like I'd never felt before.

I might have considered this further if my lust hadn't got the better of me. I was hard for her yet again and her body against mine was probably the best aphrodisiac I'd ever come across. I had to have her, and experience that connection again. She didn't complain as I rolled us over, almost automatically letting her legs slide apart, knowing my intention. I kept kissing her as I fumbled in my bedside drawer for another condom, wondering why I hadn't made them easier to find. I didn't even lift my lips from hers to see what I was doing, slipping it on and straight away sliding into her.

It felt just as good, maybe even better than the first time. My control was better now, I wasn't quite as needy and horny as I had been before and I thought I could last longer. I wanted her to come around me again, that exquisite feeling of her pussy contracting as I filled her my first goal. She cried out my name, her voice full of need, as I began to move in and out of her. Perhaps I was wrong about lasting, my name on her lips was almost too much for me and I stiffened, trying to stave off my impending orgasm. A few sharp thrusts later and she came around me just like I had hoped, and even more beautiful than I remembered.

Her body arched up towards mine and her face almost seemed to be glowing in the soft light in my room. Her hair formed a soft, mussed halo against my pillow. The gorgeous sight was completed as she moaned my name again and that was it for me. I came just as hard as the first time, wondering how my balls had anything left to give but sure if I put them to the test they would try to fill her again. Somehow I managed not to collapse after I finished shooting, and the same need not to leave her body came over me. I rained kisses down on her face, her neck, her breasts, anywhere I could reach was treated to my attentions before my arms finally gave way and I rested on top of her, panting for air.

I fought to recover some sense, but my body was exhausted and my thoughts were just full of pleasure and comfort and I couldn't shake that even if I really wanted to. I rolled onto my side but brought her with me so I could keep her close, not wanting to let go. She started to struggle a little against me, and I had a moment of panic that she was leaving me, but once I lifted and she moved her arm that was pinned beneath me she settled down again and I sighed with relief and happiness that she was staying. I wanted to stay awake and savour every moment of having her curled up against me, but I knew I was slipping away.

"Night Dan," she murmured,placing a soft kiss on my cheek. "That was fun. I'm glad I've had my night."

Something about her comment bothered me, but I couldn't pin down why right then, I was too tired. The sense of unease it created was soon forgotten as I fell asleep.

* * * * * *

I woke to a warm body against me, instantly knowing it was Tess. Flashbacks of last night flew through my head and I smiled at the memories, and the contrast of her in the heat of passion to the sleeping figure wrapped in my arms. Her hair seemed to have gone wild during the night, although it might have been that we messed it up so much it had no chance. She certainly hadn't got far from me, I still had her in my arms, and her arm and leg rested across me. Her gorgeous eyes were closed, her face relaxed, and her mouth open and very soft and cute snores came from her. It made me laugh, trying not to make a sound, but my body shaking as I tried to hold the laughter in obviously disturbed her and she started to stir.

Her first movements were little stretches, but as she woke up more fully every movement unwound her from around me and moved her further away. I tightened my arms to try and keep her there, but she wriggled to make me loosen my embrace and I had to let her go. I immediately missed her body against mine, but contented myself with the thought that she was still in my bed. That thought had my morning wood straining towards her, wanting more of what it had got to enjoy before we slept, and my mind rapidly catching up to the idea and liking it too.

I reached out to her and stroked the side of her face, making her open her eyes. The dark brown orbs were sleepy still, but she looked happy. Maybe not immediately full of desire like I'd hoped, but she had only just woken up.

"Morning," I whispered to her, "are you okay?"

"I'm good. What time is it?"

I felt sure my face fell at that question. I wanted her to snuggle back up to me and let me make love to her again, not for her to be worried about how long she had been in my bed. I checked the clock and told her, it was only seven. Although I hadn't slept for long I felt ready for anything, well so long as it involved the gorgeous and naked woman in front of me. Apparently she was ready for anything but.

"I have to go. I need to be at work at nine."

"We've got time," I told her, giving her my sexiest grin and moving towards her, my intentions very clear.

She moved back and slid out of the bed. Seeing her naked body, even though she turned and tried to hide it from me, didn't exactly help stop my urges to drag her back into bed and underneath me, but when she started to dress I got the picture. I couldn't stop her from leaving, I shouldn't even want to, but somehow I couldn't stop thoughts of last night from coming back to me. Being with her had been wonderful, everything I had imagined and far more, and I wanted her to stay, but I couldn't make her.

"Do you want some breakfast before you go?" I asked.

"I don't have time. I need to go home and shower and get my work clothes. I can't go in looking like this."

She looked pretty good as far as I was concerned, half-dressed in her sexy clothes, although she covered her breasts from my view since her top was still downstairs. She looked beautiful despite being messed from a night of loving with me. Even after she had brushed her hair through it still curled at the back from where it had rubbed on my pillows as I entered her again and again, and that brought a smile to my face. She was leaving though, and I regretted that part even though I had left a little mark on her. As I stretched out I realised she had probably left more on me where her nails had dug into my back, but I liked that thought too.

"Sorry, I'm always horny in the mornings, especially after a night like we just had. I'm really glad you came to meet me."

She smiled for the first time. "Me too. Thanks."

"Oh, the pleasure was at least half mine!" I replied, winking at her and, strangely, making her blush.

"I really have to go Dan. I'll see you soon."

Why did the way she said that sound like a brush off? Like something I would say, probably something I had said, many times, to many women? And never once meant it. I'd taken what I wanted, what they freely offered, and moved on to the next woman who took my fancy. The best they could hope for was to make it to my list of women I'd call in case of emergency, my idea of emergency being I hadn't managed to get laid for a few days. More importantly, why did it hurt when she said it? I was getting out of this easy, no smalltalk, no awkward moment of saying goodbye, and yet I didn't want her to walk away. I couldn't say that though.

"Don't I even get a goodbye kiss?" I asked, trying to keep any disappointment out of my voice, and to figure out what the hell was going on with me.

She leaned over me awkwardly and placed a quick kiss on my lips, a nothing compared to the kisses we shared last night, and before I could pull her down for more she was walking out of my bedroom and out of sight. I heard her feet on the stairs and the front door open and close, and I had to fight the urge to run after her, naked as the day I was born, and drag her back inside to beg her not to leave so I could make love to her for the rest of the day. I rolled over and thumped the pillow beside me in frustration, fighting feelings of loss and loneliness I really didn't understand.

* * * * * *

It was three days before I broke my rule against calling a woman that I had slept with. Three days of frustration when I tried to get over the fact she had walked out on me and work out why it bothered me in the first place, and three nights of remembering every moment of what we had done while I stroked myself to completion. Nothing else worked for me, not other women, nor porn, but one thought of her naked in my bed and I was hard and aching. She was in my mind almost constantly, only when I was in the kitchen at work could I distract myself for a while.

I scrolled through my phone so many times over those days, settling on her number but not wanting to dial or knowing what I would say to her if I did. I looked through the numbers of other women, ones who had passed the test of wanting no-strings sex from time to time, but calling them was never more than an idle thought. I knew none of them could live up to the standard she had set, and when I thought about them, barely remembering what they looked like, I knew the sex was not what I wanted.

My heart was hammering as I heard the phone ringing, and I almost hung up in fear. I'd always been able to speak to her before, so why did I suddenly feel my mouth going dry and panic rising.

"Hi Dan, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Just checking in, I guess, wanted to know how you are doing."

I mentally kicked myself as I failed to find anything sensible to say. At least I hadn't gone completely silent.

"I'm fine too. Just shattered after a day at work and looking forward to putting my feet up with a good book."

Not a brush off, just a statement of fact. I wanted to ask her over, or ask if I could go round there, but it would be begging and I wasn't going to do that, I had my pride. So what if I couldn't think of anything but her, I had control of myself and I wasn't going to let these strange feelings of want beat me. She was just like any other woman, and I didn't need her except for another night, and I wasn't going to ask for it. She would come to me, eventually, I thought. But then she had never played this game like other women had, keeping me waiting for more than a year before she gave me what she knew I wanted from the beginning.

We made stilted conversation for a few minutes before I ran out of things to say. Nothing was mentioned about our night of passion, and I started to think she wasn't going to acknowledge it had happened. Unlike me, maybe she hadn't gone back over every moment we were together. Eventually she did say something, but it wasn't what I expected.

"You haven't told Mark, have you? I forgot to ask, but he would not be happy with me about what we did."

"You are kidding? He'd probably castrate me for it, never mind not being happy. You are on the strictly forbidden list."

"That didn't help. Don't you feel bad about that?"

Strange question. How could I possibly feel bad about something that was so good? Going against what Mark had asked -- well, he was a good mate, but that didn't mean he got to dictate who I slept with.

"No. It was never about what he wanted, it was about what you and I wanted. Besides which, I put Charlie on my list of people he couldn't have, and look what happened there."

"That's rather different. They are in love."

I swallowed hard. It was the right description for their relationship, but hearing that word come from her lips did strange things to my body. I didn't want to dwell on the thoughts coming into my mind.

"It's no different. They both wanted it, how is what we did wrong? Unless I misread you asking me to take you home."

I knew, somehow, that she was blushing at the reminder of what she had said. I was confident that she had been sure about wanting me, and she had a good time. I just didn't know what she wanted from me now, if anything. And I really wasn't sure that I knew what I wanted from her. At least she wasn't pretending it had never happened.

"No, you didn't. I guess I needed to know. Um... I've got to go."

We managed a quick goodbye before she hung up on me. Needed to know what, I wondered. I wasn't sure that conversation helped me at all. I wanted her but I couldn't ask for it, and as much as the words whirled around my mind I couldn't bring myself to say them, ask her to come over and make my night. I needed her touch and my own hand was already proving a poor substitute.

* * * * * *

A couple of weeks later things were no better. I'd managed to speak to her a couple more times, each time ending up tongue-tied and afterwards wondering when I had become unable to talk to a woman. It had taken me so long to talk her into my bed the first time, and now I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do it again, but even more sure that was what I wanted and needed. There was no further mention of what we had done either, but it was never out of my mind for long. I hadn't had sex since then because each time I thought about finding someone else I stalled as soon as a picture of her came into my mind.

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