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Another Man's Treasure


****This is a story I published on my last account. It has a little less romance in it but I hope you enjoy. Im still working on the second chapter to Mason and Beatrice's story. It should be up soon.****


Even from my room in the basement I could hear them arguing, it had been the fourth one that week. The arguments always came down to one thing, sex. Crazy enough it was my father who was denying my stepmom sex and not the other way around. Their bedroom in the ranch style house was right above mine which meant I could hear everything even if I did not want to.

"Christ Kristy I told you im tired! We can do it tomorrow." My dad sounded unconvincing even to me. It was awkward moments like this that made me wish I lived on campus or across town with my mom and sisters.

"Don't give me that shit Charles you say that every night. Is it because im fat?" Kristy's voice sounded strained as if she was holding back tears.

"Of course not baby." There he was lying, again.

Kristy had gotten fat but not by much. When they married she was around a size ten and now six years later she was a size sixteen. After her mom passed two years ago she started putting on weight. Some people use sex or religion to help them grieve, Kristy used food. I saw no problem with the weight gain it looked good on her. Her breast had gone from a b-cup to a d-cup. Her ass was bigger and so were her hips and thighs. She looked like the black women in rap videos.

If you asked me dad was lucky. If I had a curvacious black woman in my bed every night she would have to beat me off with a stick. My parents had the same problems after my mom had given birth to my twin sisters ten years ago. She had put on weight and couldn't manage to lose it shortly afterwards the arguments started and before long dad moved out and filed for divorce. Kristy, much like my mother was a really good woman. Educated, kind, hardworking, and a great housekeeper but because of my dad's unrealistic beauty standards their marriage would lead to divorce just like my parents.

"You were always a terrible liar Charles." After Kristy said that I heard their bedroom door slam and the basement door open.

We had a fully finished basement with two bedrooms, a bathroom, half kitchen, laundry room, and family room. After an argument Kristy usually came down there to watch television or do laundry. I heard the television turn on and shortly after heard muffled crying. I was just going to go to bed but her crying made me feel bad. Kristy deserved better than that. After a few more minutes I got out of bed, put on a pair of jogging pants, and went to console her.

She was sitting in our leather sectional in an almost see through nightgown with sequins around the breast. Her curled hair spilled down her right side, her head was in her hands as she sobbed. What a pity, she was all dolled up and instead of getting fucked all night she was down in the basement crying. I went to sit next to her and she looked up at me startled.

"Sorry Jake I didn't mean to wake you." She sniffled and wiped tears from her eyes.

"It's okay I was already up. Do you want to talk?" I didn't want to tell her I was awake because of their arguing.

I let her vent for a while. She mostly talked about things outside of her and my father. Then she started talking about how much she hated how she looked. I hate hearing women body shaming themselves. They get enough of that from the rest of the world, why do it to yourself?

"Kristy you look absolutely beautiful and you're perfectly healthy. My father is a fool if he thinks otherwise. Even now you look amazing. If you were my wife...'' I let my voice trail off stopping the sentence before I went too far.

"Thanks, Jake. It's been awhile since anyone said that to me."

She wiped tears from her eyes and smiled at me. Even with her eyes red and her makeup running she was still gorgeous. Her pink nightgown looked great against her dark skin and her ample breast made the front of the gown sag a little. During the entire conversation my penis had been flaccid now I felt it standing at full mast. Wanting to avoid making her uncomfortable I tried to find an exit.

"I have a paper due tomorrow so I should probably get some sleep."

"Sorry Jake I can be so inconsiderate sometimes. I should probably go to bed as well."

We both stood then. I tried to discreetly adjust myself through my left pocket. While I was doing so Kristy hugged me. She became stiff and I could tell she felt my erection. I held my breath waiting for her to recoil in disgust. Instead she leaned back and looked up at me.

"Is that for me?" She didn't seem to be upset so I nodded my head.

"Sorry Kristy you probably think im a prev-" She cut me off mid sentence when she kissed me.

At first I was too shocked to kiss her back. This was practically a fantasy of mine. I quickly broke out of my daze and kissed her back. I pulled her closer to me. She was soft and smelled like vanilla. Her lips were firm but soft, they tasted like cherries. I palmed her breast feeling her nipples harden under the sequence. I was almost a foot taller than Kristy so it was a little awkward bending over. I hunched down and grabbed her waist lifting her up. I wasn't weak but I also didn't work out a lot so I could only hold her up for so long. I moved to the couch putting Kristy on her back and me between her legs. Her dress came up exposing her hairless pussy lips. She lifted the rest of the gown and tossed it to the floor. Her body was absolutely gorgeous, plump in all the right places. Her large breast looked warm and inviting. I leaned down and enclosed a nipple in my mouth, I could taste the vanilla lotion.

Kristy began moaning. Afraid that my father might hear I pulled a pillow from the floor and put it up to her face as I moved down to give her head. She welcomed me and opened her legs further as I fingered and sucked her. Her juices tasted divine. I never really enjoyed going down on girls before but she tasted so good and her moans were driving me crazy. I kicked off my jogging pants really regretting putting them on in the first place.

I moved the pillow from her face and kissed her to stifle the moans while simultaneously maneuvering my hips so I could slide into her. Goddamn she was tight. Almost as tight as a virgin. I pulled away from the kiss and looked down at Kristy. Her expression was a mixture of pain and pleasure, she bit her lip and looked at me through half lidded eyes.

"Jeez Kristy how long has it been?"

"Too long baby." She pulled me in for another kiss as our tongues mingled I began to slide in and out picking up speed as I went.

Her cunt gripped me like a warm, silk glove. Her muscles tightened as I pulled out and relaxed as I pushed back in. She didn't just lay there like most of the girls I had been with. She actually knew how to use her pussy to give us both optimal pleasure. I covered her mouth with my hand as I grunted into the sectional. I really hoped the television disguised our lovemaking but I doubted that I would stop even if dad had walked in and caught us.

We were covered in sweat as our bodies became hotter. Then a great idea popped into my head. I pulled out and told Kristy to turn on her stomach. She protested a little when I pulled out of her but quickly caught on to my plan. I pushed a pillow under her hips and spread her legs apart as wide as I could. I then repositioned myself at her slick opening and entered her again.

It was a beautiful sight to behold. My seven inch pink dick sliding out of her black pussy was illuminated by the flat screen television. Kristy asked me to speed up and I obliged. Not too long after I felt her tighten around me as her pussy juices coated my balls and the pillow underneath her. Thank god they were leather and just needed to be wiped down. Her cumming caused me to cum as well. I bit down on her shoulder to muffle my scream. After the last spurts I collapsed on top of her back trying to catch my breath. I pulled out with a loud plop and sat back on the other side of the sectional. Kristy turned to me and kissed me long and hard.

"I have to go but I hope we can do this again Jake."

"Me too." She turned and put on her gown before crossing the room and climbing the steps.

I sat there thinking about how I had just fucked my dad's wife. I knew I should have felt more guilt but if dad loved Kristy she wouldn't have been down here in the first place. If he didn't want Kristy I would gladly take her off his. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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by Anonymous

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by mspervy4604/14/18


Amazing, I hope she divorces the bum and marries Jake. They would make a good couple. Erase the grammar patrol, & any anonymous trolls. Complaining about grammar on a porn site is just stupid! Last thingmore...

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by c4vetteman9404/14/18

My only complaint

Is it was short. it was a great premise, white stepson banging his black stepmom.

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by bee4904/14/18

Stay pressed grammar nazi

The thought that someone is annoyed by some errors on this site is pretty funny. Stay pressed.

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by Anonymous04/14/18

Get an editor or learn to proofread

"Is it because im fat?" should be I'm. Failed to capitalize or put in the apostrophe. You referred to 'breast' does she only have one? "Sorry Kristy you probably think im a prev-"" Again I'm(SIC) and Imore...

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by hisangelbeauty04/13/18


nice story! just too short..

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