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Another Experience


(This is a true story about our vacation to the islands. I had been dating my wife for three years at this point.)


We met Adam and Debbie our second night on the island of ST Martin. They were a really cool older couple that we bumped into on the bus. We were all heading to a beach across the island and we got to talking and decided to hang out for the day together. Adam and Debbie were in their late thirties/ early forties and they were still a very attractive couple, Debbie was your typical housewife, she had two children and her body was still in decent shape. She had medium length curly brown hair and a pretty face. Her breasts were large and still slightly perky and her ass was great. Debbie was a few pounds over weight but all in all she was a pretty older woman. Adam was in great shape for a guy his age; he was a doctor and liked to run marathons for fun and exercise so he had a fairly muscular build. We had a lot in common with them even though I was in my mid twenties and Ashley was in her early 20's.

We spent the day at the beach and Adam and Debbie invited us to join them for dinner later that night but we had already made reservations on our own so we all decided to meet up at their hotel bar later for a few drinks. We headed back to our hotel room to clean up and get ready for the evening. We jumped into the shower and rinsed off while we talked about how much fun we had spending the day with the other couple. We got out of the shower and as I watched as Ashley got her make up on and dressed for the night. My mind began to race about something happening between the four of us but I didn't want to bring it up to Ashley as nothing had happened since our first experience a few years ago. When we were ready to go Ashley came out of the bathroom looking sexy as can be, she had on an extremely tight gray dress that really hugged her body in all of the right places, she was also wearing one of those tight string push up bras that just go under the breasts and pop them up and out, they made her modest 34b's look like amazing c's.

During dinner our conversation went back to Adam And Debbie a few times and Ashley told me she didn't want anything to happen with them, she only wanted to hang out and have a few drinks, I agreed and said I felt the same way. After dinner we took a cab over to their hotel and we found them waiting for us inside the luxurious bar and lounge. We grabbed a booth and took a seat together, Debbie was already very intoxicated and she was being very flirty and fun. Debbie told us about her teenage daughters and their boyfriends and she also brought up a few sexual stories.

About 1130 Debbie was really drunk and they decided it was time to head back to their penthouse suite, they asked us if we wanted to join them for a night cap and since neither Ashley or I were drunk and our hotel was only about a ten minute cab drive we decided to hang out a bit longer. We got to their room and it was incredible, the first floor had a full kitchen and bathroom as well as a wet bar. The upstairs was an over hang that contained only the master bedroom, which was gigantic and had a spacious balcony that over looked the beach and ocean. The stairs to the second floor alone were gigantic. After the tour of the suite Adam and I ended up at the bar talking about our home sports teams and the girls ended up on the couch talking about girl things.

After a drink or two Adam asked me if I wanted to join him on the deck to smoke a cigar, I declined but told him Ash probably needed a cigarette so she would join him out there, I told her to take her time since I hated the smell of cigarettes and hated when she drinking because it always made her smoke a ton.

As soon as they were out of sight Debbie immediately started to hit on me, she made it very clear that she wanted to have sex with me. We joked around for a few minutes and she grabbed at me a few times, but I told her that as much as I wanted to Ashley and I had agreed that nothing would happen between any of us. Debbie just laughed at me and asked what I thought they were doing out there on the deck. I told her about our one experience and that we had agreed that are experimenting days were over, again Debbie laughed then she told me about how a few years ago on their vacation to the Dominican Republic Adam had talked a 28 year old married woman into telling her husband she was at the spa while she was really having a threesome with them, I wasn't worried though as I completely trusted my girlfriend of three years.

After a few more minutes Debbie invited me to join her in the shower, I told her I would think about it and I watched as she stumbled her way into the bathroom. A few minutes went by and I decided to make my way upstairs to see what they were up to. I quietly climbed the large staircase and I noticed that the lights were off in the room but I could see the stream of light coming in from the balcony.

As I got close to the top I peaked around the wall and I could see what I soon figured out was Ashley's thong rolled up in a ball on the floor. It was pitch black in the room so I snuck into a little spot close to the stairs and looked out onto the balcony. From where I was looking from I couldn't see anything except for the edge of a patio lounge chair, I could see the lounge chair moving slightly but I couldn't see or hear anything.

After a few minutes of watching and waiting I saw Ashley walk into the light and I could see she was saying something to Adam, she was smiling from ear to ear then I watched as she turned around and leaned over the guardrail. The next thing I know she is pulling the bottom of her dress up exposing her tight bare ass and sure enough she wasn't wearing the thong she left our hotel in, quickly Adam came into the light and pulled his shirt off, he was standing there in only his boxer briefs. His hands found their way to Ashley's ass and I looked on as he molested her for a few moments before sliding his fingers into her hole.

Her whole body jolted forward as he started to finger her tight pussy. His other hand immediately made its way around to her breast and he played around for a minute or two. Just like that I watched as my girlfriend lied about not wanting anything to happen between all of us, I was pissed off and thought about stopping the situation but my cock was already getting hard. Before I had time to think about it he slid his boxer shorts down and Ashley started to rub his cock behind her. After another minute he entered her while she was bent over the rail and I heard her grunt for the first time.

I heard faint moans through the closed glass door, as I stood huddled in the dark, I was completely shocked as I took in the wild scene in front of me. I watched as Adam pumped his cock into her from behind and leaned over to kiss her. They stayed in this position for several minutes as their bodies moved in unison while he pulled her hair back towards him so he could look into her eyes. From my angle I could see his hands going everywhere all over her body, he was touching her breasts and poking an probing everything with his fingers. I could see his ass clinch up every time he drove his cock straight into her vagina and I could hear the grunts coming out of her mouth and pussy.

Adam stepped back and Ashley turned around, I could see her exposed boobs, she slid a hand up her dress and I could tell she was rubbing herself, Adam had moved back against the sliding doors and Ashley was talking to him while looking into the room. It was pitch black in there so there was no way they could see me. Ashley slid out of her dress and was standing there naked in front of him, she had a big smile on her face as she walked over to him and slid down to her knees. His back was against the glass but I got a good side view as she took him in her mouth. His whole body was moving back and forth as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my girl friends mouth. She kept taking his cock out and licking up the side of his shaft and down to his balls. Time and time again she would give him four or five deep sucks before pulling his dick out to jerk him off and lick the tip, I didn't realize it but I had already put my hand down my pants and started to play with myself.

After a few minutes of sucking and jerking his cock she stood up and embraced him in a passionate kiss. They made out for several minutes before spinning around, Ashley's back was against the glass doors now and he fumbled around until he was back inside of her. He picked her up by her ass and leaned her against the door, while he held her up in the air he fucked her passionately against the glass. I was incredibly excited by this time and I felt like my cock would explode.

Adam was having trouble getting a consistent pace in their position so he let her feet down and turned her around, he pushed her tight up to the door and her tits smashed up against the glass as he entered her from behind. He fucked her body hard and the look on her face told me everything, she loved it. They stayed in this position for a what seemed like forever before Ashley spun around again and embraced him in another kiss. The two of them started using their hands on each other while they made out and Adam grabbed at Ashley's body.

Slowly he pushed Ashley down until she was jerking him off in a sitting position and looking up at his large cock. After a minute of using her hand on him his whole body started to convulse and he leaned forward against the glass and shoved his cock towards her face, I couldn't see as I assumed he shot his cum on her but after a minute he leaned back and I saw her sit up right to take his softening cock back into her mouth.

I quickly made my way downstairs to see what Debbie was doing and when I made my way into the bathroom I found her bent over the toilet throwing up. She was moaning as she threw up and for the next five minutes and I heard the water running through the pipes in the upstairs bathroom. I sat behind her holding her hair and losing my hard on. Another couple minutes went by and I figured I would go upstairs to see if anything was going on still but as I started to head over Adam and Ashley came walking down the stairs.

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