tagBDSMAnother Letter to “v.”

Another Letter to “v.”


"Hey BB,

Driving me crazy all night long with your stories, again...I love the urgent, aching pain of it.

Must talk to you. Please, V.

p.s. Can I sit on your lap?"


Dear girl, of course you can sit on My lap. Why, in fact, I insist you do. I also insist that you be nude while doing it. So, that way, I can "accidentally" slip My penis into your dripping vagina. But don't cum yet (I know you will, for you always cum before Me) or I'll need to spank you. Uh ohhhh... It looks like you've kept true to form and cum all over My lap again. Naughty girl! Now I will have to spank your tight, little bottom.

Stretch out across My lap, like a good, little girl, would you? Ahhhh, that's soo nice. Can you feel My hand on your bottom? Can you, My sweet? you know what's coming, don't you? But you love this treatment, don't you? Of course you do. you even relish it. you never flinch or clench or shy away. No, My pet, you merely wait for that inevitable first slap on your soft buttock. I hear a sigh of relief escape your mouth as the first blow comes with a resounding *SLAP!* Then another. And another. After the third, I feel you start to squirm on my lap. So, as usual, I slip my free hand between your legs and feel your juices start to flow freely from your sex.

I take a breath through my nose and let My nostrils and mind fill with the glorious scent that is your womanhood. Ahhhh. It recharges My resolve to give you what I desire: What you, yourself, desire – Discipline and purpose. And Love.

With each consecutive spank to your bottom, I feel more and more of your juices flow from your vaginal orifice and run down my thigh, forming a puddle on the floor beneath us. This punishment continues, as it always does, as it must, until its inevitable conclusion.

So, I continue spanking your, now reddened, bare bottom. After each stinging strike I give you a little reprieve by rubbing your buttocks with My soft hands. (The reason My hands are so soft is because, every night, before bedtime, I give you a nice, lotioned, full-body massage. I do this, of course, because it makes our bodies slide so slickly into each other as we make love. And the extra lubrication never hurts for those nights that I crave your tight, oh-so hot, puckered, pink anus!) Each slap gets progressively harder and shorter so it stings, just a little bit more. They also come farther and farther apart. I give you more time to concentrate on the pain/pleasure that you're receiving. But the rubbing of your buttocks becomes harder and rougher, which makes it even more painful. Eventually, it reaches the point where you don't know which is worse: The painful spanking or the constant pressure that My fingers are putting on your assaulted flesh!

you squirm. I laugh, outwardly, which causes you to shudder in mock fear.

*SLAP!* I land another one on your now crimson buttocks. I take a finger and rub it lightly across your vaginal labia. With that same hand, now dripping with your own wetness, I slap your bottom again. The wetness makes the sound even more pronounced and you jump! Startled, you try to escape. But you know that I will not let you up until you've achieved your goal so you calm back down when you feel My hands grip you tighter. The safety of My strong hands and big lap makes you feel so warm, so loved.

Just then, I rub My hand across your sensitive clitoris much harder than before. I do it again and again and, each time I do it, it feels like a million volts of electricity are coursing through your nervous system. I know this because your whole body spasms each time I assault it!

Ohhhh, my dear, little girl... your body seems so fragile when it's curled up on My lap like this. I love it when you somehow manage to end-up curled in my lap from the stretched-out position you had originally assumed. I don't like cats (being allergic) but, if I did, I would want one to sleep in My lap, exactly like you're doing.

But, right now, My hand is cramping so I want you to cum for Me, little girl. "Cum as if your very life depends on it," I whisper in your ear. This permission is all you were waiting for as your body goes into near-violent convulsions and your vagina literally explodes, spilling your juices on My thighs!

Ohhhhhh, my little friend! That fragrant perfume fills My senses and overloads My mind, causing My erection to swell to Titanic proportion! Seeing My discomfort, you get down on all fours and beg Me out loud to use your body. Without a word, I drop to My knees and sink My manhood into your creamy slit and cum as soon as I hit bottom.

Panting and puffing we regain our composure. No easy task, that, because it feels like we've released our sanity through that orgasm. But, once our heart rates return to normal, we know that everything will be all right. Nothing on this Earth can harm us as long as we face it together.


Now, it's getting late so go get ready for bed, My pet.

Get out the lotion and be ready to assume your rightful submissive position.

Ahhhh, it's going to be another great night.

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