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Nervously, Stan waited in his living room, waiting for his coworker Darnell to show up. 35 years old, he was 6' tall, just a little out of shape, thick blonde hair and blue eyes. Upstairs, Stan's wife Maria was finishing her make-up and also nervously glancing out the window waiting for Darnell. Under her short purple silk robe, she was completely naked, and very aware of it. 30 years old, she'd been married to Stan for five years, and still retained all of her good looks. 5'5", curvy with 34C breasts and a slim hourglass figure, her short light brown curls framed her face enchantingly. Red lips pursed under hazel eyes as she wondered what the coming night would bring.

Stan had always wondered what it would be like to watch his beautiful wife have sex with another man, he didn't know why he'd want to share someone as gorgeous and wonderful as she was, but the idea of watching someone else's dick in her pretty pink pussy got him hard in 2 seconds flat. Still, it wasn't a fantasy that he'd ever planned on fulfilling with her, not knowing how she'd take it for one, and unsure as to who he'd be able to trust to do it. Then, one day, he'd been at the company gym and had heard two other guy's talking about Darnell, a large black man who worked with all of them. Apparently, one of them had had the same fantasy Stan did, and had found out that Darnell willingly fucked other guy's wives on invitation to help fulfill those fantasies, this guy had then gotten in touch with Darnell and arranged an appointment. Stan had listened, getting harder by the minute as the conversation continued, talking about the incredible size of Darnell's dick and the amazing orgasms the guy's wife had. The guy was telling his friend that it had saved their marriage, re-fueling their sex life like nothing else. His wife appreciated him even more now, despite the fact that his dick wasn't as big as Darnell's. She'd said that the sex had been incredible, but what meant more to her now was having sex with the man that truly loved her. Apparently, for his birthday, he'd asked her to do have Darnell come back with a friend and have all three men do her at once.

Immediately, Stan had started researching Darnell, and found that everyone who had used the big man's services had come away from it with glowing remarks. Although Darnell occasionally charged, if the wife's looks was to his liking he wouldn't even do that. Stan found himself at the gym, looking at Darnell out of the corner of his eye, and was astonished at the size of his dick even when it was limp! Since Stan himself had a sizable 9" length, he wondered what it would look like to see that monster sliding between the sweet pussy lips of Maria... the darkness of the penis and Darnell's hands against his wife's creamy white body and her light pink pussy. He'd had to run to a stall and jerk off while the picture ran through his head.

He'd broached the topic with Maria, and although at first she'd protested loudly, eventually he'd worn her down. Most of her fears about it seemed to come from the thought that he'd get jealous or angry and leave her, and finally he got her to admit that the idea of him watching as she had sex with another guy did turn her on somewhat. However, she was adamant that he be there to watch, and even participate in some way if possible. She was deeply in love with her husband and wanted him there for all of it.

So it was finally the night, and Maria walked down the stairs to stand next to Stan in the living room, watching the headlights of Darnell's car as it pulled into the drive. He kissed his wife passionately as the big black man walked up to the front door, and whispered, "I love you."

Looking back into his blue eyes, she whispered, "I love you too."

He grinned at her and went to open the door for Darnell, as excited as a little boy at Christmas.

The big man stepped in, and smiled at Maria, very happy with the whole situation. When Stan had showed him a picture of his beautiful wife, Darnell had immediately told him that there would be absolutely no need for payment, he would provide his services with pleasure. Darnell was very careful never to break up a marriage, or to sleep with any of the wives behind their husband's backs, but he did take a certain pleasure in being about to fuck these gorgeous, otherwise usually unattainable women.

"Darnell, this is my wife Maria, Maria, this is Darnell," Stand stood between them, nervous but still very excited.

"Hello Maria," Darnell had a deep basso voice that made her want to shiver as she looked up at him, at 6'2" he was very tall and looked very big and imposing.

"Hi." her voice was barely above a whisper.

Moving things along, Stan showed the way upstairs as Darnell's eyes traveled along Maria's legs as the short robe fluttered around her body. Stan was getting hard just at the look of desire in Darnell's eyes as the other man looked at his wife.

Upstairs, Darnell and Stan undressed, Maria stood uncertainly as Darnell stepped in front of her and slowly pulled the robe from her shoulders. His long black dick slowly started to swell as he looked over her curvy body, Maria gasped at the size of it, almost as thick as her wrist it was at least 12" long with a large purplish head and big black balls hanging like fruit underneath it. Stan placed his hand on his own dick as he Darnell tenderly leaned forward and kissed Maria, his black hands sliding down the white flesh of her back to the firm curves of her ass. Stroking, Stan watched excitedly as the large hands of the other man caressed her ass, his tongue in her mouth.

Stan settled himself on the bed as arranged, and Darnell pulled away from the kiss, allowing Maria to climb onto the bed and settle herself between Stan's legs, her brown hair spreading across his stomach as she leaned back against him. The big black man kneeled between her open thighs and lowered his mouth to her breast, Stan watching avidly as Maria's mouth opened in a surprised "O" as the other man suckled on her nipple. His dick pushed wetly against her back as he watched the other man's lips around her pink pert bud, pre-cum making it slick against her skin. Keeping his large black hands on the creamy flesh of her breasts, Darnell's fingers kneaded the flesh as his mouth lowered itself to the spread lips of her pink pussy.

Maria sighed and wriggled a little in pleasure as the big man manipulated her body, her husband a supportive presence behind her. Despite her trepidation, she could feel Stan's dick on her back, and it seemed harder than it ever had before. This served to reassure her that this was definitely something he wanted and that he was enjoying the situation immensely. When her pussy was sloppy wet, Darnell looked over her shoulder at Stan.

"Hold her open," was all he said, immediately Stan pushed his wife's body down a little, so that her head was resting on his thigh, and he grasped each of her ankles in a hand, spreading her legs wide in the air as Darnell nestled the head of his purplish dick in the pink folds of Maria's pussy. Holding his wife open, so that another man could ravish her, Maria could see the pre-cum actually dripping down Stan's dick as his face avidly watched the purplish head of Darnell's cock push into her hole.

It seemed to go on forever, a big black log stretching open her pussy. As it slid and slid, Maria was panting with exertion, the incredible stretching of her pussy making her body heave and buck a little as her husband kept her spread wide. Halfway in, Darnell began to work his dick in and out of her pussy, so that Stan could see her juices covering his dick as he pulled it out and then pushed more of it in, her pussy lips looked like an overstuffed hot dog bun as he worked more and more of the long sausage into it. Maria began to moan as he began pushing into places that had never been opened before, seeing that he still had 2 or 3 inches to push into her before he'd hit bottom. She arched her back and strained as the last few inches slid home, her body trying to adjust to the monstrous invader.

As Darnell began to pull his dick slowly out of her pussy before slamming it back in, Stan let go over her legs and started to fondle her breasts, pinching the pink jutting nipples. Maria moaned as her pussy was pounded, the thick black cock bringing wave after wave of pleasure as it reached unexplored depths of her body, her husband's hands skillfully manipulating her nipples and breasts. It didn't take very long before she started to cum, Darnell continuing to pound her open cunt as her wail got higher and higher, her orgasm going on and on.


Eventually her stream of obscenities became a wordless cry of pleasure as Darnell's cock relentlessly plunged over and over into her pussy, and her orgasm reached an almost painful state as his cock continued to pound the sensitized flesh of her pussy. Finally, as Stan's excited dick finally began shooting spurts of white cum over her breasts and he continued to play with them, she slumped back in his arms, completely exhausted by the intense throes of her orgasm.

Darnell slowed for a moment, looking at them, "Is there anything else you want me to do before I cum?"

For a moment Stan wanted to see his wife try to take the long black cock up her tight little ass, but looking down at her face he thought she might have had all she could take, "No," his voice was still heavy with lust despite the fact that he'd just cum across his wife's tits while another man fucked her, "Just pound her and cum in her pussy."

Darnell grinned, that he could definitely do. Looking down at the exhausted, cum covered beauty, he began a pace of bruising thrusts into her overstimulated pussy. The young wife wailed as his black cock slammed into her over and over, and she was on the brink of orgasm again as he finally let loose his load into her pussy, spurt after spurt filling the overworked hole with creamy white cum. Darnell pulled out as Maria quivered, her body only seconds away from another intense climax.

Grinning at Stan, "She's all yours buddy."

He left as Stan thrust between his wife's legs, shoving his dick where another man's had already been. Stan was hard as a rock again as his cock shoved into the sloppy mess of his wife's and Darnell's cum, and he pounded her harder than he ever had in his life. Maria's orgasm peaked as her husband slammed his body against her, and she let out another wordless wail as pleasure crashed over her while her husband added his own load of cum to her pussy.

Darnell smiled as he left the house, hearing Maria's voice rising in yet another wail as Stan continued to pound her pussy. He was still hard despite having cum twice, just from envisioning the intoxicating picture of that big black cock splitting his wife's delicate pink pussy.

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by Anonymous

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by col_lover12/18/16

What a great marriage.

I would get him around every one of her birthdays. 5 *****

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by Anonymous07/29/16

Racist much?

I was definitely looking for that purplish head tag. That's such a turn on, you know.

Racist bastard. Hope you get some karma.

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