tagErotic CouplingsAnother Football Season... Ch. 02

Another Football Season... Ch. 02


Friday was a dreary stormy day. I had wanted to put on my skimpy bikini and spend the afternoon by the pool. Instead I wasted away the afternoon thinking about my brief encounter with those college boys my conversation with Monica and how upset I was about the start of another boring season.

I used to enjoy football games. Hell I was a cheerleader in college so I spent a lot of time with the team traveling on buses to away games. I never considered myself to be a prude having my fair share of boy friends both in high and college. I was very popular back then.

Barry and I got married a year before he passed the bar and have been married for 14 years. We decided early on that we didn't want children but his brothers and sisters provide a long list of nieces and nephews to Christmas shop for.

Friday evening after dinner Barry and I attended his nephew's high school game. I actually enjoy going to high school football games. I can watch the cheerleaders and Barry can watch the game.

While we were driving home I asked. "What games are you planning on watching this weekend hun?"

"There's a college kick off double header on ESPN tomorrow and Sunday evening is the bird's final preseason game." Barry replied.

"Okay." I replied.

"Margaret I hope you're not too upset with me. You know how much I love football." Barry said.

He's probably the only man other than my dad who calls me Margaret. To everyone else I'm either Peg or Peggy.

"I know baby. I just don't want you to expect me to stick around the house while you're down in your man cave." I replied.

"Never would Margaret." Barry said. "Maybe you could go shopping with one of your friends." He suggested.

Barry pulled his E-class into the garage and as we walked into the kitchen he said. "Margaret I'm bushed I think I'm gonna turn in."

I rolled my eyes at him and replied. "What ever!"

"Oh yeah another football season and another sexual dry spell." I thought.

Fourteen years is a long time to be completely faithful I suspected that was about to change.

I fell asleep that night wondering if every man on the planet became a football zombie this time of year.

Saturday morning dawned clear and a little chilly. I had some coffee on the patio wearing nothing but an oversized white fluffy bath robe. Our pool is very secluded a high fence with even higher arborvitae growing on the inside. Barry and I often swim naked at night. I even remember him fucking me poolside a few times. At least I think I remember that, could have been a fantasy also.

Around eleven it had warmed enough that I considered a swim. Barry was already in his man cave watching the pregame shows so I just walked over to the edge of the shallow end and slid my robe off my shoulders.

Even though the air had warmed the pool water was down right cold. As I dipped my shoulders under the surface I could feel my nipples instantly harden. Ever since my augment surgery my nipples had become ultra sensitive. The slightest change of temperature causes them to harden and become taut enough that tiny beads of flesh pop out along the edge of my areola surrounding the larger piercing nipple in the middle.

I slowly massaged both tight nipples below the surface of the water. Even in the cold water I could feel warmth between my thighs. I left one hand on my nipple while I slid the other down between my thighs. My middle finger found the slit of my pussy and dipped inside softly stroking my erect clit and deeper.

As I slowly brought myself to another self induced orgasm I thought. "This is such bullshit. I've wanna get fucked if my prick of a husband won't service me then I was bound and determined to find some man who would."

I almost rushed back up to my bedroom having finally decided to take matters into my own hands. A quick shower to freshen up and I was ready to decide what to wear.

I opted for a white lace bra with a deep plunging front that revealed more cleavage that I normally reveal. A matching white lace thong pulled high on my hips and tight through the crotch.

White dress slacks that clung perfectly to my naked ass cheeks a white silk blouse sheer enough to show the fancy lace of my bra. A pair of white pumps finished my almost virginal appearance.

Glancing at myself in the full length mirror on the back of my closet door I thought something wasn't exactly right. Then it dawned on me. I had on a really sexy bra that showed off my full breasts and I wasn't taking advantage of it.

Unbuttoning two more buttons of the blouse did the trick. Some light make-up and I was ready. I giggled to myself when I thought. "Ready for some serious cock hunting. I wanted to discover just what it is that causes young cock to crave a MILF so much."

As I crossed the kitchen I yelled down the stairs. "Later honey!"

I'm not sure Mr. Pig Skin heard me and to be completely honest I really didn't care if he did or not.

I put the top down on the Benz and backed out of the garage. I love driving with the top down having the wind blowing my hair and feeling the warm sunshine on my face. And today had a special reason for having the top down. Any guy who wanted could check me out.

I drove past a park where there at least fifteen or twenty other football zombies actually playing a pick up game of football.

I giggled as I thought. "Maybe everyman does turn into a zombie at kick off."

A few miles further and I came upon Mickey's Beach Bar. I recall a place much like this down the shore where a ton of young men hung out trying to pick up on the available beach bunnies or a lonely waitress.

I'd give Mickey's a try and turned into their lot. Parking a few spaces from anyone else was a good idea. Not only would it assure my SLK didn't get scratched but it gave every guy in the place a chance to see me strolling toward the bar.

Heads turned as I made my way to the opposite end of the long bar and took a seat a few stools from the waitress station. I could check all the guys sitting at the bar from here and my long sensual stroll gave them all a chance to check me out too.

"What'll ya have miss?" The middle aged bartender asked.

I normally like fruity drinks but figured I need some encouragement so I replied. "A double Drambuie on the rocks please."

"Comin up miss." The bartender said.

I'd have thought at least one or two of the men sitting at the bar would have kept looking my way but then I realized they were all staring at the big screen TV at the other end of the bar. Of course it was tuned to collegiate kick off game.

I took a big gulp of my drink. The Drambuie tasted honey sweet but still burned a little going down. No matter its effect was what I was after.

I had just about finished my drink when a voice behind me said. "Can I buy the next round?"

I turned sideways in my stool toward the very sexy voice that was offering me a drink.

His midnight black wavy hair was combed straight back. Strong facial features were set off by a brilliant white smile.

"Why yes I'd love another." I said smiling widely at him.

"Wonderful." He replied then added. "Would you like to join me?" He turned slightly and pointed to a table three quarters across the open air part of the beach bar.

I was still smiling as I accepted. "Love to." He motioned for the bartender to send a round to his table and then escorted me holding my elbow gently in his hand back to his table.

"Sit here under the umbrella." He suggested.

"Thank you".....I paused waiting for him to introduce himself.

"I'm Mark." He said

"Margaret." I replied holding one hand close to my heart.

"My pleasure Margaret." Mark said as he helped me with my chair.

He no sooner sat down across the table from me when his waitress arrived with our drinks.

"Drambuie on the rocks and a Black n Tan lager." She said.

I smiled and lifted the glass to my lips taking a healthy swig. I wanted to make sure the scotch was making me feel giddy and not the fact that Mark was so very sexy.

"So Margaret what brings you to Mickey's on such a beautiful day?" Mark asked.

"I wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for a while and get away from The Game." I said lifting my hands and gesturing the quotation marks with my slim fingers. My wedding band and 2 carrot engagement ring clearly showing as I motioned.

Mark smiled again and asked. "Don't you mean get away from the man watching the game?" He too gestured with his fingers.

"I suppose I do Mark." I answered.

"Why aren't you watching the game Mark?" I inquired.

"Why would I wanna watch a football game when there is such a lovely vision of beauty to watch instead?" Mark replied scoring big points with me.

I smiled and reached across the table touching his tanned hand as I said. Thank you again."

Since I was really starting to feel the affects of the scotch I took only a small sip from my glass before I asked. "So what do you do Mark?"

"I'm a first year grad student at university. Studying for my masters in business management." Mark explained.

"How about you Margaret?" Mark asked.

I giggled and replied. "I'm just a trophy wife."

Mark smiled and reached across the table taking my hand in his. "A blue ribbon trophy wife." He said.

So far Mark had said all the right things. I was beginning to think this cock hunting was going to be easy.

My head began to swim from the scotch and I bravely asked. "Do you know what a MILF is?"

Mark grinned and placed his hand on his chin. "I believe I'm looking at one right now."

I leaned forward giving him a better look at my cleavage. "You think I'm a MILF?" I asked.

Mark shook his head yes.

"Have you ever fucked a MILF Mark?" I blurted out.

Mark again shook his head.

The scotch made me brave and I asked. "Do you like fucking MILFs?"

Mark smiled widely and shook his head. "Do you wanna fuck this MILF?" I asked.

"Do you wanna get fucked?" He asked me.

I leaned toward him and slipped my hand under his. Looking him directly in those sexy dark eyes I said. "Absolutely!"

Mark lifted his lager to his lips and finished it in one huge gulp.

"My place or.." he paused. "My place?"

I only smiled and shook my head yes.

Mark helped me from my seat and it was a good thing he did because I might have fallen flat on my ass if he hadn't.

As he walked me toward the exit he said. "Margaret you're in no condition to drive."

I reached in my purse and pulled out the keys to my Benz. "Can you drive me Mark?"

"I'll drive you anywhere Margaret." Mark said.

I giggled as he opened the passenger door and said. "What I want is for you to drive me insane."

As we drove my head began spinning or perhaps it was the Benz that was spinning I'm not quite sure.

The scenery blurred and before I could say a word I lost consciousness.

I awoke in a strange bedroom on a strange bed completely dressed and totally alone. Even thought it hurt to do I lifted my head from the pillow and looked around. It might have been a strange bedroom and bed but it certainly was well appointed and very comfortable.

"Mark?" I whispered.

No answer I slid off the soft down filled comforter and walked toward the door.

"Mark are you here?" I whispered again.

No answer.

As I walked toward the kitchen I noticed my keys and a note on the counter.

"Margaret I had an appointment I had to go to tonight. I hope you're able to drive okay. Next time we meet I'll order you a Shirley Temple." Call me if you'd like to get together sometime. Mark" His number was written below his signature.

I was so embarrassed downing those two double scotches in that short a time was not only a bad idea but also ruined my chances with Mark who proved he was a real gentleman. He had carried me from the car to his bedroom and let me sleep it off when he could have just as easily stripped me naked and had his way with me.

I folded his note carefully and hide it away in my purse. I'd certainly be calling him to at least thank him for taking care of me.

It was a just past six when I arrived home still feeling a little buzzed and very horny. Barry was in the kitchen making a sandwich as I entered from the garage.

"Hi babe." Barry said continuing to work on his sandwich.

"Hello Barry how were the games?" I replied.

He looked up from the counter and answered. "First one was great State won on a last second field goal but the second game's is a blow out."

Barry kept looking at me his eyes tracking down over my form. "You look really hot today Margaret." He commented.

"Why thanks baby." I replied smiling at him and feeling good that he had actually noticed my sexy white outfit.

He picked up his plate and pulled a beer from the frig and headed downstairs to watch the end of the game. I stood there in the kitchen for a few minutes considering the events of that afternoon. Had I not thrown down that second Drambuie I'd most likely have come home sexually satisfied after an afternoon of steamy sex with Mark. But I had that second drink and instead came home embarrassed and still in need of sexual gratification.

"Well Peggy you have two choices. Head up stairs and satisfy your self or head downstairs and try to seduce Mr. Pig Skin into fore going the rest of the second game." I thought.

I opted for the latter and as I descended into Barry's man cave I undid the fourth button on my blouse exposing all of my cleavage and the tiny lace covered clasp of my bra.

"Hi there Margaret. Did you decide to come down and watch the rest of the game with me?" Barry asked without looking away from the television.

I stepped into his line of sight and placed my hands on my hips. "Actually Barry I thought I'd come down and create my own blow out." I said.

From his overstuffed leather chair Barry's eyes scanned down over my form. He licked his lips while I slowly undid the fifth and sixth buttons of my blouse and slipped the silky fabric off my shoulders. My blouse fell to the floor in a puddle of silk and I'm sure that had the men in stripped shirts been there I'd have been flagged for illegal motion as I closed the distance between myself and my husband sitting in his chair.

I slipped one leg between his and pushed sideways. Barry spread his legs and asked. "If you're trying to distract me Margaret it's working." Barry commented.

I smiled and slid my hands to the clasp of my slacks. Undoing the clasp I turned around and slowly peeled the white material over my ass exposing my perfectly tanned ass cheeks and the miniscule creamy lines where my thong had protected my flesh from the sun.

I held the waistband of my slacks and bent at the waist until my garment was pooled on the floor around my shoes.

Stepping out of my slacks I placed my feet further apart and slowly straightened up sliding my spread fingered hands up the back of my legs until they crossed my ass.

Turning again to face my husband I leaned forward and jiggled my tits for him. He loves when I tease him with my tits and I gave my shoulders an extra shake making sure I wasn't going to lose his attention.

Barry grinned and asked. "And exactly what did you have in mind Margaret?"

I knelt between his legs and placed one forearm on each thigh. "How about a little unsportsmanlike conduct?" I asked.

Barry smiled and lifted his plate from his lap placing it on the end table beside his big leather chair. His hands came to rest on the wide arm rests and his eyes concentrated on me instead of the gridiron action taking place on the big screen behind me.

I slid my hands in unison up the inside of his thighs and Barry reacted by sliding a little front on the seat. One delicate hand found a growing bulge in his trousers which I slowly massaged under the fabric.

His cock swelled under my gentle massage tenting his trousers in front.

"How about a different kind of blow out?" I asked as my deft fingers undid his belt buckle and waist button of his slacks.

Barry smiled and said. "You have my undivided attention Margaret."

I pulled the tiny zipper tab down and slipped one hand inside. "You won't penalize me for illegal use of hands will you baby?"

"Not a chance Margaret." Barry said as he lifted his hips and pushed his pants down to his knees.

My husband's cock isn't what I'd call huge when totally erect I'd estimate it to be five inches. However when aroused his cock becomes so very hard and what it may lack in length it makes up for in girth. When he fucks me it stretches my pussy tightly around it and that taut flesh massages the flaring corona and shaft each time he thrusts inside me.

As I slowly stroked him through the fabric of his undershorts his cock responded like always swelling and hardening to a full erection.

I released my grip and slipped one hand under the material. His erection complete I circled his cock with my soft fingers and stroked him several time skin to throbbing skin.

"That feels so nice Margaret." Barry whispered.

I love feeling his cock pulsing in my hand and wanted to massage his balls with my other hand and watch him twitch as my skillful fingers pleasured his cock.

"Lift up a little Barry." I asked.

Barry did so and I slipped his underwear off his hips pulling them along his thighs until I gathered his slacks and peeled both garments down to his ankles.

I slipped his loafers off and he lifted his feet so I could brush his clothes to the side.

"God you're so sexy!" Barry said as I slowly ran the tips of my fingernails up his legs and along the inside of his thighs.

Goose bumps instantly rose on his naked flesh. I looked up into his eyes knowing he'd be watching my every move.

I used my nails to tease the flesh covering his balls which as usual were pulled taut on either side of his erect cock. Barely touching the pulsing shaft I spider walked my nails along it length until I reached the bulging cock head.

Barry's eyes were glued to mine with his erect cock the only thing in our line of sight.

I love stroking his hard on watching his expression change as my soft fingers and palms move over the head across the wide corona and down the shaft to his balls.

One hand cupped those cum filled balls while the other moved expertly up and down the length of his swollen cock. "That feels so good Margaret." Barry exclaimed.

But I knew what felt even better and what Barry always waited for as I tease his cock with my hands. What he loves most is for me to lean forward and capture his swollen cock between my tits and then dry hump him with their soft firm flesh.

As I slowly stroked him with my hands I smiled and asked. "You want this hard cock between my tits don't you baby?"

Barry nodded yes and moved his hands from the chair's arms to my shoulders gently pulling me toward him.

I released his cock and slid my hands to cup both full tits my thumbs gently massaging my erect nipples through the lacy fabric. Barry's pulled a little firmer on my shoulders.

I smiled at him knowing he couldn't wait to feel his cock slip between the twin orbs of pleasure that he'd paid nearly eight grand for.

Leaning forward even more I ended his wait pressing his pulsing cock between my tits and into the soft warm tight cleavage. His cock surged its underside sliding over the lacy clasp that still held my bra tightly in place.

I slowly began dry humping his cock letting it slid across the crack between my tits and every couple of time I rose up I'd press him deeper into the soft warm flesh.

His eyes were as big as saucers and stared intently at my chest as I moved his prizes up and down on the hot pulsing cock meat.

Stepping up my tease a notch I pulled back and used deft fingers to undo the clasp that held my breasts firmly in place.

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