tagLoving WivesAnother Night Ch. 03

Another Night Ch. 03


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My name is Clare. I am 37 years old, 5'7 with dark hair and green eyes. I am a size 12, have 34b boobs and wide hips and bum. I am also a respectable married woman. Oh and I HATE camping.

The months went by and I started to get a control of myself. The urges still came but less often and mostly when I let them.

David turned into the campsite and pulled up to the reception. Three weeks ago during a meal with our friends we reminisced about camping holidays from when we were younger. Jane and Ade are friends of David and myself . To be honest I hated camping when I was a kid but the others were happy talking about it. We must have had one bottle to many because the next thing I knew the trip was planned and the date was booked.

Jane and I busied ourselves organizing while the boys put up the tent. I made the odd comment about it being silly camping in our 30's but I had decided to go along with the weekend and try to enjoy. David had done the tent buying, it was a big thing with living area and two small sleeping rooms at either end.

We headed into town to explore, it was a lovely part of Dorset and we had a great walk followed by a nice meal. We headed back to the campsite, lit a fire and spent the evening drinking beer and enjoying the sunset, I admit it wasn't so bad.

Ade is a good looking guy, he is 6' tall with blue eyes, great biceps and a shaved head. Jane is also very tall at 6'10. She is a size 14 with long dark hair and dark skinned. The beer flowed well into the dusk.

Bedtime was a problem. The sleeping rooms were tiny and impossible to change in. We agreed that the girls would get ready for bed in the living area while the guys waited outside. I zipped up the flap and turned around. Jane had already slipped off her top. She is not fat but being tall she just looks large. As I turned I looked at her in a white bra as she unzipped her jeans. I slipped of my top and my bra aware how small my 34b's looked against Jane's large breasts, they must be dd or e. I looked over again, her bra was off her breasts looked full and heavy, she was just in a small white thong.

I have said before that I am not actually bi, but again I found myself enjoying looking at a naked woman. I stepped into my pj's as Jane pulled on a nightie. We both slipped into our sleeping bags and called the guys in. I turned away as the noise of them changing and laughing. "looking good Dave-o" Jane called out. I quickly turned to see what she was talking about. Instead of being giving privacy Jane was leaning out into the living area talking to the guys. Ade had just pulled up his shorts but David was still stepping into his. He was naked and Jane was looking. I went to sleep in my sleeping bag annoyed with my friend and what had happened.

The air bed was not comfortable and I woke in the night. It was pitch dark and I shifted position. It was then I became aware of a noise across the tent. There were wet sounds from the other pod. It sounded like kissing.

Immediately I felt a tingle of electricity. I heard a zip being undone and a rustle of nylon. I turned to face the sound but in the darkness nothing could be seen. Jane let out a sigh as more rustling. The breathing became deeper as I strained my ears to catch any hint to build an image of what was happening. I started to put my hand inside my pj's and rested it on my thigh. The wet sounds increased and I heard Ade give a small groan. In my mind I imagined them side by side exploring each others bodies. Jane let out a moan and a moist slurping sound filled the tent Ade was clearly inside her now. Soft slow sex sounds filled the tent, clearly they were trying to be quiet. My hand reached my wetness and started to stroke, David slept on next to me.

The minutes past and my excitement built. The wet sliding sounds, the rustling material and the odd moan filled the tent. I was staining both with ears and mind. Suddenly clearly it was too much for them, Ade began to abandon quietness and a wet slapping sound filled the tent. With each thrust Jane let out a little sigh and the next moment a grunt from Ade. I imagined his seed filling her and it sent me over the edge. I bit down on my thumb to stop making noise but my breathing was heavy. I fell back to sleep feeling guilty.

I awoke the next morning, Ade and Jane were outside cooking breakfast on the little stove. I roused David and stepped outside the tent. The cold hit my vest and my unhindered breasts making my nipples stand out. Ade was asking how I had slept and I noticed him looking at my nipples. Jane turned around and smiled telling me the bacon was nearly ready. I looked at them both and smiled at my secret.

We agreed that we would spend the Saturday at the beach. Jane and I headed off to the shower block to get ready. We walked in and were confronted by a queue for the cubicles. When a lady stepped out of a family cubicle Jane suggested we share to get a move on. I went along with it.

I locked the door and turned around Jane was naked and stretching. Her large dark breasts looked amazing I wondered how heavy they felt. Her stomach was soft without being flabby and she had a neat triangle of dark pubic hair. I stepped out of my Pj's and stood in the next shower head. I felt tiny in every way standing next to her. I looked down as she washed her thighs wondering if she was washing away last nights sex. I stood under my shower head and soaped my breasts and body.

Jane switched off her shower and stepped behind me to towel off. As she moved past her breasts rubbed across my back. She toweled off as I washed my hair I could feel her eyes on me. I switched off my shower and started to dry. We chucked on tracksuits and made our way to our tent.

Jane stepped into the tent and I gasped as Ade was standing there naked, while dressing. My eyes went to his cock. It was thick and long. Jane was confident and just stepped in. "its a waste of time to keep messing around. Just look away boys". She stepped into the corner and pulled off the tracksuit. She did not mind being naked in front of the men. I was shocked and felt uncomfortable. I noticed that David was trying to watch her out of the corner of his eye. Jane was stepping into a bikini she looked at me and giggled "you are too shy lady". David laughed which I was not happy about.

I kicked them out of the tent and put on my swimsuit and shorts and we then headed off to the beach. At the beach I admired Jane in her bikini, I felt my bikini days were behind me as I was always aware of my wobbles Jane seemed confident. Her body was soft all over without being plump and only a hint of cellulite. My large bum and cellulite thighs were always something I worried about.

After a great day at the beach we decided to spend our last night at the camp with a fire. We had a simple dinner we settled down for beers. Jane was in shorts with her bikini top and I was wearing a t-shirt and denim skirt. We settled into our usual chat slowly getting drunker and drunker. It was a nice warm evening and we were having fun.

Jane went into the tent to put on a sweater, Ade gave her ass a slap as she walked past him. It was hot to see them be playful, and my mind again was drawn to the night before. Jane came out the tent. "you know Clare maybe we should swap tents tonight" and she collapsed onto David's lap. I knew she was being playful but not wanting to be outdone I stood up and went to sit on Ade's lap "maybe we should". David was looking uncomfortable but I was in control. When I sat on Ade's lap I was conscious my skirt had ridden up at the back so I was sitting directly on him.

Quickly I was aware of a lump as he stiffened underneath me. The thong I had on meant Ade's erection was pushing up between the cheeks of my bum. Aware of how wet I was feeling I jumped off and said "I would not swap my Davey for the world, sorry guys". Other parts of me were not agreeing.

As the camp descended in darkness we went into the tent. As with the morning there was little shyness going on as the guys and Jane began to undress. The beer helped me this time and I started to get ready for bed. Ade was staring openly at me as I undressed and I looked at his large cock again, I looked at David and he had seen me looking. I often wonder if something might have happened had we spoke then but instead we collapsed into our sleeping bags and zipped up the pods.

Again a rustle and a giggle. I felt David's hand rest on my hip. There was wet kissing noises across the tent. David, this time awake, began to unzip my bag. I felt cold but he quickly squeezed up behind me I felt his erection push against my vagina and I let out a sigh. Jane giggled, was that reacting to me or something they were doing. Clearly they were less worried about noise tonight and as if raising to competition I did not hide my breathing.

David slid his hand inside my bottoms. I was so wet I was embarrassed by the squelch noise his finger made. I slid my hand inside his shorts he was feeling very hard. David stripped off my pj's and started to suck my breasts. I gasped when he sucked a nipple hard, again Jane giggled. The wet slurp sounds across the tent made me think Ade was inside her.

David knelt between my legs and rubbed the tip of his cock against my opening. He thrust in and I gasped loudly, Jane let out a groan. I dug my nails into David's shoulder, I imagined in the pitch darkness that it was Ade with his big dick on top of me. Across the tent there were rapid slapping sounds. I imagined Ade slapping against Jane's belly and thighs. I rose up against each thrust from David and then suddenly he twitched and groaned. I felt him spasm inside me. I squeezed him and tried to force an orgasm.

Suddenly Jane whimpered and just after Ade gave a groan. There were sounds of people getting back in sleeping bags. If you could see me I would have blushed crimson when a giggling Jane whispered goodnight across the tent.

We decamped the next morning. Again we dressed together in the tent. Ade was again openly looking at me, I turned my back to him but I could feel his eyes on my ample bum as I pulled on my thong and denim skirt.

It was a long drive home, but the events of last night were not mentioned. Maybe it was the close proximity or maybe because I had not quite been satisfied but my mind kept returning to the sex that we had almost shared. We dropped Ade and Jane off. David shook hands and I hugged them both, aware of both Ade's hand on the small of my back and Jane's enormous breasts squashing mine.

I unlocked the door as David was behind dragging bags. He walked through the door to see me bent over the hall table with skirt hitched up. "now please" is all I said. He moved quickly behind me and unzipped. As he wanked himself hard he pulled down my thong and ran his thumb along my slit. He violently thrust himself inside me, I let out a scream. He gripped my hips firmly and started to push firmly in and out.

Very quickly an orgasm ripped through me. David thrust through it and began to build his speed. Mostly David was tender with me but occasionally we descended into rough fucking. My mind turned to the four of us dressing in the tent and I imagined us descending into an orgy. Again a second orgasm began to build. I started to scream as David pulled me back from my shoulders as he spasm inside me. I felt the warmness of his cum in me.

Quickly he settled and apologized for being rough. I kissed him, I was satisfied.

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