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Another Halloween Party


Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and try and make the best of a situation. Things are what you make of them. I kept telling myself that I needed to make this into a fun evening, even if I didn't want to go. The ink was still wet on my divorce decree and I really wasn't up to a search for new romance. I was only going because Mel and Megan had almost demanded it of me.

Mel was more than just my boss, he was also my friend and had stuck with me through the emotional turmoil of the ugly divorce. I had barely known his wife Megan until the papers were served on me in a most public manner. Mel insisted I come for dinner at least once a week and the three of us had become friends. I truly liked Megan, but she didn't believe a man could exist without a female to guide him through life.

Tonight was just another example. They practically insisted I go to their neighbors Halloween party. Megan also had a young lady that I "just had to meet". According to Megan, Susan was the closest thing to an angel short of heaven. Another pitiful attempt to foist romance on my dead soul.

I had turned down several prior attempts to set me up with single women. Some beautiful, some with personality. I could only imagine what they told the women about me.

This time, Megan changed her tactics and trapped me fair and square. First, she had checked with me about my schedule and I had admitted to having nothing more exciting than a plan to curl up with the TV. She suggested that I would enjoy a Halloween costume party. She badgered me about it until I agreed to go. Then, she had sprung Susan on me. It wasn't a date, I wasn't to pick Susan up, just meet her there for the moral support and company that a single man needed from a woman.

It wasn't vanity that helped me choose the costume, although the bat man outfit did show off my slim muscular physique. I chose it because it was so unlike the loose fitting sport shirt and pants I usually wore, and the full hood would cover my face. I was actually hoping that Megan wouldn't recognize me and I could put in my time and escape without detection, later to plead that I had been there.

The house was easy to find, only three doors down from Mel and Megan. It was a large house with a brick facade and while I arrived only fifteen fashionably late minutes after the start of the party, it was already in full swing. The sound of music, clinking glasses, and laughter could be heard from the drive.

A slightly rotund woman in a devil's outfit greeted me at the door and wordlessly waved me in. The sound of music and soft conversation filled the room, but if Mel and Megan were there, I didn't recognize them. In fact, I didn't recognize anyone in their costumes.

My plan for the evening was to put in my appearance and then sneak away. I spent the first half hour wandering around the crowd of 30 or so people, dreading that I would find Megan and have some strange woman foisted off on me. I'm not sure if it was the good costumes, or my desire to escape detection, that caused me not to find my friends. That was both good and bad news. It meant there was no one I knew but neither was a woman hanging on me, looking for a life match, that I wasn't ready for.

I was ready to bolt when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see one of the most stunning women I had ever seen. She stood perhaps 5 foot 4 with shoulder length light brown hair. There was, of course, a mask on her face but that failed to hide the twinkle in her blue eyes or the pert nose. Her lips seemed to beg to be kissed. She wore a genie outfit that would have put Barbara Eden (in her prime) to shame. Her flat bare midriff was much more tanned than the fabled TV genie and her breasts strained to rip the fabric of the costume. If they put a picture of cleavage beside the word in the dictionary, it should be of this girl in this outfit.

"Are you looking for a beautiful woman whom you have never met?" She asked me with a smile on her pretty masked face.

That smile melted my heart, not to mention causing a warmth to flow through me. A warmth I hadn't felt in months. I had thought that desire was dead in me, but that smile, that figure, that soft throaty voice combined to awaken feelings I had thought were gone.

"I am, indeed. Are you the girl of my dreams?"

She chuckled. "I don't know if I'm the girl of YOUR dreams, but I suspect we are the couple of someone else's dreams."

"Aren't blind dates wonderful? Especially when you're in costume and those responsible aren't around?"

I could feel her eyes roaming over me and suddenly felt self conscious in my skin tight costume. Then the smile came to her lips and the heat rushed to me. "There is always the chance that one could have a wonderful blind date." She told me, and the fire of desire scorched my soul at the promise in her words.

"Only time will tell." I told her and for me, time did tell.

The heat I felt at the first sight of her only intensified with the time we spent together. We talked and laughed and clicked. I forgot there were others there. My world consisted of only her and I. We spent an hour talking before we had our first dance, almost as a joke. I would hate to think that "Monster Mash" would be our song. The only thought more frightening was that this would be our only night.

The second dance was more like it. She never allowed me to leave the improvised dance floor as a slow song came on. She molded her body to mine. We said nothing as I drank in the smell of her intoxicating perfume. The way her body melded to mine had a predictable effect and she let out a soft breath as her body swayed against mine with even more pressure.

When that dance was done, she pulled her face back to look in my eyes. "I don't usually do this on the first date, but lets cut through the games. Your place or mine?"

There was no need for me to say anything. I just took her hand and started for the door. She slipped her hand out of mine and put it around my waist, pressing our bodies together.

A moment of panic washed through my brain before I realized that I had cleaned my apartment and even made the bed today! Something that I was lax about. For some reason, I had even cleaned the toilet this morning. A slight smile crossed my lips.

We had taken only a few steps when there was a scream from one of the bedrooms and a swirl of activity. The sea of people parted as a girl in a princess outfit came flying through the crowd and past us. She was crying and running, one hand holding a ripped strap on the shoulder of her costume in place. As she ran past us toward the door, her shoulder collided with me bumping me into Susan. We struggled for balance and barely managed to stay on our feet as we exchanged questioning looks.

The girl was nearly hysterical as she ran screaming and sobbing for the door. What had happened was not clear, but the girl was obviously traumatized. The only thing that came to my mind was that she had been raped.

After the furor died down, I led Susan to my car. I played the gentleman and opened the door for her and she cuddled up to me as we drove to my place. She was paying scant attention to the drive as she snuggled her body to mine and nibbled on my neck as we drove. . Those nibbles erased any doubt about what we would be doing and my body reacted appropriately. The feel of her lips was driving me crazy, especially since we had not even shared our first kiss

We remedied that as soon as the door closed on my apartment. I pulled her to me, feeling her body mold to mine. My eyes looked into the languid pools of her eyes and we shared a moment of soundless communication, reading the desire in each other before our lips met.

The sensations nearly overwhelmed me. The smells of her clean hair merging with her fragrant, intoxicating perfume and the soft hint of soap on her skin. The sound of her breathing, now coming faster. The taste of her mouth as our tongues dueled. The feel of her lips on mine, her soft hair against my face, her ample breasts against me, separated from me by only the thin fabrics of two costumes. The soft feel of her skin as my hands touched her bare back and pulled her to me. Each sensation separate, but a part of the whole. A whole that scorched my very being.

That first kiss was timeless, lasting an eternity and no time at all. It might have been minutes or hours and yet it seemed to take only a heartbeat. Time was a thing that had ceased to exist. We broke that kiss as our eyes locked, burning into each others souls.

Our bodies parted as my hands reached up to caress her cheek and then push the mask from her face. Her lips curled into a faint smile as her hands found my batman mask and pushed off. We smiled at each other. Something triggered the renewed passion in us and our lips met once more in that kiss that stopped time once again. My hands roamed up her back and found the buttons that secured the top of the costume. I sucked in a delighted gasp as her top fell away revealing that she wore no bra. Her body wiggled as she struggled to shed the top from her arms and then her hands were looking for the zipper that held my costume. We were forced to break our kiss as she pulled the fastener down and I struggled out of that costume.

Our bodies came together once more, this time with the feel of soft female flesh pressed against my courser male body. The feel of her erect nipples brushing the hair on my chest sent shivers through me. The kiss was long and passionate, my senses consumed with the sensations.

Not a single word was exchanged as we broke that kiss and our eyes locked again. My hands roamed down her belly until they found the buttons on her pants. It took only a fumbling moment to free those cursed fasteners and push pants and panties down her shapely legs. She was upon me again as she shook her legs and stepped out of the last of her clothing. Her hands returned the favor as she pushed my briefs down my legs. I heard her gasp and saw her smile as my erect cock popped free of the waistband.

The sensations swirled through me. All the smells and feels that had inflamed me before consumed me once more, now mixed with the delicious feel of my naked cock brushing the bare skin of her belly. There were all those sensations and there was nothing else, the world and all it's problems vanquished by the touch of this woman. The two of us, locked in a kiss that froze time and consumed our souls.

When that kiss broke, I took her hand and led her toward my bedroom. She followed with an eager anticipation. We spoke no word as she soundlessly laid on the bed. My eyes took in her naked splendor for just a moment before I was beside her. The feel of her in my arms forced a gasp from my lips.

She rolled onto her back when we broke that kiss, her legs spread, a look of invitation on her face. My lips moved to kiss a beautiful breast but her hands stopped my face. Her eyes locked on mine. I could see the depth of her desire written there. She wanted me NOW! No words were exchanged, we simply read the need in each other. It was as if we were one.

I moved over her, our eyes locked. Her hand reached for me, positioning my rock hard cock at the soaking wet entrance to her. My eyes never left hers as I slowly pushed into her. Feeling each millimeter of me sliding into the warm moist welcome of her body. The silky wonder surrounding me. A strange feeling came over me that I had never felt before. This was not me entering her, but rather a joining, a merging of our bodies. We became one. I stopped when I was all the way into her. Knowing that we both needed movement, both needed the passion that had to follow, but wanting to savor this moment of our joining.

Her hips moved and then it began in earnest. My hips rocked into her, matching the rhythm of her body. Our eyes locked and then my lips met hers as our bodies slammed together. I heard her breathing coming faster and then a gasp broke from her lips. I felt the pressure build inside me, but it felt as if my very soul was rushing to my dick, trying to escape, to merge with her, to become one with her. Our kiss broke as a loud moan came from her lips and then I slammed into her and stopped as the breath ceased in me, building into an explosion.

Her back arched with a buck that nearly threw me off her. Her lips let loose a scream of passion. The clenching muscles of her pussy triggered my orgasm. My whole body exploded. The air I sucked into my lungs a moment before came out in one huge burst. Every muscle in my body contracted and then relaxed. My soul, which had been pooling in my cock, forced itself out of me in a blast of passion, to merge with her. In that moment, we were truly one. We had merged. Our souls had joined. That first blast was so intense that it could only be termed a human explosion.

That first rocking of my soul was not the end but rather the beginning. I pulled back and jammed myself into her once more, again exploding. It was more than an orgasm. It was a joining of two beings, a completion of each of us.

There were more, many more blasts before all was calm. Neither of us could breathe. We gasped at each other, unable to utter another sound, save the sucking for breath. Reluctantly, I collapsed beside her. We looked into each others eyes and said nothing as we gently kissed and struggled for breath.

We spoke nothing about the things we had felt, had shared. It had been too powerful and there was no need. We could each read the wonder of the experience in the other. A bonding of our selves that did not end with the parting of our bodies. For hours there was a soft touching mixed with occasional repeats of our loving. Each time was incredible. Each time different. We shared a tenderness and a passion. We shared soft laughter and softer touches. We shared everything but our telephone numbers.

For a moment I considered asking her for her phone number, but I decided I didn't need it. Megan would be quick to foist those digits on me the next time I saw her.

Too soon, she told me that she had to go. We shared a parting shower to clean away the evidence of our past four hours on the mattress. We actually got clean, although there was another round of getting dirty before we rinsed away the soap.

I dressed in regular clothes as she was forced into her genie costume. She looked so good in that outfit!

"I want to see you again, and again and again." I told her. Her lips curled into a bright smile.

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away!" She told me with a bright smile on her beautiful face.

I drove her back to her car. She spent the trip snuggling close and paying much more attention to me than to the drive.

It was a very bittersweet drive home as the image of her filled my mind. A sense of contentment coursed through me. I was in love! It would not be long until I saw her again!

It seemed my eyes had barely closed when I heard the phone ringing. I looked at the clock and saw that I had had just an hours sleep. I picked up the phone, but before I could even say "Hello" there was a screaming in my ear. It was Megan.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH? You need to get your sorry ass over here and apologize to Susan right this instant! Mel and I have been up all night trying to keep her from filing charges against you, you pathetic excuse for a man!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Megan? Susan has been here with me all night and believe me, she had no complaints!"

"You GOD DAMNED LIAR! Susan has been with us all night. We've had a dreadful night trying to keep you out of jail! You get your sorry ass over here and apologize RIGHT NOW!" She slammed the phone down, leaving me confused and agitated.

I had no clue, but roused myself and crawled into my clothes. I was totally confused as I drove to Mel and Megan's. I didn't have the slightest idea what they could be upset about. Lack of sleep had dulled my senses.

Megan met me at the door. She grabbed my arm and practically drug me into the house. Sitting on the couch was the girl who had run into me while I was escorting Susan from the party.

OH MY GOD! My mind screamed. In that instant I realized that neither "Susan" nor I had ever uttered the others name. I had assumed that the unattached woman seeking her blind date could only be "Susan" and I'm sure she had assumed that I was her intended blind date.

The real Susan's eyes locked on mine for a moment.

"That's not Susan." I said.

"That's not Tom." She said.

The two of us exchanged stories. Susan's a horror story in keeping with Halloween, mine a love story. Susan told a story of rape and physical assault. I left out the really juicy parts, although I suspect that everyone's minds filled in the gaps.

Megan was inexorably stuck in the middle, no longer protective of "Tom", she was enlisted by Susan to hunt down and castrate the fake "Tom", while at the same time, seeking the "Susan" impostor to re-establish my love life.

I was kicking myself for not getting "Susan's" phone number, still, I was so sure it would be easy to find "Susan" that I didn't even start to look until I had had a few hours sleep to focus my foggy mind. Sleep came easily, "Susan" had left me with a glow of loving that I was confident would become a lifetime. She would be easy to find.

Sunday afternoon, with Megan's help, I went to the Host's home and explained the problem. There was no official invitation list but we all put our heads together and began to write one. Quickly I discovered that My name wasn't on the list. I had been a guest of Mel and Megan, and as such not on the list. Neither were there any unattached females among the listed names.

After a day of beating our heads against the wall, I still did not know "Susan's" name. I had an almost complete list of the guests. My optimism was high, although sleep came with more difficulty Sunday night.

Work was torture on Monday. I could not get my mind off "Susan" and all I had was a list of names of couples and the hope that one of those couples would know who "Susan" really was. I am sure Mel had much to forgive in my work that day!

I could hardly wait until the end of the work day. Mel escorted me to his house where Megan was waiting with no further good news (unless one counted a wonderful spaghetti dinner). She had been searching for "Tom". I almost felt sorry for him. There is no hell like a woman pissed off! Megan and Susan were determined to prosecute "Tom" to the fullest. Mel spent his night deciding how to keep all sharp objects out of Megan's reach if she did find "Tom".

I was much less concerned with prosecuting "Tom" than I was in finding "Susan". I started looking up phone numbers as soon as dinner was over. My only concern was that four of those couples had unlisted numbers. There had been a total of 20 couples invited. I found 15 numbers and called them all, but didn't connect with them all.

Megan was much more consumed with the horror of Susan's rape, than the fear I felt at the loss of my true love. Megan's attitude was starting to annoy me. Finding "Susan", to me, was almost a matter of life and death!

My fingers banged on the phone, all to no avail. I wondered if "Susan" would appreciate this effort. It was almost as difficult to make those calls and explain the situation as it would have been for me, a real man, to stop and ask directions when I was lost.

When the hour was too late to make further calls, Megan stopped me and sent me home. I had contacted only 10 of the couples. Each time someone answered, I thought this would be the call that would reunite me with my new love. Each time I was disappointed.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. The only differences were that Megan served pot roast, and I contacted just two more couples, despite repeated calls. Why hadn't I asked for "Susan's" number?

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