tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnother Hot Summer Night

Another Hot Summer Night


It was August in the Northeast. It had been another sweltering, record-setting temperature kind of day. It was now the middle of the night, and it was still hot. It was just me, an open window, and my dinky little table fan. It was so, so hot. I couldn't sleep. I tossed. I turned. I threw my arm over my forehead and moaned, wiping my long hair off of my face and neck. Ugh, I needed to get an air conditioner.

There I was, lying in bed, the sheets in a tangle around my feet. The heat and the humidity were more than I could bear. The air was heavy and thick with moisture, and my little table fan could hardly make a breeze. I had to do something to cool off.

My thin tank top clung to me, so I had to peel it off slowly, pulling it over my head. My breasts were glazed with perspiration. A cold shower would feel great, but I was afraid that it would wake me up even more. Plus, I knew I would just have to shower again in the morning. I had to cool off now, somehow.

Instead of showering, I decided to just get my hair wet. I went into the bathroom and got on my hands and knees in the bathtub. I flipped my hair over into my face and turned on the faucet. I knelt there, my head upside-down, and drenched my hair with the cold tap water. I climbed out of the tub and returned to the dark bedroom, not bothering to grab a towel. I stood in front of my little fan, the water from my hair dripping down over my body. Ah, at last, some relief. But now I really was wide awake, my panties were soggy, and I felt more uncomfortable than ever. I needed a better solution.

I tiptoed quietly to the kitchen, and put some ice cubes in a bowl. I carried them back to my bedroom and put them on the table in front of the fan. Lying down on the bed, I waited to feel the coolness wash over my body. But God, it was so hot, and I was impatient. My hair was starting to stick to me again, and it was like trying to breathe through seaweed.

Finally, I sat up and grabbed two ice cubes from the bowl, one in each hand. I held them up against my neck, letting the cold water melt down my neck. Then I began to slowly move the ice cubes down onto my breasts. I rubbed my nipples until they were both hard points, the cool water dripping deliciously down my ribs and onto my thighs. It felt so good. I sat there on the edge of the bed, rubbing myself with the ice until it was completely melted, while the fan blew onto me. I closed my eyes and relished every cold drop of water licking my flesh.

I was suddenly even hotter than I was before. I stood up and let my panties puddle to the floor. I took another ice cube from the bowl, and pressed it against my lips, savoring the clean taste of the ice water. I sucked on it and rolled my tongue around it like it was most delectable lollipop I had ever tasted, letting the water slide down my throat.

I sank onto my back across the middle of the bed, pushing myself up with my hands and feet. I put my feet flat up on the bed and bent my knees, so I could spread my legs and feel the infinitesimal cool breeze from the fan on my pussy. The breeze was so subtle that it felt like someone was blowing gently into me.

I put the ice cube in my left hand and stroked it down my neck and my breasts, letting the cool water drip on to my stomach and down onto the bed. I let my right hand slide down to my pussy. Slowly, so slowly, my fingers began to massage my clitoris. Gently at first, just rubbing, in circles, rhythmically. I reached down with my left hand, and slowly began to move what remained of the ice cube in and out of my slit, the melting ice water sending ripples of sensation through my body. My fingers moved faster over my clit, rubbing and massaging methodically, back and forth, back and forth. I couldn't help putting the fingers of my left hand inside of me, and finger-fucking myself. Oh, God. Faster and faster my fingers worked, until I could feel every drop of blood racing to my clit from my toes all the way up to my hair...and then, oh my god oh my god oh my god... I could feel my pussy clenching my fingers, closing around them in glorious pleasure...I was melting with the ice...I could see colors behind my closed eyes, my mouth opened in a silent scream of awe as my orgasm crashed over me...the heat of the night forgotten, washed away by the fire inside my body.

I lay for a moment and tried to remember where I was. I struggled to move myself around on the bed so I could put my head on the pillow. I was drenched with sweat, panting, trying for a deep breath in the sticky air. As I lay still on the bed, my breathing slowed, and the dewy perspiration that covered my body made me shiver in the breeze from the fan. My damp hair stuck to my neck and shoulders. And yet, now I wasn't uncomfortable. I was spent. I was exhausted, and there was a smile of satisfaction on my lips as I drifted into a deep, blissful sleep. And that was how I, and my dinky little table fan, managed to make it through another hot summer night.

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