tagNon-EroticAnother Good Deed: Thankful

Another Good Deed: Thankful


(Unlike the other AGD stories, this one will be void of any sexual things. I chose instead to show more of Maria's heart this time. Hope you like it.)


It was November 11th and I woke up really early in the morning. I knew that I had an important date to get ready for. I slowly moved into the shower and took a slow shower. I decided to shave myself just because it always seemed like a good idea with the date I was going to see. As I dried off, I grabbed his favorite perfume and sprayed myself with it. I then went to the closet and found his favorite dress. It was a blue knee length dress with floral prints all over. After choosing a nice white set of undergarments, I wrapped myself in it and then picked out a nice blue sweater to wrap myself in to keep warm. It was then I noticed the time and slipped on a nice pair of blue flats. I walked to my car, waving to my neighbor as I went.

The car started right up as I drove the hour to our destination. The National Cemetery had been my frequent destination every holiday since I lost my husband to a drunk driver. Since he served in the Army before we married, I was able to have him buried near other heroes and it made me feel good that I was able to make it happen like that. I always knew he would love to spend the remainder of his eternity near guys he could swap stories with. As I entered the gates, I saw the flag at half staff and said a quick prayer before driving straight to where his grave was.

There was a couple standing near a newer grave marker. As I neared them, I saw a little girl who was hiding under the woman's coat who looked no older than eight. She looked scared as the adults had tears in their eyes. As I read the marker, I saw that the soldier died from an IED in the deserts. I walked closer and respectfully shared my condolences before walking gingerly towards my husband's marker.

There was a small American flag planted next to his stone. I knelt beside it and began to talk to the marker like it was my husband sitting there. I knelt there for what seemed like an hour just talking to him and remembering all the things he would have loved to know. I felt a pair of eyes on me and I saw the little girl looking at me before she smiled. I said goodbye to him and planted a kiss in y palm before rubbing my hand along the grave marker. I then started walking back towards the car and back to the house we shared for all those years.

Although I loved visiting my husband every holiday, I also knew that my least favorite holidays were starting soon after. It seemed like ever since he was killed, the town had sent out an ordinance that decreed that every family should try to invite me to Sunday dinner or something. Every week, I politely turned down offers because I knew soon after I arrive that the conversation would die off because the host or hostess would be afraid of what to say to me. I'm not a delicate flower by any means, but the silence makes things so much more difficult.

A quick stop by the grocery store gave our town minister a chance to invite me to Thanksgiving. The reader may remember that this minister had a son named Samuel who I have written about a few times. The same Samuel conned me into sex with him before I turned it around and became an "advisor" of sorts. His father caught me at the grocery store and before I could recite the Lord's Prayer, I was invited to their house for dinner. There was a part in my gut that hoped that the dinner would be me, the Reverend and his wife.

I arrived at the house an hour before in case his wife needed any help. Sure enough, she needed me to peel a few hard boiled eggs and help her set the table. Shirley and I were enjoying the small respite away from the guys before her husband appeared to give his wife a kiss. It was then she asked him where Samuel was. As my hope disappeared slightly due to the fear that Samuel would accidently reveal some secrets, I then heard that he was bringing along one of the professors as well. I didn't get to hear much about who before a familiar face came through the door.

"Hi y'all," he said mockingly before kissing his mother on the cheek and hugging his dad. As he edged towards me, I saw a wink before he gave me an innocent hug before he began to whisper in my ear.

"You're safe, for now," he whispered. I kept my mouth shut as I saw a man enter into the house wearing a brown sweater with salt and pepper hair on his head and goatee. He was about my height and stood there before Samuel introduced him.

"This is Professor London. He's my Lit professor," he said before the professor interrupted.

"Please, call me Evan. I doubt this will seem a formal setting." As Samuel introduced his mom and dad, I scoped out Evan almost on impulse. He seemed to be in his early forties although he came across as perhaps a bit younger. When Samuel motioned towards me to introduce me, Evan took my right hand into his and held it for a moment before releasing it. Dinner went off without a hitch and I was getting ready to leave before Evan caught me.

"Maria, Samuel was supposed to drive me back to the motel in town, but he seems to be tied up. Can you drive me back?" His smile was too irresistible to resist, so I guided him towards my car. As we drove towards the motel, I received a cell call from Samuel.

"Just so you know, he knows all about you and I told him you'd be able to spend the night with him. Hope you have fun," he said quickly before he hung up over my protest. As I looked at Evan, I wondered what Samuel had gotten me into. We arrived at the motel where he led me to his room and allowed me to enter first. I turned towards him waiting for him to make a move, but he didn't. Instead, he sat on the bed and began to cry. I started stepping towards him before he stopped me.

"Maria, I know what Samuel was trying to do. But I can't betray my wife." I looked at his hands and didn't see evidence of his marriage before he talked more.

"I lost Sophia three months ago to cancer. I know what Samuel wanted me to do with you, but I haven't the desire. You're a beautiful woman, but I miss Sophia." It was then I started to talk about my own departed husband and we sat there just talking for a good hour or so. As I left the room, I felt a sense of accomplishment as my husband was in the forefront of my mind and my heart as well.

When I arrived home, I updated my status to wish everyone a happy holiday and to inform them that I would be unavailable for "nursing" for a few days. I then fell asleep dreaming of my husband lying next to me like he used to.

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by Anonymous

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by Azuldrgon01/11/18

To the guy who was mad about the grave marker thing

I didn't know that grave markers do not show cause of death. Thank you for letting me know. I am unsure it was worth reducing the stars so low, but to each their own.

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by Nexttimeround08/14/17

A different storyline

Sensitively written

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