Another Mom, Son & Sister Story


Mom's moans were getting more rhythmic and deep, I could hear my sister moaning quietly behind me. Mom's eyes had closed when I first entered her. As I slid into her wet tight pussy for about the 20th time they opened to stare at me she was going to speak, what the hell could she say?

"Sweetie I," she started however my sister who was still rifling her hand in and out of her vagina behind me interrupted again.

"Mom is right bro. She just came off the pill to give her body a break from the hormones, you cannot cum inside her." I am pretty sure that is not what Mom was about to say, however if successful it would remove her son's cock from her pussy.

"That's correct, urrrgh, I stopped taking the pill a few weeks ago, hmmm, you have got to take it out." Between moans of pleasure mom agreed.

"There is no way I am taking my cock outta mom," I growled as I speeded up my penetrations. The way mom was grabbing my cock with her vaginal muscles each time I pulled out I was sure she was enjoying it. Suddenly sis was standing behind me her bullet hard nipples pushing into my back, her hands playing with my balls. She kept time as I pumped into mom increasing the pleasure.

"We cannot get mom pregnant brother of mine, not today."

"I am not stopping, this feels fantastic and I want to come in mom."

"Urrggh," groaned mom as I continued my smooth in and out action.

"Mom, you are going to have to choose an alternate hole or risk getting pregnant," ordered my genius sister.

"Ass or mouth?" said sis.

"What, you've got to be crazy," murmured mom. Apparently she was having trouble speaking out loud; I am sure due to my excellent fucking technique.

"How about your ass mom?" I asked as I slid my cock out to the edge of her pussy my eyes looking at her slightly open asshole which quickly closed shut.

"No, no." she ejected louder than her last words.

"Okay no problem," my sister and I said in unison. I eased my hips from one last penetration I had made as mom said no.

My sister appeared on her knees next to me, grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth and she sucked off mom's fluids. Within seconds she was done, smacked my cock with her hand and pushed me away, turned her head and started licking mom's pussy. I stared at the unbelievably hot scene in front of me. Mom was panting, breathing hard & squeaking, nothing like the sounds she had made when I was fucking her. Sis was holding mom's thighs apart as she attacked her pussy with her tongue.

I walked up the side of the bed, grabbed mom's shoulders and dragged the towel she was lying on towards me so my sister had a slightly diagonal pussy to work on and I had mom's slightly angled mouth to stick my cock in which I did.

"Unngghhh," managed mom, then my sister did something with her tongue or finger(s) that caused mom to open her mouth wider, say aaaahhhh and close her eyes. That is when I decided to keep on pushing my penis into mom's mouth.

As I slide my cock in and out of mom's mouth, she began to suck and lick my length although it was obvious I was not getting her full attention as my sister's tongue danced and dug into mom's pussy. After a few long minutes of my sister's attentions and me pumping my cock into mom's mouth she opened her eyes to stare at me. Looking into her eyes, I quickly put my hand behind her head and pushed her mouth further onto my very wet, very hard cock, not every mom wants a mouthful of her son's cum to swallow.

My sister had raised mom's legs up and back over her body as she played with pussy and ass her tongue never stopping as her fingers explored both holes. I picked up speed as my hand tightened behind mom's head and then I was cumming, spraying deep into mom's throat, steady bursts of cum that she was going to have to swallow to keep breathing. After the third squirt she was swallowing. I grunted as I came, my sister took that as an excuse to increase the pussy and ass action on mom, I am sure mom realized to keep enjoying my sis she had to swallow and play on which she did.

My ejaculate explosion ended, I took one last look at mom with her mouth still wrapped around my cock and slowly pulled out. She took a huge breath of air licked the sides of her mouth where some of my cum was threatening to leak out and threw her head back as my sister's assault on her pussy continued.

"Man that was great," said me always the poet. Sister, her head still buried between mum's thighs, crouched on the floor lifted her arm and waved me away, pointing towards the door.

"Huh" said the poet. My cock was not erect but with lesbian mother daughter sex going on right in front of me I was definitely getting hard again fast. I had a hunch unlike many erotic family events this would not be the start of a 5 year mother, daughter & son sex extravaganza ending in marriage and children for all. To be fair we were not that family.

Much more likely, this was a never to be talked about ever again, one time don't even think about it, teenage son, mom & sister fantasy fulfillment.

I walked up behind my sister, grabbed her hips lifted her ass a little and slid my rapidly hardening cock up to her soaking pussy lips.

"One time, then you're out of here bro," she exclaimed, her voice low, her eyes barely making contact with mine. She looked a little scary. I slid my cock into her tight pussy, all the way, pushed hard pumped in and out as fast as I could, 'held onto her ass as mom opened her eyes to look at both of us.

"Aaarrrrrrr," she groaned, then tried again

"This is never going to happen again, it feels uurrrrr good," she groaned between words.

"But it can never happen again, we can never talk about it and neither of you ever will, ooohhhh, don't stop sweetie." My sister did something with her fingers.

I continued to pound my sister's pussy as mom detailed the incest family sex rules between moans. I was very hard; my sis had a very tight pussy. I was going to cum, yes so soon after exploding in my mother's mouth, mom's large breasts were bouncing side to side as my pounding transferred through my pussy loving sister's upper body 'almost wrapped around mom's thighs, to mom.

This was me starring in my own incest porno with my sister and mother; yes I came again, yes so soon. So strong was my orgasm my body sagged and tried to double over as cum squirted into my sister's vagina, it felt like I was producing as much cum as mom had just swallowed, I was absolutely drained. The look on my sister's face as she turned her head was not good. I pulled out of her vagina with a pop and turned to leave the room, fast.

"You better get out stain boy," were the last words I heard as I closed my parent's bedroom door behind me.


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