tagBDSMFrom Tame to Tamed Ch. 01

From Tame to Tamed Ch. 01


1. The Lap Dance

(After a visit to a strip club, a private lap dance)

I'm a lucky guy - years of marriage never took a toll on Laura's and my sex life. We maintained a healthy frequency and were loving partners; we even occasionally experimented with role playing and light dominance. Our sex life was good, but tame. That would change once we came under the spell of Karl and his wife Cynthia.

We met them at our local pub one Friday night. They were an attractive couple, physically fit and about our age. They struck up a conversation with us, saying they were new in town and could we recommend a good restaurant. They were easy to talk to, and both Laura and I felt an instant connection with them.

Karl was tall, well built, masculine, and well dressed in a loose fitting shirt and pants. He had a deep voice and a strong, almost dominating, presence. He sat next to my wife, Laura, and throughout the night gave her plenty of attention, offering compliments and occasionally touching her arm. At times they seemed to be having a private conversation. When he swiveled in his stool and pressed his thigh against hers, I noticed that she didn't object or move her leg. It was easy to see that she found him attractive, and to be honest, I was a bit jealous.

His wife, Cynthia, was equally attractive, but smallish, petite, and much quieter. She sat on the stool on his other side, wearing a short skirt that exposed her toned legs. Throughout the night Karl kept his hand on her bare thigh, seemingly keeping her legs apart. At first his hand remained near her knee, but as the night progressed his hand slid up higher until it reached just under her skirt.

The pub had had a jukebox, and when a sensual R&B song played, Karl pushed his stool back, grabbed Cynthia's hand, and said, "Time to dance." His abruptness caused her to spill her drink. She placed the glass on the bar and swiveled in her stool. As she brushed the dampness from her skirt her legs parted, revealing a white panty under her skirt. Laura caught me looking and nudged me in the stomach. Karl also caught me looking but said nothing.

On the dance floor Karl wrapped his arms around his wife who almost melted in his embrace. They danced slowly, sensually, grinding their bodies into each other. His hands rested on her lower back but by the time the song ended they dropped down to her ass; she offered no resistance. I have to admit - they put on a pretty sexy show.

Back at the bar Karl talked about why they had moved to our town and all the work they had been doing fixing up their house. He also brought up the local strip club, a topless place within walking distance. I had never been able to get Laura to venture there -- she envisioned seedy seats filled with dirty old men in raincoats -- but Karl told us that they had visited it twice. "It's legit," he promised, "and it's a sexual turn-on when you go with someone you love." He looked at his wife, who nodded and smiled in agreement.

To my surprise Karl was able to prod Laura into checking it out - as long as we went as a foursome. (I needed no prodding; I had actually gone a few times on the sly when she was out of town visiting her sister.) Within an hour we left the pub, walked four blocks, and stood at the front door of The Paddywagon.

To my surprise, Karl paid the cover for all of us. "My pleasure," he said, although it was actually his way of maintining control, something Karl was very good at. We took our seats in the corner. It was your typical upscale strip club: loud hip-hop, dim lighting, a waitress in a bra and miniskirt. On stage a curvy blond was down to her panties gyrating around the pole. Several men sat in the front row of chairs holding drinks and dollar bills.

To my relief not only was Laura not repulsed by the place she was actually enjoying it! And every now and then, Laura reached under the table to squeeze my penis through my pants. Yes, the place was definitely a 'sexual turn-on'.

The four us watched, talked, laughed, and continued drinking. Karl managed to keep the conversation focused on sex, at one point telling my wife, "I wouldn't mind seeing you up there, dancing." When a dancer came on with a schoolgirl costume, he asked my wife: "Do you ever dress up for Al?" And when a dancer talked to us about lap dances, he told her, "We have two very sexy women here. If we need a lap dance they'll do just fine."

When our wives were in the rest room, I told Karl, "I guess I should thank you -- I've never been able to get her to come here. Every time I asked-"

"You ASKED," he interrupted. He looked me in the eye. "Sometimes women need to be told, not asked." He took a sip of his drink, then set the glass down carefully. "Some women are-" Bbefore he could continue our wives returned.

His words got me to thinking about Laura. I knew she was somewhat submissive to me, but I wondered if she would be submissive to another man. My curiosity was further piqued a few minutes later.

A tall brunette dancer approached looking for a tip, and I expected Karl to slip money into her g-string. Instead he placed a few bills in Laura's hand. She looked flustered and shook her head in protest, but with Karl's coaxing (controlling?) she reached over, pulled the thong waistband aside, and tucked the money inside. And when Karl urged her to "give her a feel" to my shock Laura lowered her hand and rubbed the front of the woman's thong. She turned to us, giggling in embarrassment, and I had to shake my head, not believing Karl had succeeded into getting my wife to do this.

When the time came to leave the club, we walked about two blocks when Karl said, "Well, look here. Our house." He pointed to a two story house with a red brick front. "We'll have a nightcap," he announced (not asking, telling us). "You'll be our first guests." We tried to protest but he wouldn't hear of it.

Once inside, Karl gave quick tour of the downstairs while Cynthia went upstairs to change. In the kitchen Karl opened a bottle of white wine and handed us cold beers. We sat at the table and chatted; soon Cynthia returned in a sheer blouse with no bra, and tight black yoga pants that wrapped her butt like cellophane. "Much better," she said as she walked towards a corner table.

Karl quickly steered the conversation to strip clubs and dancers and lap dances. Again he complemented our wives. "Who needs professionals when we have these two lovely women." Cynthia was walking back from the fridge when he said this; he pushed his seat from the table, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his lap. It happened so naturally, almost as if it were choreographed. She sat there for a few seconds, then he whispered something in her ear that made her smile. She stood up, grabbed her glass of wine, and walked behind my chair. I turned to look at her, until I heard Karl ask my wife: "Have you ever given Al a lap dance?"

She laughed but didn't answer.

"I asked you a question -- Have you ever given your husband a lap dance?" He didn't sound mean or even stern, just firm. But his tone startled me, startled Laura. If I was going to speak I stopped when I felt Cynthia's hand on my shoulder, a touch designed to hold me back.

Laura threw me a confused look, then turned back to Karl. "Um... yes."

To me: "Is she good at it?"

I just nodded.

Karl's voice remained firm, but non-threatening. "Show me." He nodded his head as if consoling her that it was alright. "And Al wants this. He wants you to show me ." To me: "Don't you?"

I was feeling good and enjoyed the thought of Laura sitting in my lap, regardless of who was watching. And while I doubted she would go along with this, something - the drinking, the late night, the sexual nature of the evening -- all of these things loosened Laura up enough to concede to his request. And adding to all that was Karl's controlling manner and her own natural submissive nature.

Slowly she stood up, but when she turned to face me, Karl said, "No. Not him. Show ME." He gently reached for her wrist and pulled her towards him. "Relax, I'm not asking you for sex. It's just a dance." Oh, the sweet logic in all he said. How simple and innocent he made it seem. How expertly he manipulated us.

Laura turned to me, looking to me to put a stop to this. This was the moment of truth, the point of no return. But any hesitation on my part dissipated when Cynthia, still behind me, leaned close and whispered in my ear. "Tell her it's OK. Tell her to listen to him."

And that's what I did. I gave her the go-ahead; I gave her my approval to "listen to" another man. And while I sat there, dazed from alcohol and the smell of Cynthia's (freshly applied) perfume, I watched as my sweet tame wife, slid herself onto Karl's lap. At first she giggled, but then she positioned her butt on his groin, and placed both hands on the table for support. Then, staring into my eyes with a half-smile, she waited for instructions.

"Move down a bit. There, that's it ... Now move your body. Slowly. Show me how good you are at this."

And she did, she slowly moved her body in half-circles, gentle gyrations, finding a rhythm. I wondered what she felt through her pants -- they were thin slacks. When Karl placed his hands on her hips, she began moving up and down, essentially stroking his cock through his pants.

Karl knew to not push her - or me - too far, too quickly, but he knew how perfectly to proceed. "Slow down," he instructed. Then I could see that he was pulling her deeper into his lap. God, it was a hot scene.

And then: "Can you feel it?" When she nodded he said, "Tell him. Tell your husband."

Looking at me, no longer smiling. "I can feel him." She caught her breath

"How does it feel?"

"He's big."

"Ask him if he wants you to stop."

Her face was more flush now. I could tell this was exciting her. "Do you want me to stop?"

I just shook my head, feeling myself get hard, feeling my penis stretching against my pants. I gave no thought that this was MY wife sitting in another man's lap. I was too turned on to be jealous or possessive. Like Laura I was lost in the moment.

"She's good at this," Karl told me. "I think she can even make me cum."

That broke the spell. His words instantly made something click off. He had pushed her too far, too quickly. Laura frowned and started shaking her head, saying, "No, no..."

When she started to lift herself up I saw Karl help push her off him, and I realized -- as Laura would also realize later -- that Karl was safe, he could be trusted to stop whenever we wanted. He would push us only as far we could possible go but no further.

Cynthia diffused the situation. "Come on, it's over," she said as she handed Laura her beer. "And it's not like you were like that blond big with the big breasts. God they were humongous." And with that the conversation turned away from what we had just been doing to what we saw at the strip club. And that somehow returned us to a forced normalcy.

Soon the four of us moved to the living room to finish our drinks, all talk of sex done and gone. A half hour later Laura and I said our goodbyes and walked home in silence. I wasn't sure what she was feeling. Was she angry? If so, at who - at Karl? At me? At herself? The longer we walked the more I wondered if the night would end with us fighting.

My fears were ungrounded. Once back in the safety and security of our own home, Laura took my hand and guided me into our bedroom. Standing with the lights off, just moonlight through the open window, she fell into my embrace and kissed me deeply. Her hand dipped down to rub me through my pants. I wrapped my arms around her, letting my hands grab her ass, pulling her into me. Without breaking our kiss she unsnapped my pants and tugged at the zipper.

Unable to control myself, I pushed her onto the bed. As she laid on her back with her legs lifted, I pulled (ripped?) off her pants and threw them to the ground, then reached for her panty. I quickly ran my fingers over the front of it -- she had soaked through.

"You're so fucking wet," I told her as I stood up. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt. Laura inched her back up to get a better position on the bed. I took of my shirt and let it fall. Laura spread her legs wide open. I kicked off my shoes and pushed my jeans down and off. Laura reached between her legs and pushed the panty band to the side. I pulled off my underwear and freed my penis, then knelt on the bed between her legs.

"Tell me what you want," I ordered.

"Your cock," she said as she reached up and found my erection.

"Whose cock? Tell me. Whose cock do you really want?"

I don't know if she was telling the truth or just telling me what I wanted to hear, but she whispered in a throaty voice: "Karl's cock. Karl's hard thick cock."

I lowered myself and licked her lips roughly. "Did you want to suck him? Did you want to suck his cock."

She pulled me to her body. "Yes, I wanted to taste him." She reached for my cock and guided it into her pussy's open lips. "I wanted him to make me..." She tried to catch her breath as I picked up a rhythm. "-to force me-"

"To get on your knees?"


"To take out his cock?" My thrusts were getting faster.

"To take out his wonderful cock." I was fucking her but she was fucking me, too, moving her groin back and forth to meet my rhythm.

"And put it in your mouth?" I moved my right hand and slipped two fingers into her mouth, which she proceeded to suck greedily. "And suck him until he came." She merely grunted a "uh huh". "Would you have swallowed all his cum?"

I looked down at her, saw the wildness in her eyes, and knew that as she was about to cum she was fantasizing about another man cumming in her mouth.Just as I was, too. My cock going deep inside her, feeling her pussy contract against me, getting me closer to cumming as I , too, envisioned her on her knees sucking Karl's cock. I was so turned on, and soon felt my orgasm build and build, until I couldn't hold it any longer, and my own cum was erupting and filling inside her, while she, too, climaxed, moaning, holding me tight, pulling me closer, holding me tight against her.

And then we lay there, both of us exhausted, our breathing heavy, our bodies still heaving, slowly coming down from the intense sexual high, and also coming to our senses, knowing that because of Karl perhaps we weren't as tame as we thought we were.


This fictional story Copyright (c) 2017 by Al X (MRALX99) You may link to this story from non-commercial or free sites, but you may not copy or use it for any commercial purpose.

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Cuck fag shit

Sorry, but its true. This isn't good.

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There's some confusion, but ...

There's some confusion about Chapters 01 and 02, but we enjoyed the story (stories?) and hope to see more about the evolving relationships in it (them?)

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One of the very best!!

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Terrific story thank you!

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