tagBDSMAnother Monday's Letter

Another Monday's Letter


Sitting in my chair...the coffee on...waiting for my favorite postman and delivery guy. My heart beating faster with anticipation. Watching the clock and frowning, they're both late....

Catching a movement outside I lean back in the chair, parting my thighs, lips quivering with excitement. The front door opens and a voice yells, "Close your eyes, I have a surprise." Smiling as I close my eyes....thinking "I have mail."

I can hear him approach and a blindfold covers my eyes. Smiling as I turn my lips upwards for a kiss, flinching as a ball gag pushes roughly into my mouth. I reach to pull it out and strong arms grab mine as I feel the cuffs on my wrists. Shaking my head from side to side....there are two of them....struggling to stand...I am pushed back into my chair. My breathing ragged, heart hammering, my head tossing side to side, trying to dislodge the blindfold. Drool already dripping from the corners of my stretched lips.

My postman's voice rings clear, "This letter was addressed to me. The outside reads, PurtyBaby, Attn: Mr.Postman, and on the back it says, please open and read before delivering. The instructions were very clear. It says that they have noticed the visits from the UPS guy and me...and that I needed to contact him and a few others in order to fulfill this weeks fantasy. First I was to blindfold and gag you, cuff your wrists behind your back and next....How many men did you kiss last Monday? There are several scenarios listed here...contingent on your answer. All of them sounding very interesting by the way."

Trying to answer, but all that comes out is a guttural series of grunts, wet with drool. I hear laughter...."The letter does have a scenario if you refuse to answer. I can't understand you...are you refusing?"

Straining to form just one simple word...omg....please understand me....a bead of sweat trickles between my breasts. A new series of grunts and groans are all that come out.

"I am thinking that that is a refusal to answer. The letter states that if you refuse we can use the last listed scenario. It's rather a long one. We better get started"

I feel hands at my neck, a slight brush of finger tips, and then the sound of ripping fabric as my top is torn from me, exposing my heaving breasts. Strong fingers grip both of my nipples, squeezing them, pulling them upwards. Wincing from the pain...I feel a hand pulling my head back...my breasts arch forward.

"Next instruction says to slap each breast 12 times while it is being held aloft by the nipple. This is going to hurt. Ready?"

My body pulls and bucks at the hands holding me...as the first slap assaults my breast...trembling with the shock...the second and third slaps follow quickly. At the end of 24 slaps my breasts are alive with heat...my swollen nipples aching. My flared nostrils dragging air into my lungs with effort. A sheen of sweat covers me and I slump into the chair.

The door opens and I hear UPS announce his arrival...."Sorry I'm late but your phone call postman, it sent me scrambling for supplies...Looking good Purty....your breasts are glowing."

A pair of hands close on my upper arms and pull me to my feet. I am propelled forward, and walked a few feet...then they stop. I hear two familiar voices and two strangers. I can't quite hear what they are saying , but their laughter rings out in the room. "Oh yes, the letter says you must be naked as well." Hands pull my shorts off and finish ripping my tattered top from my arms. The drool drips onto my breasts and a finger plays lazily in it. It traces my swollen nipples and then before I can even draw a breath, strong clamps bite in....heavy ones, they pull my nipples down. "Just a pair of clamps with weights my dearest Purty," says UPS. "Following instructions."

He kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear, "We're going for a ride." But before we go, one last item to make it more interesting for you." Fingers pry my ass cheeks apart and the cold smear of lube as more fingers work it inside my ass. Pushing me forward, screaming into the gag as the offending object spreads my cheeks, pushes at my outer ring and with a quick thrust impales me fully. The drool pouring as I try to get a breath....my ass on fire. Four quick slaps to my cheeks make me forget about everything else for just a moment.

I am led outside, my skin turning crimson as I realize I must be in my driveway naked, bound and filled. I am lifted into a van and my arms and legs are tethered wide apart so that I am almost suspended.

The postman starts to read more of the letter. "Now that you can't get away from us Purty, I will read the rest of the instructions to you." clearing his throat, his voice almost a whisper as the truck starts up and drives away. "Next you must take Purty and tie her in a van, upright, legs and arms spread wide. You will drive at least 5 miles from her house in any direction you choose and stop....invite the first man who you see by himself to step inside and remove her nipple clamps at which time he may suckle, or bite or whip them for 10 minutes. Remove her gag long enough for her to kiss him and thank him properly."

"Next, drive for at least five more miles, stop and invite the first lone man you see to step inside and pull her butt plug, then he may make whatever use of her ass as he sees fit. Again, remove her gag long enough for a proper thank you."

As the words sink in...my body quivers, whimpering as I shake my head from side to side. UPS hollers back, "I think we've found our first guy."

"The instructions are the same...for the next three stops, your pussy will be used after that, then your mouth and finally....the last guy gets his choice of which part of you he can use. And in between stops the three of us will take turns keeping your ass and thighs and breasts a pretty glowing red.", this last punctuated with a sharp strike with a belt across the bottom swell of my jiggling cheeks.

From the front I hear UPS say that it isn't fair that he has to do all the driving. And my mailman tells him that we can stop whenever he feels the urge to have a turn. The mailman whispers in my ear...don't worry...we won't let anything too bad happen to you. The van pulls to a stop and the back door opens, I can feel the change in air, a slight breeze rustling over me. Hurried voices and the van shifts as someone climbs in...the door shuts.

"This must be my lucky day." a strange voice speaks near my ear. "So I can remove the clamps and then do whatever I want to those heaving titties?" The men in the van chorus a yes as I grunt a denial.

UPS yells back..."Wait til I get back there."

A pause and then I feel the slight tug of the clamp on my nipple. Grimacing, knowing how painful this will be, almost glad of the gag in my mouth, I brace ...thinking ten minutes...not so bad. The clamp opens, releasing my nipple and as my body bucks in its tethers, as the guttural scream is absorbed by the ball...his mouth descends, sucking noisily on my throbbing nipple.

My traitorous pussy convulsing on itself, juicing up and I can feel the slow release of internal lubricant seeping downwards. I can feel a hand tenderly caressing my jiggling ass cheek, it traces lazily...a finger sneaky into my ass crack and travelling lower, I can feel it hesitate as it pushes lightly at my winking sphincter.

As I concentrate on the finger at my ass, my other nipple is released without warning and the mouth moves to punish its new target. As I try to pull back, the hand that I had all but forgotten had found its way to my pussy entrance, teasing my outer lips, just resting two fingers at my slit.

The lips on my nipple pull back...teeth digging in, stretching my aching nipple and then...without letting go...a leather belt is snapped across the flesh of my stretched breast and in the back ground, I hear the two-minute countdown. "Oh, so soon, I want to whip these breasts. Do you have a short whip with a thin leather strap?"

I can hear the sharp sound of a hand accepting something and as I try to count the time in my head, my nipples catch fire, the thin leather strap kissing them over and over. Gagging on my drool as I draw a breath, not only are my nipples whipped into a red and quivering mass, the fingers at my pussy have thrust in...four deep and as my body bucks under the assault of the strap...the hand wiggles deeper.

Cumming as the whip finds its mark on my left nipple, I feel my gag released and I am kissing this strangers lips, and thanking him. The door opening and closing. The blissful of high of my orgasm finally releasing me, and the pain of my breasts sink in. As the van lurches forward, the flogger assails my ass over and over again, and I hear nothing but the sound of my own breaths, until...oh no...the door.

The new voice seems old and fragile, and he stammers as he asks if they are telling the truth. He asks me, and tells me to nod if it will be ok. With an anguished groan, I nod, once , twice just to make sure. I feel his hot breath on my ass as he bends, he grabs the plug and without any sound...he pulls it free. I can hear my ass snapping closed as I groan loudly, legs giving way, suspended only by my arms.

He slips around in front of me as the gag is removed and tells me that it has been a long time since he has seen a naked woman...and that in his day he would not have stopped here. his voice is wistful. When my gag is removed I kiss him and thank him, wishing I could hug him as well.

The door closes again and the van starts moving, knocking me further off-balance. The gag is refastened and I am once more forced to pant through my nose, the drool forming a pool under my body. "You got off easy that time...I think the paddle on that ass will work just fine this time." says my postman. With that I feel fingers prying my cheeks apart and a long low whistle as he exclaims. "My, my Purty, you ass is gaping, just wishing for something in there!" The paddle never stops until the van does, and as the door pushes open, I can hear the amount of traffic, buzz of conversation...we are stopped somewhere really busy.

Without a word of exchange, rough hands push into my dripping slit, and a body rubs along my aching breasts. The fingers manipulating my clitty, and a thumb, a very long thumb reaches inside and presses into the soft spongy mass of nerves. At once my body responds, quivering and shuddering, my pussy rewarding him with a steady flow. His breathing is heavy as he continues to torment me, bringing me quickly to the brink over and over again...until I hear the two-minute warning. With that he drops and sucks my clit into his mouth and thrusts his hand into me, his knuckles putting so much pressure on my gspot, that I scream into the gag. I can feel the pressure for just a moment before I orgasm, spraying him with my girl cum...soaking my legs, bathing his face and hand in my sweet liquids.

"Time", is yelled out to be heard above the noises emanating from me. The lips and hand move away and once again, I am left hanging from my wrists, my pleasured body like a rag doll. The gag is removed and a kiss is placed on my lips, thanks slipping over the swollen soreness.

"We are going to leave your gag off from now on." says one of the strange voices. And the paddling begins anew. My body almost used to the feel, a kind of euphoria slips over me. And I fall into the rhythm of the swing. Soft moans filling the van as it lurches to a halt.

Swallowing hard as I know what is about to happen, arms support me as my wrists are released, and I am gently lowered to a kneeling position, my thighs quiver as I bear weight on them. I feel a nudge against my lips almost immediately and the strong scent of aroused male fills my nose. My tongue slips out to taste quickly, and then his cock is pushed past my bruised lips and my mouth starts pulling it in. Hungry mouth, sucking on this strange cock, it is slender and firm, my lips resting comfortably. But it keeps pushing in, and pushing in and a hand is on the back of my head and omg! The thin cock pushes deeply, past the bend in my throat as I gag, and keeps pushing in. Swallowing, I can pull air around it, I can fill my lungs but still it keeps forging ahead until at last my nose feels the fine hairs of his pubis. I cannot help but to groan, the vibrations from my throat travelling the length of this long steel like rod.

He pulls back, and it seems to take forever until I feel the ridge of his crown on my lips, and then the hard thrust as he stabs in quickly. The in and out motion, my head held firmly in his hand...in the distance I can hear the two-minute warning and his hips buck with a frenzy...fucking my throat. His shaft trembles under my tongue and his cock pulls from my mouth, I hear him grunt and I hear the spunk hit the floor between my knees with a splash. His lips quickly find mine and I murmur a hasty thank you.

The door closes and the van lurches forward once more. My breasts are softly whipped, it is almost like a caress as I am released from all my bonds, except my blindfold. Several pair of hands lower me to the floor of the van, a blanket underneath me and I lose myself again, the sound and feel of the flogger, caressing, inflaming my flesh. Almost lulling me to sleep, until I hear the van stop again. Groaning in anticipation of what awaits me, my body shuddering, I am lifted and gently carried from the van, I lift my head and inhale the sweet smell of roses in bloom. My feet are set on the floor and I am guided into a hot tub. The heated water swirls around me, and I settle between UPS legs, his arms wrapping around me. "Happy Monday!" he whispers in my ear, and kisses a trail along my neck.

"We unanimously decided that you had had quite enough, so we will relax, have a drink...eat some food, and then we will dine on you."

I can hear the soft splashing of water and feel the difference as we are joined by the postman and his accomplices. A soft pair of lips kisses mine and my postman says, "Meet my two coworkers..also postmen...they had been waiting to meet you."

The blindfold is at last removed as each man gently lifts one of my legs and caresses me...UPS hugging tightly to me and the postman reaching to hold my hand. Blinking in the diffuse light of the tub, amazed to find that darkness has descended on us...I smile and say, "Hello, I can't wait for dessert."

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